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The sound of Lelouch hitting the floor for the 5th time in about a minute. Courtesy of Shadow who now stood over him.

It was rapidly becoming apparent to the former Britannian emperor that he hadn't quite realized what he'd agreed to. At least at first.

Shadow and Seraph had brought him and C.C. to their 'hideout'. Which was more like a state of the art underground special operations barracks than a place for two people to hide.

Anyway right after they had arrived, Shadow and Seraph had explained that they would evaluate him first before they went about anything.

That was how Lelouch found himself in a training room getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter, with dressing and trimmings, by Shadow.

With a grunt Lelouch pushed himself painfully back to his feet. Bing immortal and having regenerative abilities didn't stop pain apparently.

As soon as he was back up again the violet eyed immortal took very rough stance. Fully expecting Shadow to continue, Though now as a test of endurance rather than combat ability.

However Shadow didn't make a move choosing to look at him curiously.

"Why?" Asked the blond.

Lelouch was confused. What did he mean by that?

Apparently his confusion showed as Shadow continued.

"Why did you get up? Why did you agree to our preposal? What is your reason?"

Lelouch growled in annoyance it sounded as if the older immortal was questioning his resolve.

"Why are you asking this?" He snapped back. "It's not as if you don't already know."

Shadow narrowed his eyes on the former emperor. "I think you have me confused with someone else. Reading a person's mind without permission is hardly polite."

Lelouch frowned not sure how to respond. Particularly with how serious shadow had sounded.

The other immortal then shrugged seemingly shedding his serious fa├žade with the motion.

"Not that I can blame you for thinking like that. Given your past experience with a mind reader."

Then like putting back on a coat Shadow was serious again.

"Now back on subject . Why did you get back up?"

Leleouch looked at his fellow immortal with curiosity for a moment before answering.

"The test isn't over. You may have finished testing my unarmed combat ability but you still have to test my stamina and pain threshold."

Shadow raised an eyebrow but otherwise didn't react. "Logically and clearly deducted. Your intelligence is something we clearly don't need to work on. Though I think teaching you to trust your instincts more would be beneficial."

The former prince blinked in surprise at the quick analysis of him from a single question.

"Ok." Continued Shadow. "Now the important one. Why are you doing this?"

As soon as he heard it Lelouch knew his answer to that question. The faces of those who he had betrayed their trust, lied to and become their enemy. One look of betrayal in particular stood at the forefront a certain red head who had trusted him implicitly.

Even in his memories she was beautiful.

After this moments pause he gave his answer. "There are a lot of people I need to meet again. To apologize and explain everything I did." He paused "One person in particular. I don't care for forgiveness. I don't deserve it for everything I've done. I just wish for them to understand." He said solemnly.

Shadow nodded smiling. "A good answer. Seeking understanding with no care for their forgiveness. We were lucky to find you."

"Guilt is a powerful motivator for change in a peron." Lelouch replied.

Shadow looked at the raven-haired young man in front of him for a moment analyzing both him and his reply.

"If you don't mind me asking is this particular person of yours Kallen?"

Lelouch frowned unsure of the reasoning behind the question but answered truthfully. "Yes."

"Do you love her?" The directness of the question caught the former prince off guard. He wasn't sure what to make of it but Shadow's expression was completely serious.

To be honest he hadn't thought about that. To be honest now he did think about it he had always forced the issue aside as a distraction. Perhaps that had been foolish but he had chosen his path. He thought back over past actions, both his and hers. How he acted how he felt. How he trusted her. She was his knight. No. His queen. He let himself a mental smile. That day in Shinjiku he had given her the designation Q1, The queen, the most powerful piece. Despite her being in a damaged and out of date Knightmare. It hadn't made sense to him then it had been a random decision or one based on the fact that she was clearly a woman over the radio. Whatever the reason she was the queen to his king.

With his mind made up he replied. "Yes. I do."

Shadows serious face was split by a smile.

"I assume you don't intend to act on this. Isn't it possible she feels the same?" Said the older immortal now sounding like a father giving advice to his son.

Lelouch looked down at the floor. "She may have once." He replied Remembering the kiss at the Japanese embassy "But I doubt she does anymore. Not after what I've done."

Shadow chuckled slightly.

"A logical conclusion. However love is a matter of the heart not the mind. Logic rarely applies." He said pointing at Lelouch's chest then head.

The violet-eyed immortal looked up at his mentor.

"Why are you saying this. I don't des-" He was silenced by a small wave from Shadow.

"You brought peace to this world. For that you deserve at least a measure of happiness. Now I've told you, that you have a chance to be with this girl. If it presents itself will you take it and how will you go about doing it?"

Lelouch froze as his mind shifted into higher gear. It would not work if one of them was immortal and the other not. He could loose his immortality through a contractor. No that would take too long and C.C. had spent at least a few hundred years trying.

Wait C.C. Yes. But would Kallen accept it? He could only hope.

"I would. And I know what I'd do."

The blond immortal nodded. "Good. We're done here. Come on." He said turning to leave.

"Wait what about the test of endurance and pain threshold?" Asked the younger immortal.

Shadow paused at the door. "If your resolve and reason are strong then knowing those limits are pointless as you can surpass them when you have need to." He explained before disappearing through the door.

Lelouch blinked so it had been a test. Allowing himself a smirk he followed.

The rest of the day was spent testing his abilities, Knightmare piloting, Acting, disguises, psychology weapon accuracy. Until Shadow and Seraph knew everything they needed to work on.

The next day the 'molding' as the Immortal couple called it began.

Seraph had opened by saying, "I would say welcome to hell. But unfortunately for you this is worse than that."

She hadn't been kidding.

Over the next few moths he wondered several times if the pair was actually trying to kill him. Immortality be damned. Each day would push him too his limits and beyond. The mornings being dedicated to physical activities until he could not longer move then he would be forced to continue.

The afternoons and evenings were more flexible. Varying between Knightmare piloting, disguises, psychological analysis and to his surprise strategy. Mainly going over his past mistakes and how not to make them again.

They also drilled on lesson into him one that, if he had learnt it sooner, may have prevented the betrayal of the black knights. To trust in others.

2 months later

Lelouch let out a groan as he awoke. He half expected Shadow or Seraph to crash into his room and, literally, tip him out of bed. However the lack of such event left him confused. That was when he remembered. The training was done. Not up to the level of his mentors but certainly enough to make his task easier.

He had asked them why they needed him when they were clearly superior to him. He remembered their reply quite clearly.

""We live in the dark. You live in the light."

It had taken a while to realize the actual meaning. They never acted directly keeping themselves secret. Invisible reinforcements for those who are worthy of it. They couldn't stop a war or end one and so they needed him who could act directly.

He let out a sigh. The tasks that lay ahead would be hard but he was ready for them and the war that was apparently to come.

With another groan he got up.

A short while later.

Lelouch found all 3 other occupants of the base in the large hanger that acted as the central point.

Almost as soon as he entered a blue hakama and straw hat were shoved into his arms.

Looking around he realized the other were in similar garb looking like traditional Japanese farmers. Though C.C. lacked the hat and Shadow and Seraph had a earthy green instead of the blue he had. There was even a large straw cart and donkey, with a full load of straw, sitting in the middle of the large space.

"Where are we going?" He asked. Putting on the clothes he had been given over what he was already wearing.

Shadow and Seraph smiled. "First. We're going pick up a few things. Including a present for you." Said Seraph


"Then we're going to school." Explained Shadow. "Does Ashford Academy sound familiar?"

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