What was that?

Came the steady sound as the figure took one step and then another and then a few more. Mikan hadn't moved from her crouching position at the end of the car; she was too petrified. Her mind went blank, as her end seemed near. The thunder continued to boom and lightning flashed as the figure stopped right next to her. It was definitely a man; his age was undeterminable from the large blue trench coat he wore and the steady pounding of the rain. They also obstructed her view of his face and that troubled Mikan more. He took one step closer to the trembling frail creature Mikan had turned into. Sleep deprivation, frustration, stress, and panic had exhausted her; Mikan's fate was left to the stars.

And how kind those stars are.

The figure brought down his hand to her face as he bent over and whispered, "I'm so sorry for being late. The guys in the shop thought it was a hoax and so they left the call alone. I came down after the garage closed to check. I'm really sorry you were stuck here so long. Let me look at your car, and I'll see what I can do."


Her eyes widened as she looked at him in surprise; now that he was close she could see the common blue-gray jumpsuit mechanics wore but not only that. She could also see a kind smile, ruffled wet golden hair, and a sweet face… quite an attractive face at that.

Eh-hem… Am I the only one who smells romance in the air? I think not.

Her body seemed to react mechanically as she took his outstretched hand without really knowing she did. She did not have another coherent thought until he was under the hood of her car as she stood beside him with his trench coat somehow on her, keeping her warm.

Wait a minute… HE'S THE MECHANIC! Lucky guy, I lost count. So now his ass stays intact… which is actually a good thing… AH! What the hell am I thinking?Blushes...Didn't he mention other mechanics? They thought this was some joke? Those jerks! They promised me some help… STUPID UNCARING JER–

Her musing was cut short as the young mechanic brought the hood down and smiled.

"You have one beautiful machine here," he stated.

"HUH!," she 'intelligently' replied.

Okay I wasn't expecting that one.

He smiled at her again and came to stand next to her.

"I mean it is really messed up. It would take at least a week to fix her up, but it is a classic! A duster! Where did you get her? You have quite a prize here, though that's not a surprise. A beautiful girl must have a beautiful car," he said and as he realized his last sentence he blushed a red that would have made Rudolph's nose proud.

He thinks I'm beautiful?

Mikan looked down at herself once more…

Yea… I'm as beautiful as that piece of the road kill I passed a mile back.

The mechanic stammered something that had regained her attention, "…again, I'm really sorry about the wait, especially in this weather. I'll fix your car for free, it's the least I can do…"

"What!" she hollered and startled the poor boy.

"Oh… I mean if you don't want to fix the car it's okay… I mean you probably would want someone else anyway, I'll call you a taxi…"

"No," Mikan responded, "I meant, you would really do that for me?"

"Of course."

Mikan blushed, extremely grateful and insecure. Here was this good-looking guy offering to fix her car and making her worst day turn quite around.

"So anyways, I'll call that taxi," he continued

"Don't bother. You came here in a car right?" she asked.

"Um… yea," he answered apprehensively

"Well, would you mind driving me home? One, I couldn't afford a taxi, all my things and money are in the car locked up, and two," she blushed, " I think I'd like to get to know you."

He took her hand as he lead her away from her car and they walked down the highway with the rain pouring upon their head and the thunder and lightning dancing above their heads with smiles on their face.

"So what's your name? Mine's Mikan."

"Well, Mikan, the name's Ruka."

Ruka… I like that name…

As Mikan sat in his little car and felt her stained clothes begin to dry she asked, "So a duster, can you explain what that means?"

He let out a bellow laugh, "You are clueless about cars, aren't you?"

She smiled softy, "Well, I'm sure you can clue me in."

And so they drove off, warm, secure, and laughing. Mikan's last thought as she passed by her car and along the rest of the highway was…

I take that back… this was definitely a gift… a great gift.

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