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Let's start then...

Tricks of the Trickster

"Ash, are you sure about this?"

Misty paced up and down Ash's bedroom, glancing at herself in the mirror every now and then to make sure she looked okay. She had many doubts running through her head and she was sure this whole thing was a bad idea.

"Don't worry Mist, it'll be fine. You don't have to be so worried about tonight..."

"But I am worried! Don't you have any hunch that this Halloween everything will go wrong?" Misty walked quicker looking down at the floor as if she was studying it.

"You seriously need to stop thinking so negative. It will all work out, it wont be as bad as you're saying it's gonna be." Ash slid off of his bed and made his way towards the bedroom door.

"But Ash!" Misty yelled making Ash turn and look at her, eyebrow raised. "You are thinking way too positive! You do know this is Gary we're talking about right? Everyone knows Gary's parties always go wrong in one way or another!"

Ash sighed and looked down at what he was wearing. Once he made sure he looked okay, he opened the door and waited for Misty to follow him out. "Well, what do you want me to do about it?"

"We need to plan ahead!" Misty thought aloud throwing her right fist into her left palm. "We need to think of a strategy so we can avoid all of Gary's screw ups tonight! Hmm, how about we..."

Ash really wasn't paying attention to his friend rambling on. He waited for her to pass through the door frame, then they both walked down stairs. Ash stopped at the front door and Misty stopped quickly behind him. He spun around and with a short call of her name, Misty shut up and waited for Ash to speak.

"You do know... I'm only going for the free food right?"

Misty sighed and put a hand to her forehead, "Yeah, yeah, I know... but still..." Misty finally realised that Ash wasn't paying attention, and realised he probably wasn't listening to her before either. So, she gave in trying to persuade him. "OK, all long as Gary doesn't mess up... let's just go and have fun tonight. I mean, it is Halloween isn't it?"

"That's the spirit!" Ash grinned and they both left and headed towards Gary's house.

...~ ~...

May spun around and straightened out her outfit. She quickly ran a hand through her newly curled hair. She looked up with a straight face. "Do this look OK to you?"

"It's gorgeous May!"

"Are you sure? I don't know..." May looked back down and stared at her shoes for a while.

"Totally! May, when everyone sees you tonight, their minds will be completely blown!"

"But Leaf..." She studied the rest of her outfit and twirled around again.

Leaf got off the desk she was sitting on and spun around in front of May. She stopped spinning to face her friend. "Trust me May, you look AWESOME!" Leaf clapped her hands together and smiled. May looked down for a few seconds, then up at Leaf. Her face slowly twisted into a smile.

"OK then, if you're sure. Oh, and you look great too Leaf. No doubt about that."

"Hehee. Thanks. Now let's go. We don't wanna keep Drew waiting..." Leaf quickly made for the door.

"Yeah, we all know what he's like when he's forced to wait..." The girls shared a laugh and then walked out of the front door and made their way Gary's house. The night air was warmer than usual and the moon shone brightly through the dark clouds in the sky, illuminating the path in front of them.

"It's a shame..." May began while they were walking side by side. She pointed to what she was wearing, "It would look better, if that idiot Gary gave us more damn notice! I mean, who says three days before a Halloween party, 'Oh by the way, you have to be in costume' ? He is so disorganised!"

"Well, that's Gary for you..." Leaf sighed and nodded, agreeing with how stupid Gary could be.

Both girls kept walking and talking until they stopped when they heard something. Leaf took a step back, "Hey... did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" May turned to Leaf with a confused look on her face. Then there was another noise.

"That! Don't you hear it?" Leaf looked around but see couldn't see anything.

"No." May didn't hear anything, probably because she was lost in her own world, which happens from time to time. Leaf shuffled and grabbed onto May's arm.

"What is it? What's got you so riled up?" May looked down at Leaf, surprised since she was usually the tough one.


"AAHHHHHH!" The two girls screamed and span around to where the sound came from.

"Hahahahaaahahahaa hehehaaaha!" The girls heard a weird laugh but it seemed sort of familiar...

"DREW! YOU IDIOT!" May yelled when Drew stepped out of the shadows laughing his head off.

"Hahaha, look at yourselves! You were SO scared! Hahaha!"

