Chapter 2: Revelation

In the deep inky blackness of space, far flung from the Milky Way Galaxy, there was a huge barren, lifeless planet, completely devoid of any life either vegetation or animal. There was no sun anywhere near the planet, which shrouded it almost completely in darkness. It had huge craters all around its surface that went deep down into its core, a more depressing or frightening that had never been seen. But deep inside those craters it was a very different story; a vast city was built underneath the planet's surface, stretching out as far as the eye could see, different buildings of various shapes and sizes dotted the landscape, with a wide river running through it. Despite there being no sun, the inside of the planet was quite well lit by the eerie luminous green lights of the buildings.

In the middle of the city was a gigantic black castle; it had six arm like structures with curving blades surrounding its top half, the arms curved upwards like the opening of some demonic flower. Inside the arms was a single pointed tower like a sorcerer's cap with four huge green windows around it, the tower was topped off by four more curving blades, with lines of green energy flowing from the blades on the arms to these. The castle was surrounded a huge moat, with six pathways leading inside the castle spread out around it.

Inside the tower of the castle was a huge circular room with two sets of enormous black marble pillars running in a straight line from one end of the room to the other. The ceiling was so high that the pillars disappeared into darkness. The room was lit by torches in brackets that burned with a strange greenish glow, adding to the sinister nature of the place. There was a long red carpet running from the huge golden double doors that marked the entrance of the room to a large black and silver scorpion shaped structure at the other end of the room, opposite the doors. The structure opened out in the middle, showing a flight of steps that led up to an area where six figures were gathered.

Three of them were kneeling in front of one of the figures who sat on a black and golden throne in the centre of the area with two others standing on either side of it; these three were standing on a platform that was slightly raised up from the platform the others were kneeling on. The figures themselves were roughly humanoid in shape, with grey scaly skin covering their bodies; a yellowish horn-like plate grew their foreheads and continued all the way around their heads, they also had greyish blue marks under their eyes and on their necks, and their ears were pointed. They all wore elaborate robes of silk, lace and velvet, each one wearing a different colour. There were five males and one female in total.

The male standing on the right side of the figure who sat on the throne had bright fiery red hair with yellow snake-like eyes and angular facial features. His robes were dark red with a lighter red trim, and dark brown fire shaped symbols on it. There was a light green belt covering his waist, the underarms of his sleeves were white with orange stones on the wrists and a ring of pale yellow fur around the cuff. He wore dark brown trousers and red boots the same shade as his robe; a flowing pale red cape with a white inner lining hung from his shoulders with a high collar that was cut into the shape of flames. On his right shoulder he wore a golden pad with green stones set into it, he also had a pure gold collar set around the neck of his robes. He had a tall and lithe figure, and although he looked to be only in his late twenties, the muscles were evident in his arms and neck underneath his robes.

"Nurzak, were you successful in locating the source of the dimensional disturbance?" He asked one of the figures on the ground, his voice was a deep baritone, but still carried with it the ring of youth.

The person in question was the man kneeling in the middle of the three figures on the ground.

Nurzak had an auburn coloured beard and moustache, the top part of his head was completely bald, but the sides were covered with shoulder length auburn hair. His brow was deeply furrowed and there were wrinkles starting to show underneath his eyes, but the muscles in his arms, legs and chest still showed even more prominently than those of the young man standing above him. He wore brown coloured robes, which looked almost Arabian; with a high darker brown collar with green stones set into it and, the sleeves of his robes were pale purple in colour with orange coloured stones on the wrists. A diamond shaped orange and yellow belt covered his waist, and the flowing bottom part of his robes were a mixture of dark brown and purple with purple trousers and dark brown, curved sultan-like shoes covered his feet. A long orange cloak, with a peach coloured inner lining flowed from his shoulders onto the floor. If he was standing he would have easily towered over all others present, being easily seven foot tall.

Nurzak looked up and addressed the man sitting above him on the throne.

"As per your orders Emperor Barodius I immediately began my search, and it led me a virtual gaming interface on the planet Earth, known as Bakugan Interspace. It seems that during a recent battle the energy exerted by one of the combatant Bakugan caused an explosion of energy, the fallout of which extended all the way to our world." He spoke in deep clipped tones, but his voice carried with it an air of authority, power and wisdom.

