I Love Bad Boys

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Pairing: Jellal x Lucy

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Students stood off to the side and stared as the Princess of the school strode down the hall. Blonde hair flowing gracefully, hazel eyes bright and happy, hips swaying side to side, chest bounding and smile blinding. The Princess was talking animatedly to her best friends; Gray, Natsu, Loke and Erza.

A blue-haired teenage boy – Jellal Fernandes – watched from his locker. It wasn't like he was an outcast; he could be up there walking with them if he wished. They were all quite good friends, and he even dated Erza once upon a time. But he stayed by his locker and admired the blonde beauty like the rest of the student body.

The reason he stayed there? Well it was because he was afraid of making the wrong impression on his crush – Lucy Heartfilia, the Princess of the school, the beauty walking before him.

Jellal sat in his seat, staring at the blonde a few seats before him and completely ignoring the babbling teacher. He let out a tired sigh, why wouldn't she notice him as more than a friend? He was the perfect gentleman, speaking kindly and with manners, bowing slightly when greeting her, allowing her inside rooms before him. What kind of girl doesn't like being treated like a lady? He had many fan girls, but sadly, she didn't seem to give a damn.

The schools bell rang and Jellal decided to finally tune in, just in case there was a test coming up he didn't know about. "And that ends our Friday lesson everyone! I hope you have a lovely weekend and make sure you study hard for your exam next Tuesday!" The bubbly teacher, Miss McGarden, exclaimed while packing up her equipment. Everyone started filing out of the room.

Jellal let out another long sigh; another exam, really?

"Stop sighing like an old man, the ladies don't like it." Loke's voice brought Jellal out of his despair. Brown eyes left his desk and travelled to the three males before him. "Loke, Natsu and Gray… What can I do for you?" Jellal asked with a forced smile, not really in the mood for acting like a gentleman.

"You know, if you want her, you're gonna have to stop with that 'perfect gentleman' crap." Gray stated with a bored look, taking a seat in the desk before him. "What are you talking about?" Jellal asked while tilting his head, his smile faltering a tad. Natsu let out an uninterested sigh, grabbing the blue-haired males' attention.

"Cut the crap, even I understand what Gray is implying and I practically flunk every class. Someone who only gets the highest grades should be able to comprehend." The pinkette said and Jellal's eyes slightly widened at his choice in vocabulary. The pink-haired teen continued explaining. "We're talking about Lucy. It's quite obvious you have a crush on her and if you want her, you're gonna have to stop being such a gentleman."

Jellal raised a blue brow. "Why? How could I be affecting her opinion of me by acting pleasant?" Loke face-palmed before thinking of what to say. "Look, Lucy was raised in a high-class area where everyone was pleasant. Her whole life, everyone has been pleasant towards her and she in return acted pleasant towards them. She doesn't want any more pleasant! She desires your typical 'bad boy' and that is why, if you want a chance with Lucy, you are going to have to cut the gentleman crap out. Comprende, idiota?"

Jellal twitched, was Loke mocking his Spanish heritage? ", lo entiendo." He spat with irritation. The three boys looked at him in confusion. "Whoa, calm down there. I'm not some Spanish-wiz, mind speaking English for us?" Loke said with a smirk knowing it would irritate the boy before him.

"If you don't know Spanish then don't speak it in the first place, idiota. I said, 'yes, I understand'. But regardless, what am I going to do? I don't exactly know how to act like a 'bad boy'; it wasn't how I was brought up to act." Jellal spoke in frustration, running a hand through his spiky blue hair.

The three boys smirked with determination in their eyes. "We'll teach you then. We've got till 6:30 tonight to turn you into a badass. 'Cause at 7, you're going to a party and you're going to show Lucy just how bad you can be." Natsu said while rising from his chair.

"Why are you three doing this?" Jellal asked, suddenly suspicious. Gray looked at him hard in the eyes before a smile – not a smirk – subsided on his lips. "Because you'd be good for Lucy. We trust you not to hurt her, we know from your personality that you never would. Now stop with the questions and let's go."

