Could Have Been

Chapter Two

"Fear the Unknown"

Tsuna lay in bed as he thought about what had happened at dinner. To say he was disturbed was an understatement. He was far from disturbed. He was partly disgusted and possibly fearing for his life.

Tsuna sat nervously at the dining table. His mother was talking excitedly across to their guest and neighbour, Daemon Spade, as she would ask in between lines if he wanted more servings. Tsuna kept his eyes trained to his chopsticks working its way to grabbing rice before lifting it up into his mouth. He chewed meekly with his eyes shielded as if like a racing horse with panels pointing to one direction. Although he wasn't looking away from his meal he knew in the most disturbing way possible that someone was staring at him. Not once did he feel a break from the other watching him. He pushed down the urge to run to his room and sat almost hugging himself. Luckily, his mother was too absorbed into her conversation that she didn't notice his discomfort. If she had he would have been forced to look up and unfortunately right into the chilling blue depths of his neighbour, the man sitting directly across from him. "I actually have a collection of art paintings myself and I wouldn't mind if Tsunayoshi were to come over and look for himself, actually I would be honored if he were to come over to my house." Tsuna stilled mid-bite and lowered his chopstick out of his mouth slightly as it still touched his lips. 'Okay…wait-what? Did he just? No way… I for sure heard that wrong' He nodded his head hoping it was done discreetly as he continued eating but stopped completely when his mother spoke next. "Eh? But Tsu-kun doesn't like art," Nana tilted her head to the side confused. "He was never good at it as a child or now"

'What…the…hell…?' Tsuna felt a slow prickling feeling ghost over him. 'Was this even possible? No…there's NO way. I'm just sleep deprived and messed up from the beatings I got from school. Right…' Tsuna knew he saw his hand fidgeting as he held the chopsticks to the plate. He couldn't explain why but he could see his eye-sight narrowing, his breathing was coming out more difficultly and-'frig, I think I'm sweating!' In actuality Tsuna looked perfectly fine aside from his tense from and his widening eyes. "Ohya? It's just that Tsunayoshi looked like the type of person who appreciates the saying 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', my mistake." Daemon's voice was low dancing with knowing amusement and drenched in a light teasing manner. His eyebrows were drawn together in an apologetic manner and lips were pulled into a playful frown, but his eyes were sparked with a dark gleam that if Tsuna were to look into those eyes he would see the almost begging shine of wanting Tsuna to expose him of what he was saying. Luckily for Tsuna and maybe disappointedly to Daemon, Tsuna was too dead to the outside world as he was screaming and hyperventilating in his mind. 'How the hell did he know that?' Tsuna could see his inner self going crazy inside. 'HOW DID HE KNOW THAT!'

Was all Tsuna could hear himself say. A million thoughts ran through Tsuna's mind so fast he couldn't figure out what they were. All he cared about was how Daemon knew that about him. There was literally NO reason for him to know. It wasn't that Tsuna liked art that he was concerned about; rather it was the exact quote he said. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' was so ultimately true to Tsuna it spoke to him in volumes. Although it spoke to HIM in volumes, he didn't speak to anyone about it. There was never a moment in his life did Tsuna ever say those words out loud, so he knew his mother would never know about, he knew damn well that no one in this hometown would know that about him, so how the hell did some new neighbour know that about him on the first day they moved here? Tsuna's mind was debating against itself, pulling out any memories that could have happen where someone found out…but…nothing. Absolutely nothing. Maybe it was a major coincidence? It was possible. The quote was famous, so anyone in the world could believe in that quote just like he had. Tsuna felt his self calming 15% down. It made logic sense that what he said could have been a major fluke. Yeah it was a fluke. Tsuna sighed, repeating the words 'fluke' calmly in his mind.

"Tsu-kun?" Tsuna looked up instantly to the source of the voice having forgotten where he was. He looked to his mother who was looking concerned at him. "U-Uh, h-hai, Kaa-san?" He said quietly. She stared at him briefly before smiling gently. "Daemon-san is asking you something." She directed her hand across from her and her son. Tsuna without thinking looked confused at what she was pointing to. He regretted his actions as he froze locked into trapping deep blue that pooled in aggressive hunger almost threatening him in amusement. Tsuna certainly didn't miss that knowing look of possession. He didn't like that look, it made him feel vulnerable and open like every secret he burrowed safe into his heart was so easily exposed. Tsuna had a nagging suspicion that whatever this man said before wasn't just a fluke.

