Lucius POV

What is going on? Why was Acacia yelling at Jack? I feel like I should go and talk to Narcissa, but I've only been on one date with her… Is that 'okay' to do. Would it be weird if I did go talk to her?

"Acacia!" I yell running after her.

"I said the matter was on a need to know basis, Lucius!" She snaps, turning back to me halfway up the stairs.

"I know….but… If she… ya know… ever needs someone to…" I cut myself off, and take a deep breath, "What I guess, I'm trying to say is that, I'm going to be spending some time at the lake today, so if you could tell Narcissa that I'll be there, and if she wants to come down and hang out… Well, just tell her I'll be there, okay?" I say. I sound like such a coward. You are not a coward Lucius. You are 14, you will act confident. I hear my father's voice scold me in my head. Oh, how I miss you father, I think.

"Hmm, okay, ya sure I'll tell her." Acacia says looking off into the distance. She looks at me and notices I'm still standing there, "I said I'll tell her. Bye now." Acacia runs up the remainder of the stairs, and leaves me standing there.

Well I guess I should go to the lake like I said I would.

I seat myself under a tree by the lake. There aren't many people around since it is still fairly cold outside.

I hope Narcissa does come to meet me here. I want to know what's wrong, because, now this may not sound very manly of me at all, but I care when people are upset. Especially people I care about.

I know it was only one date; it wasn't even a very long date. We barely even talked, but I feel like I know her well. I care about her. I think…

"Hullo." I hear someone say in a small voice. I turn around, and there she is. Her eyes bloodshot and her blond hair messed up.

"Hullo." I reply awkwardly. Should I invite her to sit…? Or is that weird?

"Can I sit?" Narcissa asks biting her lip.

"Sure." She walks over and sits down next to me, "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Narcissa replies looking at the ground. I watch as a tear falls off her face. What am I supposed to do? I have no clue how to deal with girls and there issues. I wish I understood…

"Are you sure you're okay?"

She sighs and looks up at me, her face streaked with tears, "No, I guess I'm not okay."

"What happened?" I ask her, and then she tells me. She tells me about her mom and the letter. She tells me how worried she is about replying to it. About her sisters reaction's to it. She tells me how worried she is about her mom being mad at Andromeda, because of Ted.

While she talked, all I could do was listen. I don't exactly know how to comfort a girl. Was I supposed to hug her? Tell her it would all be okay? I wish I had a clue.

"What do I do?" Narcissa asked with tears falling down her face.

"You could…erm… try telling your mom how you feel… I guess?" I reply. It seems like something girls would do… Talk about their feelings, I mean.

"NO! That won't work!" She yells, "She never listens to me! She doesn't even care about me!"

I swallow down my surprise at her yelling and put on a determined face. "Of course she cares about you. She's your mom. She loves you."

"No she doesn't!" Narcissa screams, "She doesn't even love me! She hates me! She would do anything to get rid of me! She doesn't care about Andromeda, or me! She only cares about stupid Bella! It's all about Bella! 'Narcissa, go get Bella new shoes, go fetch her coat for her, go make her super' I always have to do things for her. It's all about h—" She didn't get to finish her statement. She started sobbing instead.

I don't really know how to relate to her situation, one because I'm an only child, and two because I'm a guy. But now, I think I know exactly how to comfort her.

"It'll all be okay." I whisper as I inch my way closer to where she sits and wrap my arms around her. I hope she doesn't freak out, but I think this is what I'm supposed to do… I think.

Okay. She hasn't yelled at me yet. But she's still crying. I feel like I should apologize.

When we were at Hogsmead, early today, I agreed with Bellatrix about Andromeda. I thought agreeing with Narcissa's sister would make Narcissa like me more. I didn't really think that Ted was that bad. I don't even really know him. And now that I know Narcissa is worried about her mom being mad at Andromeda, I feel bad for agreeing with Bellatrix. Somehow, I know this wouldn't be a good time to bring that up though…

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