Hello, some of you may recognize me, most of you may not. This is my first Hush, Hush fan fiction, though I've had it running through my mind for quite a long while now. Anyway, the summary:

Naomi Jarene Coranda is your typical teenager: sixteen, stellar grades, athletic, and unlike most, quiet. She doesn't talk much, but she listens a whole lot, and her eyes miss nothing. Unlike her real mother, she can see through lies and deceptions; it's when people tell the truth that she has trust issues. But hard as she tried, she couldn't see the lie she has lived her whole life. Mr. and Mrs. Coranda aren't her real parents. Coranda isn't her last name. She isn't even human. Her real parents hid her to protect her, though she doesn't believe it. When weird things start occurring, however, will she be forced to believe the truth that she had subconsciously hoped was true? And who is her biology partner really? How is he connected to her past? Why in the world does she get these weird feelings whenever he's around? Does he have the same feelings for her? Can you guess who her real parents are? After Silence…way after.


The rain beat on the windows of the black sedan as the silent, yet anxious couple drove through the storm on the highway of Coldwater, Maine. In the back seat, little coos and gurgles floated towards them, making what they were about to do even worse. The woman was close to tears when they reached their destination. All the while, her husband had been silent, trying to stay strong and showing how much he detested what they were going to do.

"You know how against this I am." It wasn't a question; he was simply stating the obvious.

Not trusting her voice, she merely nodded in acknowledgement, bracing herself for the argument that was sure to come. Not looking at her, he nodded to himself.

"We don't have to do this. I really don't want to do this. I don't want to give her up—,"

"We're not giving her up," his wife interjected. Her voice was barely steady enough to be half convincing. "We're only hiding her until it's safe."

"And when is that going to be? It might never be safe for her! We can hide her. We've been doing just fine. Why do you all of a sudden want to give her to them—,"

"Because I want her to be safe, and where we are, it's not safe for a baby!" his wife shouted. She shook her head and wiped at her eyes. Seeing her tears, he unbuckled his seat belt and hers, sliding her closer to him. She leaned her head on his chest and said, "I don't want anything bad to happen to her. I don't want her involved in any of this. I never had the choice; I was plunged into the middle of it. I don't want the same for her."

He brushed her hair from her face. "I don't either, but I don't want to cut myself out of her life. I don't want her to see me and not know that I'm her father. I want to be a part of her life, not as a stranger, but as her father; her flesh and blood. I want to be there for everything. Teach her how to ride a bike, hear her first word, and see her walk for the first time. See her go to school, help her with math homework, hell, even the sex-talk, I want to be there for it!"

His wife laughed, but it was a tired sound. "So do I, but if we want her to even get to those stages in her life, we have to do this. It's the right thing to do." I hope… she thought.

His face was grim, but he got out of the car. He got his daughter out of the car as well, car seat and all. His wife carried all the bags. Together, they walked up the steps and rang the doorbell of the house they'd pulled up at. The man set the car seat on the floor and took his baby out of it, cradling her gently to his chest. Gray eyes stared back at him, and he realized just how much he was going to miss them.

The door opened then, and a very tired looking couple stared shocked at them.

"What are you two doing h—," the woman started, but the man's wife cut her off.

"We need you to take care of her, please," she pleaded as if she thought they would say no.

The woman's face turned blank, and then a look of understanding dawned on her when she caught sight of the man's grim and tight face. Even though she knew she would be wrong, she asked, "For the whole night…?"

The man's wife gave her a meaningful look. The woman sighed and said softly, "For how long? Will you guys be back?"

The man and his wife shared a look and finally the man answered, "We will be back and until it's safe."

The woman's husband, who stood behind her, said, "We'll guard her with our lives, we swear. After all, I'm not going anywhere no matter what." Though he meant it to be light, it held a dark note over them.

The man and his wife nodded. The man gave his daughter a firm, yet gentle kiss on her forehead, then gave her to her mother. Her mother peppered her face with kisses and sniffled, the tears chocking their way back up again. The man unclasped a plain men's chain from around his neck and placed over his daughter's small head. So you'll still have a piece of me no matter what, he thought to her.

His wife saw this exchange and sniffled harder. Turning away, she handed her daughter over to her best and most trusted friends. Silently and on the verge of tears herself, the woman took the baby and said, "You had better be back soon, you hear me?"

Her friend tried to laugh, but it came out as a sob instead. Her husband wrapped on arm around her tight. The baby, startled by the sound, started crying. The woman shushed her and bounced her gently, trying to calm her down.

The sound of her child crying was too much for her. She turned and walked down the driveway to the car. Her husband, with tears rimming his eyes, kissed his daughter's forehead one last time, and then went after his wife. Climbing into the sedan, they drove away with heavy sore hearts.

It gets confusing at times, I know. But later on in the story, I think, I will replay this with names, just to be nice.

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