The battleship Gore Lord emerged from the Eye of Terror like an insect fleeing from its destroyed nest. On board were 54 Khorne Berzerkers, most insane warriors dedicated to the Blood God so that he could have the widest, deepest pool for his daily afternoon swim, a habit that put Nurgle to envy. They were led by none other than the patron of Khorne himself, Khârn the Betrayer. Although his action on Skalathrax had forever lost him the favor of Angron, as well as any other Chaos force, some still followed him, hoping to earn a tally in the name of the Blood God, who was probably the only person in this entire universe who truly adored Khârn.

After the events of the Thirteenth Black Crusade, when killing the puny Imperial armies no longer satisfied him, Khârn once again fled to the Eye of Terror where he unleashed a blood crusade of his own. Unfortunately for him, it also turned out to be the most disastrous crusade ever made.

Starting out with 500 Space Marine Berzerkers, the Sons of Khârn took 200 casualties including their Dreadnought and none-obliterated Techmarine during a sparring with the Black Legion over their food supply on Hyetoth. The sons of Horus only lost 38 Astartes during this battle. Not so long after that, being so eager to take the head of a Tyranid Hive Lord, Khârn led his forces into a Space Hulk where they engaged the enemy that outnumbered them 60 to 1. Khârn ultimately claimed his trophy but at the cost of more than half of his men. It turned out the Tyranid Hive Lord's head was almost entirely organism which can survived for long due to the decomposing and the Berzerkers didn't have anything to reserve it. And so that biggest head ever taken by Khârn became the smallest which he lost after accidentally stepped on without even realizing it. However, the most shameful battle took place on Kykela where the Sons of Khârn took a bitter defeat under the hands of the Alpha Legion. Due to the lack of strategy and his hot temper, Khârn led his entire forces into a death trap which had been elaborately sprung. What happened next was little more than a massacre, or maybe a little less. In the end, only 54 Bezerkers managed to escape the planet alive, the trail of destruction they left behind was one dead cultist.

Due to these recent defeats, the reputation of Khârn had fallen gradually like a ball rolling down the endless hill. The quote he used every time he woke up had also changed from "Who's head should I take today?" to "How am I going to take somebody's head today?" It had been weeks since Gore Child had the last taste of blood. He was frustrated. He thirsted for victory.

"I am frustrated. I thirst for victory," Khârn complained to his second in command, Lovian. "Why is everything so difficult these days? Have I really lost it?"

"No, my lord," Lovian replied with profound respect. "You're as good as always. The problem is just we aren't lucky these days. I'm sure we'll put something to work."

"Nothing is working," Khârn moaned. "What if…what if I can't take another decent skull anymore? What if Zhufor takes my place and become the next patron of the Blood God? What if I am a pervert just like the Alpha Legion has said? What if I really have changed? What if I've gone weak from the proud and powerful man I used to be? I want you to answer me with honest. I'm not threatening you."

Taking a deep sigh, Lovian responded, "If all you say are correct, then we should change the name of this Chaos Space Marine chapter to Great Grandson of Khârn and our war cry to Milk for the Khorne Flakes."

Khârn nodded. "You're right. Perhaps we should just lay low and do some small jobs for a while. I heard the Burger Marines are offering a position in their restaurant. Who knows my experience in axe-swinging would come in handy when wiping the floor or wash the dishes."

"That's on the list of possibility."

"There is something else I need to ask you. Tell no one, you hear me."

"What is it my lord?" asked Lovian.

"What if I like men more than women?" asked Khârn. "What if I am really…gay?"

"Then I'll desert and enroll in the Skulltaker," Lovian replied. "He's giving free size 26 pants to any fresh recruit."

"Right," Khârn said wearily. "That bastard Zhufor. He thinks he's bigger and better and bloodier that me? Well, I'll show him..."

Suddenly a Khorne Berserker panicked to the room. It almost seemed like his face was without a drop of blood.

"Sir…my lord…," he stammered.

"What is it?" Khârn spat. "Come on, tell me! Tell me or I will cut you to pieces!"

"My lord," said the Berserker. "We have been board. They said they wanted to see you."

This was somewhat very strange as Khârn hadn't had any visitor for centuries. He seemed bit hesitated before decided to speak, "Who exactly are they?"

"A warsmith from the Iron Warrior and…and…?"

"And who? Who are the other two?"