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Tricks of the Trickster

Chapter 3

Misty slipped her phone back in her pocket, smiling.

"Sooo, when is this 'mystery person' going to get here?" Drew asked, folding his arms. His patience was running thin now.

"Should be any minute now." Was all Misty said.

"You're not gonna tell us who it is are you?" Zoey asked slightly smirking.

"Where's the fun in that?" Replied Misty, copying Zoey's smirk.

"Well it better be soon, people are missing y'know?!" Complained Dawn, her eyes shifting around the room.

"I know, I know, they'll be here." Misty assured.

Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice peeked out from all the others in the room. The group turned. Misty instantly recognised who it was.

"Hey, Misty!"

"You took your time...!"

"Sorry, sorry, we populars are well... popular, you know?" It was a girl, she was taller than everyone else, but only slightly.

"Daisy. Of all people, you called your sister?" Drew asked, more panicky than usual, if you could say that about Drew.

"Oh, you must be Drew right? Hiya, my little sis here has told me all about you guys!" She walked, strode rather, up to the four and put on her usual grin. "And you're Dawn, ooh, and you're Zoey!"

"Ok enough introductions." Misty cut in before Daisy gallivanted off as she would. "This is a serious situation, so Daisy, for once, be serious." Misty's straight face said it all.

"You're no fun sis." Daisy pouted but the look on her sister's face showed how important this was to her. "Ok, serious mode is totally on now."

Misty sighed, a mix of relief, stress and irritation.

"Can I just ask how your sister would be any help to us right now?" Drew asked, his brows narrowing.

"Hey, I'm here to help you! I can leave any time." Daisy shot back.

"Farewell then," Drew actually smiled a little seeing Daisy's reaction to his reply.

"Guys...? You do know that our friends are actually, literally MISSING?!" Yelled an anxious Dawn over everyone. The group were instantly silenced.

"To answer your question, Drew," Misty stepped in, "Daisy is a close friend of Gary's. She practically knows him inside and out. With her information on Gary, this could lead us to our friends." A loud and long 'Oh' echoed from everyone and Misty smiled in response.

"So Mist, what's the prob?" Daisy asked.

"We can't find our friends, we've split up and looked around this whole mansion. We need your help here. You are a 'close friend' of Gary's after all." Upon seeing Daisy's response, Misty smirked.

"I-I wouldn't say a close friend." Daisy replied, stuttering slightly.

"Come on Daisy, you're practically his girlfriend!" Misty said, her arms crossed.

"Now hold the phone! If we're being all chatty-chatty, isn't there this boy who you're like, totally in love with Misty?"

"...We're loosing precious time here! I didn't call you over here for nothing!" Misty shot back, not-so-casually changing the subject.

"KK, I get it, I get it... What do you need to know?"

Misty felt a wave of relief wash over her as they finally got to the situation at hand.

"Right, now, we've looked around this whole mansion and neither Ash, Paul, Leaf, Kenny or May are here. Would there be anywhere that we haven't looked, like, somewhere secret missing people would congregate?" Daisy kept her focus on Misty while she explained.

"Hmm..." Daisy thought for a few seconds, staring up at the ceiling. "Off the top of my head, I can't think of anywhere missing people would go... Unless..."

"Unless...?" The group asked at the same time.

"Well, I've only been here short of a dozen times so I don't know too much about the place." The four listening sweatdropped. "However, while we're on the subject, I do know a little secret about this 'mansion'."

"And that would be?" Misty asked for the rest of the group.

"This mansion... doesn't belong to Gary."

"What?!" The four gasped.

"Yep it's true. Gary doesn't live here or own the place or anything like that! Nope, he just rents it out from these people who are like, friends of friends with his grandpa. Shocking right?"

"Wait, so all this time, all these parties... Well I guess Gary isn't the big shot he talks himself up to be." Zoey concluded, smirking.

"He's fooling everyone, that idiot! To think I even admired him!" Dawn spat narrowing her brows.

"Uh, you actually admire that idiot?" Misty asked.

"Well, um, that's another story for another time. Anyway, we have more important things to discuss here." Dawn swiftly moved away from the newly formed topic and focused her attention on Daisy once again.

