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An interesting morning

Titan's tower

It was in the middle of the night and all was quit in Jump city. Near the city was a small island where a huge T shape tower was. The tower actually belongs to the heroes of Jump city the Teen Titans. Long ago five superhero teens joined forces to form a superhero team to protect their city from enemies who would try to take over the city. But soon the titans grew up and retired to be with their kids who eventually became the new titans of Jump city. Five of the titans were the children of the former titans who retired long ago when their children when they were born. Three of the titans were kids that belong to former enemies of the original titans, and one was a friend of the young titans and the girlfriend of one of the titans.

They're names were Ichiro, Arella, Rowan, Victor Jr, Mikazuki, Ryu, Markala, Katalina, and Ahsoka. Markala, Katalina, and Ahsoka all three came from a different dimension which Ichiro and his sisters went into when Rowan accidently used her moms spell book. Ichiro and his siblings brought their three new friends to their world where they have had some interesting adventures. One where they encountered an old enemy of Ahsoka who came to their universe and nearly send the world into darkness and the other was the titans Halloween night.

It has been weeks since Halloween ended and so far things have been very quiet for the young teen titans and their little city. It is also a few more hours before Thanksgiving was going to begin. The titans had already gotten everything ready for thanksgiving even getting their turkey who was still alive because Rowan messed up on the delivery. She was supposed to order a dead turkey not a live one. However the titans didn't see it as a problem, at least one of them who would take care of the turkey. Much to Rowan's dismay who wanted the turkey alive, however her team made it official and the turkey would meet his faith in the morning. Rowan however swore she would stop them from harming the turkey and later that day she disappeared.

It was near midnight and so far all has been quiet around the city. Just then a bright light appeared in one of the windows of the tower. The light continued to glow and immense a humming sound. The light and humming noise continued for almost three minutes till it finally went down and the light along with the humming seized.

Next morning

It was eight in the morning and the weather for the day looking good. In one of the many rooms of the tower was the bedroom of Ahsoka Tano, a Togruta from the dimension Ichiro and his siblings went into. She was an apprentice for a group called the Jedi order that was meant to protect the galaxy from evil. They were also protectors for a galactic senate called the Republic which was formed by many different species. However thanks to Markoneous who was once the leader of the Forever Empire used his power to take over the republic and wipe out both the jedi order along with almost all non-human species. Ahsoka survived this encounter though, but her friends were not lucky. Ahsoka however met Ichiro and his sisters where he fell in love with Ichiro. Ichiro then offered Ahsoka to come live in the universe he is from. Ahsoka accepted and has been living in this new world as a teen titan for half a year now and so far things have been going well in her new universe.

Ahsoka and Ichiro's relationship has grown much, especially since their encounter with Markoneous the IV who was the clone of Markoneous, but became insane and obsessed with Ahsoka. Mark IV had died twice before both times at the hands of Katalia who was the mother of Markala and Katalina. Mark IV returned with some assistance from his children who were Katalia's other children Marrissa and Scar. Marrissa used her powers to bring back from the dead an army of zombies to bring back the Forever Empire and bring back her father. During this time Marrissa had killed her brother Roarik and Ventrika who turned into a giant lioness. Ahsoka was then kidnapped along with Ichiro by Mark who threatened to kill Ichiro if Ahsoka didn't marry him. Not leaving much of a choice Ahsoka agreed. But thankfully her friends and Ichiro saved her and Isamu killed Mark IV. After this encounter Ichiro proposed to Ahsoka who said yes, but both decided to wait till Ichiro told his parents the truth since he knew if he told his parents they would tell the two teens they were too young and had to wait. Ahsoka didn't mind waiting both knew they would wait for the right time to tell them.

Ahsoka's clock soon went off and Ahsoka moved to turn it off but for some reason she was unable to reach the alarm clock. Ahsoka tried moving closer to the alarm clock but she felt the closer she went the closer she came to falling off her bed. Ahsoka decided to use the force to push the alarm clock off her nightstand and it finally turned off. Ahsoka pulled the covers off her and she moved towards to get off her bed. However as Ahsoka moved one leg off the bed she was unable to reach the floor which caused her to fall hard.

"Ouch," Ahsoka got up but for some reason she was standing on both her hands and feet. Ahsoka looked at her hands and saw that they were now paws, she had orange fur, and everything in her room appeared bigger than her. Ahsoka ran quickly to her window where she saw her reflection. Ahsoka screamed when she saw that she looked like a puppy dog. She had the white fur, tail, and paws. She still though had her markings on her face and blue eyes, but she didn't care about that. "What in the world is going on?" Ahsoka decided to go see the others to find out if this was some kind of joke.

