Recommended story: 'Apotheosis' by Lord Wolfe, a My Hero Academia fic and best one I've seen where Izuku is a villain.

Chapter Forty-five

"Hey, Naruto-kun?"

After training with Sarutobi, Naruto was in the hallway of the hotel about to go to the room that he had been told to bunk in tonight. But before he could enter, he was called by Hinata down the hallway. She stood there wearing a robe but dry, having gotten done with her bath not too long ago. She was alone, and obviously nervous, but at the same time resolute in something he could only guess at.

Nonetheless, Naruto smiled and came up to her. "Hey Hinata-chan, is anything wrong?"

She shook her head and wrapped her arms around him, not exactly hugging him just holding him close to her.

"Hinata-chan, is everything okay? You're worrying me."

"No, Naruto-kun, nothing's wrong. But we... Sakura and I need to ask you something that will be difficult to ask. Or for you to answer. But please remember, we love you and will not force you to do anything that you do not want."

"Hinata-chan, you're scaring me." He said.

"Sorry, I'm not trying to." Hinata said, pausing to look around. Right now the girls were walking around outside the hotel, trying to get used to their new bodies and centers of gravity. It had been nothing short of coincidence that Naruto had gone inside around the same time they went outside, but Hinata wanted this chance to speak to him alone. So she urged him to follow her into the hotel room and closed the door behind them.

"Naruto-kun, there's something I want to ask you, but first there's something I need to tell you." She started, sitting down next to him. "Sakura was worried about what might happen to her or the baby when she gives birth, so she did something to help prevent that."

"That's good. What did she do?"

"She... she made herself older."

"Older?" Naruto repeated.

"About three years, so she looks like she's sixteen years old now. Honestly this is a good thing, a body like that can handle pregnancy and birth better than her real age can. Both her and the baby could die, but at least this way it's less likely. But she's worried that you'll be weirded out by her being older than you now."

"Why would I? I mean, she did it for a good reason. And I never would have thought about something like this happening to her. I'm glad she thought ahead like this."

"Still, she's going to stay this way for a while, mostly for the baby's sake. She still wants to be with you, but this is a change that will affect the both of you. How would you feel walking with her in the streets when she's taller and older than you? You'll look like you're out with your older sister more than your girlfriend. And what about sex? Won't it feel awkward?"

"Well what can I do about it?" Naruto asked.

Hinata took hold of his hand. "The answer is simple Naruto-kun. She changed her age, she can change yours too."

Naruto blinked, then thought it over. "Hmm... that could work. But what about you?"

"If you'll do it, I will too. We're in this together."

Naruto smiled and gave her a kiss. "I don't want to make this choice for you Hinata-chan. If you don't want to change like this, I don't want you to feel like I twisted your arm. After all, didn't you want to prove to your clan that you were stronger than they thought you were? Won't getting older throw off how you fight?"

"I think as long as I'm returned to normal before then, I could still be able to hold my own. But..." She paused for a moment, as if thinking of how to phrase the next part. "Honestly, a part of me is wondering if it's even worth it. I mean, this whole time I wanted to prove to my clan that the problems they saw in me weren't my fault. But this whole experience together has taught me something else."

Hinata scooted over until she sat on his lap, arms wrapped around him.

"The Hyuuga may be my clan, but the Uzumaki are my family. When we get back to Konoha, I don't want to go back to sleeping away from you or needing permission to spend the day with you. So why am I planning on going back to the Hyuuga and earning my rightful place there? If I win, what exactly am I getting as my reward? Them leaving me alone? I can get that just by moving in with you. You... you don't mind me doing that, do you?"

"Why would I mind? I want to stay with you as much as you do with me. Honestly I'm hoping once we're back in Konoha me and Mom can get a house big enough for all of us."

Hinata smiled and gave him a quick kiss. "I'd like that a lot. And if I'm being honest, I'd like to see what you'll look like when you're sixteen. And I bet you want to see how sexy I'll be at that age, don't you?"

"You'll be beautiful to me no matter what you look like, Hinata-chan." He assured her.

Hinata hugged him, enjoying the love they shared. It truly had made all of this worth it. "That kind of brings me to what I wanted to ask you. Naruto-kun, as an incubus you need multiple lovers. It's just how your biology works and I accept it. You have me and Sakura, but Ursha says it's normal to have more. Do you... do you want more?"

"More girlfriends?" He asked just to be sure he understood her, and she nodded. "It seems kinda selfish to want more. Isn't that like saying you and Sakura-chan aren't enough?"

"Maybe we aren't. I mean, your Frenzies are going to be a part of you Naruto-kun and from what I hear they're going to get stronger over time. Ursha said her father had five lovers, and I get the feeling that he had that many for a reason."

"Five lovers?"

