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Derek and Meredith

After the twins were born Meredith still did not feel a connection to her sister. She didn't want to know her or be a part of her life mostly because she was afraid. All her life she was an only child and never cared what others thought. Accepting Lexie and Molly would change that. She would be a sister, someone who was relied on, someone who was a part of something. After a while Meredith slowly started to come around thanks baby Christopher Zander Shepherd who helped bonded the family together. Chris was born one year after the twins and while pregnant Meredith leaned on Susan and he sisters to help her get through the pregnancy and learn to be motherly. As he pregnancy progressed Meredith grew into a stronger woman who learned that she did not need to be afraid and that it was okay to mess up. That family loved you no matter what. Christopher taught her what family meant and gave her the family she always secretly wished for as a child and now had. Meredith, Derek, and Christopher became permanent fixtures in the Grey-Sloan house and no one would have it any other way.

Seeing Mark so loving and protective towards Lexie and their children Derek realized he made a mistake. What drove him to want Mark to stay away from Lexie was jealousy. He was jealous that Mark had the guts to go after what he wanted, to have a child, a family. Mark was the man-whore and yet Susan and Molly accepted him, Lexie accepted him. He had a family and a woman who was willing to fight for him, to love him despite his faults and to accept him the way he was. Derek wanted that. He wanted a woman who would give him a child, who would fight for him, who would talk to him, a woman who could become a part of his family. Derek was sure that if the role were reversed Meredith wouldn't have given him a chance. She was not ready to be a mom and she didn't even talk to him when things got messy. Watching Mark with his family Derek realized his mother was right. They were brothers and brothers were there for each other no matter what and if maybe just maybe Meredith saw that she would be more open to being a pat of her sisters lives and she was. The day Christopher was born was the happiest day of his life and his brother was right there beside him as he showed off his son.


When Addison left Seattle she left knowing she would come back and that Nathan would always be her son and no one could change that. Addison moved to LA and got a great job, as well as met a man and began moving on. She never stopped wanting a child but things did not work out for her. Addison tried IVF but every time it wouldn't take she felt her heart break more and more soon after she gave up IVF and wanted to adopt but that want as easy as it sounded.

After a while Addison began writing to Nathan she never forgot about her son, despite what some people thought she did love him in her own way. She wrote to Nathan every week sometimes twice a week she wanted him to understand that she did love him and that she was his mother.

Over time the man Addison met became her husband and he knew about Nathan but never met the child. The man made Addison realize that maybe them not having a child was for the best. They were so wrapped up in each other and their careers sometimes they didn't even have time for their pet let alone a child.

He told Addison that maybe being a part of Nathan's life was what was best for them. That Nathan could become a part of their little family and that he was okay with that, and she should be happy Nathan had a good life.

Addison began to realize he was right. Her son was happy and loved he had a family all on his own with his father and a young woman who was playing mommy. Addison's letters always reminded Nathan that she was his mother and she wanted to be a part of his life. Over time Addison got a few replies but she was never able to fully repair her relationship with Nathan or even have a real one with him.


As Nathan grew up he knew that Lexie was not his biological mother but that didn't change anything. She was the woman who was there to read him bed time stories and to tuck him in at night. She made him his meals and helped teach him right from wrong. She was the woman who took care of him when he was sick, and was not afraid to get messy playing with him. She loved him unconditionally and didn't treat him any differently then she did Ryson and Athena.

Looking back on every major event in his life his mom Lexie was there. She was there on his first day of kindergarten, on every birthday he could remember, she was at ever football game he ever played in. She was there for every graduation and all the little things in between. She along with his father helped him pick out the university he wanted to go to, they were there to teach him how to drive, and talk to him about girls. Lexie was there for him even when she didn't deserve it like the time he went to a party and got so drunk he ended up with alcohol poisoning, or the time he got into a fight a school that got suspended, and the time they got into a fight and he told her she want his mother. Despite every harsh word he ever spoke to her she was still there and still called him her son.

Nathan knew about Addison and read the letters she wrote to him. He had invited her to some big games and to his middle school graduation but she never showed up, her excuses was she had to work and that hut a lot. Every time it would happen he would pretend like it as okay but everyone knew it wasn't. After a while he stopped caring and writing to her if Addison couldn't make the time for him he wouldn't make the time for her.