Ahsoka made her way towards the common room where she was about to say something till she saw what surprised her even more. She saw Ryu, Ichiro, Victor, Rowan, Arella, and Mikazuki all in animal forms, however only Ichiro was in animal form while the others turned into different kinds of animals. Victor was a grizzly bear, Mikazuki a Capuchin monkey, the twin's kittens, and Ryu an iguana. "Um guys what's going on?"

"Why don't you ask my sister," Arella said as she pointed to her sister who was hiding under her couch.

"Why what happened?" Ahsoka asked as she approached the others.

"It seems Rowan used her powers and her mother's spell book to try and hide the turkey…but she decided to try another spell and well the rest is history," Ryu said as he explained to Ahsoka what happened.

"I just wanted to keep you guys from killing Mr. Turkey is that so wrong?" Rowan said under the couch.

"Rowan it's thanksgiving your suppose to have dead turkey for dinner not a live one," Victor said as he lifted the couch where Rowan ran out and hid behind her brother.

"Personally I agree with Rowan, who gives us the right to kill an animal and besides I kind of like our new look," Mikazuki said as she jumped up on her brother and jumped on the TV, "It's not so bad if you think about it."

"Speak for yourself I actually want my body back," Arella said as she glared at her sister who was trying her best to hide behind her brother, "And you for your sake Markala and Katalina had better find a way to turn us back to normal, or else," Arella revealed her claws which scared her sister.

"Okay that's enough Arella until we get back to normal you and Rowan are going to be separated, understand?" Ichiro said as he stood up for his sister.

"Whatever," Arella said.

"Wait Markala and Katalina where are they?" Ahsoka asked as she noticed the two cat teens weren't here.

"Apparently the spell didn't affect them since they were already animals or at least humanoid animals." Victor said as he went to sit on the couch till the cat teens came back.

Markala and Katalina soon entered the room and they brought in Rachel Roth's spell book, "Good news I hope?" Ryu said hoping they had some good news.

"Not exactly, we called Mrs. Ishida and well let's just say she wasn't happy with what happened," Katalina said as she told the others what happened, "She did tell us though this isn't the first time the spell has been used and not to worry since the spell will wear off in 24 hours."

"Great so we're stuck like this for 24 hours just perfect," Arella said who didn't like being an animal. Katalina took out a ball of yarn and threw it near Arella who meowed and went after the yarn of ball, then soon began to play with it.

"How did you do that?" Ahsoka asked surprised by what Katalina did.

"Instinct, I saw how cats here on earth seem to like ball of yarns so I thought since Arella would be in a bad mood that I keep her busy with a ball of yarn," Katalina said as she approached Victor and sat next to him, "So how's my big bear doing?"

"Doing fine hungry though, speaking of which," Victor got off the couch and went into the kitchen where he began to take out all the food in the fridge.

"Okay Ryu so what are we going to do? Since you guys are temporary out of commission what will we do?" Markala asked.

"For now we will need to remain here in the tower, if our enemies found out what happened. Well they would try to take advantage of our current situation," Ryu explained knowing their enemies would take the chance to cause chaos in the city or rather attack the titans.

"But what happens if there are crimes in the city and we can't do anything to stop it?" Ichiro said.

"We'll handle the crimes till you guys get back to normal," Markala suggested.

"Fine, but if you need assistance we'll contact the other titans," Ryu said as the alarm went off, "Sounds like you guys have to go to work."

"Sounds about right let's go bro," Katalina said as Markala nodded and was about to follow his sister when he heard a soft meow sound. He looked down and saw Rowan with a sad look on her face.

"I'm sorry for making you do all the hard work Markala," Markala smiled and lifted Rowan carefully.

"Hey it's not your fault, I know your intentions were good and I'm not mad at you," Markala said as Rowan smiled, Markala set Rowan down and petted her a bit, "Now take care of yourself while I go take down some bad guys."

Rowan saw Markala run out of the room leaving her alone with her family, "All right then well I guess we'll just do what we normally do when we don't have any work to do then," Ryu said knowing there is not much the titans can do until the spell wears off, "I guess I'll head to my room then, bye."

Once Ryu left Ahsoka noticed Ichiro scratching his ear with the back of his leg, Ahsoka smiled seeing this knowing this is what dogs do when they are itchy, "Soooo what do you want to do then Ichiro?"

"I don't know…maybe we can go for a run around the tower?" Ichiro suggested.

"Run?" Ahsoka asked as Ichiro nodded, for some odd reason Ahsoka did want to run and it did sound like a lot of fun, "All right let's go," Ahsoka said as both her and Ichiro ran out of the room barking.

"What a bunch of dogs…hey Vic do you wanna…WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO THE KITCHEN!" The kitchen was a mess, there were food stains, cans, etc all over the floor. Victor was on the kitchen table licking his claws.

"Huh I'm still hungry weird," Vic said who didn't notice Mikazuki grabbing a metal frying pan and whacking her brother on the head with it over and over.