At this the man kneeling on Nurzak's left spoke up; he was the shortest and clearly the youngest of the six gathered, he couldn't have been more than twenty-two or twenty-three. He had long, pale, orange hair that fell down to his waist; it was tied up at the end. He wore dark blue robes with aqua blue stones set into the wrists of his sleeves, the cuffs of which were black, the heavy collar of his robes was paler blue than the rest with yellow markings on it, an orange belt covered his waist and the rest of his robe below it flowed out like a cape with a white inner lining to it. His trousers were the same shade of blue as his collar with black markings on the backs of them. He wore pointed dark blue boots with aqua coloured stones set into them.

"That must have been one powerful Bakugan!" He exclaimed excitedly. His voice was screechy and high pitched, "If it created an explosion so big that it rocked our world…." He trailed off giggling psychotically with a twisted grin on his face.

At this the man kneeling on Nurzak's right twisted around sharply to glare at him. He wasn't very much older than the other man, but not by much, perhaps two or three years. His hair was green in colour, but it was so pale it was almost white, it was also long but it only came down to below his neck. He wore a strange pointed silver headpiece on his head that cause his hair to come out in a ponytail, part of his hair also fell down over his face, so that one of his red eyes was always hidden depending on what angle you looked at him. He wore dark green robes with a heavy pale blue collar with a pale red interior. He wore a black and orange belt around his waist and the bottom half of his robes flowed out in five directions like the petals of a flower, with circular yellow stones and dark pink line-like patterns on them, his robe sleeves and trousers were pale yellow in colour, with brighter yellow stones on the knees of his trousers and the same pink patterns on around them. He also wore bright green, pointed boots.

"There's nothing funny about this Stoica! Maybe you should take things seriously for once; this could affect us all gravely!" He snarled. His voice was young, but had a certain growling edge to it.

Stoica however didn't appear concerned by his colleague's anger.

"Oh relax Airzel!" He brushed off with another wicked grin.

The man sitting in the throne, Emperor Barodius, who had remained silent and watchful throughout the entire discussion, now spoke up. He was in his early thirties with long, pale, purple hair that fell down to the small of his back and the sides of his neck. He was well built, tall and powerful with a commanding presence. He wore a dark purple robe with a black trim, a grey interior robe with black markings, and black pointed wardrobe shoulders with a large green stone set into each one. Unlike the others; his belt was made up of golden ovals, with green stones set into them. He wore black trousers and black, purple and red pointed boots, from his shoulders hung a long, tattered, white cape. He sat with his legs crossed, resting his head on his fist, which was resting against the right arm of his throne. He looked across to the woman who was standing to the left of his throne.

"Kazarina, what do you have to say? As the director of the Bakugan Biology and Research Centre what is your opinion on the matter, is it possible that such a mighty creature could exist?" His voice was quite, but was also deep and cold, as chilling as a sudden blast a freezing cold air.

Kazarina, unlike the others, had blue scaly skin instead of grey. She had violet eyes and long pale, blonde hair that was tied up into a long flowing ponytail. She also wore a golden headpiece above her horned plate. She wore a long white dress which complimented the perfect curves of her body. The dress was long enough to cover her red high-heeled shoes, and the sleeves of her dress were long and flowing with pale yellow markings on the back of them. The white collar of her dress also covered her back and was designed in the shape of flower petals. She also wore golden shoulder pads with red spikes and greenish-blue stones set into them.

"Well Stoica made a valid point about how powerful the Bakugan who created the explosion was." Her voice was high and slightly girlish, but still deep enough to distinguish her as a woman in her late twenties, "Unfortunately none of my research has demonstrated that such a mighty Bakugan other than yours your highness could even exist." She finished with a slight bow to the emperor.

The man in the red robe who had followed Kazarina's every word with rapt attention now spoke up.

"Well, well, well. Something about the Bakugan that even the brilliant Kazarina finally doesn't know." His voice was dripping with mockery and sarcasm.

Kazarina narrowed her eyes and let out a small sigh of annoyance at this.

Barodius however didn't appear concerned; he stared out into the distance deep in thought.

"A Bakugan as powerful as Dharak? I wouldn't have believed it possible." He mused to himself, "But it is still highly unlikely; no other Bakugan either here on Gundalia or on Neathia is as powerful as Dharak, and no Bakugan on Vestroia could come anywhere near to matching his strength…But whatever the case I must be sure." He turned to face the man standing beside him, "Gill, you wish to win this war as much as I do, is that not right brother?" He asked the red robed man standing beside him.