"Right, right. So, Gary's a cheap bitch, carrying on..." Drew said making a segway for Daisy.

"Ok, well, have you asked Gary about this whole missing friends thing?" Daisy asked, looking at the others in turn.

"We haven't caught sight of him yet." Misty replied.

"Hmm..." Daisy thought once again. "Weird, he should be around..."

"With his occult of fangirls..." Misty added.

"Very weird... Wait, wait a sec..."

"Hm?" Everyone looked to Daisy.

"There's this one room. Yeah, there's a room in here that Gary showed me the first time I came here. Apparently it's his own secret room."

"Well that was a bad idea telling you about it then." Misty replied.

"I- … I guess you're right about that. Anyway, there's a room at the end of the second floor, one that's hidden away from all the others. Gary told me he found it accidentally when he first 'got' the mansion. I'm guessing that if you've looked everywhere you probably haven't checked that room."

"Well we haven't come across any secret rooms so..." Zoey trailed off while Dawn picked up on her sentence.

"That must be it then! They've gotta be in there!" The blunette exclaimed, a rare smile on her face.

"See, I knew my sister would be good for something!" Said Misty smirking.

"Nice one Misty..." Daisy sighed.

"You can show us where the room is right?" Drew asked, now interested.

"Yeah yeah, follow me, up here!" Daisy led the four up the huge staircase and down one of the hallways on the second floor. It didn't take long until Daisy stopped.

"It's around here, I think... I haven't been here in a while..."

"Don't worry take your time." Misty said casually. "And by the way, that was sarcasm."

"Oh thanks Misty." Daisy said back just as sarcastically. She walked a little further left to a small door. "I think this is it."

"I checked that one, it's just a closet with coats and stuff in it." Misty said, studying the door.

"Aha, that's where you're wrong sis. I remember now. Y'see, when you open it up..." Daisy slowly opened the little door. "It does look like a closet, but then when you move everything out the way..." Sure enough, as different items of clothing were moved to the sides, another door could be seen peaking out behind everything. "Guess you didn't look hard enough, eh Mist?"

Misty pouted, "Well it's not like I would go snooping around all the rooms like a stalker. It is Gary's place, or what I thought was Gary's place."

"A secret door, hm, didn't see that coming. Then again, it is Gary." Zoey said sighing.

"Wait, what's that?" Drew asked, stepping forward and pointing to what looked like a small piece of paper attached to the door.

"Huh?" Misty peered down and took down the paper. Holding it close to her face, she read what was written on it.

"Go through, if you dare..."

"W-What's that supposed to mean?" Dawn stuttered.

"Relax, it's probably one of Gary's dumb tricks." Assured Misty, looking to her sister for confirmation.

Daisy quickly realised what her sister was doing. "Oh, right, right. Gary would do stuff like this all the time, nothing to worry about, haha!"

"So, we should go through the door right? As the note said?" Zoey questioned moving towards the second door.

"I guess..." Misty agreed, stuffing the small piece of paper into one of her pockets, and followed closely behind Zoey. "Daisy, if you please."

"What? Oh, open the door?"

"Well done. You are the oldest of all of us, therefore it would be wise if you lead the group." Misty explained, a smirk tugging at the corners of her lips.

Daisy was about to pout as she always would but instead accepted her sister's reasoning. "Fine then, let's go." She wrapped her fingers around the door handle and slowly pushed the door. As it opened, a short hallway was revealed on the other side. "It's all coming back to me now, I remember this!" Daisy said, a little happier than needs be. This particular hallway was quite narrow, there was just enough room for three people to be walking in the same line so Daisy, Misty and Zoey walked in front while Drew and Dawn followed close behind.

"Well at least you do cause I don't, this is creepy." Misty replied shuddering.

At the very end of the hallway there was another door, the only door in the entirety of the short and rather dark hallway. The five got stopped in the front of this new door.

"Well, I think this is it. The room that Gary showed me must be behind here." Daisy said.

"Hey there's another note on the door." Zoey pointed out.

Misty, again, pulled the scrap of paper away from the door and held it up above her head, where there was just enough light to see it.

