A/N: This originally started off as a submit post on tumblr, then tirned into a One-shot, and now I'm wondering if I should continue it…

Dedicated to: Emullz who I suppose is awaiting the story…

The screeching of her alarm woke her as she fell off her bed, 'Ow', she thought rubbing her head and slowly standing up. She glanced at the still screeching alarm clock, "Oh shut up!" She yelled. Great, she was going to be late.

It would be her first official date with Lucius Malfoy. Quickly, she grabbed her green blouse, bell-bottom jeans, simple black flats, and all but threw them on. Grabbing her bag, Narcissa Black ran out the fourth year Slytherin dormitory, rushed down the stairs, and out of the common room. Narcissa, sometimes called Cissy by her close friends and family, is usually calm, and, at least attempts, to be nice to the younger students. "MOVE!" she yelled shoving giddy 2nd years out of the way. But, she really likes Lucius. She doesn't want to mess this date up.

Finally, she spots Lucius waiting for her by the carriages that lead to Hogsmead.

"Hullo.", he calls walking up to meet her.

"Hullo." Narcissa replies nervous for the day ahead of her.

"Well," Lucius says a little weirdly, which makes Narcissa nervous, "Let's get going then." She nods and they continue walking, eventually reaching the carriages and hoping in one. There is no one else in the carriage, but it is not surprising, for it is a cold November day where rain is expected. They sit in silence for a while, across from each other, until finally Narcissa finds the courage to speak.

"I was really happy you asked me to come to Hogsmead with you today…" she said shyly, "It should be fun."

"Ya, I'm happy you said yes. So, where do you want to go first?" Lucius said awkwardly. Narcissa had never been on adate before, let alone with someone she really liked.

"We could go to The Three Broomsticks… That good with you?" She replied, hiding her nervousness.

"Sure, that's fine with me." He said. More silence followed his reply and Narcissa began to worry that he didn't really like her, that maybe her sister, Bellatrix (aka Bella), had tricked him into asking her as a prank to get back at her, for accidently spilling pumpkin juice on her favorite black V-neck shirt.

Just then they arrived at Hogsmead, the streets calm and filled only with people who lived there and a handful of Hogwarts students, brave enough to risk the chance of rain. Lucius helped her out of the carriage and he held her hand as they walked to The Three Broomsticks. This gave her butterflies in her stomach, and being the fourteen year old girl that she is, she didn't quite know what to do with herself. She wrapped her fingers around his. She looked up and smiled at him, and he smiled back.

Finally they reached The Three Broomsticks. Lucius and her got two warm Butterbeer's, and found a booth to sit in. There was an uncomfortable silence in the air that was eventually broken by Lucius.

"So, how do you like fourth year? It's a lot of work isn't it?" He said struggling to make a conversation.

"Ya, it is a lot of work. But we'll work through it." Noticing that she said "we'll", she quickly corrected herself, "Ya know, us forth years I mean…"

"Sooo," Lucius said, prolonging the word as if in search for something to talk about. His head snapped to the side, and Narcissa did the same, wondering what he was looking at. It took her a second to register it, but the noticed her two sisters coming out of the bathroom, and walking towards her and Lucius. "Are those your sisters?" He asked.

"Yep, I wonder what they want." She replied hoping he wouldn't hear the panic or worry in her voice.

"CISSY!" Bellatrix yelled running up to give her little sister a hug, "Crazy running into you here right!"

Andromeda rolled her eyes and snorted. Bella shot her a look. "I have to get back to Ted, talk to you later Bella. Cissy." Andromeda said and walked away.

"Oh Cissy," Bella said sighing, "I don't like how she's hanging out with that filthy mud-blood all the time. She shouldn't associate with them… Don't ya think?"

"Well, I –erm- guess so…" Cissy replied unsure of exactly what she was actually supposed to say.

"Are you talking about Ted Tonks?" Lucius asked joining into the conversation, the girls nodded, "I've heard about him. He's a mud-blood Hufflepuff, and your sister is talking to him!"

"Yes! I can't believe she would even be near him! And it's not only talking from what I've heard!" Bella whispered the last part. There were questioning looks thrown from the two fourth years as they listened to the seventh year gossip. "From what I've heard, our darling sister is dating the filthy bloke!" Narcissa gasped.

"Really!" She said genuinlly shocked.

"Mhm." Bella nodded. "Well, I must be off Cissy. HAVE FUN!" She screamed the last part as she trotted out of the exit.

"I didn't know Andromeda was your sister?" Lucius asked, taking a sip of his Butterbeer.

"Ya, she's in her 6th year." She answered, finishing off her own Butterbeer, and wiping off her mouth like the lady that she was raised to be.

"That's cool."

"Well, looks like my cup is empty." She said casually, "Shall we go then?"

"Sure." He responded, finishing off the last of his own Butterbeer.

As they stepped out of the pub. It began to rain, and they didn't rush to get out of it. Personally, Narcissa liked the rain. She liked how the cool droplets of water splashed on her face and cheeks. It began to rain harder and the two teenagers began running back to where the carriages were loading the handful of students who had gone to Hogsmead.

"All of the carriages are-"

"Gone." Narcissa finished his sentence.

"Let's walk back; it shouldn't take that long… Right?" He wondered. And with that last statement they began running through the rain back to the castle. Halfway to the castle they both slipped in the mud and began laughing like fools. They threw mud at each other and slipped trying to stand back up. Once they had finally stood up and stepped out of the mud, they were drenched in water and covered in mud. They looked at each other and smiled. Lucius had a charming smile. The reason Narcissa liked him in the first was place was because of the way his pale grey eyes looked when he smiled. They were beautiful…

Once they were back in the castle they walked down to the Slytherin Common Room, and parted ways…