Hello! It's my first Three Musketeers fanfiction. It may be a one-shot, 'cause I don't know if I can write next chapters. It takes place when D'Artagnan was captured by Buckingham in 2011 movie and was thrown into dungeons.


'Do you know who I am?' D'Artagnan was shouting boldly when four guards were dragging him into the dungeons. All of this was a part of Athos's plan, but an idea of being captured looked better when he sat with his friends on a boat than now, in Tower of London.

'Of course we know' one of the guard laughed cruelly 'Walking dead man' and with that they threw him into the cell. He jumped to his feet but was to slow, iron bars were closed. He kicked them and shouted in anger but with no effect.

'It's no use boy' someone said from the shadow 'I tried many times at the beginning, but they just won't break' D'Artagnan turned swiftly and caught a glimpse of a figure sitting on a stone floor.

'Who are you?' he asked bluntly, and a person chuckled.

'And you young fellow?' strange accent in their voice told him that the person wasn't French.

'Name's D'Artagnan' he said

'Marianne' she replied 'But that was long ago when someone called me that' with that she emerged from the shadow and D'Artagnan saw a beautiful young women with long, dirty blond hair hanging loosely around her face. She looked at him with those deep green eyes and laughed. 'What? Surprised?'

'I'm sorry madame' he said 'I just didn't expect someone like you in there'

'A woman?' she asked with a smirk on her face and he just nodded. 'You have much to learn young D'Artagnan, too bad that you're here'

'Forgive me madame, but what are you doing in here?' asked the boy astounded by her gender.

'I'm no madame' she replied 'Merely myself. And about my presence here, it's a long story'

'We have time' D'Artagnan said settling next to her and leaning against the wall.

'Aye, I suppose we have' she chuckled. 'So, it all began when …