For odd reasons unknown to him, Daemon seemed to know things about him that no stranger should know about. Damn it, even his own mother doesn't know about those things about him! Daemon not only knew things about him but he was CONSTANTLY staring at him! Tsuna chilled at the thought. How creepy can you get on first impressions? He sighed annoyed. He didn't have time to think of creepy new neighbours, he had to go to sleep so he could wake up early for school tomorrow, ironic how he says that but never wakes up on time. He pulled the covers over his head forcing his self to sleep which wasn't so hard when he was still tired from school.

It's a dark tunnel of vengeful blackness. Nothing could be seen for miles and miles. A lone figure walks hurdle into their own body as they continue walking into their demise. It's like a hung curtain of depression. Where ever this place was it was wreaked of angst and death. He's crying silent tears. How pitiful.


It's dark. So painfully dark. Dark.

'Keep walking'

It's cold. So freezing cold. Cold.

'Keep walking'

It's wet here. Dripping, sticking, trapping and burning wet. Wet.

'Keep walking'

Vision is narrowed so awkwardly shortened.

'Keep walking'

It's my body yet I feel so detached from it. Looking down my body, I feel dead. I can't see my feet but I know it's there I feel my feet dragging itself across the dirty, mucky floor.

'Keep walking'

They feel so heavy. It hurts.

'Keep walking'

I barely can make out my body clad in the blackness. It's cold and my body hurts.

'Keep walking'

My arms are tightened so harshly against me but no warmth is emitting. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.

'Keep walking'

I'm scared. So scared.

'Keep walking.'

I need to get out.

'Walk. Get out. Out. OUT! WALK!'

My head feels so heavy…why can I not lift my head?

'Keep walking'

Every time I lift it a weight pushes it back down and my heads lolls side to side.

'Keep walking'

So heavy. So painfully heavy.

'Keep walking'

My vision is darkening again.

'Keep walking'

I can't breathe anymore. It hurts.

'Walk. Walk. Walk. Faster. Faster. Don't Stop. Don't stop walking. Get out. Get out. Walk. Keep Walking. Don't stop. Don't turn. Walk straight. Don't look back. Walk. Keep walking'

How sad. He's too wrapped up on walking he doesn't even know where he's going. Nufufu. How beautifully sad. Come. Come closer. Come to me. The further he walks the darkness starts to fade into a faint dark grey. A brightening flame shoots at the end of the path, rushing towards the poor unfortunate soul. It's only a matter of time…

Argh…what was that? My eyes hurt. What was that…it was so white…light? Was it light?

'Keep walking'


Come closer. Come to me.

'I need to keep moving…I need to keep walking.'


You're mine! Something jumped out. No. Someone jumped out. White skin stretched wide from the mouth, red lips, and long sharp teeth. No face. No body. Only a mouth. A horrible screeching echoed in the darkness. My head was pushed all the way back, my neck was bare. It's coming. I can feel it. Come to me my love.


My love.

'It's here.'



"UH!" Tsuna gasped grabbing his neck protectively. He stayed like that wide eyed as he looked around his room. He refused to move his body. He peered over his bed. Nothing was out of place. He sighed in relief. 'I think I'm acting paranoid from that dream…' He closed his eyes willing himself to go back to sleep but never let his hands drop from his neck. Feeling uncomfortable and so deeply afraid, Tsuna curled into a ball, wrapping his blankets over his body and used his pillows to shield his head. He waited. 1…2…3…and nothing. He opened his eyes, lifting a small opening through his coverage. Nothing could be seen in the darkness but he knew something/someone wasn't inside. He closed the gap and shut his eyes. In a matter of seconds his eyes shot open. He couldn't go back to sleep not after having that screwed up nightmare!

Since Tsuna woke up so early and was too freaked out to go back to sleep he was surprisingly early for school. He stayed in bed in the same curled up position until his mother walked in to wake him. She was surprised he was already awake and was glad he was finally taking initiatives to waking up early by himself. Wearing his uniform and carrying his bag, Tsuna walked down the same path he always used for school. Despite the heart stopping dream, he was happy. He had finally had a full breakfast and not just bread. He found himself forgetting the nightmare as he chose to distract his mind with other things. He smiled with a sigh escaping his lips. It felt so nice walking to school instead of running. The cool wind wasn't whipping across his cheeks now rather they were brushing across his face so delicately. He closed his eyes for a moment but recalled the night mare and instantly reopened his eyes to see the same blue butterfly from yesterday. It was fluttering in front of him idly before flying upwards. He stood on the road watching it fly away briefly before continuing his walk to school. It was the perfect time to walk through the gate as the other early students piled through. It felt nice to not be afraid of being bitten to death by Hibari-san for being a second to a minute late for a chance.