"Why did you have to do that Drew? You almost scared the life out of us!" Leaf yelled but Drew was still laughing like a maniac.

"Because," Drew said between laughs, "It was hilarious! Your faces have been the highlight of my day!"

"Ugh... I hate you..." May shook her head, then grabbed Leaf's wrist and carried on walking forwards with big strides.

"H-Hey, where are you going?" Drew asked. He had finally stopped laughing and became serious.

"Where do you think? Away from the JERK! C'mon Leaf," May called back to Drew then walked faster, pulling Leaf along. Leaf let May drag her, wearing a blank expression.

"Wha... Wait up! Hey, I was invited to the party too y'know!" Drew raced to catch up with his friends who weren't as joking about it as he was.

...~ e~...

A happy blunette cheerfully straightened the bow tie on a very grumpy looking friend. He looked at her, actually, he glared at her with a very bored expression. He also spoke in a very bored tone.

"Dawn, it's fine. I told you, it looks OK... Dawn stop seriously!"

"HEY! I'm only trying to make you look decent! Humm... there. All done! Now you- Oh wait, your hair is a little weird... just let me-" The girl then proceeded to flatten down and straighten somewhat sticky up plum coloured hair

"Get away from me you weird spontaneous freak!" The annoyed teen yelled and pushed Dawn away from him and his hair (which was still a bit messy).

"Well, sorry! Just trying to make you look better!" Dawn put her hands on her hips and pouted.

"Well that master plan never worked..." The teen spat sarcastically. "I don't even wanna go to this stupid thing, why should I need to look better?"

"Hey! When you come with me to a party, first priority: Look good!" Dawn spun around to show off what she was wearing.

"This whole thing is a piece of sh-"

"NOW PAUL! You better be nice when we get there or you'll be in a world of pain!" Dawn growled and shot Paul a glare.

"Am I? Well what are you gonna do? Annoy me to death?" Paul crossed his arms and frowned, for like the millionth time in the past hour.

"Shut up! I'm not going to do anything like- Wait that could work!"

"Oh god... When it comes to you and how annoying you are, just take me to the party now..."

"I don't like you..." Dawn scowled.

"Wow, and I thought we were the best of friends."

"You get me so angry! Ugh, let's just go!" Dawn sighed and opened the door.

"Finally." Paul closed the door behind them and they both went to where the party was located.

...~ T/T ~...

"Woooooow, Gary's house is huge!" Ash looked up and down at the huge mansion which was Gary's home, which looked the part for a Halloween haunted house.

"Really? It looks the same to me," Misty looked up at the mansion, it looked the same, just with a few pumpkins and paper bats at the front. It was easy to tell Ash and Misty's take on things was very different. "Let's go in already." Misty opened the weirdly creaky door and they both stepped through. Within a few seconds both of their jaws had dropped. It was like a big disco, for a million people!

They had no idea Gary's house was this large. All you could see was a sea of people dancing and chatting to each other. The two were almost afraid to take another step forward in case they got bombarded with people, or got lost in the expensively dressed sea.

"Well if it isn't Misty and Ashy boy! You finally made it!" There was a quick gust of wind, then a freakishly dressed, spiky haired person appeared in front of his two blankly faced friends.

Ash and Misty were too speechless to reply to him. He waited a moment before smirking and continuing the conversation he seemed to be having with himself.

"So, what do you think? Pretty awesome party huh?"

"Uhhh, yeah. Sure Gary..." Ash muttered to himself, apparently listening to what Gary had said before.

"Wait!" Misty suddenly blurted out, "I thought you said this was a small party, Gary!"

"It is a small party, can you not see?" Gary smiled waving around the room.

"He thinks it's a small party... heheh..." Ash muttered under his breath, but loud enough for Misty to hear him. He wore a straight face that looked ready to facepalm at any minute. Misty looked exactly the same.

"Yeah... heheh..." Misty replied. They would have probably looked crazy, too bad there was so many people they wouldn't be seen.

"Bet your both so jealous 'cause you don't have a huge mansion, or this many friends to invite to any of your loser parties!" Gary chuckled, being big headed as usual.

"I highly doubt all of these people are your friends Gary," Ash looked around the room. There was a hell of a lot of people, there was no denying that.

