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T/T Part 2

Everyone carried on with whatever they were doing and the party soldiered on. Funnily enough, nothing had actually gone wrong as of yet. Much to Misty's shock especially, everything was going well and Gary, apart from tending to the hearts of his fangirls, was actually being a decent host. Misty looked around and realised almost everyone she knew was there. Except from her sisters (which was a relief!) It was just a normal party. Maybe a bit too big and too trying-to-be-scary-when-it-actually-isn't-at-all. Nevertheless, it was just a party and Misty made herself believe that Ash was right. As much as she didn't want to admit it, he was, and she knew form then on that nothing was going to go wrong. Misty thought she should probably thank her goofy friend. He was right and she was thinking to negative, as he told her earlier today. She turned around, focusing her thoughts.

"Ash, you were right. I was silly thinking something would go wrong. I- Ash? Ash?" Her eyes shifted from left to right but she couldn't see Ash. Was she so lost in her own thoughts that he left without her? No, she would've heard him considering how big his mouth was. But he wasn't there and no matter where she looked she couldn't see him. Well, Misty had to go look for him, that was the first priority that came to mind. She didn't know much of what was happening but she knew that wherever he was, there must've been food waiting for him.

"Kenny's around here somewhere you know." Zoey said, smiling through curly locks of her hair.

"Really? Oh, where?" Dawn looked around for Kenny with her eyes sparkling.

"He should be around... Oh, speak of the devil that we haven't been speaking of."

"Huh? Does that even make sense?"

"Hello pheasants!" A loud voice boomed.

Dawn spun around to see Ursula smirking behind her. "Oh, it's you Ursula..."

"Yes. Bow down worthless subjects!" Ursula cackled like the witch she was (and the witch she was dressed as).

"Why would Gary invite you?" Zoey questioned with a straight line for a mouth gracing her features.

"Because I am, of course, the most glamorous person he knows!" Ursula stepped forward, showing off her supposedly 'glamorous' dress. Dawn pouted, thinking that Ursula looked far prettier than herself. She looked to Zoey awkwardly but her friend gave her a reassuring nod so then her worried look turned into a small smile.

"Yeah, you keep thinking that Ursula..." Zoey said, putting her hand on her hip, frowning.

"Well!" Ursula began, flicking the hair out of her eyes, "Since I'm an amazing celebrity, my personality totally doesn't mix with the likes of you. You will just dumb me down and I can't have that, so farewell, pitiful souls..." And with that interesting speech, Ursula turned on her rather high heels, and left, running her hands through her hair and putting one foot in front of the other. Dawn repeatedly clenched and relaxed her fists watching her rival walk away.

"I hate her so much!"

"Who doesn't?" Zoey laughed, disguising her hidden loathing towards Ursula.

"Can we please get out of here and maybe look for Kenny? That bitch's presence still lingers around here..." Dawn shuddered and took Zoey's hand when she agreed with the proposal.

"Hey May, long time no see!"

"Oh, hiya Reggie. It's been so long since the last time I saw you. By the way, you do know you can just call me Maylene right?"

"Of course, I do that just to annoy you!" Reggie gave his friend a sly smile, to which she responded by punching him in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for?" Reggie rubbed his arm but continued to smirk under his hair.

"Life's unfair, deal!" Maylene, accomplished, walked off with a sly Reggie following suit.

God Ash, where the heck are you? Misty was getting annoyed, as she did quite easily. She didn't think Ash would be this hard to find. She pushed through random crowds of people in search for her best friend. She didn't notice she was so lost in her task that she bumped into someone, and that someone was not a happy bunny about it...

"HEY! Watch it you idiot!" The person gasped when they saw it was Misty who had walked into them. "Oh my god, it's YOU!"

"Macy? Why are you here? How does Gary even know you?" Misty glared daggers at her what she called rival. She had just broken her anger scale.

"Who cares? I'm here now and everything was going great until you slammed into me! Do you know how much money and how much time it took to get a dress like this?" The two girls kept yelling, at each other's throats.

"Yeah right! Like you're Gary's future husband!" Misty yelled, balling her firsts behind her back.

"I am actually! It's the whole reason he invited me to his amazing party!" Macy shot back.

"Liar! He doesn't know you! And if he did, he would know through Ash or me! I bet you never even got invited! You just heard about the party from one of your so called 'friends' and invited yourself! Gary, being the idiot that he is, accepted you being here because your one of his fans, and he would do anything to get a bigger fanbase!" Misty tried her best to stop herself from punching Macy. She had had quite a few incidents involving her in the past and she didn't want to re-live one again.