"Of course sire." Gill stated, quickly straightening up and facing the emperor, his voice switching from mocking sarcasm to profound respect in an instant.

A slight smile appeared on Barodius' face, "Then you'll agree that if such a mighty creature does exist we cannot afford to have it join our enemy's side, correct?"

"Absolutely your highness." Gill said firmly and resolutely.

"Then get word to our agents on Earth that we want this Bakugan identified and brought into our stable." Barodius ordered firmly.

"Yes sire, as you command." Gill finished with a bow.

The next morning Dan was sitting at his usual spot at the café, he had ordered a Coke but hadn't touched it. Despite Ren's advice he hadn't slept a wink last night, he couldn't stop thinking about the dream he had about the warring Bakugan. Everyone else had insisted that it was just a hallucination brought on by Dan getting himself so worked up with excitement during his battle with Ren, but they weren't the ones who had seen it, it had just seemed so real.

"I'm not crazy, what I saw wasn't a dream!" Dan thought determinedly.

"Dan?" A girl's voice said, causing Dan to jump. He looked up and saw that it was just Julie who was looking at him in deep concern. "You've been sitting here like a zombie all afternoon. Were you daydreaming more about the dream warring Bakugan?" She asked.

"What I saw was the real thing! I swear it." Dan implored her.

Julie smiled sympathetically and took the seat opposite him. "Have you talked to Runo lately; I'm sure she'd like to hear about it."

Dan sighed sadly, "I tried to get a hold of her on online last night but she wasn't available." Dan rubbed the bridge of his nose with his fingers and stared into space.

"I wish you were here Runo, you always keep me on the right track." He thought sadly.

Later that day at the Marukura mansion Marucho and Ren were sitting at the dining table having dinner; the starter was Cress Soup, with bread rolls. Both of them had just finished checking up on the arena Dan and Ren had battled in to make sure that there were no problems.

"Running Bakugan Interspace has really wiped me out; I slept like a log last night, how 'bout you?" Marucho asked Ren and he sipped at his soup.

Ren was sitting at the other end of the table opposite Marucho, but he had hardly touched his soup. He just sat there with his hands folded underneath his chin, staring into the cream coloured liquid.

"Yep." He simply answered.

Marucho took another sip of his soup as he searched for something else to say, he noticed that Ren still seemed very distracted, he had hardly spoken a word earlier that day as well, and he was becoming increasingly concerned.

"So…uh… I was thinking, after dinner we could have a look at the system again." He tried in an attempt to start a conversation, "Just to make sure we fixed all the damage. I'm pretty sure we're good, but I think that maybe…" he trailed off as Ren still didn't look up or respond to him at all.

"Sure." Ren replied, still not taking is eyes off his bowl.

Marucho's butler Kato, who had been standing near Marucho then spoke up, "Is everything alright with you sir?"

This shook Ren out of his stupor and he looked up at Kato, "Yes I'm fine thank you."

"You seem distracted Ren, talk to me." Marucho asked kindly.

Ren turned to face Marucho looking slightly surprised.

"You and I are responsible for Bakugan Interspace. We're partners, if there's something wrong please tell me, I'm always here for you." He added with a smile.

"Please excuse me; I'll leave you two gentlemen to your discussion." Kato said with a bow before he left the room, leaving Marucho and Ren alone.

Ren sucked at his bottom lip, clearly unsure how to put what he had to say to Marucho.

"Actually I've been thinking about the vision that Dan had." He said finally.

It didn't surprise Marucho that this was what had been eating at Ren all day, after all he was just as concerned for his friend's wellbeing, "I'm worried too, he keeps talking about it like it was real but I think the explosion must have done a number on him."

Ren hesitated, choosing his next words very carefully, he knew that the time had finally come, "Well…I actually do know something about his visions, but first I must confess something."

Marucho frowned slightly, "Go on…" He said slowly.

"It's me." Ren replied.

"What about you?" Marucho asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I am not actually from this planet." Ren said stoically, "I am actually…"

"An alien?" Marucho asked quietly.

Ren nodded his head slowly.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Marucho sudden yell of disbelief could be heard all around the house causing his mother to accidentally knock over and shatter a priceless, irreplaceable vase that she had been dusting, and his father to upset an ink bottle over a contract that he was about to sign which would give him a share in a piece of land that was the source of Bolivia's water supply.