"Yeah they are, come on and I'll show you!" Gary made a gesture to follow him. Reluctantly, being unconvinced, the two teens followed the party host around the room. Gary pointed to different groups of people, explaining who they were and giving a quick wave to them (and blowing a kiss to the fan girls).

"See, there's Zoe, Lauren, Charlii and Anabel. Hi Girls!" Gary waved to the group of girls in the corner of room. Confidently, they all smiled and waved back, some more energetically than others.

"And they're all your friends are they?" Misty asked, eyebrow raised in disbelief.

"Yuh-huh! Onwards!" Gary shouted and marched forwards to the next group of people.

"And over here are Jade, her boyfriend Quinn, Alice, Amy, Charlie, Becky, and Tracy. These are all my friends too. Yo guys!" Gary waved at them and blew a kiss at Tracy, since she was one of the hardcore Gary fans.

Ash and Misty didn't say anything else and just followed him on to the next cluster of according-to-Gary friends.

"Up there are Matt, Solidad, Lyra, Rachel, and Yuri! Good friends with them." Gary waved yet again and the group of people grinned and waved back.

"Is that it yet? I'm hungry!" Ash whined, getting bored already.

"No way, there's still loads of people!"

"Let's just take a break from introductions and I'll go with Ash to get food, otherwise he'll eat everything in sight..." Misty sighed but looked Gary up and down for a second or two. "Wait... what are supposed to be anyways?"

"Huh? Oh, you mean my amazing outfit I got just for tonight?"

"Yeah." Misty replied dully, "That one."

"Well, take a look for yourself!" Gary did a strange twirl on the spot and smirked. "See the cape, ears, fangs? I'm a person who's half wolf, half vampire. I'm a hybrid, if you will." Misty looked up and sure enough she saw the fangs and ears and everything else that made up his costume.

"Oh." She said, with no emotion. "OK." She then turned away and went with Ash to get food. Gary just stared ahead, feeling the need to fall down comically like a chibi person. He quickly waved it off though and went to greet the other people at the door.

"Just go in, you don't have to ring the doorbell, troublesome..."

"Oh, shut it prune head! It's more polite instead of just barging in. That would be just plain rude! Learn some manners, Paul!" Dawn wagged a finger at her still grumpy friend and she was about to ring the doorbell again until Gary opened the door, leading to Dawn prodding his nose.

"Hey- ouch... What was that for?" Gary looked at Dawn weirdly for a moment before she explained herself.

"Oh! Sorry Gary, I was just being POLITE and was just about to ring the doorbell." Dawn smiled apologetically. He nodded to her in forgiveness.

"For the fifth time..." Paul added making Dawn yell at him again. Gary flinched and covered his ears hearing how loud Dawn's voice was.

"Hey, who's your vamp friend over there, Dawn?" Gary pointed to Paul, who was a few steps behind Dawn. Paul definitely wasn't amused.

"Cut the crap, Gary. You know who I am." Paul replied bluntly and ignored the both of them and any of their protests, stepping inside the mansion.

"Glad to know you still have your sense of humour Paul!" Gary turned and called back to Paul, to which he had no response. The host turned back to Dawn, "Is he always so... um, dull?" He was unsure of what to call his behaviour.

"Believe me, he is!" Dawn frowned, but smiled soon after. The friends made their greetings, and Dawn stepped inside. "I'm gonna go and look for the prune head, I'm telling you if I'm not there with him, he could go crazy with anger issues!" Gary laughed and watch Dawn skip off to find her friend.

...~ T/T ~...

"Hey, I didn't know you two were invited to Gary's Halloween party!" Ash and Misty smiled at their two other friends, Jimmy and Marina, who were both dressed for the occasion.

"Apparently," Jimmy began, "Gary's invited people from all over the different regions!"

"Whoa, you serious?" Ash asked, almost dropping the growing amount of food he had in his hand.

"Yup! He told us he did, Gary is like, dead famous isn't he?" Marina smiled, in a weird, crazy fangirl sort of way. Misty wasn't impressed, at all really.

"I for one seriously wouldn't describe him as that kind of person. He just wants fame and fortune and people to like him so he can have an even bigger fan base. I really don't buy it for not one second. When you think about it, it's kind of pathetic." Misty mimed a sigh and flopped down in a seat behind her.