"Go where, we should be heading to our next class. We are already going to be late." Jellal stated while packing up his equipment. "Haha! We're going to skip of course! I mean, that's what a 'bad boy' would do anyhow." Natsu teased Jellal, firing up for their new challenge; turning a gentleman into a bad boy.

Jellal just sighed before mumbling a 'whatever' and following the three out. "Let's go shopping~!" Natsu cheered – in a rather feminine way – and received a punch in the face from Gray.

"Are you guys sure?" Jellal said uncertainly as the four boys stood before a piercing shop. "Oh come on! You have a tattoo but you won't get a piercing?" Gray complained after arguing with the blue-haired man for ten minutes.

"But what if I turn out like Gajeel?" Jellal screeched as he thought of the multi-pierced man. Natsu let out a booming laugh. "Don't worry; you won't turn out a hideous as him!" Natsu stopped laughing as he felt a shiver run down his spine. What if Gajeel found out he said that? He would be attacked and pierced by that metal-freak. Imagine the horrible piercings Gajeel would inflict on him!

The other three males went inside the piercing parlour, leaving a shivering Natsu and his thoughts behind.

"Wow! They surprisingly suit you!" Loke exclaimed as Jellal finished getting poked and pierced. "What do you mean surprisingly? You didn't actually send me in here without thinking about how they would suit me, right?" Jellal questioned as he stared at his reflection.

The left side of his face now adorned a bottom-lip piercing; his friends were contemplating getting him 'snake bites' –whatever they were- but had chosen to just go with one, much to his satisfaction. His earlobe was now pierced twice on his left and three times on his right. His ear piercings had silver studs placed in while his lip piercing was a smooth black ring. Honestly, Jellal thought he looked pretty hot.

"Huh? I mean, of course we knew they would suit you. We wouldn't have sent you in there without knowing! Haha…" Loke avoided Jellal's curious stare. The three boys – Natsu, Gray and Loke – admired their specimen for a few minutes. "Well you do look a lot more badass now. Time for the clothes, seeing as your hairs fine."

[A/N: His hair is smoking! God I love Jellal's hair…]

"So tell me again what's wrong with the clothes I already have…" Jellal asked his companions while walking down the numerous clothing isles. "Nothing's wrong with them. We just want you to look especially bad tonight, and a dress shirt and black slacks aren't going to cover it." Natsu prompted while flicking through a clothes rack.

Natsu stopped his searching. "You know… I feel incredibly girly all of a sudden… Are guys meant to give other guys makeovers?" He questioned the other three with a raised brow. Silence fell between them as they all suddenly felt rather gay.

Loke forced out a cough breaking the silence. "I don't think it really matters if you're a girl or a guy… Lets… Let's just get this over and done with, quickly." He said while grabbing random clothes and shoving them into Jellal's arms. "Change. Now. The faster this is over, the more manly I'll feel."

"And so we end up buy a dress shirt anyway… Honestly, are you guys trying to waste my money? I have heaps on these shirts at home!"Jellal said in an annoyed tone. "Yes, you might have other dress shirts but you don't have that dress shirt. Plus you definitely didn't have those jeans before. Just stop complaining." Gray mumbled as they finally left that godforsaken clothing store.

"You would be complaining too if it was your money! Though I do admit, those jeans are rather nice…" Jellal stated while glancing at the clothes in his shopping bag. "Alright! We have finally finished, with those clothes and piercings, you are sure to look like a bad boy! I guess this is where we part now, seeing as we are done here and I just saw some lovely looking ladies by the food court. I'll see you all at the party tonight. Good luck Jellal~!" Loke sang before leaping towards the spotted beauties.

The three remaining boys said goodbye and took their leave.

Night had appeared and the stars had risen. A nearby clock read 6:45pm. Jellal was currently pacing before a mirror, suddenly feeling rather anxious. Do I really look alright? What if I'm not bad enough for her? God damnit, what if she thinks I look stupid? I'll slaughter them, those moronic so-called friends! Making me look stupid and wasting my money!

Whoa, calm down~! You'll look fine. These clothes suit you, they said so themselves. Just breathe, make sure everything looks good and go. Your princess awaits you. Jellal calmed down and glanced in the mirror once more. Giving his reflection a nod, he left his bedroom, walked downstairs and left the house.