Tsuna was so in his mind he didn't notice the other students who recognized him stop walking and stare at him flabbergasted; surprised by Tsuna's early appearance. Proud of being early, Tsuna waltz into class happy that he wouldn't get bitten to death by Hibari-san. Unfortunately, luck was never on his side. The moment he pulled his chair out a loud clatter was heard. Everyone that was already in the classroom turned around to face the direction of the sound and was stuck in fear. The door of the classroom was opened wide and a tall male teen stood menacingly at the wooden door frame. His black hair reaching to the nape of his neck rested delicately. His arms fitted through white dress selves rested stiffly folded across his empowering chest. His entire body from the black of his dress pants to the black of his head stood tall and intimidating, instilling fear to everyone who stood a 100 meter radius of him. Impressive, right? Hibari looked fearlessly inside the room striking terror into everyone he gazed past. His blue grey eyes locked onto rich chocolate ones. "Sawada Tsunayoshi."

Tsuna squeaked in fright and meekly replied. "H-Hai?" Tsuna was still standing, his hand resting on his chair and his bag lowered to the ground. Hibari stared at him up and down before relocking into his eyes. "Come follow me." He commanded before turning around swiftly and walking down the hall. Tsuna's face was twisted in a puzzled frown but quickly recovered as he followed out the door in which Hibari already left through not waiting.

Hibari strode gracefully further ahead of Tsuna. His black coat hovered gently in the air due to his powerful and consistent movements. Tsuna stumbled trying to catch up behind him as his mind searched for any reason as to why he was being personally escorted by Hibari-san himself to possibly the Disciplinary Committee office. He sighed as he gave up searching for the reason. He rested his eyes on the back of Hibari-san. His eyes analyzed how perfectly the taller teen's shoulder muscles moved, how singularly the fearful teen's black hair swished against his powdered pale skin, how tall the DC chairmen stood erected so powerfully not a single lack of strength was emitted. He couldn't help but think that Hibari-san has a beautiful structure and form. His back alone displayed his power and beauty. Tsuna felt envy but he didn't mind it as much as others. He preferred to admire rare beauty instead of envying in hatred.

Suddenly, Hibari stopped with a graceful halt and turned to slide the DC office door open. He walked inside not waiting to see if Tsuna has caught up, leaving the door opened. Tsuna walked up to the opened door and turned into it timidly. He stood shocked at the sight in front of him. Hibari-san was leaning against his metal desk facing Tsuna. His arms were folded across his chest; his legs were straight against the desk but overlapped from his knees. The bright blue sky from outside filled generously into the unlighted room, giving a soft glow around Hibari's dark black hair, powered light skin and firm body. Many reasons as to why Tsuna stopped in his tracks but not any of those were the cause, what froze him in spot were his eyes. His usual completely sadistically covered black eyes that never concealed their undying thirst for his victim's pain. No, these were different, completely different. They were softer, brighter and above all warmer. Those beautiful eyes at that very moment were directed to Tsuna exclusively and he didn't know why. Tsuna was so enticed by those beautiful shining black gems he hadn't realized that he walked unconsciously through the opened door and stopped in front of Hibari-san, until the man spoke, surprising him.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi." Tsuna blinked ridding him of his trapped phase and became the nervous wreck he is around any intimidating person, such is Hibari-san. Tsuna gripped his fingers around the cuff of his dress shirt as he shifted his eyes to the ground completely mortified and embarrassed that he practically stared at Hibari-san. "Uh…h-hai, H-Hibari-san?" Crap. He stuttered. Tsuna furrowed his brows in fear as he shut his eyes and knowing doom was to befall him. Hibari-san was going to hit him! He must have done something horrible without him knowing and he was going to get punished! In his fear, he looked past the fact he hadn't done anything wrong but felt like he needed the desperate answer to why he was in the DC office. In a weird way, fear does that to people.

Hibari merely looked at Tsunayoshi, deeply amused by his sudden change of emotions. First he was staring at him the entire time while they walked down the hall, then he was excreting a powerful aura as he stared at him walking towards him without as much as blinking, and now he was like an adorable quivering mess. Hibari was deeply intrigued. "You were early." Hibari stated, staring down at Tsunayoshi waiting for the young teen to respond.

