Hey guys! :) urgh I haven't been on FF for soooo long! Stupid school and homework and extra stuff x( yuck! Anyway…Sunday night boredom got to me and I decided to write you guys a one shot :D here it is!

My feet thudded the ground as I ran to the first place I could think of, a nearby park. I sat down on one of the deserted park benches, my tears mixing with the rain that was gently falling down. His voice still echoing through my head, "It's over. I don't want you anymore."

Another gust of wind blew sending all the fallen leaves into the air. I pulled my jacket closer towards me and lay down on the bench cold, tired, and helpless. "Life sucks," I mumbled to myself just before my eyes closed upon the world.


A ray of light hit my eye causing me to groan and slam a pillow over my head. I had forgotten to close the blinds yet again yesterday night. I flipped over on to stomach and tried to block the light from waking me up so early, but it was no help. The stupid sun had me wide awake now. Yawning I sat up on the bed and stretched before looking at my alarm clock. 6AM? Great, I was going to be cranky all day today from waking up so early. Dimitri's going to need a lot of patience with me today.

Dimitri's name was like cold water splashing onto my face and yesterday's memoires came flooding back into my mind. Why was I in my bed? I should be on the park bench where I fell asleep yesterday night!

"Morning Little Dhampir," someone called out from behind me. Startled, I screamed before turning around to find Adrian grinning at me. It only took a few seconds for my fear to turn into anger. Aiming my pillow at Adrian's face I yelled, "What are you doing in my room?"

Adrian backed up a few steps cautiously while explaining how he had gotten here. "I found you yesterday night asleep on a park bench. You looked absolutely horrible! So I carried you back here…I just came back right now to check if you were awake."

A million questions rushed to my head and I sorted through them to find which one to ask first, "How did you open the door?"

Adrian walked across the room and sat down on the bed next to me. "I found the key in you jacket pocket."

"But why were you at the park so late at night?"

Adrian shrugged while tracing over a flower on my comforter. "Couldn't sleep so I decided to go out and enjoy the beauty of the park."

I snorted and got up trying to find where I had placed my slippers. "And of course there's just so much beauty in the park at 1AM," I replied sarcastically.

"Which just leads to the question, what were YOU doing at the park so late at night?"

Thousands of emotions crossed my face, while my mind finally wandered back to Dimitri and what had happened yesterday night. Unable to control myself, a single tear left my ear, travelling down my cheek before it fell onto my bed sheet.

"What's wrong Rose," Adrian asked both startled and concerned at the same time.

"Dim-Dim," a sob escaped from me and my voice was cut off. Without saying a word, Adrian put a comforting arm around me and let me cry myself out onto his shoulder.

Fifteen minutes and millions of tears later I finally came out and apologized to Adrian. "Sor-Sorry," I said blowing my nose into a tissue, "I just lost it."

"Don't be sorry Rose." Adrian got up and tucked a strand of my messy hair behind my ear, "I'll always be here to help you."

"At least one person will when the rest of the world doesn't care," I mumbled while sinking down into my bed and letting the tears envelop me once again, but this time with Adrian comforting me with each tear.

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