His eyes widened as he walked out the door. Before him were Natsu, Gray and Loke. And a taxi. "I'm not paying." Was the first thing that left Jellal's mouth as he spotted the three guys. The three let out a laugh. "Yeah, yeah. Just get in the taxi you tight-ass." Gray said while hopping inside the car.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Jellal questioned after hopping inside. "We just wanted to make sure you looked alright. Couldn't let all that hard work go to waste. You look very cool by the way." Loke stated and Jellal let out a thankful sigh. So he didn't look like an idiot, good.

People stopped their partying and stared as the four boys entered the house. Most eyes were fixated on one boy in particular. Jellal Fernandes, the gentleman of the school was suddenly looking very badass.

Lucy raised a brow as Erza stopped midsentence. Her brown eyes drawn to something behind Lucy. Raising a blonde brow she turned around to see what the commotion was about. Her jaw dropped as she looked at the four males entering through the main doors. Her hazel eyes scanned over them all but once they arrived at the blue-haired male, they never left.

Since when did Jellal look like that? Lucy's eyes ate up the sight before her.

Jellal stood there with his spiky blue hair and freshly pierced face looking absolutely delicious. He wore a loose black dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows and the top few buttons undone, revealing the top of his chiselled chest. A pair of loose denim jeans hung low on his hips, a silver chain clipped onto the left side. Worn out black converse were placed on his feet and a thick black bracelet was exposed on his right wrist.

Lucy felt her throat dry up. Closing her mouth, she turned back around, acting like she didn't even see the wonderful sight behind her. She sipped on her drink; what was in this anyway?

She was suddenly tapped on the shoulder, almost spitting her drink everywhere. Calming herself down, she put on a smile and turned around. She stared into a pair of dark brown eyes. "Oh, hey there Jellal." She forced out, trying to keep her eyes from trailing his body. "Well good even- I mean, hey Luce. How's the party going?" Jellal corrected himself; which bad boy says good evening? Stupid!

"Huh? Umm, it's pretty good so far. Did you just get here?" Lucy asked, as if she hadn't just been eye raping him a minute ago, when he first arrived. "Yes I did, but I'm sure you already knew that. Don't think I didn't see you staring at me just before." Jellal leaned forward and whispered in her ear. Oh my god, did I really just say that? My mother would be disgusted.

Hazel eyes widened at his words. "W-what? N-no! I wasn't!" Lucy stammered out, rather shocked at the blue-haired males sudden change. "Come now, there's no need to lie, Lucy. Now would you like to dance? Standing here and talking is boring as hell." Jellal grasped her hand and pulled her towards the booming music and makeshift dance floor. I didn't even give her a choice!

"A-ah! Sure!" Lucy managed to get out as she was dragged along.

"No, I won't call you baby. I won't buy you daises, 'cause that don't work. And I know how to get you crazy. How to make you want me, so bad it hurts."

Jellal twirled the blonde-haired girl around, grinning down at her. Lucy managed to regain her composure. "So since when have you acted like this?" She questioned the boy before her. He was certainly not the Jellal she knew. "What are you talking about? I've always been like this Luce. Perhaps if you noticed me a bit more, you would realise this common fact." He answered with a smart-ass attitude. Just keep this up. You've got the bad boy act in the bag. Honestly, all you're doing is saying what's always been on your mind.

"I wanna be good, good, good to you. But that's not, not, not your type. So I'm gonna be bad for you tonight, tonight, tonight."

Lucy let out a small chuckle deciding to tease the teen in front of her. "Really now? So I've been missing out on all this? Well I guess it's not all that much. Shall we get a drink?" Her drink was long gone, having skulled and chucked it while being dragged around by the male before her.

Jellal raised a brow. Not that much? Oh, so she wants to play hard to get, eh? "I honestly don't care. Why don't you lead the way this time?" A smirk rested on his face as he remembered how he dragged her to the dance floor.

Giving a huff, Lucy turned on her heel and manoeuvred them towards the drink table.