Nathan remembered his high school graduation well. His little sister telling his girlfriend at the time that if she hurt him she would hurt her. His little brother introducing himself to all the girls her could find. Nathan remembered his mom telling him how proud she was of him and crying a lot. He remembered his father patting him on the back saying he did an amazing job. His aunt Meredith, Uncle Derek, Aunt Molly, and the rest of his family cheering when he got his diploma and made the valedictorian speech.

That was his family the people who loved him and would be there for him mo matter what, like when he decided to become a lawyer. (Which was a shock, everyone thought he would be a surgeon like his father. His dad and uncle were both shocked and the look on their faces when he told them he was going to be a lawyer still makes him laugh looking back on it.)

Nathan eventually married his college sweet heart Natalie and they had a baby girl they named Alexandra after his mom. Nathan was a successful lawyer who knew where he came form and never forgot that family come first no matter what, after all her learned that form the best, his parents.


Ryson was just like his father he loved girls/woman and it seemed like he would never settle down. He looked up to his big brother his entire life and was very protective of his baby sister. Ryson had his fathers charm and always found himself in some kind of trouble. For the longest time Ryson didn't know what he wanted to do with his life. He was good in school but not great like his sister, he was okay at sports but not as good as his brother. It was like there was nothing that he excelled at which caused some tension between the siblings.

Over time as he grew up and spent a lot of time with his mom in the kitchen he began to learn to cook and he finally found something he excelled at, cooking. Ryson was the entertained he could get you laughing and joking around in seconds, he loved to make people feel at home just about as much as he loved to cook. It was no surprise to anyone when he opened his own restaurant and a few years latter a club. When he was 35 Ryson married Taliah a woman who worked at his restaurant and had been their since it opened. She was his friend first and believed in him. Taliah was a part of the family long before it became official, she was loved by the whole family, and everyone knew they belonged together.

Despite the fact she was 9 years younger than Ryson they made it work. Ryson and Taliah had three children Dylan, Sarah, and Piper, who were the light of their lives.


Athena was the baby of the family. She was the youngest and only girl which definitely had it's downsides like when she wanted to date.

Nathan her big brother was always trying to look out for her and it seemed like he didn't want her to have a life at all. Ryson her twin was protective but let her live a little which really want much. It was like in some ways he understood she needed to live a little and have her own live, but at the same time he didn't want her to get hurt. Her daddy though was the worst. He never wanted her to date and the first time she came home crying the boy that made her cry got a black eye.

Athena was definitely a daddies girl. From the moment she was born she had him wrapped around her little finger, her mother had always told her that all she had to do was smile and hre daddy would do anything she wanted which was kind of true.

As Athena grew up it became more and more obvious she was a lot like her mom. She had a photographic memory so school was easy for her, she was allergic to eggs, and she dated but not a lot she was holding out for the one, just like her mom did. Despite being so much like her mom she had a lot of her dad in her too. She loved spots and enjoyed archery a lot and surgery.

When Athena would got to the hospital after school to see her dad she was watch him operate and knew that was what she wanted to do.

Athena went to Harvard Med. and became surgeon, over time she trained under her father and became and plastic surgeon which seemed to surprise everyone but her mom. During her internship she met Dr. Smyth her attending and fell in love. A few years latter they were married and had two beautiful children, Marcus and Lillian.

Mark and Lexie

Two years after the twins were born Mark and Lexie got married in a local church. Their wedding day was something out of a fairytale book everything was white, crisp, and perfect. There was nothing out of place. Watching Lexie walk down the isle to pledge her love and life to him bought tears to Mark's eyes. After what seemed like the longest 37minutes in the world Lexie finally became his wife, Mrs. Alexandra Sloan. Lexie and Mark had their ups and downs like all couple but they were 100% devoted to one another and they made it work.

They had three children and six grandchildren. watching their children grow into the men and the woman they were meant to be made every heart break, all the tears shed, and every decision made whether right or wrong worth it.

Mark and Lexie were married for the rest of their lives. On Marks 98th birthday they died together in their sleep. No one was surprised they went together, from the moment the children were told their father was getting weaker they knew their mother would go with him.

That was the love they shared and that was the love each one of their children had found. Mark and Lexie's legacy was not just the lives they lived but the loved they shared and the loved they passed on to their children who would in turn share the same love with their spouse and children. It was a once in a live time, one in a million kind of love. It was true love that the Sloan family possessed and passed on from generation to generation.

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