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The next day dawned bright and early, much to Shikamaru's displeasure as the warm rays streamed across his face. But, he decided that it wasn't too bad when he suddenly caught the smell of hotcakes in the air. He threw the covers off of himself and shuffled out of the room, trying to rub the last of the sleep from his eyes as he went along. What startled him to full awareness was a blonde blur tearing out of the dining room and crashing into him, sending them both sprawling to the floor.

"Owie…" The blur whined, allowing Shikamaru to identify it as Mika. She scrambled off of him and down the hall until she reached the bathroom and almost literally dove inside, slamming the door behind her.

His mother stuck her head out of the kitchen and her eyes widened a bit when she saw him getting up off the floor. "Oh, goodness, Shikamaru! What happened?"

"I'm…not really sure. I think Mika-chan just ran into me," the boy replied honestly, standing up and walking to the dining area. He took a seat next to Chouji, who was happily wolfing away at his hotcakes. Yoshino brought out a plate with freshly made hotcakes and set it in front of Shikamaru before returning to the kitchen. Right before he took the first bite of his breakfast, Shikamaru asked, "Did Mika-chan already eat?"

"Why, yes. She did," Yoshino replied. "She ate with the same speed that she did last night and even cleaned her plate before she ran down the hall."

"Good morning…" a tired voice drawled. Shikaku shuffled through the kitchen, pecking his wife on the cheek before he took a seat at the table. Everyone present muttered their replies before the man asked, "Is Mika-chan the one in the shower then? I heard water running on my way down the hall."

"She's already in the shower?" Yoshino asked in mild disbelief. "What a strange behavior for a girl her age."

"Not so strange if you consider who practically raised her on his own," Pakkun commented as he came trotting into the room. He scratched behind his ear as he continued, "You'll find that most of her habits come from things that she learned from observing Kakashi, like her eating habits."

"I guess…" Yoshino murmured. "It's still a little strange."

"I didn't exactly deny that, Yoshino-san."

"That's not very nice, Pakkun-san…" Mika muttered as she came back into the dining room fully dressed and ready to go. Upon noticing Shikaku and Shikamaru at the dining table, she immediately perked up. "Good morning, Shikaku-san, Shika-kun!"

'Shika-kun?' everybody else in the house thought before Mika began sliding her shoes on.

"I'll see you guys later, okay?" she inquired, making sure that her bag was securely shut.

Shikamaru and Chouji exchanged a look of mild surprise before they asked, "What do you mean 'later'?"

Mika smiled at them. "If I'm going to be staying here for about a week, then I need to make sure that nothing at mine and Kakashi-nii's home will expire while we're gone." After a moment of contemplation, she suggested, "How about we meet at the cloud-watching spot around lunchtime? What do you think, Shika-kun? Cho-kun?"

'Cho-kun…?' Despite their slight confusion at her sudden nicknames, the two young boys at the table just nodded in agreement to her idea.

Mika beamed at everyone in the room and ran into the front hall, calling back to them, "Then, I'm off!"

Everyone else barely registered the door opening and closing before Shikamaru made a rather astute observation to Pakkun. "Pakkun-san, if Kakashi-san said that you were supposed to be watching over her while he was gone, then why are you still here while Mika-chan's out running about?"

The dog merely sent a flat glare at him and muttered, "Oh, shush your mouth, pup."

As it would turn out, Mika's trip back to her home would turn out to be pointless, seeing how any items that remained within wouldn't expire for several months to come. Mika was surprised, though, because of the fact that this meant that Kakashi had likely taken the time to do some cleaning before he had left for his mission yesterday. Nonetheless, she still checked her older cousin's room for any signs of mess that she could help clean up.

Sure enough, his bed wasn't made, he had books scattered on his desk, and some dirty clothes strewn across the floor. She set to work immediately, expertly making his bed with hardly a wrinkle to show and his pillows arranged just-so. She cringed at having to pick up her brother-figure's dirty clothes, opting to simply chuck them into the hamper, before she turned her attention to the desk. She closed each of the books and stacked them according to whether they were strategy ideas for field missions or catalogues for weapons and supplies.

The young girl paused when she reached the bottom of the pile. She had stumbled upon an orange book with the picture of a happy man chasing an equally happy woman and the words "Icha Icha Paradise" written in red letters above that picture on the book's front cover. A similar red book laid right underneath the first book, except the woman was hitting the man and the title was "Icha Icha Violence." Mika held one book in each hand, looking back and forth between them before placing the second book neatly on the desk in a separate, third pile and went to open the first book to see what it could possibly be about…

The clock in the living room began chiming, snapping Mika out of her curiosity enough for her to check the digital clock on her brother's nightstand. A shiver ran down her spine at seeing that it was already 10:30. She hastily put "Icha Icha Paradise" on top of what she could only guess was its sequel and tore out of the apartment, barely remembering to shut her brother's bedroom door and locking the front door as she went to go meet her friends for lunch.

As she ran to their meeting spot, Mika quietly wondered if Kakashi would share those books with her when he came back.

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