That afternoon, as the sun was just starting to set in the sky, casting a pinkish red glow over the land Dan and Julie were riding walking back to their houses with their bicycles. Dan had been unusually quite during their walk, and Julie could sense that he still had the vision he had seen yesterday on his mind, she had to do something to take him mind off of it.

"Dan it's not that I don't want to believe you, but I was there too, you were only out a few seconds, what else could it have been but a dream?" Julie tried to reason.

"Great Julie, you think I'm crazy too." Dan said resignedly

"No, no that's not what I'm trying to say." Julie said hastily, this wasn't going to plan at all, "What I mean is-"

She didn't get a chance to finish her sentence, because at that moment, both of their Baku-Meters started flashing.

"It's the Brawlers emergency beacon." Dan said in surprise,

"It's coming from Marucho." Julie said as she recognised the Aquos symbol flashing on the screen.

"C'mon let's go!" Dan said as they both mounted their bikes and sped off in the direction of Interspace.

Meanwhile in a quite secluded spot outside of his dojo, Shun was meditating on top of rock, when his own Baku-Meter started to flash.

Dan, Julie and Shun arrived at Bakugan Interspace at the same time and warped into the system, they had just arrived in the middle of the main courtyard beside the fountain when they met Marucho and Ren walking towards them.

"We got the call, what's up?" Dan asked.

"Is everything okay?" Shun asked in concern.

"It is, but we should go to my office to talk." Marucho replied. He had such a serious expression on his face that Dan thought someone must have died.

Marucho's office was a circular room with a large circular table in them, middle and six revolving chairs around it. Ren waited until everyone was seated before he explained to them what he had to Marucho. They took it about as well as he could have expected any normal person to in that kind of situation.

"What did you say?" Dan cried in disbelief.

"An alien?" Julie gasped in shock.

"I'm sorry to have to spring the news on you like this. I completely understand if you're angry, but for now we have more pressing issues to attend to." Ren said evenly.

Shun who had remained quite throughout the whole of this now spoke up, "We're listening, so let's have it." He said quietly.

Ren took a deep breath and began to explain, "I come from a planet in a distant galaxy called, Gundalia. Much like you humans here on Earth we existed peacefully with our Bakugan. But then one day, a hostile race called the Neathians invaded our planet using their Bakugan." Ren wrinkled his nose in obvious disgust at this unpleasant memory, "I'm pretty sure that Dan's vision of warring Bakugan was coming from my world. This is just pure speculation, but I believe that the explosion from Drago and Linehalt's battle must have caused some kind of distortion which allowed Dan's mind to travel there in its unconscious state." Ren finished and story and waited to see who the rest of them would react.

Dan sat in complete silence as he digested what Ren had told him; although he had questions he wasn't sure if he should be the one to speak first as they others hadn't made any response to Ren's story either. Finally it was Drago, who had been sitting on Dan's shoulder in closed Ball Form, who broke the silence. "So the legends are true. I remember hearing the stories when I was a young Dragonoid growing up on Vestroia, but I thought they were just fables."

"What stories Drago?" Dan asked his partner.

"A long time ago when the core of Vestroia split and it became the world of the six attributes, the enormous amount of energy that was created was said to have transported some Bakugan all the way to another galaxy." Drago explained.

"What exactly caused Vestroia to split in the first place Drago?" Dan asked, he had always wondered how Vestroia had ended up being split into six worlds, before Drago restored it.

"No one knows Dan, and those Bakugan that could tell us are long since dead." His partner replied sombrely.

At this Julie turned to face Ren, "Even if all that you've said is true, it still doesn't explain what you're doing on Earth." She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"The Neathian Bakugan were bred to be soldiers from birth, whereas the Bakugan on Gundalia were raised in an atmosphere of peace and calm. Because of that we lack the skills to evenly match them in battle." Ren answered sadly. "Our peaceful existence has been attacked by these Neathians and our very freedom is at stake!" Ren suddenly burst out in a pained tone, but it was more to himself than the rest of them. "I too heard the legends, but in reverse, of Bakugan existing in other worlds." He said as he returned his attention to them, "I also heard rumours of a group of mighty warriors known as the Bakugan Battle Brawlers." He added hesitantly, unsure of how they would react to this.