Hinata nodded. "And apparently that's a low number. Two of us can give you all the love we can, but maybe for you, it's not going to be enough."

"Ino did say that she was getting interested in me." Naruto admitted. "But she barely knows me. Not like you and Sakura-chan do."

"You can give her the chance to get to know you. Not only that, but Ursha said she's into you too."

Naruto looked both shocked and bothered by that. "Ursha? But she's my cousin."

"I know, but apparently for succubi that's not a deal breaker. Besides, she's exploring her options now anyway. Get this, apparently in Alfheim they don't have same-sex couples. Right now she's also into Isaribi, she's amazed that being with another girl is even an option for her and asked her out on a date."

"Huh, I hope they're happy together." Naruto commented.

"But she's still a succubus and going to have a Frenzy sooner or later, so there may come a time she'll need a man like you and a girl like Isaribi to help her. These Frenzies affect her too just like they affect you and Sakura. I know it's weird, but she's been good to us and I don't like the idea of her suffering anymore than you suffering because of an unfulfilled Frenzy."

"Mom handled hers all by herself for years." Naruto pointed out.

"True, but she was a grown woman. You and Ursha are both teenagers. Your hormones and urges are a lot stronger now, I don't think either of you can just take the easy way out. So if you're okay with it, I'll allow it. But no human cousins if there are any other girl Uzumaki out there. Ursha has Frenzies so I'm lenient, but I'm drawing the line at other cousins."

Elsewhere in the Elemental Nations, a redhead girl with glasses sneezed.

"Agreed." Naruto said with a nod before he gently put his forehead against her own. "But I promise no matter what, I will always make sure to make you feel special and loved. Every day if I have to."

"My my Naruto-kun, is that a proposal?" Hinata joked, though she was blushing nonetheless.

"Well you are technically wearing a ring." Naruto joked back, rubbing the mate mark on her upper arm.

"Then how about I wear only that?" She asked, moving her robe off her shoulders.

"Fine by me." He said before they kissed and wrestled to the floor.

With their new bodies, the girls felt they had to get in some practice using them. New proportions, new center of balance, it was going to take some getting used to. So they all went outside for a stroll, though they still felt uncomfortable doing so. Their old clothes no longer fit, so now they had to walk through a forest in towels and robes. Sakura and Ino were using each other for balance while Ursha and Isaribi were doing the same, and Moegi went along for the exercise. Ayame and Shinju were informing the others on what Sakura had done so they wouldn't be surprised when they saw them.

"I really hope there are no perverts around here." Sakura said, looking around.

"Relax, I'm a bit of a sensor and I'm not detecting any chakra in the area aside from our own." Ino assured, taking careful strides as if she were a model on a runway. Or at least she was trying to, but instead she was walking like she was learning how to balance in high heels.

"You think you have a problem with balance? I'm walking without wings or tail here." Ursha noted, having Isaribi help her stay steady since she was struggling the most.

"That's what's giving you trouble right now?" Ino asked, glaring at the princess's chest.

"What else would be?" Ursha asked, and it was impossible to tell if she was joking or not.

"Ow!" Isaribi suddenly yelled, legs bending causing her to fall to her knees. Naturally she let go of Ursha who remained standing.

"What happened?"

"I think a snake just-" The diver girl started, only to stiffen and topple over, like an unbalanced mannequin. Her expression was a mix of pain and fear. "I... I... can't... move."

"Can you guys hear that?" Moegi asked, looking around.

From behind the trees, a couple of shadows darted around, and the sound of laughing could be heard. Childlike laughter, but almost haunting. And with the shadows were streaks of yellow light. It was like whoever had attacked them wanted them to be disoriented and afraid.

"Stop running!" Sakura commanded, expecting these threats to slow down if not stop entirely. But the shadows kept going back and forth, and then something came up behind Ursha and then ran off. She too yelled and fell to her knees before she froze and became immobile. The laughter from the shadows became a little louder.

"What's going on?" Ino asked, going up to the downed girls along with Sakura. She checked for any signs of injuries and soon saw what looked like a sting or small puncture wound on Ursha's back.

"Why didn't my Gift work? It should have recharged at least a little by now." Sakura commented, nervous.

Ino stood and looked ready to fight. She then transformed into a cobra, hissing loudly. Something dashed by her, but it missed and continued on. Ino tried to bite during the brief opportunity she had, but she missed too.

"A shapeshifter." A feminine voice said from the darkness. "How fun."

Something dropped from the trees, revealing what looked like a child Moegi's age if not younger. The hair was black with red streaks, almost like a tiger in pattern, with several small horns sticking out, the kind of horns that would not have been out of place on a dinosaur. There was a single eye, bright yellow like a jungle cat, and the skin was oddly metallic silver, almost reflective of the moonlight. She was wearing something akin to a sailor scout uniform, colored black and cyan, with torn sleeves and a necklace with human skulls hanging from it. In her hands was a syringe containing a liquid that could best be described looking like glow-in-the-dark mustard.