"I'll misbehave if it turn you on (turns you on). No Mr. Right if you want Mr. Wrong (Mr. Wrong). I'll tell you lies (tell you lies), if you don't like the truth. I don't wanna be bad (I don't wanna be bad), I just wanna be bad enough for you. Well, I just wanna be bad enough for you. Well, I just wanna be bad enough for you."

"Is there any alcohol?" Jellal questioned as they stood before the table of drinks. "There's alcohol in all of them but only a small amount. You had to bring your own if you wanted more." Lucy answered whilst pouring herself a cup of –what looked like- alcoholic fruit punch.

"I see… Follow me." He let out a smirk as he made his way through the kitchen and into the laundry. Spotting a small white fridge, he made his way over and pulled it open. Glancing inside, he reached in and snagged two bottles of beer. Lucy raised a brow as he handed one to her. "Stealing other peoples alcohol are we? When did you become such a bad boy?" Her voice held a teasing tone.

Jellal lightly pushed her to the wall. He leant forward until his body melded against hers. His hot, mint scented breath fanned across her cheeks. He leant forward until their lips were centimetres apart. "Why, is it turning you on, Lu~cy?" He moved his mouth away from hers and kissed her on the cheek before pulling away.

Lucy stood there, completely stunned. And slightly disappointed. Why didn't he just kiss her on the lips? And why did she want him to kiss her?

Hey (hey, hey). Thanks for the number (thanks for the number). I'm not gonna call you (not gonna call you), 'cause that won't work ('cause that won't work). You like to play (play, hey). Hide and go get her (hide and go get her). 'Cause you like me better, (you like me better), when I play the jerk (when I play the jerk)."

"You're gonna have to do better than that, if you want to turn me on." She smirked as she walked away from him and back towards the dance floor, stolen beer in hand. Jellal chuckled under his breath as he followed after her soon after. Oh she loves playing hard to get.

He found her dancing with some green-haired male. They were practically grinding on each other. The sight made his blood boil. A smirk found its way to his face as he spotted a red-haired female standing on the side of the dance floor; Flare wasn't it? She and Lucy are practically enemies. Interesting…

Taking a swig of his beer, Jellal made his way over to the red-haired girl. "Hey Flare. Wanna dance?" He stared down at the girl with an enchanting smile. "J-Jellal? Umm, sure why not." Flare answered in surprise.

Taking her hand in his, Jellal led her to the dance floor. He spun her around before bringing her in close.

"I wanna be good, good, good to you. But that's not, not, not your type. So I'm gonna be bad for you tonight, tonight, tonight!"

Jellal glance towards Lucy, smirking once he saw her eyes solely on him and Flare. Turning back to Flare, he raised his beer to her lips, prompting the redhead to have a sip. He chuckled smoothly as some rolled down her chin. Using his finger, he slowly wiped it away.

Flare brought them in closer. "So let me guess, you're trying to make Lucy jealous right?" She whispered in his ear. "Such a smart girl. You don't mind do you?" Jellal whispered back as he placed his hands on her hips.

"Of course not. I'd love to make Blondie jealous, besides I have someone I need to make envious as well." She ran her hands up his chest, her eyes flicking to Lucy and her dance companion; a male with long spiky green hair, Orga Nanagear. "Let me guess, you're crushing on Orga right? Well then I guess we'll be using each other." Jellal turned her around so her back was facing him. Flare began grinding up against him; both their eyes were set on the couple a few metres away.

"I'll misbehave if it turns you on (turns you on). No Mr. Right if you want Mr. Wrong (Mr. Wrong). I'll tell you lies (tell you lies), if you don't like the truth. I don't wanna be bad (I don't wanna be bad). I just wanna be bad enough for you. Well, I just wanna be bad enough for you. Well, I just wanna be bad enough for you."

Lucy clenched her teeth as she watched Jellal and that slag dancing together. "Ugh, what is he doing?" She hissed out in frustration, weaving her hands through Orga's green hair. "It seems your plan is backfiring." Orga stated emotionlessly as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "You know, you are probably better off going over there and taking him away."