Shun immediately understood what Ren was getting at, but he was still uneasy. "And now I suppose you want our help, but why should we believe you?" He asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Perhaps you'd like to see the cities of my planet that have been left in ruins?" Ren asked sternly, "Or the bodies of the countless brave Gundalian soldiers and Bakugan who gave their lives to try and protect our planet? Or maybe even the Neathian moles that have already infiltrated Bakugan Interspace?" Ren finished in a low voice.

At this all of the Brawlers gasped.

"You mean like sleeper agents? What do they want?" Dan managed to splutter.

"The same thing I do of course; to recruit the Battle Brawlers to their side so that they can crush their enemies once and for all!" Ren exclaimed with a fierce fire burning in his eyes.

"B.I is not for war!" Marucho cried out, slamming his fist onto the table.

"I understand, my people never asked to be attacked. And we'd like the fighting to be over as soon as possible." Ren agreed calmly. "This is why I've come to you Battle Brawlers. So please, will you help me?" He pleaded.

Dan clenched his fists and let out a growl of frustration. It was bad enough that there were still those out there who were trying to use the Bakugan to fulfil their own selfish desires, but these Neathians had crossed the line be trying to recruit children from Earth as soldiers. "I'm fed up with people using the Bakugan for evil reasons!" He snarled.

"Yeah, we can't let these Neathy Creeps get away with this!" Julie agreed.

"They infiltrated Bakugan Interspace to try and recruit soldiers when it was meant to be used to entertainment purposes! They're gonna pay for that!" Marucho growled.

"We have to do everything we can to protect the kids inside." Shun put in.

Dan stood up and smiled over at Ren, "Okay! It's unanimous. We're in, you can count on us!"

Relief washed over Ren's face and he let out a sigh of relief as he had been holding his breath, while he waited for them to make their decision "Thank you for agreeing to help out. Gundalia will be forever in your debt." He said with a gratuitous smile.

Ren then activated the screen that was built into the table. "I've managed to identify two sleeper agents." He explained as he brought up the profiles of two of the registered Brawlers in Bakugan Interspace, "They are Sid Arcale and Lena Isis."

Meanwhile outside in Bakugan Interspace Sid and Lena were on the prowl throughout the streets looking for opponents to battle.

Sid was a tall, well-built boy of seventeen. He had a brutal face with blonde hair and green eyes. He wore a dark red jacket with black shoulder pads over a white t-shirt. He also wore light blue jeans with brown strapped boots.

Lena was a tall, thin girl of sixteen with ice blue coloured eyes, dark blue hair, part of which was tied into a bun, she also wore spectacles. So wore a long, light blue, sleeveless dress with a darker blue trim over a maroon coloured shirt and skirt. On her legs she wore skin-tight trousers and boots of the same blue shades as her dress.

So far their day hadn't exactly been a fruitful one in terms of opponent's to battle, but then Sid spotted two young boys over by the fountain that looked promising. He nudged Lena and motioned with his head in the boys direction, Lena observed them for a moment before nodding her head, they then made their way over to them.

"Hey, you two nose wipes. How about taking us on in Battle?" Sid said loudly. His voice was deep and rough, and his demand was so sudden that it took the two boys completely by surprise, and they glanced up nervously at Sid's towering form.

Lena saw this and realised she quickly had to intervene before Sid scared away two more potential Brawlers.

"Just a little friendly Brawl." She reassured them in as soft a voice as she could muster, before shooting at sharp glare at Sid out of the corner of her eye.

"You wanna?" One of the boys asked her companion nervously.

At this point Sid lost his patience, "What, do you need permission from your mothers? Give us an answer!" He snarled at them, clenching his fist threateningly.

At this the two boys gasped in fright, and ran off into the crowd.

Sid growled in frustration as the two ran away, causing Lena to let out a sigh of exasperation, "Could you have been any more menacing?" She snapped, "That's the third pair you've cost us today.

Before Sid could think of a scathing enough retort a voice sounded out behind them.

"Excuse me you two."

Sid and Lena turned around to see that it was Marucho who had addressed them, standing behind him were the other four members of the Battle Brawlers, each of them were staring at them with hard looks on their faces.

"Any chance you two are Sid and Lena?" Marucho asked them. He spoke politely, but you could easily tell that he was preparing himself for a fight; his fists were slightly clenched and his shoulders were tense.

"Depends on who's asking." Lena answered coldly.

Dan gritted his teeth in anger; he might have known these Neathian moles would be stuck up snobs, "We are! The Battle Brawlers!" Dan spat at her.

