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1. Misery Business - Paramore

2. Lying - Amy Meredith (Awesomest song ever! xD)

3. Good Life - OneRepublic

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"Whoa, I never meant to break, but I got him where I want him now. Whoa, I never meant to break, but, I got him where I want him now. Whoa, it was never my intention to brag, to steal it all away from you now. But god does it feel so good, 'cause I got him where I want him now. And if you could then you know you would.

'Cause god it just feels so… it just feels so good!" Lucy finished singing and stood there, in front of the small crowd, swaying her hips until the boys finished the last bit of the song.

The bar went wild as soon as the song ended. Loke gave all the girls a seductive smile while he walked off stage to pack up his bass guitar – it was the last song of the night. Natsu started packing away the drum kit while flashing the crowd a cocky grin. Gray looked around the room, searching for his girlfriend before he started packing up his electric guitar with a disappointed look when he didn't find her. "Well, I hope you guys enjoyed that! Sadly, it was our last song for tonight. We look forward to seeing you next time. Enjoy the rest of your night!" Lucy said through the mic with a bright smile before turning around and helping the others with the equipment.

While putting the equipment into their van – black with random colourful designs – Lucy noticed Gray's disappointed and annoyed look. "What's up with you, good looking?" Lucy asked casually while closing the vans sliding door. "Nothing…" Gray trailed off as he headed back inside the pub – Fairy Tail. "Oh really… How about we cut the bullshit Gray? I've known you since you started that weird stripping habit of yours, I know when something's up." Lucy stated with a solemn face, her eyes flashed with determination.

"She's not here! I mean I saw her at the beginning of the night, so why isn't she here now? It's our one year anniversary as well!" Gray said furiously and Lucy just nodded her head; she had seen Erza that night and knew of their anniversary. "Maybe she had something urgent to do…although I doubt it." Lucy said the last bit quietly, although Gray heard it and let out a frustrated sigh. "We could go look for her, she might still be inside. Would that help Mr. Grumpy Pants?" Lucy asked after hearing the sigh. Gray just nodded and walked back inside, Lucy following.

When they got inside they spotted Natsu and Loke in the backstage area – no one else was around. "Hey Luce, Loke and I are gonna head back to the apartment, wanna lift?" Natsu asked as he laced his hand with his boyfriends. Yes, they were indeed gay, although hardly anyone knew because they wanted it to be a secret for now, due to this Loke puts on a flirtatious-playboy façade. "Ah, no, I'm good. I was thinking about walking back or catching the bus. I wanna stay for some more drinks, plus I need to help Gray with his 'treasure hunt'." Lucy said quickly and the two walked away – hand in hand – after saying their farewells.

"The real reason you don't wanna go is…?" Gray questioned at the look of Lucy's 'Phew!' face. "Well, it was pretty obvious that they wanted to go home to hump like rabbits, and if they are in that mood then when they're driving they're gonna be sucking face. And I'd prefer not losing my life because Natsu can't keep his eyes on the road." Lucy said while exiting backstage to go look for Gray's 'missing' girlfriend. "Good point… So, I'll meet you back at the bar in 10, we'll split up to search." Gray said while heading to the left while Lucy went to the right.

Ten minutes passed and they met up at the bar. "I couldn't find her, what about you?" Gray asked while sitting down on a barstool. "That'd be a negative, captain." Lucy replied before sitting down and waving her hand to gain the attention of the barmaid. "Hey Mira, could we get two Blue Long Island's." Lucy said with a bright smile and Mirajane nodded with a smile of her own before going off to make the drinks.

"Is this really a good time to be drinking?" Gray questioned Lucy with an annoyed look. "Yes, because one, you need it. Two, I need it. Three, it's only one. Four, you can either enjoy it or I'll drink it for you. And finally, five… it's um, yum." Lucy replied, raising one finger to indicate how many reasons why they should be drinking. Gray let out a chuckle, "Fine, but as soon as we've had one we are going to continue searching."

They received their drinks and slowly consumed them. "I wonder where she is… Have you tried calling her?" Lucy asked before slapping herself in the head for asking such a stupid question; Of course he's tried ringing her! If you're looking for someone you'd obviously call them first. Idiot!

