This is a story version of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders. It will go into greater detail than the anime version, adding in new chapters in order to focus on further developing certain characters. Also some characters will be removed and others added, along with other small changes, but the overall story will remain the same.

Here is a list of the characters in this story version of Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders:

The Battle Brawlers

Daniel 'Dan' Kuso

Age: 16

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Helix Dragonoid-800g, Lumino Dragonoid-900g, Blitz Dragonoid-1000g, Dragonoid Colossus-4000g

Battle Gear: JetKor-100g, Cross Buster-100g, Axator Gear-100g, Nukix-100g, Beamblitzer-100g, Blasteroid-100g

Shun Kazami

Age: 17

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Hawktor-700g

Battle Gear: Swayther-100g

Marucho Marukura

Age: 15

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Akwimos-700g

Battle Gear: Gigarth-100g

Julie Makimoto

Age: 16

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Coredem-700g

Battle Gear: Rock Hammer-100g

Ren Krawler

Age: 16

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Linehalt-800g

Battle Gear: Boomix-100g

Fabia Sheen

Age: 16

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Aranaut-700g

Battle Gear: Battle Crusher-100g

The Twelve Orders

Emperor Barodius

Age: 31

Attribute: Darkus

Guardian Bakugan: Dharak-900g, Phantom Dharak-1000g, Dharak Colossus-3900/4000g

Battle Gear: AirKor-100g, Smashtor-500g, Riptor-500g


Age: 27

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Krakix-800g

Battle Gear: Vicer-100g


Age: 24

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Strikeflier-800g

Battle Gear: Battle Turbine-100g


Age: 28

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Lumagrowl-800g

Battle Gear: Barias Gear-100g


Age: 58

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Sabator-800g

Battle Gear: Chompixx-100g


Age: 22

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Lythirus-800g

Battle Gear: Razoid-100g

Ren's Team

Sid Arcale

Age: 17

Attribute: Pyrus

Guardian Bakugan: Rubanoid-700g

Battle Gear: Destrakon Gear-100g

Lena Isis

Age: 16

Attribute: Aquos

Guardian Bakugan: Phosphos-700g

Battle Gear: TerrorCrest-100g

Mason Brown

Age: 16

Attribute: Subterra

Guardian Bakugan: Avior-700g

Battle Gear: Lashor-100g

Zenet Surrow

Age: 15

Attribute: Haos

Guardian Bakugan: Contestir-700g

Battle Gear: Spartablaster-100g

Jesse Glenn

Age: 16

Attribute: Ventus

Guardian Bakugan: Plitheon-700g

Battle Gear: Vilantor Gear-100g

Other Characters

Queen Serena

Captain Elright

Linus Claude

Runo Misaki

Miyoko Kuso



Barodius' Father