"Great. Now that we're well acquainted with each other who about you tell us what you want?" She asked with sarcasm and indifference.

"We heard you two were looking to battle so we're here to grant you your wish." Marucho waited patiently for an answer, but Lena just gave him a sly smile, that was when Marucho decided to drop the formalities and let these two know who they were dealing with, "Bakugan Interspace is for gaming not war, I won't let you Neathians exploit it for those purposes!" He snapped at them.

Sid smiled smugly at Marucho, but Dan never seen anything less like a smile; it was a taunt leer, more threatening than a look of rage. "Easy now, we're just here to have fun." He said in a low hiss.

Dan snorted; despite the fact that Sid was about a full head taller than him he was just about to punch him in the jaw, when Lena said, "Alright, if it's a fight you want we will be more than happy to oblige you."

The seven of them then made their way to arena A1, but Sid and Lena were surprised to find it completely empty, clearly they had been expecting an audience for this battle.

Marucho turned to face them with a smug smile, "Since you guys like secrecy so much, I booked us a private arena to do battle in."

Dan punched his fist into his open palm, "We can go full on in here, no holds barred!" He told them enthusiastically, maybe even a little too enthusiastically Ren privately thought to himself.

"That's just how we like it." Lena replied with her cold, confident smile.

"So, which two rodents are going to take us on?" Sid asked, cracking his fist threateningly.

Dan let out a small laugh, "That'll be me and-"

"Me, so get ready to be taken down!" Marucho said, stepping up beside Dan.

Once everyone had taken up their positions at the opposite ends of the arena, and Shun, Julie and Ren taken their place in the seats behind Dan and Marucho the announcer's voice sounded out.

"The Bakugan Battle will commence with Dan and Marucho facing off against Sid and Lena. The Bakugan field is open!" On the huge screen at the right of the arena it showed Dan, Marucho, Sid and Lena's Life Gauges filling up to 100% each as the arena field glowed white, signalling that the Bakugan could materialise in their true forms on it

"I'll get this party started." Sid said as he brought out a Gate Card.

"Gate Card set!" he cried as he threw it down before grabbing his Bakugan.

"Bakugan Brawl!" Sid growled shouted as he threw his Bakugan down.

"Bakugan Stand! Rise Pyrus Rubanoid!" He commanded as his Bakugan opened up and materialised into its true form in a burst of red light.

This Pyrus Bakugan resembled a Dragon, but its entire body was made up of various shades of rubies as its name suggested. Its pointed head, arms, chest and tail were of a darker shade than the rest of its body that it almost looked dark brown. Its wings were made up of huge gemstones tightly locked together. On the top of its head were three pointed yellow gems that were supposed to resemble spikes or horns, it also had two large ones on each side of its chest and on both of its knees of the same colour as its head spikes. Its teeth, claws and the gems that made up the spike on the end of its tail were also yellow in colour, and it had two bright emeralds set into its head for eyes. Dan had never before seen in his life a stranger looking Bakugan.


Despite this Dan wasn't concerned, he was not going to lose to these alien invaders who ruthlessly used both children and Bakugan for their own ends, "Head's up Drago!" He said as he griped his partner tightly in his hand.

"Bakugan Brawl!" He shouted as he hurled him down.

"Bakugan Stand! Go Pyrus Helix Dragonoid!" He commanded as Drago appeared with a roar.

Helix Dragonoid-800g VS Rubanoid-700g

Sid smiled, "He doesn't look so tough." He said smugly, before pulling out an ability card.

"Ability Activate: Corundum Tusk."

Helix Dragonoid-800g VS Rubanoid-1000g (+300)

Rubanoid growled before raising his right hand out in front of him, his four clawed hand glowed red as an aura of heat enveloped his claws allowing him to fire red coloured daggers of extreme heat at Drago, who just managed to fly out of their path in time, but Sid wasn't done yet.

"Ability Activate: Jewel Deeper."

Helix Dragonoid-800g VS Rubanoid-1400g (+400)

Rubanoid opened his maw and shot a beam of reddish-white energy at Drago, who managed to turn in mid-air to avoid it, but then the beam curved back around to attack Drago again, who nearly didn't manage to blow himself out of the way before it hit him.

"Enough of this ballet nonsense!" Dan snapped in anger before pulling out an ability of his own.

"Ability Activate: Burning Reflector."