She looked over to Gray, only to find an extremely stupid look on his face. His face had brightened, like a light bulb had just been turned on 'upstairs' and he held a finger up in the air like he just discovered something. "You haven't called her have you? Are you an idiot! That should have been the first thing you did!" Lucy screeched; The stupid oaf is wasting my time! Gray just smile sheepishly before taking his phone out and dialling Erza's number.

"Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Ring, ring. The person's phone you have called is either busy or disconnected. Please try again la-."

"And that brings us back to square one!" Gray says while putting his phone away. "Hmm. You know she could just be waiting at your apartment. It being your anniversary and all…" Lucy said, once more stating the somewhat obvious. "Well than! Wanna go? I have to walk back and you have nothing better to do. Plus our apartments are in the same direction." Gray stated while heading for the bars entrance/exit. "Same direction? They're in the same building, idiot! And I do have better things to do. I live with Natsu and Loke, remember? If I go home now, I'll be walking in on something very, very unpleasant. So yes, I do have something better to do."

"Right… That 'something better' being what exactly?" Gray questioned with a raised brow. "Drinking." Lucy replied with a straight face. "You're an alcoholic." Gray said with an equally straight face. "Am not!" Lucy screeched at him.

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Ar- Look would you just accompany me in walking home? It would be boring walking alone!" Gray said, stopping the childish game of 'am not/are too'. "Argh! You know what? Fine! I'll walk you home, want me to change your diaper while I'm at it?" Lucy bellowed while walking out into the crisp night.

They walked a couple of blocks before stumbling upon a familiar red BMW. "Hey… Isn't that Erza's car? Why's it parked in front of a love hotel?" Lucy questioned looking at the hotel before them. "Yeah, that's Erza's car and what it's doing at a love hotel is something I'd love to know." Gray said, his eyes staring hard at the entrance of the hotel. He caught a glimpse of bright red hair, Erza. "Quick! Hide! She's coming!" Gray whispered fiercely while dragging Lucy into the alleyway between the love hotel and the store next to it.

Erza exited the hotel with a blue haired man. "Wow…that was as great as ever, Jellal." Erza sighed dreamily. "Same time tomorrow?" Jellal asked as he kissed her cheek. "Sadly, I'm busy tomorrow. I have to hang with that man I told you about. How about the day after?" Erza replied with a wink. "Perfect." Jellal purred as he pulled her into a deep kiss.

"Oh! That bitc-" Lucy was cut off when Gray's hand was placed over her mouth. "Shut it! We're meant to be undercover!" Gray whispered into her ear and then released her. "How can you act like that? Your girlfriend is cheating on you, that slut! How can you act so damn calm?" Lucy whispered back before turning around to face him. As she did she saw a lone tear slide down his lightly tanned cheek, his eyes filled with hurt and his lips pulled into a frown. "Oh shit…" Lucy cursed before pulling him into a hug. It's not every day that Gray Fullbuster cries – he'd have to be really heartbroken. "Idiot… you don't have to always act so strong." Lucy mumbled as Grays tears started soaking her shirt. I can't believe she did this to Gray. If only Gray had been with me… Whoa! I thought I was over this already! The feelings aren't mutual Lucy! Get over him. You're best friends! Fuck my life…

Gray stopped crying and they separated. "Thanks… Looks like she's gone now." He mumbled as he looks over Lucy's shoulder. "Figures, you were crying like a baby for awhile." Lucy teases, trying to lighten the mood and she did, Gray had managed a small smile. "What am I going to do now?" He asks her, she always knew what to do. "Well you're gonna break up with her right? I suggest you do it as soon as possible, but not tonight. You're too tired and emotional." Lucy replied, walking out of the alleyway; it stunk. "Well, than when should I? How should I do it? She's gonna be at the apartment – we share it remember." He says while following her down the block.

"You can stay with me – and Natsu and Loke – and leave the when and how to me. I've got a great plan." Lucy replied with a smirk and continued walking home.

"No. I refuse. That plan sucks. I'm not singing." Gray says to Lucy. They were currently in her bedroom, with the music blaring to drone out the banging and moaning from next door, talking about Lucy's plan. "Oh come on! It is a perfect plan. You have an amazing voice, plus it would embarrass the hell out of her. I also get the benefit of hearing you sing, and I'll be there the whole time. Man up! This is a win-win situation." Lucy said while crossing her arms over her chest, a stern look in her eyes. There was no getting out of this situation.

