Hey, everyone! Haven't updated this thing in a while, and I have a special Christmas story that I'm working on so I'll be introducing the OC associated with it~~~ ^^ Keep in mind this interview is based on her FEATURE story, not the Christmas special, so there will be some differences between this interview and the special.

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

Su: Sutori Hara, but people I know mostly call me Su-chan.

2. Interesting... what's your current age?

Su: I'm 21.

3. Uh huh. What's your favorite food?

Su: Cheddar Cheese yakisoba! Maruchan brand!

4. And your favorite drink?

Su: ….it's a tie between tea with honey in it and milk with honey in it.

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?

Su: =_= The Espada who's bent on maiming my cousin…

Grimmjow: C'mon! Gimme a goddamn break! I haven't tried to beat him up once since we hooked up!

Su: =_="

6. Aww! Have you two kissed yet?

Grimmjow: …was the definition of the words "hooked" and "up" beyond your comprehension or something?

Su: HEY! This is my interview, asshole!

Grimmjow: Jeez, who got your panties in a knot?

7. Classic question! What's your favorite color?

Su: Ironically…it's teal.

8. Who's your favorite author?

Su: I don't have a particular favorite.

9. Now what's your biggest fear?

Su: My idiot lover biting off more than he can chew and having to leave because of it.

Grimmjow: Onna! Cut me some fuckin' slack!

10. *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing*

Su&Grimm: *glares*

11. Awesome, who's your hero?

Su: ^^ Grimmjow.

Grimmjow: Yeah, yeah. I love ya too.

12. Ok, who is your worst enemy?

Su: My goddamn ex, who accused me of sleeping with his best friend.

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?

Su: Nothing, cuz the last time my ex met Grimmjow, he [my ex] ended up with a broken nose and a few cracked ribs. So I know it would never happen.

14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?

Su: Tell her to hurry up and get my actual story posted.

15. What's your worst nightmare?

Su: I don't wanna say and I'm not gonna say, either *glares*

16. Ok, where's your favorite place to relax?

Su: On my couch, watching mystery flicks.

17. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?

Su: Work. I'm the co-executive officer of my late father's business.

18. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT!

Su: Sorry, but I got no one to tag ^^" Rosey should be coming up with someone within the next few weeks, though.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Sutori Hara, Ichigo's younger cousin by one year. Look forward to the Christmas special~~~ ^^ Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas~~!