The note read:

Well done for getting this far, but I'm afraid you are just too late!

"What's that supposed to mean?" Drew thought aloud.

"Um, hey guys...?" Dawn spoke up from the back. Everyone turned to her. "W-What's that?" She pointed to the floor in front of them where a small pool of red could be seen jutting out from under the door. Everyone followed her finger and gasped as soon as they saw it.

"That- That's not... right?" Was all Drew could utter after a few moments silence.

"No, no of course not... right?" Zoey replied, still staring at the ground in front of her feet.

"D-Don't ask me... D-Daisy...?" Misty looked up to her older sister, even she was scared now, as if this eerie hallway wasn't enough.

"I... uh, well..." Daisy didn't know what to say, as the older sister she knew she had to keep calm but even now she had shivers down her spine, and she knew this place more than anyone else in the group. "W-What did that note say again...?"

Misty read it out again, "Well done for getting this far, b-but I'm afraid you are just too late..."

Daisy took as deep a breath as she could. "Ok then. I guess the only way to know what that is and what that means... Is to open this..." Her slightly shaky hand shifted the door handle in front of them.

"Wait! D-Do we have to?" Dawn whispered.

"It's the only way we're gonna find out, everything's gonna be fine." Zoey turned her head to Dawn and smiled like she usually would. I hope it's gonna be fine were the words going around in her head.

"Ok... here we go..." Daisy pushed down on the door handle, and as quickly as she could to relieve the tension, she pushed the door in, opening it. The four couldn't bear finding out what was in that room, neither could Daisy, but, as everyone got their surroundings, one thing was clear to them – this was as they feared in their heads.

There was a loud gasp from the five as everything in the room came into view. The splodge of red that they saw before trailed along off to the side of the large room to it's source. Except, the source wasn't seen, as there was a body covering it.

Red was scattered over the floor and even the walls. There was another body on top of a low wooden table, with red dripping down from the side of it.

At the far side of the room, another larger door was opened to reveal another room with red splattered walls and even more lifeless bodies.

At the sight of it all, the group could do nothing but cry out in fear at what was before them.

They were so stunned none of them noticed the shadow slowly lurking closer towards them. There was a brief silence, and then...


A loud scream sounded from the group as the spun around to the source of the noise.

"HA! I got you guys!" And there was Gary. Gary motherfucking Oak, standing behind them, doubled over in laughter. "Oh my god, the look on all your faces right now..." He choked out, barely able to stand. "Priceless!"

Everyone's faces dropped, all feeling a range of emotions.

After Gary had recovered, he looked over the group in front of him to the room and called "Okay guys, we got 'em. You can stop now."

The group looked back to find the bodies they thought were lifeless, getting up and standing of their own accord. Misty noticed someone quite familiar standing from their spot on the ground. Her anger was the only emotion that was clear to her right now, so she used that as an excuse to convey everything she was feeling, basically yelling. "Ash?! Why were you- Wait... All of you! You were all here the whole time?!"

"Well that was the point of the prank, Mist." Gary chuckled, still not over his 'amazing' stunt.

"A prank? Are you kidding me? We've been looking for these guys the past couple hours!" Drew protested, now thoroughly pissed off.

"We were really worried!" Dawn added, feeling relieved but still as angry as everyone else.

"Aw c'mon guys, it's Halloween! Did you really not expect anything less?" Gary tried his best to persuade them, but their straight faces did nothing.

"And you!" Misty turned to Ash who wore a goofy smile "You just agreed with this whole thing?"

At this point everyone turned to the raven haired boy.

"Well," He began "Gary said there was an all-you-can-eat buffet in here, which there was, sooo I just went along with it."

"I was here for the food too, heh..." May suddenly appeared behind Ash, kind of feeling sorry for them but full from the food so it wasn't too much guilt.

"I just thought it'd be funny." Kenny chimed in

"Me too" Leaf agreed, coming out from the behind one the walls, rubbing the back of her head.

"You too Paul?" Zoey asked, noticing Paul on the far side of the room.

"Well, this party was boring anyway, so I thought 'why not'?" He muttered, not really caring about the situation, although is you looked closely the corners of his lips were upturned only slightly.

