30 Weeks (Seven Months)

It's been awhile, but not forty years later like how I look now. I thought my dad was pulling my chain when he told me that Anton, my baby, was a parasite.

My child has yet to have a heart beat. For any normal pregnancy, the baby would have been "dead". Of course, this child is not normal and I doubt he ever will be.

Abe says that once my heart stops beating Anton's will start.

The nurses were somehow able to find out the baby's gender even though the walls of my uterus are thicker than natural. It's because the flesh is swelling up with extra nutrients for the baby.

"You okay?" Adrian yawns, looking over at me.

Right now I'm sitting on the toilet with my head in between my legs trying not to cry. In six weeks I'll be thirty six weeks along, the average pregnancy rate. It's weird to think that in six weeks I could be dead.

"Come hold me?"

He walks into the bathroom and lifts my head, resting it on his stomach. My eyes start to water and I let go, crying hard against his bare skin.

It's only three in the afternoon, night time to Moroi, and I'm surprised he's still awake.

"You thinking about it again?" He asks, standing me up from the toilet.

I wasn't going to the bathroom or anything, I just liked the way the cold felt against my naked thighs. I was only wearing one of Adrian's old shirts.

"You know me so well." I whisper and grip him tightly to me.

"I do. Let's lay down." He steers me towards our bed and I collapse on in, blindly crawling into his arms in the dark.

Our house is more like a mansion. Three floors of living space (okay, the basement is one floor) with four bathrooms and eight bedrooms, not including the master. The exterior is formed like a castle and sits on eighteen acres of land. Adrian even had a barn built and we have horses; mine actually likes me unlike most animals.

Sadly, Adrian hasn't gotten the hint yet that I don't like big gifts.

I feel his fingers tugging at my shirt before he pulls it off, rubbing my breasts roughly.

"Would you like me to get your mind off of things?" He asks against my ear, sending shivers down my back.

He moves so he's hovering over me, sucking my throat softly, letting his sharp teeth graze my throat.

The way he kisses me lets me know that he doesn't want sex. He hasn't wanted sex since I started to look fifty. Though hey, could you blame him?

When I was around five months, my baby should have started moving. I'm over seven months now and he still stubbornly refuses to move. I look into Adrian's eyes and whisper a quiet, "No," and turn over, shutting my eyes against the tears that flow.

Abe is still trying to figure out a way that both my baby and I can live. The chance is very slim that we both will. I haven't really thought out of the lines of keeping my baby alive, even if it means me dying.

Before any of this started, I had, of course, wondered about how I would die. Now it seems quite obvious that I'm willing give up my life to the baby.

It's alright though; I already lost Dimitri. Does it really surprise anyone that I'm fine with dying to finally be with him? Not saying that I don't love Adrian, it's just a different type of love.

"Rose, are you ok?" Adrian murmurs against my ear, his hand resting on my protruding belly.

"Never better." I answered, adding a slight chuckle at the end.

Like hell I was ok! It's still difficult to get over the fact that I was raped by someone already dead with their Strigoi spawn growing inside of me.

I closed my eyes tighter against the tears and finally was able to get a little sleep.


The next morning I wake up to Lissa going through my closet, a maternity sweater dress and leggings already sitting on my dressing table.

"Morning, Rose." She said and smiled, "You're coming with me; I have a few errands I need to run."

I climb out of bed, not overlooking the fact that Adrian wasn't there, and walk over to my dresser. Not only had Adrian bought me a house, but he also bought me a complete new wardrobe.

I pull on a bra and panties before turning back to Lissa, who was having a field day arranging my outfit.

"Where are we going?" I put on socks when I notice the ankle boots she picks out for me.

"You're getting a hair cut."

Instinctively, my hand flies up to grip a handful of my hair.

"Never. You know I can't cut it."

"Anton's due soon. You know how babies love to grip long hair."

"Actually, I don't. I've never held a child under five in my life."

"Well, they do. Besides, isn't it about time you show off your Molnija?"

"I'll just wear my hair up. That's what I usually do."

"Rose. It's time to let go of Dimitri. No, don't." She paused as I was about to protest. "I do understand and I definitely understand how your mind works. Dimitri's dead. We're cutting your hair today." She talked as though I was a child.

When had she gotten so... outspoken?

I lean against the wall and whisper. "I'm not ready to fully be a mom yet."

"What do you mean?"

"You're going to have me get a mom cut. I'm eighteen, I don't need one of those yet."

Lissa looks at my swollen belly and sighs, walking over to me. She runs a hand through my hair and hugs me tightly to her. "Rose, you need to get real."

I bite my tongue and nod. "You're right, Liss." I push out of her arms gently and look towards the cloths, "You're already dressing me like a mom."

When I finally get clothed and we're in my car (I got my license a few weeks ago), Lissa begins to go through the news of the day.

"Mia found love." She said, applying lip gloss gingerly to her lips.

"Oh? With who?"


I nearly braked when she said his name. "Really?"

"Yeah, after your birthday I guess they hooked up."

"Hooked up?"

"As in they got together, they didn't have sex." We both laughed at that one.

I was excited that Eddie finally found someone he liked. He already had his Promise Mark and was listed as a Court Guardian but that left plenty of time for him to be with Mia.

Lissa gave me directions and finally we pulled into an expensive looking salon. Not that it mattered, I had a debit card with over a million dollars in my purse.

She leads me inside and a lady brings me into the back to wash my hair.

Turns out Lissa already scheduled my appointment and e-mailed them reference pictures through her Blackberry.

When the woman began to cut my hair, I close my eyes. My hair has reached my ass for over three years and I'm still not completely ready to lose it all.

As the draft blows air over me, I notice how much of my hair is gone. I open my eyes, letting them widen in shock, as she begins to blow dry it.

My hair now skims litter pass my jaw.

I pull my bangs behind my left ear and turn to look at Lissa. She gives me a thumbs up and I hand the woman who gave me the haircut a five dollar tip.

My first transformation of physically trying to look like a mom was complete and slowly my wardrobe changes, thanks to Lissa, were occurring too.

"I need something to eat. Anton is starving me." I announce as we stroll back outside into the car.

"What would you like?"

"Burger King."

"That's not good for the baby." She points out and I shrug.

"I don't care, Mommy needs grease."

I pull through the drive thru and order two Whoopers, a large fry, and a king sized Coke. Lissa asks for a five piece chicken tenders, a value fry, and a small Sprite.

"You're going to get fat." She says, nibbling on a French fry.

"I already am fat. I gained like twenty pounds since I got knocked up."

"That's true."

We finish our food as I pull up to the apartment her and Christian were renting.

"Thanks for the hair cut, Liss." I tell her, pulling down the window of my Porsche.

"No problem, it looks cute."

I sigh as I pull away.

Sometimes when I'm out with her it feels like old times again. It's hard to get over the fact that I'm either going to be a mom or dead in a few weeks.

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