"Fine! But you have to call Erza and make sure she's there, also tell her why I'm not gonna be home tonight." Gray stated, handing her his phone. "Fine…" Lucy turned the music down and began banging the wall between the two bedrooms. "Shut up in there! I need to make a phone call! I don't want to hear your bloody moans and groans! And if I do, so help me god, I'll come in there with a pair of scissors and chop off those lovely sex organs of yours!" No sound was heard from next door. Good.

'Ring, ring. Ring, ring. Hello?'

"Oh hey, Erza. It's Lucy."

'Oh good evening, why are you calling from Gray's phone?'

"Well, Gray is currently knocked out at my place. He got really drunk at the bar and I was forced to take him home. Hope you don't mind."

'Don't you live, like, next door?'

"Huh? No, that would be Natsu and Loke."

'Oh I see. That's fine than. Was there anything else?'

Ha-ha! The dumb bitch believed me. "Yes actually. I was informed by Gray to tell you to come to the bar tomorrow night; for a special performance for your anniversary with him."

'Well that should be fine. I'll see you tomorrow night, I look forward to it.'

"I do too… Well, see you." Lucy hung up the phone. "Mwahaha! This plan shall be a success!" She handed the phone back to Gray and banged on the wall again. "You guys can continue humping like rabbits now! Also we'll be doing a special performance tomorrow night! Gray will be singing! I'll tell you about it in the morning! Night!"

"So what now?" Gray asked as Lucy sat beside him on her bed. "Sleep." Lucy stated, she hopped off the bed and walked towards her drawers. Pulling out her nightgown, she began to strip till she was down to her underwear. She looked towards Gray to tell him to change into some of his clothes that were stashed here, but was met with a red faced Gray. Teasing opportunity. "What? Like what you see?" Lucy teased the blushing Gray. She pulled the nightgown over her head but stopped when she heard a faint 'yes', she quickly yanked her nightgown down and turned around to hide her red face. She rummaged through her drawers and found some of Grays clothes, turning back around she threw them at his face with a quick 'get changed', then jumped under the covers of her bed.

After awhile she felt movement beside her and turned to see Gray; right… we have to share a bed. Great. "Good night." She said quietly, slowly closing her eyes. "Night." Was Gray's reply as he snuggled closer and placed a quick kiss on her cheek. Sleep took them.

It was currently 6:30pm and the group were at Fairy Tail getting ready to perform. The day went like a breeze; they woke up late, ate breakfast and got changed, informed Natsu and Loke of the plan and then practised the song for the rest of the day till it was time to head to the bar. "I can't believe I have to sing! I don't sing! Are you sure you can even play electric, Luce?" Gray asked while fiddling with the mic in his hands. "God would you stop complaining! You'll be fine, I've heard you sing, and you're great. Plus you're the one who taught me how to play and you heard me practicing all day. Stop chickening out!" Lucy replied while slinging an electric guitar over her shoulder.

"She's here." Natsu said while withdrawing his head from outside of the stages curtain and sitting behind the drum kit. "You guy's ready?" Loke asked, getting into position with his bass resting on his hip. 'Yeah!' was synchronized reply. The curtain was pulled aside to reveal the entertainment for tonight. Lucy was standing to the left, hip jutted out and guitar in a 'ready' position. Loke was to the right, a seductive smile on his face and his bass was now in a position to be played. Natsu was at the back, sitting behind the drum kit with a wide grin, drum sticks rested in his hands. Finally, Gray was standing at the front, one had gripping the mic and his eyes were rested on the redhead beauty near the front of the stage.

"Hey guys. I know we weren't suppose to be playing for you tonight and that Luce is usually the one singing but tonight is a very special night. So without further ado, this next song is dedicated to Erza Scarlet, the redheaded beauty down the front."

Lucy, Natsu and Loke started playing, the music sounded throughout the bar silencing everyone. Gray brought the mic to his lips and let his voice out. "I woke up again last night; you smell of him, do we need to call the doctor. I don't know where you've been, was it worth it, was it worth it." Erza's eyes widened and her face started turning red with embarrassment; he found out.

"Sit tight, this might, be the first time that I caught you out. You got to think twice, this might, be the last time that I call you by your name." Erza looked towards the other members of the band and they all mouthed the word 'slut'. So that's my new name.

"I know your lying to me, 'cause your palms start to sweat and your knees are getting heavy. Eyes closed, you're lying to me when your heart starts to race, and your feet are getting ready." Erza's body wasn't functioning properly; her palms started to sweat, she felt like she would collapse. She closed her eyes to calm herself down but her heart was racing far too much; she needed to get out of there.