"Yeah, all he wants is to be as famous as me, but that's never gonna happen!" Ash grinned, Misty responded with a palm to the face.

"That... isn't what I was getting at..." Misty thought if it was anybody else here with them, they would be extremely embarrassed. At Ash's behaviour especially. In fact, it was only Ash's behaviour that was a problem. Misty had learned to cope with it though through time, even if she had to hit him with her mallet a couple thousand times.

...~ T/T ~...

"You guys finally made it! You all look so pretty, too." Gary smiled, opening the front door wider so his newly arrived friends could go in.

"Why thank you very much Gary!" Drew said sarcastically, making the two girls accompanying him laugh.

"Yes, yes, we all know Drew is a pretty ballerina..." May said through giggles.

"Hey Gary!" Leaf blurted out, smiling in a crazy way. Gary replied like wise, and the three went inside. Leaf making conversation with Gary while May was fawning over how 'pretty' Drew was while he was trying to change the subject, which he clearly wasn't achieving. Drew felt like this was going to be a long night, if he was going to be hearing the words 'you really are pretty' over and over again, he would rather die. And that was when he wondered, if he could use that to some sort of advantage. Some sort of Halloween-ish prank advantage...

"Paul? Paul! Jerk? Pruney? Grumpy Grumps? Sir Hates-A-Lot? Coward? Walk away dude? Nicknamer? Could the guy who needs anger management classes please report to DAWN!" It was no use. Dawn couldn't find Paul anywhere no matter where in the mansion she looked. She felt like giving up, until she felt a hand on her shoulder that made her turn around.

"I was way wrong when I thought you couldn't shout any louder Dawn!"

"Huh-? Zoey!" Dawn cried and pounced on her best friend, making them both almost fall to the floor.

"O-OK Dawn, it's been a while, I know. You don't have to squeeze the life outta me!" Zoey chuckled, trying to kindly push her friend away from her.

"Wow, can't believe your really here, I had no idea you were coming. Oh and also, you look so pretty!" Dawn smiled while admiring Zoey's outfit. It was easy to tell that she was dressed as a witch, and it definitely suited her. Dawn looked down at Zoey shoes, which were glittering red and loved her professionally curled red hair.

"Thanks, same to you Dawnie," Zoey and Dawn kept talking for what felt like hours, catching up with each other again after so long, and the blunette completely forgot about a certain grumpy friend of hers.

"Incredible! This party is so extraordinary!"

"What? It's just a party dude..." One girl, named Lyra, with random streaks of black, red and white in her hair, stood around bored talking to some guy who was just really weird.

"Hmm... remarkable... I will definitely have to keep this in my tabs for future reference!" The person looked around, squinting through Halloweenified glasses.

"Whatever you say freaky dude... whatever you say..." Lyra got even more bored than before so she went off in search of something more fun and party-like.

...~ T/T ~...

"Wow, this is even prettier than you Drewwy!" May gazed at a beautiful ribbon, in a lovely shade of pale green. It had sequins on both ends and on one side it read in decorative writing, '1% Angel' and when turned over it read '99% Devil'. So fitting for this occasion, May thought to herself before realising something. "Hey, this ribbon actually suits you Drew!"

"Can you please stop saying that... Seriously, I'm not freaking pretty!" Drew folded his arms in frustration, getting bored easily. How a stupid ribbon could bring girls happiness, he will never know.

"Yeah you are, pretty ballerina Drew!" May did a type of move a ballerina would do and twirled on the spot.

"Shut up! Hmph, and you said this party was going to be good!" Drew huffed and scanned around the room, looking for something to do. That was when he noticed something.

"Umm... May?"

"Yeah? What's up ballerina?" Drew frowned at the pointless running joke, but carried on with what he was saying.

"Where's Leaf?"

"Leaf? Why she's just... wait... well she was right next to me a minute ago. I wonder where she could've gone?" May kept looking but Leaf was nowhere to be found. "Maybe she just went somewhere else, or found someone else she knows. It's easy to lose track of time or get lost in a sea of people like this."

"I guess so... but still..." Drew was still suspicious, but he dropped the subject and the two went off to find their other friends.

Time went by, and all was well. Except, it wasn't. And this wasn't the only surprise the guests were going to get tonight...

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