"Moegi, go get help." Sakura whispered to the young girl.

Moegi nodded and tried to slowly move away. She felt a sense of danger and then jumped to the side and just started to run. This ultimately saved her as another enemy had tried to ambush her, only to be thrown off by this and tumble to the ground. Moegi ran off unencumbered and Sakura took the opportunity to pin down this new threat.

"Dammit Dusk!" The demonic girl said, annoyed, but kept her eyes on Ino while moving around her. Ino had yet to strike but wasn't going to let her prey take the chance.

Sakura got a good look at her captive, this so-called Dusk. He was small, around Moegi's size like his partner, and clearly a boy. His hair was white with some black hairs scattered around, like a salt and pepper mix favoring the salt, and he had two horns slicked back like a goat. He also had one yellow eye and silver skin, and he wore a sage green colored ensemble that resembled what Sakura imagined an old-fashioned paperboy would have worn. He too had a syringe on hand, though at the moment it was lying on the ground.

"Sorry Fader, I didn't expect a kid to dodge me." He said, reaching for the syringe. Sakura however grabbed it and held the point by his neck.

"Who are you and why are you attacking us? Or do I need to give you all of this stuff?" She asked in a threatening way.

Dusk gulped. "Boss!"

Behind some trees, Sakura could hear a girl screaming. The voice was a familiar one.


Dusk took the opportunity to get out from under the pinkette and retrieve the syringe. He immediately jabbed it into her arm and injected a small amount of the contents into her, not all of it.

"This will not affect me!" Sakura insisted, willing her Gift to work. She could feel this toxin, whatever it was, fighting her from within, determined to immobilize her, but her special ability was overpowering it. Then the yellow liquid sort of became impotent and actually withdrew from the entry point, like she was bleeding yellow blood.

"That's impossible." Dusk noted.

Fader meanwhile kept dancing around Ino, getting close enough to tempt her but not so close she couldn't back away. Ino was getting frustrated and considered morphing into something more dangerous, but at the same time her smaller size was to her advantage. Being a cobra meant this... whatever Fader was, couldn't hit her as easily as she wanted to. So Ino needed to stay mobile.

Getting an idea, Ino struck and Fader naturally stepped back. However, Ino stretched much further than she was expected to, altering her body to make herself longer, and thus allowing her to make contact and bite. Fader reacted as one would expect, and Ino released after injecting venom.

'How do you like it?' She thought, going by Sakura now and biting Dusk in the back, poisoning him too.

"Thanks Ino." Sakura said to her friend.

Some fog rolled in, looking controlled, and from the forest a figure strolled and pushed some trees out of its way. This thing was big, but there were no tremors with any of its steps. Sakura and Ino could only look at it, though doing so was difficult. The fog clung to its skin a little, like a cloak made of mist. The effect made it seem as if this new creature was out of focus. But it was still visible. Said creature walked like a gorilla, front limbs longer than the back ones, but with an extra set of appendages emerging from the shoulders that went up. They weren't arms, wings, tentacles, or claws, they were just... body parts. The neck went down instead of up and the head hung low to the ground, looking like a reptile or horse with pale skin. Hair hung down like a mane made out of red seaweed, but all over its body were eyes. Human eyes. Too many to count, but there had to be more than a dozen or two. And they were all looking at the kunoichi.


Sakura got a better look and saw that the extra unidentified appendages were holding up Moegi, who was squirming unsuccessfully to get free.


"Ooh you're in trouble now." Fader taunted, sitting down in a way to avoid putting any weight on her snakebite.

Struggling, Ursha managed to point a finger at the unfocused monster holding Moegi. "Random."

There was no effect.


There was still no effect.

"You smell like a succubus." Fader claimed, limping towards the wayward princess. "Didn't anyone ever tell you that succubi powers don't work on devils?"

"Devils?" Ursha said, sounding afraid.

"Straight from Hell itself." Fader proclaimed proudly. "And you all will be joining us."

Sakura stood up to the unfocused monster and glared unlike any glare she had ever made before. "Let her go!"

The beast made no effort to release Moegi.

"See what I mean?" Fader said. "Our kind gave the succubi the Gifts long ago, you can't ever use them against us."

Dusk went to inject Sakura but Ino kept him away. The unfocused beast then tightened its grip on Moegi, making her yell more. If that wasn't bad enough, steam emerged around her, as if she were being branded with a hot iron. Then the creature dropped to the ground.