"You're fumblin' for the phone on the wall, there's nobody left to call, 'cause there's no one out there. It's hard to believe that no one can see the writing on the wall." All eyes in the pub were on her, they knew what was up.

"I woke up again last night, let the party begin and we'll live happily ever after. I'm making you wait outside, 'cause I'm worth it, yeah I'm worth it. Dressed to impress now, looking your best and you wanna get away from me. But you're obsessed with the sex girl, should I confess that you never got the best from me." Gray gave her a wink; it was true, he didn't put much into 'the sex'. Some people around the bar let out a laugh and the poor girl was growing redder by the second; with embarrassment and a bit of anger.

"I know your lying to me, 'cause your palms start to sweat and your knees are getting heavy. Eyes closed, you're lying to me when your heart starts to race and your feet are getting ready." She needed to get her body to function properly, she wasn't about to give him the satisfaction of seeing her like this.

"You're fumblin' for the phone on the wall, there's nobody left to call, there's no one out there. It's hard to believe that no one can see that writing on the wall.

Don't stop now we're ready to go, we're at the best part of the show. Turn the lights out, it's over. The nights just about to explode!" The music stopped and some people started clapping thinking it was over; boy were they shocked when the music started again, even louder.

"I know your lying to me, 'cause your palms start to sweat and your knees are getting heavy. Eyes closed, you're lying to me when your heart starts to race and your feet are getting ready.

You're fumblin' for the phone on the wall, there's nobody left to call, there's no one out there. It's hard to believe that no one could see the writing on the wall." Erza looked like she was about to burst; not only does he know I was cheating on him, but now everyone else does as well!

"Don't stop now, don't stop now. Turn the lights out, it's over. The nights just about to explode!" Everyone cheered as they ended the song, well everyone except for one every embarrassed, Erza Scarlet.

"Thank you. Now Erza, baby, it's over. So you might want to get your ass into action, 'cause I expect all your shit to be out of my apartment by the time I get home." Gray said while smiling brightly; that felt awesome! "Hurry along, sweetie." Lucy voiced through the mic near her, an innocent yet cheeky smile on her face. Erza got up and ran out of the bar, some people calling out 'whore' or 'slut' as she left.

"Now that that's over, on with the show!" Gray exclaimed through the mic, signalling the others to start the music. "Woke up in London yesterday, found myself in a city near Piccadilly. Don't really know how I got here, I got some pictures on my phone. New names and numbers that I don't know, address to places like Abbey Road. Day turns to night, night turns to whatever we want. We're young enough to say…" Gray smiled brightly as he sang, the smile was infectious because soon almost everyone throughout the bar was smiling and enjoying the music.

"Oh, this has gotta be a good life. This has gotta be a good life. This could really be a good life, good life. I say, "Oh, got this feeling that you can't fight", like this city is on fire tonight. This could really be a good life, a good, good life."

It's now a few hours after their performance and the talented group of people were still hanging at Fairy Tail. Gray and Lucy were currently at the bar waiting for their drinks while Natsu and Loke were waiting at a table for them. Gray let out a sigh, causing Lucy to look at him with a 'What's up' look. "Nothing, it's just now that she's gone, I'll have the place all to myself. It's gonna be lonely, plus I'll have to pay all of the rent! Argh, I shouldn't have moved out of Natsu's, Loke's and your apartment." Gray said dramatically. Lucy raised an eyebrow; that didn't sound all that bad; at least he didn't have to hear the two fucking every night!

Gray's face lit up as he came up with an idea. "How about you move in with me!" Gray exclaimed, causing Lucy to choke on her spit. "I mean you wouldn't have to listen to those two butt-fucking and then they could have some privacy. Plus you get to live with the awesome, sexy, Gray Fullbuster! Great idea, right?" Gray continued, looking at Lucy hopefully. She contemplated the idea, he had some good points. "Alright, fine. But I swear if you peek at me while I'm naked or anything like that, I'll come at you with scissors." Lucy finally said; a threatening look in her eyes. "Alright, alright. I promise." Gray said with his fingers crossed behind his back, hey he was a guy for god sake.

I wonder what will come from living with Gray… Maybe our relationship will grow, now that he's single again… though I shouldn't get my hopes up.

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