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Mark Sloan was a man-whore. He slept with countless woman, and he did not do relationships. His first try at a relationship ended in disaster. Mark loved (so he thought) his best friend Derek's wife Addison, it seemed like everyone could see it but Derek. Over time Derek spent more and more time at the hospital where they worked in New York and less and less time with his wife. Addison become lonely and turned to Mark for comfort and they began having sex behind Derek's back. Mark knew Addison would never tell Derek and he didn't care at least he had her.

Over time Mark began to try and pressure Addison to tell Derek, who just so happened to more of a brother to him then a friend after all he was practically raised by Ms. Shepherd and Derek's family. But Addison never budged and one night Derek walked in on the two of them. He did not freak or yell he just turn right around and walked out the door. After that Mark and Addison tried to make it work but it turns out all they had nothing in common all they could talk about was work. Sure they had great sex but that was it, there was nothing deeper and Mark knew what they had was over. It was obvious to him all Addison wanted was sex and a warm body both of which Mark had but Addison loved Derek not him.

A few weeks after Derek took off Addison found out she was pregnant and went to abort the baby. She did not want Mark's child she wanted Derek's and she was going to do everything possible to get him back which she couldn't do if she was pregnant. Fortunately for Mark he got the clinic in time and stopped her. He told her he wanted his child and if Addison didn't she could just give the baby to him. Mark believed that if she had the baby she would love it and never leave it and in turn him.

Addison was reluctant to agree but Mark started to put his life in order. Ms. Shepherd agreed to help him and Addison slowly realized Mark really did want the baby. So after Addison had the child she signed away her rights and left the baby with Mark. Addison never bonded with the child, she saw him as a reminder of loosing Derek and knew her son would look like his father.

Nathan Dylan Sloan was born two weeks early but was perfectly healthy. He had his father's piercing blue eyes, and hair. He was a mini Mark and he was beautiful, everyone said so. Mark was so proud of the baby he helped create, his son.

Over time Mark learned how to take care of Nathan on his own he did not need Ms. Shepherd's help anymore he could do it on his own and he did. Nathan was two when Mark got the call from Richard the chief of Seattle Grace Hospital about a possible job, and he took it. Mark figured he needed a change and so did Nathan he wanted to go somewhere with out all the memories of Addison and Derek.

Two weeks latter Mark bought a house on the out skirts of Seattle with a huge yard, large kitchen, fireplace, three bathrooms, and six bedrooms. Sure it was big but it was everything he ever wanted and he did not want to ever move again, it was tons of work.

Mark made up a schedule with the chief that allowed him to put his son to bed and be there when he woke up. Mark's first priority was he son.

Mark still had sex but it was never in his home and the woman never ever met his son, and that rule was not going to change just because he was in Seattle.

All Mark had left to do was find a nanny or someone who could take care of his son while he worked. He did not want to leave him in the hospital's daycare after all Seattle Grace seemed to be big on gossip and he didn't not want his son to be around that. Or Derek who he found out works at Seattle Grace, yes Mark needed to find someone who could watch his son, but not just anyone, Mark was picky.

Mark needed to start his new job as head of plastics at Seattle Grace so he decided to put Nathan in a daycare that was in Mercy West, where his son wouldn't be around gossip and if something happened he was in a hospital close to Seattle Grace not in the outskirts of town.

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