"Moegi!" Sakura called, and Dusk moved to get in close. Ino bit his neck but he grabbed her too and injected her, forcing her to let him go. Ino spasmed as if electrocuted and she collapsed limply, soon returning to her normal albeit naked human form.

"Ino!" Sakura worried, scooping up her friend. She didn't notice the eyes on the beast glowing, but when she looked it shot out several glowing lasers that hit her and knocked her hard into a tree, breaking it. It was like being hit by a punch from Gaara if the sand was also electrocuted. Sakura collapsed and despite the pain quickly checked herself over as best she could. No broken bones, no inability to breathe, just blunt force trauma with a kick and now a sore body. Either this creature couldn't kill it, or it chose not to.

Fader and Dusk laughed and rushed in, surrounding her and swiftly tying her up with ropes that felt uncomfortable, like leather but not normal leather.

"You should be a fine prize for a high level devil back home." Fader taunted.

"Though you know Jumbo Tits over there is going to be the real catch." Dusk added, pointing to Ursha.

"Oh yeah, easily worth twenty eyes."

"You can't do this to us!" Sakura shouted, trying to break free without showing how afraid she was. This was every kunoichi's fear, being captured alive by an enemy. This never ended well for them, except in the rare times when someone managed to rescue them, like when Minato rescued Kushina from Kumo long ago. Their only hope right now was that someone from the hotel came looking for them before these monsters took them away.

"Oh yes, we can. I don't see anyone here trying to stop us."

Moegi got to her feet and a quick glance at the others told her that she needed to run. So she did, and the beast let her leave.

"Boss, what are you doing?" Dusk asked.

The unfocused monster began to shimmer and shrink, taking on a humanoid form. It looked like a thin man wearing a red cloak covered in black dots, almost an opposite color scheme to an Akatsuki outfit. He now had only two black eyes, neon pink hair, golden skin, and black gloves and shoes. Atop his head were two horns that almost resembled deer antlers, and in his hands was a purple ball the size of a large apple, covered in what looking like seal markings.

"We are missing one." The boss figure said, looking around. "There was a boy who escaped too."

"Ecaped?" Sakura couldn't help but repeat.

"Yeah, and what about the two adults that guided them to the tree? Aren't we supposed to look for them too?" Dusk added.

"What... are you... talking... about?" Isaribi asked, still under the effects of the toxin.

"Did you really think you'd be able to escape Niflheim and not deal with consequences? No one leaves the underworld without reincarnation babe, and we really don't like punks like you who cheat the system." Fader remarked.

Isaribi glared. "So we... were right. The shini... gami never intended... for us to... survive the... dragon. We were just... sent there to die."

"You are correct." The boss devil said, turning some symbols on the orb like it was spherical Rubik's Cube. "And we are here to rectify that, and deliver you to Hell. Alive."

"But what about the child?" Dusk asked.

"Patience Dusk, she will bring the missing ones to us."

'Naruto-kun, be careful.' Sakura thought, tears in her eyes.

A click was heard and Sakura saw a glow coming from the sphere in the boss devil's hands, but then all she saw was darkness.

"We need help!" Moegi shouted, rushing into the room where the adults were gathered and readying for sleep. Except for Sarutobi, since he was the only man in the adult group and he didn't want to feel like an outsider, so he was elsewhere at the moment.

"What is it?" Kushina asked.

"There was..." Moegi started, only to hiss in pain and clutch her sides while falling to her knees. Like something inside was hurting her.

"Moegi!" Shiju worried, going up to her daughter. Moegi grit her teeth and breathed deeply, sweating quite a bit all of a sudden. "Dear, what's wrong?"

"Something... in... the... woods..." She managed to get out before her body convulsed and she landed on her side. Then lines snaked up all over her body, like veins bulging but not quite the same. Purple mist formed around her body, almost as if she were steaming.

"Oh crap! I've seen this before!" Tayuya said, getting a closer look. "This sort of thing happened every time Orochimaru gave someone his mark."

"Orochimaru's here?" Tsunade asked, getting on her feet.

"No... not... him..." Moegi wheezed, her skin turning red.

"Not Orochimaru?" Shizune clarified. "Then what?"

Moegi screamed and threw up her hands, and everyone could see two claws come out of her wrists like small swords. Four small horns appeared on her forehead, making it look like she had a crown on her head, her hair turned red like Kushina's with two silver streaks, and her skin turned silver. One of her eyes bulged and literally popped out of her head , the nerve separating before the socket healed over and her remaining eye moved to the center, like a cyclops. Then the purple mist faded, and Moegi stopped screaming. Everyone watched in silence as she collapsed and breathed heavily, like she was on the verge of passing out.

"Moegi?" Shinju asked, shaking her daughter to get a response but none was given. "Moegi! What happened to my daughter?!"

"I don't know, but the only way we'll find out is to go in the woods." Tsunade declared.