"Oh can it carrot top!"

"What did you just call me?" Misty shrieked, raising her fists as much as she could before actually touching the girl's face.

"I called you carrot top! Hard of hearing?" Macy gave Misty a stare before shrugging and turning away.

"Oh, that is it! You're gonna get it now girlie!" yelled Misty about to seriously knock out her rival until Macy said something that made her stop in her tracks.

"Speaking of Ash..." Macy said, turning back around to face the raging teen, a smirk creeping on her face. "How is he?"

"A-Ash?" Misty stuttered, not expecting her to say something like that, but after a moments thought she realized what was going on. "Wait a sec, why do you wanna know?"

"I'm being NICE and asking if he's okay! Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him, especially after being with you for so long..."

Misty began to have a huge debate in her head. She couldn't decide whether to punch Macy with her right fist or her left. Violence is never the answer... remember Misty, violence is never the answer... she replayed that over and over again until she dropped her arms to her sides. She didn't want to get blood or anything over her outfit, although it did seem to fit the Halloween spirit if she did just punch the brat in the face.

"I thought you were Gary's little fangirl..." Misty shot back, steering the conversation elsewhere.

"Of course, but I've always kept a huge place in my heart for when Ash comes back to me, which he will"

"Pfft, I know Ash is stupid, but he would never be so dumb as to go to you. Heck, I bet he's forgotten who you are!" After a while of bickering, it became apparent that this conversation was boring Misty. It had gone from simple insults to Gary to invitations and now, they were talking about who Ash would rather travel with, which, from the gym leader's perspective, was pointless.

"Listen, little girl, Ash is known for making bad decisions, believe me I know, but he would never ever think of being with you. It would never cross his mind."

"No, you listen! I know you think that Ash loves you and your crazy about him and all, but Ash is mine! He always will be!" Macy crossed her arms, doing the same as Misty had done moments ago.

"What? I don't love Ash, nor does he love me." Misty looked to the floor for a few seconds awkwardly before standing straight shooting Macy an evil glare and replying with her own comeback. "Don't turn this into a competition just because your jealous that Ash doesn't have feelings for you!"

"Why would I be jealous if I already know that Ash loves me? If you wish it to be so then yes, this will be a competition. And we both know I'm gonna win. Actually, I've already won! Ha. Ha."

This was going too far, Misty thought. She knew this definitely wasn't going go anywhere, so she decided to stop altogether. "Ugh, I don't need this! I have to find Ash!" Misty, as quickly as she could, pushed past Macy and walked on, with Macy yelling threats and teasing comments behind her. She kept looking left and right repeatedly, turning her head in random directions. Suddenly, a new song came on the enormous sound system Gary had bought in aid of his party, making Misty stop momentarily. It was a very popular known worldwide: The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku. How fitting... Misty thought, But why would Gary have this song on his sound system? I didn't even know he liked Miku's music, let alone like something sung by a girl... Despite this, it definitely did fit her current situation. Misty had been searching for her friend for a long time now.

Ash, when I find you... you better be in a life or death situation!





"Pretty please?"


"Aw, come on Andrew! For one day that's all I ask!"

"For the final time no! And since when did you start calling me Andrew?"

"Since now!"

Drew sighed a long sigh and carried on walking with May beside him being, in his opinion, very, very annoying. They walked in silence for a while, listening to the music in the background and in search of something remotely interesting to do.


"No damnit!"

"Please Drew, just for one day. I wont make fun of you at all! Promise!"

"Oh yeah right, let's put this into a mathematical equation..."

"Oh crap..."

"Listen. Me, plus a fairy costume, multiplied by twenty four hours. What does that equal May?"

"Um... 42?"

"Wrong. It actually equals humiliation, exhaustion, mind numbing pain and misery and being even more bored than I am now. And I'm not going through that discomfort!" Drew folded his arms and rubbed his head, sometimes talking, or arguing in most cases, with May was just impossible.

"Well fine then, pansy! Be that way, I can find other willing participants... Ash for instance. Speaking of Ash where is he? We just went past the all-you-can-eat buffet and he wasn't there."

"For some reason I can't tell if that statement is a tragedy or a miracle."

"I can't tell whether you should shut up or not. Oh wait I can, you should, right now."

"I hate your sarcasm..."

"Well I hate you-"

"Drew! May! I finally found you guys!"

"Hm?" May and Drew turned to face the voice calling out to them and saw Misty with a weird expression on her face.

"What's the prob Misty?" May asked, secretly glad one of her best friends was here.

