: Dolore

: Blood+

: Haji / Saya

A/N : I finally write something for the Blood+ universe that isn't just a couple hundred words. LOL! I've actually had this stored on my computer for a while. I just looked at it today and felt it was cool enough to upload it here. I have to go into fan-girl mode for a moment and say that I'm a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan of the Haji/Saya pairing.

.: Dolore :.

It begins low and ethereal, an appealing legato. His fingers dance along the strings. His eyes—a winter sky just on the brink of dawn—stare out into the nothingness of memory. The wind toys with his long raven hair, conforming to every curve, every sweep and silk whispered tendril. His lips—a permanent line of indifference—cast a soft shadow on his chin. Silver and silent above him, the moon sits atop a bed of wispy clouds, hearkening to his melancholy tune.

Something in the wind causes him to close his eyes. The scent reminds him of her. The memory of her skin, so smooth and vibrant in the firelight… even as it clung to her bones like wet paper. The distant and unwavering look swallowed by that red fire of her eyes. How her long black lashes always seemed to remain damp with tears she would not shed. Her fervor, dogged determination, and ever beating heart… it bled with guilt. Like the maroon torrent of blood that caked her clothes, her hands every night, so too did this guilt saturate her. Drown her.

His eyes slowly open as he murmurs her name, a haunting sigh from his lips. The need and desperation radiating from him laces through the music, moving along his arm, singing up the bow, and infusing into the strings.


He remembers the look on her face that night, the way her body moved like a honed weapon. Inhumanly perfect. He remembers how her eyes were hot with insatiable rage, so hungry and unfamiliar. Her sword sang with such a hateful cry, the blade itself seeming to lap up the blood greedily. He remembers the way her lips curled back in a vicious snarl as she brought her sword down upon him, the hellish intent clear in her shining eyes. Empty.

But… that wasn't her. They should have never taken it upon themselves to wake her. Now they know, and it had cost many lives to find out… along with something else. He glances down at the tattered gauze wrapped around his hand as he drags the bow sharply across the strings. Beneath that that flimsy veil of cloth is a painful reminder, a token of Saya's trembling and senseless savagery. The part of her laced deep within her blood, hidden away like some caged animal, ferocious and hungry for carnage.

After that, Haji never smiled. He glances out at the city lights, flickering and wavering like millions of fireflies caught up in a yellowing haze, and hesitates on a low note, dragging it out until the fullness of it fades into night's clutches.

This war is slowly killing her soul, butchering it. He pulls the bow away from the strings with a frustrated sigh. I miss you, Saya. She would awaken soon. He can feel it in his veins like he can sense the warm swathe of sunlight on a bright summer day.

A Chevalier's duty is to serve his queen, to protect her… and to love her. He has done all three… and in the end… he would carry out her final wish, even if it will shatter his heart into a million sharp and bleeding pieces. He will do as she wishes.

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