"Well, hasn't this been awesome guys?" Gary cut in, smiling his signature smile. This did not amuse the five in front of him. At all.

"Gary Oak!"

"Daisy? Oh, hi. Didn't realise you were here."

"Yeah, I invited myself, thanks." Daisy took a step forwards, prodding Gary in the chest. "Do you really think this was as awesome as you say? I was called in especially to help my sis, and when she needs help, I know that's not good. What were you thinking when you planned this all out?!"

"Heh." Gary was surprised at the death glares Daisy was giving him, but tried to laugh it off all the same. "I thought it was pretty funny." Still the daggers directed towards him. "Oh come on, it got an amazing scare outta ya."

Still, unamused faces stared at him.

"It's Halloween, just let it be... Fine. I'll tone it down next year."

"Tone it down, or tone it off." Daisy stated, before spinning round and walking back in the direction she came, away from the room. "Laters."

"Well, despite Gary being a jerk right now, at least you're all safe." Zoey said, and in spite of it all, everyone had to agree.

"I think it's time we take our leave." Misty suggested, her new found emotions subsiding.

"Yeah, I'm full now..." Ash began but Misty quickly interrupted him.

"YOU! Have no say in this, idiot!" With that she gave him a 'light' whack to the head.


"It's what you deserve."

Everyone else agreed with the suggestion, so they all set off back down the stairs, reunited as a whole group once again.

"Oh, and by the way" Misty called back to Gary who just stood there. "We know about your secret with this mansion... and who it belongs to..."

Gary's head shot up to the retreating crowd of people. "Wait, what? Who told you that?!" Despite trying to follow everyone, questioning this every 10 seconds, everyone ignored him. Content smiles now on their faces, some fulfilment setting in.

"Wait, what secret are you talking about Mist?"

"Didn't I tell you you have no say in this?!"



They'd found everyone just in time, as all of the party-goers were about to leave anyway.

Gary stood at the front door, waving everyone off and of course blowing goodbye kisses to his still ever growing female fanbase. He said his goodbyes to everyone who walked out the front door., including Jimmy and Marina and Vincent and Bianca, who incidentally walked out as a small group. The fact that a certain group of people knew about how he didn't own the mansion had completely left his mind. Well, until the same gang showed up to say their goodbyes.

"This isn't over yknow?" Drew said, walking out with Leaf and May at both of his sides. "We'll get you back for this."

"Haha, I'm sure you will, next Halloween."

"Yeah, like we're gonna wait another year to exact revenge."

"Wait, wha?" Gary couldn't stop them as the three had already walked out the door.

Then Misty and Ash appeared in the doorway, eager to get back home. "Hey. Daisy kicked your ass yet?" Misty asked, smirking.

"Uh.. no..." Gary replied, face dropping.

"Oh. That's a shame. She will by the way, sooner or later."

"Oh heheh... good to know..." Gary shifted his weight, not wanting to show how secretly terrified he now was.

"The party was meh, food was great though!" Then Ash appeared behind Misty, smiling because, well, because food.


"No problem!"

"Can't you think of anything other than food?" Misty groaned.

"...Not really."

Another groan from Misty was the last Gary heard as the walked out of the door and into the night. And as soon as they left, the foursome of Dawn, Zoey, Paul and Kenny had arrived to leave.

"Great party huh guys?" Gary opened, the looks he got scared him a little.

Dawn scoffed, "As if!"

"I thought it was okay..." Dawn turned to look at Paul, eyes narrowing at what he just said.

"Okay, you and I are having words. Oh, and I think we also need to have a chat about your anger issues."

"Anger issues?" This suddenly had Paul interested, but Gary heard nothing more as they too disappeared, walking back to their homes.

And as the last of the people trickled out of the mansion, Gary took a breath and smiled to himself. "I'd say that's a job well done, Oak. Job well done..."

So in the end everyone had a pretty good night, and although some people who were chosen to get tricked that night, they soon enough forgot about that incident. But what they didn't forget was that the puppet meister of the whole charade would get tricked himself eventually. One day, Halloween or not, they will get their revenge, and it will be sweet.

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