"You idiot you ate all of our food what is wrong with you!" Mikazuki said as her brother ran behind the couch. Mikazuki then began to throw anything she can grab at her brother who was doing his best to hide from his monkey sisters wrath.

Rowan sighed and normally this would make her laugh, but she felt too guilty to laugh. She walk towards her sister who was tangled up by the yarn, "This got bad fast," Arella said who was trying to break free of the yarn.

"Here let me help," Rowan said as she approached her sister and used her claws to cut parts of the yarn, "Also sorry Arella I just wanted to keep Mr. Turkey safe and I didn't want you guys to kill him."

Arella sighed and knew her sister meant well, but did wish she thinks before she does something like what happened. Still she couldn't be mad at her forever, she knew she meant well, "I know you didn't mean for this to happen, but next time be more careful Rowan. You know you're lucky mom didn't come by to talk to you about taking her book again."

"Yeah I know that's a good…wait why isn't mom coming here? I'm sure she would try to keep us safe by being here wouldn't she?" Rowan asked realizing that her mom would have come to keep her kids from harm if something like what happened just now occurred.

Arella was going to respond till she realized that her sister was right, normally when Arella, Rowan, or Ichiro did something their mom would come to see them. Why she hasn't come to see them now is a mystery to her, "I don't know, maybe dad convinced her not to come…Oooor."

Little Creek

Outside the small town of Little Creek was a house surrounded by large trees and was located near a river. Near the house there was a lot of barking that came from the Husky dogs that belonged to Isamu and Rachel Ishida. Both who were once superheroes and were former members of the Teen Titans, till they retired to settle down with their kids. However when the kids got older though they followed their parents footsteps, they then became the new titans of Jump city. Despite Rachel feeling that they weren't ready the kids became titans in the end, though Rachel does go see them from time to time for visits and if they were in trouble. Reason she isn't going to see them right now was that she had an accident, one she was very ashamed of that it happened to her.

Rachel had wanted to spice up her night with Ichiro when she accidently made a mistake with one of her spell books. She wrote down the spell an hour before her book went missing and she used the spell. However when she used it she fell asleep and woke up the next morning...as a rabbit. She was the same white fur rabbit when Mumbo Jumbo turned her and her friends into animals long ago. She hated that she was a rabbit, she didn't like that she was used for Mumbo's tricks and didn't like that her friends called her cute. She hated it and it was the most embarrassing moment of her life, which she had hoped would never happen again.

When she woke up she saw in the mirror that she had turned into a rabbit. She tried to change back, but found the spell book was missing and guessed her kids must of taken it. By the time she called her kids she found out they had turned themselves into animals by accident. She wanted to go see them but she knew if she did they would probably find her situation funny. She told them to wait 24 hours until the spell wears off and she hoped everything would be okay by then. When she went back to her bedroom to write Isamu a note saying she took off for work she found Isamu had woken up and saw her in her rabbit form. At first Rachel wanted to run out of the room, but she knew it would have been pointless and decided to tell her husband the truth. Once Rachel finished talking she waited to hear what her husband would say.

"Sooooo let me get this straight you wanted to use a spell to make our sex night better?" Isamu asked as he summed up what his wife told him.

"Pretty much, now thanks to my mistake I turned myself into…a rabbit," Rachel growled at the last part since she hated being a rabbit.

Isamu approached his wife and kneeled down to face her. Isamu lifted her up and held her out, "Awwww Rachel you shouldn't blame yourself I understand, it's just if you wanted to try something new I had some ideas in mind you know," Rachel relief her husband wasn't mad, but blushed by what her husband said. Isamu then brought her close and kissed her on the forehead, "Besides you look cute my little rabbit Rachel."

Rachel growled and slapped her husband on his cheek, "Don't call me that please. Now then mind setting me down on the bed?"

"Um sure," Isamu placed his wife on her bed and waited to hear what she needed to say.

"Okay look sorry for slapping you, it's just this brings back some bad memories and I don't want to relief it. Second this is only temporary I'll be back to myself by tomorrow morning, so don't get used to this form," Rachel said as she explained to her husband how long the effects of the spell would last.

"That's fine Rachel, you do look cute in your bunny form, but I like the original form better," Isamu said smiling at his wife who nodded in agreement, "So um what should we do now then?"

"For now I'll be staying in the house, I can't risk leaving especially with those dogs out there. That and maybe I'll do some reading," Rachel said as she explained what she was going to do.

"Okay, I'll call work and tell them you won't be coming in today. Then afterwards I'll stay here to be with you," Isamu said as he told Rachel what he was going to do.

"You don't have to miss work because of me, I'll be fine," Rachel said not wanting Isamu to miss work because of her.

"I know but I want to stay Rachel. Besides it's been a while since we've had a day to be together," Isamu said as he sat down next to Rachel.

