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"Kakashi-niisan!" Mika yelled, running through their apartment to her older brother's room and throwing the door open. She crawled up on his bed and began shaking him. "Nii-san, wake up! We're going to be late for the entrance ceremony at the Academy!"

Kakashi Hatake rolled over and looked at the clock and mini-calendar he kept by his bed. Yeah, they would have been an hour late for Mika's ceremony except... "Mika," he began patiently, "your ceremony is next Friday."

Mika stopped shaking him and looked at the calendar too. "Oh..." She hopped off the bed and grinned sheepishly at him. "Gomen, nii-san. I'm just really excited about learning how to become a kunoichi."

Kakashi sat up, smiling at her. "It's all right. I was excited, too, when I was about to enter the Academy."

"I bet you drove Sakumo-ojisan and Kana-obasan up a wall and out the window," Mika teased, giggling.

"It sure did." Whenever she called his father 'uncle' and his mother 'auntie', he was reminded that, despite their closeness, they were only cousins. And all that they had left for family; hence the closeness. Kakashi grinned devilishly at her. "Just like you're driving me up a wall."

He leapt from the bed and grabbed Mika in one fluid motion, the 5-year-old squealing in delight as he hoisted her into the air. Her squeals turned into peals of laughter when his fingers moved to the parts of her sides that were most ticklish. Mika was red in the face by the time that Kakashi stopped and just smiled at her. "Ashiteru, imouto-chan."

"Ashiteru mo, nii-san," Mika replied automatically but sincerely. They both then heard the doorbell chime so Kakashi put Mika down and ushered her out of his room, shutting the door behind her so that he could get dressed. The doorbell rang again as Mika tore through the halls, yelling, "Coming! Coming!"

Undoing both locks, she opened the door just a crack before opening it all the way upon recognizing who was at the door. "Konnichi'wa, Asuma-san!"

"Konnichi'wa, Mika-chan," the Jounin responded, smiling fondly at the little girl. "Is your nii-san awake yet?"

"Hai! He's getting dressed right now," Mika replied. Her face portrayed her confusion as she leaned to the left slightly and noticed another Jounin standing behind Asuma. "Ano…who're you?"

"Oh, I'm Shikaku Nara," the man said in an almost monotonous tone. "Your nii-san asked me to drop by this morning."

"Then come in, " Mika chirped, stepping out of the way and allowing the two men to come in and take a seat at the kitchen island that also served as a table. "Are you hungry at all, Asuma-san? Nara-san?"

"No," came the simultaneous replies as Mika opened up the fridge and pulled out two peach-flavored Greek yogurts, several peaches, and a huge vat of Cool Whip. She set the items on the counter near the blender, pulled up a stepstool, and then proceeded to carefully peel the peaches, discarding the skins in the sink. She then halved each fruit and took the pits out. The fruit, yogurt, and several heaping spoonfuls of Cool Whip were dropped into the blender, the cover was secured, and then the appliance was turned on.

Mika rinsed her hands off before reaching into a drawer and pulled out a Ziploc bag. She dropped the peach pits into the bag as Asuma asked, "Watcha doin', Mika-chan?"

Mika looked over her shoulder, her face straight as she answered, "Makin' breakfast, Asuma-san."

"I mean with the peach pits."

Realization dawned on the girl and she held up the now-zipped bag proudly. "Tira-san, the owner of the fruit stand me and nii-san always go to, said she'll pay me to bring back the seeds from the fruit. She said that because she gives the seeds to her nee-chan and otouto-kun, who give her the fruit she sells." She grinned bashfully as she turned the blender off. "I've tried to ask her to not pay me, but she keeps doing it anyway."

Asuma chuckled; how like Mika to want to do something for someone and not seek compensation of any kind. He watched as she divided the yogurt mixture between two bowls, set a spoon in each bowl, then climbed onto the counter, sitting on the edge of it so that she was facing Asuma and Shikaku. She grabbed her bowl before she raised her soft voice, calling out, "Nii-san, breakfast! Or do you want me to feed it to Bull?"

There was a faint 'boof!' and a cloud of smoke as Kakashi teleported down to the kitchen. He grabbed his bowl off the counter and tousled his cousin's short, wavy, golden hair with a gloved hand, an exasperated smile showing slightly from beneath his recently-donned mask. "I'd rather you didn't feed it to Bull." He turned and acknowledged his fellow Jounins across the island. "Konnichi'wa, Asuma, Shikaku-san."

Similar greetings came from Asuma and Shikaku before Kakashi downed his breakfast with that lightning fast speed he almost always ate at. Mika swallowed a spoonful of her yogurt before whining, "Nii-san…one of these days you're going to either throw up or choke on something because you eat so fast."

Kakashi placed his bowl and spoon in the sink before replying, "Not gonna happen. I have too much experience eating like that to really be affected by either of those things." Mika stuck her tongue out at him before returning to her meal. Kakashi looked at Asuma, "I take it you're here to fill me in on new mission details?"

"Yep. Sorry you only had a day to recuperate from your last mission," Asuma stated ruefully. He then regarded Mika, who had become quiet and subdued at the word 'mission'. "I'm sorry to you too, Mika-chan."

Mika blinked then piped cheerfully, "It's okay, Asuma-san. I may not have been able to spend a lot of time with nii-san yesterday but I enjoyed it." She placed her empty bowl in the sink and slid down off the counter. "I'll just make myself scarce so you guys can talk."

With that, she ran down to her room, grabbed her tan messenger bag that held her wallet and her book, ran back down to the kitchen, and slid her shoes on. "See ya, nii-san, Shikaku-san, Asuma-san!"

"Be safe, Mika!" Kakashi called after her right before the door shut behind the girl. He shook his head and scratched the back of his neck. "Sometimes, I just don't know what to do with her."

Shikaku chuckled a bit. "They can be quite a handful at this age, trust me. I'm going through the same thing."

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