"I was going to ask if you two had seen Ash anywhere?" The two looked at Misty and could tell she was worried. Her perfectly done up hair looked a little messy and some strands were out of place. Despite it all, she still looked pretty.

"We were just talking about him actually, we haven't seen him. We'd have thought he'd be somewhere stalking the scent of food but it seems he isn't."

"I gathered that. I've looking for him for a while now. He just seemed to go missing."

"Weird..." May's line for a mouth turned into a squiggle.

"Wait a sec..." Drew broke into the conversation, thinking for a few moments more, "You haven't seen Leaf by any chance have you?"

"No I haven't, sorry." Misty frowned apologetically.

"I'm asking because... Leaf disappeared too. One minute she was there, the next she wasn't."

"Just like Ash..." Misty thought aloud, putting a finger to her chin.

"Okay, now something seems fishy... Unless Ash and Leaf went somewhere together?" May asked, trying to bring up something semi-logical.

"That will never happen." Misty replied.

"Why not?"

"Because," Drew began, "When Ash and Leaf join forces, disaster strikes. Seriously, their craziness will start WW3. They're even worse than you."

May pouted. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"This is why Ash and Leaf are only together if an adult is supervising them."

"Um, adult, Misty?"

"Yeah, when it comes to those two, we are the adults. Mature adults at that."

May and Drew both nodded in agreement and suggested they should find their other friends invited to this party so they could explain their strange situation.

...~ T/T ~...

"OK, so whadda we doin' now?"

"Shhhh! Be quiet Meowth, or people will hear you!"

"Ya don't have to take it on out me! So James, you're the nicer person here, whadda we doin' at a party?"

Jessie growled at the pokemon's comment before James began to explain their evil plan.

"Yes, so, we sneak in through this window. Then we snoop around for pokemon. This party has thousands of trainers, co-ordinators and breeders with lots of pokemon so we'll be able to grab them all! After that, we quickly get out and take the pokemon to Giovanni. Mission complete!"

"Good work James." Jessie replied with an evil smile.

"Ahh, the boss'll be so pleased with us. I can imagine it now... The boss is going to a Halloween party, but he has no pokemon to go with 'im. No need to fear, 'cause Team Rocket's got all the pokemon he'll ever need dressed in Halloween costumes. I can imagine him sayin': 'Team Rocket has done me proud by giving me all these Pokemon. I'll give them lots of rewards like food and money and-'"

"Meowth!" Jessie yelled, "Quiet down! The boss would never say that, and that situation would ever happen. Idiot!" Jessie whacked Meowth around the head, and after a moment of yelping in pain, everyone focused on the task at hand.

"Well, let's get goin' with this then... wait, what's that delicious smell...?"

"Oh no you don't! Focus on this, not food. Food can wait until we nab the pokemon!"

"But it smells so good!"

James let out a long sigh as his team mates kept bickering. This certainly wasn't going very well, and it hadn't even started yet.

...~ T/T ~...

"Dawn!" Yelled a trio of friends when they found a bluenette sitting in one the seats nearby.

"Hey people! This party's awesome right?" Dawn smiled with a glass of soda in her hand.

"YEAH!" May yelled.

"Not really..." Misty sighed.

"No." Drew said with a bored expression.

"Haven't seen you three in a while," said a familiar voice.

"Hey Zoey! It's been so long, we have to catch up!" May giggled until Drew flicked her head.


"Focus you idiot!" Drew said in a hushed voice.

"Anyway," Misty began, "You two haven't seen Ash or Leaf have you?"

Zoey and Dawn took a second to look at each other then they looked back at their friends. "No..." They replied simply.

"They've sort of, well, gone missing..." May said, trying to make a joke out of something serious.

"Really?" Dawn put down her soda and stood up straight. "We better go and find them then." Dawn suddenly walked in front of everyone, trying to look for Ash and Leaf. Everyone else quickly caught up to her.

"Is there anyone else you know of that has gone missing too?" Drew asked, "Just out of curiosity..."

"Wait!" Dawn stopped and spun around to face everyone. "I was trying to find Paul when he went off somewhere but I couldn't find him..."

"Kenny wasn't around either remember Dawn?" Added Zoey.

"Yeah, that's creepy..." Dawn shuddered.

"Okay, now this is really fishy..." May thought aloud, looking up at what seemed like a never ending ceiling.

Misty then felt a wave of worry wash over her and shivered. "Guys, this is serious now. Four people have gone missing. Now sure they may be somewhere else since this is such a huge party but if we don't find them that means they must be missing... or worse..."

"Misty is totally right, let's go find everyone before more people disappear!" Zoey concluded and then everyone gathered around to make plans of their own.