Tsuna forgetting his embarrassment looked up at the towering prefect and answered with a unintelligent "H-Huh?" Hibari became a tad upset with the herbivore's answer or the lack of answer for that matter. "I do not repeat myself" Tsuna gulped. "Uh…Uh…um…yes, Hibari-san I was early…?"

"Hn..." Hibari continued to stare at Tsunayoshi as if waiting for the young brunet to continue speaking. Tsuna found it awkward that Hibari-san was watching him and found it weird that he was interested in him being early for once. "This is the first for you to be early, Herbivore…" Tsuna nodded and answered weakly. "Ahh, ye-yeah, it is."

"Hmm…is there a reason why you decided to be early for once?"

"Huh? No?"

"Do not lie to me, something happened that caused you to be early, something my efficient punishments couldn't seem to do for you, I'm interested." he smirked.

"Uhm, Hibari-san, it's nothing! Uhm…your…punishments…were very help…ful?"

Hibari continued looking at Tsunayoshi but this time Tsuna could see the dangerous prefect smirking amused at him. Tsuna found it weird that Hibari-san was even having idle talk with him when he knows Hibari-san hates crowding around including any form of idle talks as they promote crowding or so he says. "Uhm…Hibari-san?"


"Why did you call me here?" Hibari-san sighed and Tsuna couldn't help but think he looked rather disappointed that Tsuna had brought up the reason as to why he was here up but shrugged it off. Hibari reached behind his desk and took out a glass jar with a blue butterfly flying inside. Tsuna wide eyed exclaims. "It's the blue butterfly!" Hibari raised his eye brow delicately. "Tsunayoshi do not bring your pets to school." He extends his arm out to Tsuna pointing the glass jar to Tsuna. Tsuna looked at him wide eyed. "H-Hibari-san…this i-isn't mi-mine. I d-don't have a-a pet." Hibari-san looked at him with a smirk. "Oh? Not yours? Then I can bite it too death?" He eyed the blue butterfly with hate and malice. Tsuna stared at him in shock. "W-Wait, Hibari-san!" Hibari-san looked at him bored. "Hn?"

"Y-You can't bite the butterfly to d-death!" Tsuna walks over to Hibari-san and swiped the jar out of his hand. He marched over to the window, opened it, opened the jar and released the butterfly before reclosing the window with a stern shut. "If you don't like the butterfly you don't need to kill it but just release it back to the wild, Hiba-uhh…" Tsuna turned around slowly fear stricken at what he had just done. Hibari looked at him with amusement and annoyance. "Wao. An herbivore trying to act like an omnivore? I'll bite you too death." Hibari smirked wickedly his eyes gleaming with amusement. Tsuna held his hands up in fear. "N-No! I-I w-was ju-just! I-I'm so s-sorry! HIEE!" He ducked as Hibari struck with his tonfa to hit Tsuna in the head but missed. Irritated Hibari scowled. "I won't miss again." Unbeknownst to them a blue butterfly watches carefully from outside the corner of the window, beady deep blue eyes glinting.


Tsuna groaned as he limped home. School had ended some hours ago and Tsuna was struggling to walk home without falling or getting further beats from others. After the…punishment…from Hibari-san, Tsuna was sent directly to class without medical attention until after school. Why not at break? Because Hibari-san refused to let him leave until AFTER break, the up side to this was that one of Hibari-san's cronies hand fed him his lunch. It was weird. Although he got terrible beatings done by Hibari-san, he was treated fairly well in the DC office; they made him feel comfortable as far as getting him more cushions to rest upon. Still he was refused medical treatment as ordered by Hibari-san. Why? He never knew why. In the end of the day he treated his wounds to the best of his ability in the nurse's office before he went on his not-so-merry way home.