"Thank you Isamu," Rachel said as she moved forward and tried to kiss her husband but he was too tall. Isamu leaned down and gave her the chance to kiss him, "How did I get so lucky to have someone like you?"

Isamu smiled then got up from the bed, "Guess we can call it a stroke of luck or chance. Either way I'm glad to have found a beautiful angel like you," Rachel smiled by what her husband said, "All right now then I'm going to make ya some breakfast…hmmmm I wonder what if I know how to make some carrot stew."

Rachel glared at her husband and wanted to throw something at him but he took off before she had a chance to throw an object at him. This is going to be a looooong day.

Jump city

Back at the city at the Jump city national bank many of the citizens were running out of the bank as a dangerous villain was inside the bank stealing the money. "Hahahaha yes soon with the money I stole I will be able to make the perfect armor. With it no one will be able to stop me…The Armadillo man."

The crazed villain was eight foot tall, had on an armadillo costume except the armor was bigger, he had long sharp claws, he appeared to be bulky, and the only thing that appeared from his body was his face which he had a pair of goggles on and appeared to be in his 30's. He had brown eyes and had a southern accent.

"Now then it's time for me to 'roll' myself out of this bank before those loser titans show up and ruin my fun," Armadillo man said as he was suddenly lifted out of the bank dropping his bags filled with cash. Armadillo man got up and saw two humanoid cat teens.

"Hold it right there, um who are you?" the male cat teen asked.

"I am Armadillo Man" he declared.

"Uh huh, is that it?" the girl asked, "As far as names go that's not really gonna intimidate people."

"Who asked you anyways? And who are you two suppose to be?" Armadillo man asked.

"I'm Markala and this is my sister Katalina," Markala said as he introduced himself and his sister to their opponent, "And we're the teen titans."

"Heh I was expecting more than just two, but no matter even if your friends we're here they're fates would be the same as the both of your faiths," Armadillo man said smirking as his chances for victory became very good.

"I wouldn't underestimate us if I were you just because it's just the two of us. If we were you it would be wise to surrender now before you get hurt badly," Katalina said as she warned Armadillo man to surrender.

"I'm going to surrender especially to freaks like you two I'll prove how bad I am when I run you two felines over," Armadillo Man curled into a ball and rolled at the cat teens.

They both jumped away easily before quickly converging to discuss tactics.

"Okay, big and slow but with that armor it will be tough to damage him." Katalina muttered, "I suggest attack plan Iron Sphere."

"On it" Markala darted to the side and scaled a building.

"Bring it on" Katalina beckoned to Armadillo Man.

For a response he rolled at her a lot quicker than last time. Katalina closed her eyes and let her psychic abilities loose. A concentrated beam of purple energy blasted from her forehead and formed a wall between her and the giant ball. When Armadillo Man slammed into the wall he kept rolling and cracks started to appear in it.

"Anytime bro" Katalina called.

"Death from above baby!" Markala jumped off the edge of the building and dived towards Armadillo Man. "Courageous Charge!" he shouted and his body glowed crimson. He smashed into Armadillo Man and sent both of them through the ground.

Markala got up and saw Armadillo man had stopped, but he knew he wasn't done yet. Markala thought for a moment and had an idea on how to end this fight, "Hey Katalina use your powers to lift him up as high as you can and I'll take him out from above."

Katalina nodded understanding what her brother wants to do. Markala jumped on the building nearby and began to climb it as quickly as he could. Armadillo man began to roll towards Katalina who began to concentrate in using her powers to lift Armadillo man. He soon came close to Katalina, but she managed to finally stop him rolling and lift him up slowly. For Katalina this wouldn't be a problem, but because of this world she is in her powers aren't as strong as back home. She slowly lifted Armadillo man who couldn't move and was unable to escape Katalina's grip. Soon she had him as high as she could lift him and waited for her brother to make his home. Come on Markala hurry up I can't hold up him much longer.

Markala made it to the top of the building and saw where Armadillo man was. He jumped as high as he could off the building and aimed at Armadillo man. He used both his feet along with the speed he was dropping and kicked Armadillo man straight into the ground creating a huge crater and creating a huge cloud of dust that send debri everywhere.

Markala joined his sister as they walked towards where Armadillo man landed. They looked into the crater and saw Armadillo man was in the crater but knocked out, "Well that takes care of that let's go," Markala was about to leave when his sister stopped him.

"Hold on bro we need to clean this place up," Katalina said as she pointed to the mess that was made by the bad guy and the cat teens.

Markala looked at the mess and they indeed caused a big mess, "And I suppose nothing I say will change your mind huh?" Katalina smiled and nodded, Markala sighed and decided to help out with the cleaning.

Chapter one is over and I hope everyone likes how the chapter started. Mr. Turkey is safe for now, but for how long and will our young titans be back to normal soon? Or think they should remain in their animal forms? Huh actually that probably isn't such a bad idea, at least in my opinion.

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