...~ T/T ~...

"OK, everyone know the plan now?"

"Yep!" May said happily.

"Got it," Drew replied.

"Uh huh," Misty nodded.

"Let's do this!" Dawn smiled jofully.

"OK then," Zoey began, looking around at her group of friends. "We all split up right? So, Dawn you go that way," Zoey pointed at Dawn and then to the far right of the building. "Drew, you go that way," Zoey pointed to the far left of the building and Drew nodded in agreement. "May, second floor far left." May nodded as Zoey turned to Misty. "Misty, second floor far right." Misty smiled as an 'OK'. "I'll just go straight down the middle. Got it?" When everyone else nodded and agreed, Zoey continued. "Alright then. If we don't find anyone in an hour, we meet back here. Now, let's get going!"

"You're really good at being plan dictator Zoey!" Dawn said, grinning.

"It's what I do," Was all Zoey said in response, then everyone went to their respective areas of Gary's huge mansion in search of their potentially missing friends.

...~ T/T ~...

Oh gosh... Oh god no, no... NO! May quickly grabbed her phone and in a few seconds she was waiting for Misty to answer her call. C'mon... C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Pick up the phone Misty!


"Thank God you picked up!"

"Why what's going on? Did you find anyone May?" Misty's voice became serious for a few seconds upon realising May might've found one of her friends.

"No, it's something must worse, even worse than them all going missing!"

"What? What is it May? MAY?"

"Misty... J-J-JUSTIN BEIBER IS ON THE SOUND SYSTEM AND I CAN HEAR IT FROM UP HERE! HELP ME!" May yelled in the middle of her mini panic.

"May, deal with it yourself. And I never knew Gary liked JB... but this is completely off task! May, we're up here to find everyone. So plug your ears and don't complain to me about it!"

"But Misty-"

"No buts! Just do it, ignore it and don't give in to JB's dark powers!" Suddenly, although it wasn't seen by May, a light bulb flashed in Misty's head. "Wait a sec- May you're a genius!"

"I am?"

"Keep looking, bye!"

"Misty!" Too late, she had already cut off the line. Annoyed by the constant word 'baby' trying to get lodged in her brain, May continued with what she set out to do, jamming her fingers in her ears of course.

Hmm... what should I do? I can't find anyone over here... I hope Paul is OK, and by that I mean I hope he doesn't kill anyone. I should know how much he hates people, I'm surprised he hasn't done anything to me yet. Anyway, I should keep looking... maybe I should call my many nicknames for him again..? Nah, that's stupid. I just need to keep looking. Ash? No. Leaf? Nope. Kenny...? Not in there... Paulie? Not there either. Oh, where is everyone?

Dawn kept opening and closing doors throughout her side of the house but there was no luck in finding anyone she knew. All the rooms were empty. Where was everyone? They better be OK...

Drew walked around not quite knowing what he should make of his situation. He was casually walking around, opening doors that led to rooms that were unoccupied and now and then even asking random people if they had seen his friends, despite the fact nobody he asked had even heard of them, which he thought was odd. Then again, there were people from all over the Pokemon world here, of course not everyone would know his friends, despite most being pretty famous around the regions. Nevertheless, he kept looking although looking for people for a long time was pretty draining. Boring would be the better word. I hope Zoey planned this out okay... Drew thought, walking down a corridor. Dunno why I keep looking in different rooms, for all we know they could be outside... That thought stopped him for a few moments. What if they were outside? What if they were looking in all the wrong places? Zoey better have got this right, or she'll have another thing coming to her...

"Why are you here? Does Gary even know you, cause I'm debating whether I've even heard of you?"

"What? Oh deary dear. You may need to get you head checked, I am of course the darling Harley!"

"Oh yeah, I thought I knew you from somewhere..."

"Yes! I'm all the gossip these days aren't I?"

Zoey shrugged, "I don't know, nobody I know has ever talked about you. Not even Dawn and she talks ALOT."

"Hmph, jealousy is a bad thing honey."

"Yeah yeah whatever, have you seen either Ash, Leaf, Paul or Kenny?

"Hmmm? Other people jealous of MY talent!"

"Nope, just answer the question please." Zoey's attention span was getting lower by the second and that didn't happen often. Maybe it was just talking to Harley.

"Well," Harley began with a flick of his hair, "You're very striaght to the point aren't you now? OH, I know who you are now!"

"Oh really?" Zoey asked with so little emotion it was hard to tell if what she said was a question.

"Yes, you're Zoey aren't you? Now I remember, didn't you lose in the Wallace Cup? So close yet so very far, right?" Harley smirked with a glint of evil in his eyes.