Tsuna had made it home just in time for dinner; his mother didn't take mind to his wounds as those were an everyday feat in Tsuna's life. During dinner Nana couldn't stop talking about Spade-san in which Tsuna awkwardly ignored. Tsuna walked up the stairs as Nana washed the dishes. He was drained and tired. Tsuna walked sluggish through the hall as he reached his bedroom door, opening with half his body pressed lazily against the wood. The lights were off, shadows over casting in the darkness of the room. He flipped the light switch upward and as the bright light flickered and walked inside, closing the door behind him with a shut. He collapsed on top of his bed relishing the feel of cool bed sheets and pillows pressed against his warm flesh. He lay there for a moment, not thinking about anything. He allowed his mind to sink deep into the lovely lulls of rest. He shifted his body and cringed disappointedly. 'Damn…I need to change.' He groaned annoyed as he lifted his body up with his arms before getting off the bed completely. He walked across the room and opened the closet, leafing through the pile of home clothes until he found his green-blue pajamas. He practically grabbed it out and threw it on top of his stacked clothes. He lifted his shirt, pulling it off his chest, over his head, and throwing it on the ground. He moved his hands to his pants, pulling down the zipper and letting the material loosen around his waist as it slowly slid down his hips.

Tsuna felt chills run down his body. Goose bumps spread across his skin. A feeling akin to the pressure of having a heavy weight press against him turned everything dark around him. His back felt hot like a magnetic compression was hurting it. He felt suffocated and so terribly frightened.

Someone was watching him.

He stood standing as he held his pants up his back facing the fearful realization that he was being peeked at. Tsuna was stuck with two decisions to choose and his mind threw them at him in a mile at a second.

Pretend nothing happened and pretend you suddenly had to go to the bathroom and leave.

Turn around.

Against his better judgment, he turned around; inch by inch. Tsuna hated this feeling and it was beginning to bring back horrible memories and feelings before this, memories being the nightmare and feelings of when he first opened the door to see his neighbour. He felt light headed and god damn nervous. Tsuna could literally feel the sweat bead down his forehead as his eyes were glued wide opened when the view of his window came into sight. Tsuna had a minor freak out when he turned fully around. His curtains were pulled completely apart revealing the dark night sky. Were they always opened? Weren't they closed? Didn't I close them in the morning? Don't I always close them? Did I open them before? Did mom open it? Tsuna pushed his minor heart attack down his throat as he settled his harbor breathing. He laughed nervously as a crooked smile found its way to his face. "God. I'm so paranoid."

He didn't know why he felt compelled to say that out loud but whatever the reason it seemed to calm his spirits down a little. He stood staring at the open view window for a moment before taking a hesitant step forward. He reached the window in no time and held the two curtains in each of his hands. He stared out into the dark street. His neightbour's house was right in front of him, an exact replica of his own house and noticed Spade-san hadn't put any curtains up yet. Tsuna continued to look at the window briefly, he couldn't see much inside it. He didn't know why but he was wary against the window opposite of his and feared in the back of his mind that someone or something was watching him. With that thought he pulled the curtains roughly together his hands turning into fists as he rested his head on top of them. He sighed. "What's wrong with me?" He turned back, walking to his closet and resumed changing. When suddenly…

It was cold. Freezing cold.

Tsuna whipped around wide eyed in shock as his window was completely open. The glass doors were swinging allowing the chilled wind to blow inside and his frighten brown eyes locked onto piercing blue gems from across the street. Tsuna ran. He bolted into his bathroom without a single peep. His pajamas were bunched into his arms as he shut the door behind him. He fell to the ground and hugged his knees, his clothes stuck in between his heat. His eyes were clenched shut, he bit his mouth sealed refusing to make any sound, and he gripped his head so tightly with his hands he was getting a headache. He wanted to cry. Tsuna was so terribly frightened he wanted to cry. He sat like that refusing to make a single movement, sound, or even thoughts. It wasn't real, it didn't happen. Tsuna refused to acknowledge it. It felt like hours had past but it was a mere minute that Tsuna reopened his eyes. He was in the bathroom and needed to change. With an unexpected drive, Tsuna put all his efforts into changing his clothes, brushing his teeth, washing his face, combing his hair, cleaning his eyes, and anything really; anything to help distract him. Ignoring what happened before; Tsuna opened his bathroom door and walked into his bedroom. He was surprised and mildly shocked to find the windows and curtains were closed just like it had been this morning. 'Was I hallucinating? I must be seriously tired then…'

Seemingly satisfied with that thought but still wary, Tsuna flipped the lights off and dived into the safety of his bed. Just because he was hallucinating doesn't mean he can't be a little guarded…It took a while before Tsuna got comfortable enough to fall into a deep submission of sleep. He unconsciously tugged his blankets closer to his body as he flipped around to face his window above his desk. He breathed in lightly completely unaware of a blue butterfly sitting on his desk table watching him with its deep beady blue gems.

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