"But then he'll win! He's meant to be coming after me, not the other way around." Lucy glared as Flare started grinding upon Jellal. Orga let out a laugh. "You're sounding rather up yourself Lucy. Just give in for once, I can tell Jellal ain't gonna back down any time soon."

"Are you willing to take a punch to the face?" Lucy's question caught the green-haired man off guard. Shaking off the shock from the random question, he let out a chuckle as if knowing what she was going to do. "Why? You gonna give me a kiss? That'll definitely push him over the edge. No, I don't mind taking a punch to the face. But remember our deal; you're doing my maths homework for a week."

Lucy let out a bubbly laugh. Shaking her head, she turned towards him, staring right into his sharp green eyes. "Don't worry; all your homework will be completed. Thanks for going along with this, by the way." She reached her hand up, stroking his tanned cheek. Slowly she leant forward and soon their lips were melded together in an emotionless kiss.

"You love to hate me when I'm chasing you. And I hate to say this, but I'm stuck on lovin' you. So I pretend that I don't care, I'll stand you up to keep you here. I'll make you hate me, just enough to make you want me."

Flare and Jellal watched as Lucy turned around and stroked Orga's cheek. "Stop her! She is not allowed to kiss him!" Flare screeched in a low voice. "Don't worry, there's no way I'm allowing this." Jellal said as he separated from the red-haired girl and pushed his way past the dancing people. This is going way too far. She doesn't even like Orga! Ugh, she is such a sore loser. Guess she can't handle guys teasing her back. Stupid Lucy…

Jellal placed his hand on Lucy's shoulder, tearing her away from Orga's lips. Bringing his other hand back, he punched the green-haired male straight in the face. He let out a smirk as Orga stumbled back. Turning to face Lucy, Jellal grabbed her wrist and once again dragged her away with him.

"I'll misbehave if it turns you on (turns you on). No Mr. Right if you want Mr. Wrong (Mr. Wrong). I'll tell you lies (tell you lies), if you don't like the truth. I don't wanna be bad (I don't wanna be bad). I don't wanna be bad (I don't wanna be bad). I don't wanna be bad (I don't wanna be bad)."

Jellal pulled her onto the outside porch. "Why! Why did you have to kiss him? You know I like you, I know you know! Do my feelings mean nothing to you or something?" Jellal almost screamed in frustration. His eyes were filled with hurt and anger. He looked down at her, her eyes were calm and she was smiling, smiling!

"I know you like me, I've known for a while now." She said calmly and it only added to the rage inside of Jellal. "If you knew then why did you play with my feelings? All you had to do was reject them or accept them! It's not that fucking hard Lucy." Why did she make me do all this? Does she like toying with me?

"I did it because I wanted to test you. I wanted to know how far you were willing to go for me. Because honestly, I don't want some guy who is going to give up on me easily, I've had enough of those douche bags. So yes, I was playing with you and I'm sorry, but if you aren't willing to chase after me, then you're feelings for me aren't real are they?" She screamed at him, getting sick of seeing that hurt in his eyes, that anger too.

She was and had been hurt too! If he can't deal with the fact that she won't just accept anyone into her heart, then obviously she isn't the girl for him. She didn't want to be hurt again just because some guy gave up on her! Because some guy found someone easier to love!

They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like hours. Searching for an answer, searching for feelings.

"I just wanna be bad enough for you. Well, I just wanna be bad enough for you. Well, I just wanna be bad enough for you."

Jellal grasped the back of her neck and smashed their lips together. Tracing her bottom lip with his tongue, he was soon exploring her sweet mouth. They kissed long and passionately. Jellal pulled away for air, resting his forehead on hers.

He let out a low chuckle. "I got a makeover for you. Was poked and pierced for you. Was pulled around by three idiots who decided to make me into a bad boy, just for you. I punched one of the muscliest boys in the school because I couldn't stand seeing you close to him. I stole some randoms' beer because I was trying to make you believe I was bad enough for you. I've been mentally criticizing myself the whole night because of how brash and un-gentleman-like I've acted just because I was told you liked bad boys. For fuck sake woman, I'm pretty sure I would do anything for you. I love you."

Lucy let out a bright laugh. "I love you too." She mumbled against his lips before claiming them once more.

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