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Captain America, having overcome the shades of his WWII comrades in Nifelheim,
now stood before the mistress of that dark realm, the beautiful yet imposing
goddess Hela. "You are in Nifelheim, Steve Rogers," the green-clad goddess
purred. "There is no escape!"
He glanced over at the enormous Hell-hound Garm crouched at her feet, then
raised his chin resolutely. "Well then, lady," the ageless soldier stated,
"We're in for a long night!"
In response, Hela's eyes narrowed dangerously.

Prior to the final battle against Loki, the gathered Avengers, including Wasp,
Ant Man, and Iron Man were congregated with their otherworldly allies upon the
Bifrost Bridge. There Tony Stark revealed his trump card to help them triumph
against the all-powerful Trickster God: his inexplicable association with the
Sorceress Supreme, Vanessa Masters.
However, in addition to a healthy interest in organizing superhero teams, it
turned out the magical maven and Tony shared one other hobby: social drinking.

Miss Masters took a long swallow from a martini glass then peered with glazed
eyes and glowing features at the army around her. "So, Anthony, what are
you..." She hiccupped, in doing so causing what looked to be a giant two-headed
orange cougar with wings to appear out of nowhere. Henry and Janet exchanged
uneasy glances. The composite beast went flapping off. Vanessa watched it go
with a certain measure of detachment, then turned a great big smile back on
them. "What are you doing here? Thought you hated magic."

"Never mind that, Vanessa," Tony waved a hand irritably. "We're about to go up
against basically an entire pantheon of evil monsters and the omnipotent
maniac leading them. To do that we need your help! I can't stress the utmost
peril and seriousness of this venture to you!"

At that moment a glowing portal opened up near them. The Avengers tensed in
preparation for battle, but were shocked when out stepped Captain America. He
had his shirt off, his chest oiled, and one arm draped around the shoulders of
a blushing Hela.

Vanessa Masters raised her drink in tipsy greeting. "Hey, H!"

"Good day, V," Hela dipped her head politely.

"Hello, everyone." Cap greeted them cheerfully. While the Avengers stared he
then took the death goddess in his arms and the two of them shared a
smoldering kiss that left Wasp and Ant Man smiling and Tony gaping in absolute
disbelief. When they broke off he brushed a finger beneath her chin and said,
"Wish me luck, gorgeous."

Hela traced a finger over his gleaming pectorals. "I hope you die," she sighed
in a manner eerily reminiscent of a lovesick schoolgirl.

She gave him a last
longing look before stepping back through the portal. Cap then turned and
grinned at them all. "Lovely girl," he affirmed.

Masters cocked her head with a smile. "Figures a guy who was dead for fifty
years would rock her socks. She always did have weird tastes."

At this point Tony seemed to regain his senses. "W... WAIT A MINUTE!" he
exclaimed furiously. "You're telling me while we were dodging giant wolves,
vicious frost giants and boiling lava, you were getting your rocks off with
the hot nightmare babe in spandex?"

Wasp giggled and hugged Hank. "Well, I think it's sweet."

Stark was sputtering and shaking. "But... BUT WE ALMOST DIED! Me in
particular, there... there was a troll, a big ugly troll, and he was wailing
on me like a chimp with a melon, and... and I pried my chest-plate off with a
knife... white light... heart condition... floating over my body and

Cap simply shrugged. "I told you the old ways worked the best. What, you think
I just punched my way through every problem?"

Vanessa Masters looked around and gave a satisfied nod. "Well, I don't think
you folks need my help. Later, peeps!" With that she disappeared in a flash of
purple light.

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