"That's it, you're wasting my time!" Zoey said and then stormed off. Obviously asking people about her missing friends wasn't going to go anywhere.

"Done." Misty said to herself pressing a few more buttons on her phone before holding it to her ear. She waited a few moments, nothing happened. Come on Ash. Please pick up the phone... please... Still nothing happened. Ash, I know you brought your iPhone with you, so answer the call already!

"I'm sorry, the person you are trying to reach is unavailable-"

"Arrrgh!" Misty groaned and stopped the call. "No signal? Damnit! Now I'll never be able to get to them!" She picked herself up off the carpet floor and continued down the hallway. It had been quite a while, almost an hour and the gym leader wondered what to do next. I guess I should go back to where we met up before... Misty thought turning around and walking back down the hall and down the spiral staircase leading to the first floor. Then something struck her that she hadn't thought of before.

Wait a sec, Gary is the host of this party. He should know where everyone is! She made her stride a bit bigger looking left and right for groups of hearts-in-their-eyes fangirls. Obviously wherever they were, Gary wouldn't be too far behind. She walked all the way back to the original meeting spot and found Zoey standing around looking for what Misty deemed to be their friends.

"How was your search, productive I assume?" Zoey asked a smirk on her face, watching Misty approach.

"Yeah, very much so... See, I found Ash, when he disappeared he went through some invisibility lazer and now he's invisible for life. Say hi Ash!"

"Very funny..." Zoey replied, taking at step forwards.

"I guess you didn't have much luck either right?"

"All I got was a stuck up, loves-himself to death dude, and all he did was comment on how talented he is! Some way to spend an hour of a party, right?" Zoey quickly folded her arms and took a deep breath. "Okay, so the other three should be coming back now shouldn't they?"

"Yep," And sure enough, Dawn and Drew arrived, almost at the same time, with a bored/depressed look on their faces.

"No luck huh?" Msty and Zoey said in unison.

They both shook their heads.

"Where's May?" Dawn asked, watching the second floor to see if she would appear at any moment.

"Um, I don't know.." Misty said, feeling another wash of worry approach the group of friends.

"She better not have disappeared as well!" Drew said, almost yelling.

"OK, let's calm down." Zoey began, she always was the calm and steady one of the group. "Misty, you were upstairs with May weren't you?" As soon as she got a nod from Misty she continued, "When was the last time you saw her?"

Misty didn't have to think or very long, "Um, well, I didn't see her per say... She called me saying how Justin Beiber was playing and that she hated it. I told her to just deal with it and that was that."

"And that was the last time you communicated with her?" After seeing Misty nod again, she turned to the other two, adding them into the conversation. "And you two haven't seen her since we were all standing around here an hour ago right?"

"Right." Drew and dawn said together.

"Well, that means only one thing..."

"MAY HAS GONE MISSING!" Dawn shrieked, cutting Zoey off. Misty proceeded in clamping a hand over Dawn's mouth to stop her screams.

"Dawn." Zoey said firmly. "What I was going to say is that we have one more person to look for..."

"But, what Dawn said is true isn't it?"

"Well, Drew... I guess you could put it that way." Zoey replied, smiling a little like it could be put into a joke.

"I think we should find Gary, he should know something." Misty said, changing subject.

"Good idea," Dawn replied having calmed down quicker than usual. "But that would be even harder than finding Ash, Leaf, Paul and Kenny!"

"Good point, so I figured maybe there was someone who knew Gary. Someone who knew him more than anyone else..." Misty smiled, she had obviously had thought this through while making her way back to the meeting point they had specified.

"You mean... Professor Oak?" Drew said, suddenly getting a gentle whack around the head from Dawn.

"No dummy, although he would be a fitting candidate, but I doubt Gary would invite his own grandfather to his Halloween party."

"Who then?" Dawn asked going wide eyed.

"You will find out, soon enough..." Misty smirked while punching a number into her phone she quickly produced from her back pocket. She brought the phone to her ear, listening for a few moments.

"Hello... yes... I had a feeling you would be invited... yep... yes... I need you to do me a favour... yes... " The rest of what Misty said, couldn't be made out to anyone. After a few minutes of whispers, Misty began speaking at a normal volume again.

"Yes... yeah that's where we are, OK... hurry, we don't have much time...Ok, thanks... bye!" Misty pressed a few button and sighed happily to herself before turning her attention to the rest of the group.

A few seconds past.

"Well?" Everyone else asked in unison.

Misty just smiled even more, "You shall soon see. I know just the person, and they will be here shortly."

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