Darkness, nothing but darkness greeted him. He could neither feel nor see anything as if he no longer had a physical body. Then memories started flashing though his consciousness bringing emotions back as well. Time with nameless friends', a school life, the acquisition of great power, mistakes successes and his final plan to bring peace to the world and his death. A feeling of confusion washed through him.

The plan had gone perfectly the world would now be at peace he'd done what he'd set out to do so why did he feel so much regret. What did he regret? Memories of a red haired girl appeared now different situations. Talking together meeting as leader and subordinate without her knowing who he was.

The unveiling of his face to her on Kamine. Her smiles tears and anger. He saw them all.

'Isupposethisismypunishmentspendingeternitywithmyregrets.' He thought.

'Thedeaddon'tfeelregret.' Echoed a voice as a small light broke the darkness slowly growing bigger.

'ThenhowcanIbefeelingregret?' He ask mentally lacking a physical mouth to speak.

'Simpleyouarenotdead' Replied the light, now it got larger he could see it was not one light but two. One pale blue the other emerald. Completely intertwined with each other. Two entities one being.

'Then what am I if I'm not dead?'

'Youarelostbetweentheworldofthelivingandtheworldofthedead.' Said another voice more feminine than the first. He noticed that this time the green light flashed rather than the blue.
'YouareaholderofcodeGeassitistimetoreturn' Said the blue light.

'Towhere?' He asked even his intelligence confused by what they were saying

This time both lights spoke together. 'Tolife.LeloucheViBritannia.'

And bright light engulfed the darkness.

OK this is what happens when I start thinking about an idea and it takes over. This little story that has prevented me from Writing anything else. I could not get it out of my head. Hopefully getting this prologue and chapter 1 done will free me for a bit. If anyone wants to know what I will update next I have absolutely NO IDEA. I can direct what I write to some extent but I am just a servant to the pen, paper and my muse.

Note: The Document manager is throwing a hissy fit with all the italics in this chap and removed all the spaces in every italic sentence but one. I've tried to fix it but it's being most uncooperative.