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Megumi has been living with the Vizards for almost 50 years and has been their eyes and ears around Karakura during that time. She found love and family during her time with them; but when a certain strawberry becomes a Shinigami, will the following events tear her life apart? ShinjiOC Rated M for language and situations.

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It kills me not to know this
But I've all but just forgotten
What the color of her eyes were
And her scars or how she got them

As the telling signs of age rain down
A single tear is dropping
Through the valleys of an aging face
That this world has forgot-

A delicate hand rested for a moment on the iPod boom box that also doubled as an alarm clock. The owner of said hand sat up slowly, using her other hand to cover a tear-inducing yawn. She looked at her nightstand with tired eyes. Savior by Rise Against was the song she used for her alarm on Mondays…it was Monday…

"Kuso!" she screamed, jumping out of her bed and rummaging through her schoolbag. She finally found her cell phone and flipped it open. She had 15 unanswered messages and 10 missed calls. Two messages and a missed call were from her classmate Orihime Inoue, three messages and a missed call from another classmate Ichigo Kurosaki, two messages from yet another classmate Tatsuki Arisawa, three messages and two missed calls from unknown numbers. Which meant that the last five messages and six missed calls were from….

"Kuso…" she said once again as she scrolled through those last five messages.

'Are you coming anytime soon?' That one was sent around noon, almost two hours past when she had told her adopted 'family' that she would visit.

'Are you there, Megumi-chan?' Obviously not…

'I swear, snaggle-tooth here's gonna kill me if you don't show up!' Megumi stifled a laugh before she noted the time that message had been sent at. Roughly around 4. She winced, imagining said snaggle-tooth's temper and what it could entail.

'Megumi? Seriously, is something wrong?' Again, Megumi couldn't help but wince. Anytime, and she meant anytime, this person called her by name with no honorifics, it meant he was genuinely worried; she hated worrying him.

'I'm coming over there right now.' That one was sent at 11:30-ish last night. She remembered that she had finished her class project around 10 then had showered and climbed into bed by 10:30. But now that she focused she could feel faint traces of his reiatsu leading from her bedroom door to beside her bed and onto her…forehead? She blushed slightly as she gently touched the area of skin he had assuredly kissed. She hastily typed a reply, not really caring if she woke him up. As soon as she hit the 'Send' button, she grabbed her uniform out of her closet and ran down to the bathroom to change and fix her hair.

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