Helix Dragonoid-800g VS Rubanoid-1000g (-400)

Drago opened his mouth and breathed out a flaming circular shield which dissipated the beam when it hit it, but Dan still had another ace up his sleeve.

"Pucker up!" Dan shouted as he pulled out two ability cards.

"Double Ability Activate: Galactic Dragon + Fusion Ability: Dragon Impulse."

Helix Dragonoid-1800g (+1000) VS Rubanoid-1000g

Drago shot a fireball from his mouth at Rubanoid, and then he quickly followed it up by creating another fireball from both of his bare hands, only this one was a darker red to the one he shot from his mouth. He spun around before hurling this fireball at Rubanoid as well. The two fireballs met in mid-air before combining into one huge fireball that completely engulfed the ruby dragon Bakugan when it hit him.

The attack didn't seem to faze Rubanoid however as gemstone body didn't appear damaged by the flames.

"Looks like your attacks have a little kick to them!" He growled at Drago. His voice had a rough, scratchy edge to it, like he had smoked too many cigarettes all his life.

"What!" Drago gasped in surprise, he hadn't expected Rubanoid to be a fully sentient Bakugan like he was.

Dan was just as surprised, "Whoa! That one can talk!" He gasped.

"That means he's not a digital clone then." Marucho added, with his eyes narrowed.

"Remember; the Neathians use real Bakugan in battle." Ren explained to Shun and Julie, "They might be from a different planet, but they still come from the same lineage as the Bakugan from New Vestroia."

"Whoa, that's pretty cool." Julie said she was clearly impressed against her will at the Bakugan the Neathians wielded.

Shun was the only one who had remained calm throughout all of this, "Real or digital Drago will still win this battle." He said, undiscouraged.

It was then that Marucho stepped up to the plate, "Okay. It's my turn now." He said, his face set with determination and Dan couldn't help but smile a little; if only these two knew what surprises the little Aquos genius might have in store for them.

"Bakugan Brawl!" He shouted as he grabbed his Bakugan and threw it down with all his might.

"Bakugan Stand! C'mon Aquos Akwimos!" Marucho commanded as his partner opened up and appeared in a vortex of water.

Helix Dragonoid-1800g/Akwimos-700g VS Rubanoid-1000g

Akwimos resembled a merman, not unlike Elico. The arms, legs, and chest of his whitish-blue body were partly covered with blue armour with a lighter aqua blue trim. His hands and feet were webbed, like those of a seabird or marine animal, a large fin spread out across the top of his head, and he had red swimming goggles with black lenses covering his eyes.

Julie was surprised at the sight of Marucho's new brawling partner, "Huh? I thought Preyas or Elfin was Marucho's brawling partner?" She asked Shun in confusion.

"They, along with Skyress and Ingram decided to stay on New Vestroia along with the other Resistance Bakugan in order to protect it from any further dangers." Shun explained, although she couldn't help but notice he seemed slightly downcast about the decision of his two partners, "But we understood, and besides, we've had a whole year to bond with our new Guardians, even if they are only digital clones." He added brightening up a little.

Julie however wasn't so sure; she couldn't imagine trading Gorem for another Bakugan at all, as far as she was concerned they were a perfect match, and that he could hold his own against any of these Neathian Bakugan no problem, despite their slightly higher power levels. She shook herself out of her stupor and concentrated on the battle at hand.

Lena smiled as she saw that Marucho had decided to join the battle, he was an Aquos battler just like her, "Based on my initial analysis, I predict a win for my side." She said, straightening her glasses with a smile.

"Bakugan Brawl!" She shouted as she threw down her own partner.

"Bakugan Stand! Rise Aquos Phosphos!" She commanded as her partner appeared in a flash of blue light.

Helix Dragonoid-1800g/Akwimos-700g VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-700g

Phosphos had three snake-like heads with a large flat crest stretching out behind each one. Its scaly armoured body was the same shades of blue as Akwimos with six amber coloured eyes, two set into each head. It had a rough humanoid posture, with clawed hands and feet, and a long whip-like tail, with a curved blade at the end of it. It' overall appearance was nearly identical to that of the creature from the film Alien.

It let out a twisted cackle from each of its three heads as it leered at Drago and Akwimos.

Dan felt goose bumps rise in his arms, and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up at the hideousness of this Bakugan, "That thing totally gives me the creeps dude." He shuddered.

Lena then made her move.

"Ability Activate: Tri-Viper."

Helix Dragonoid-1500g (-300)/Akwimos-700g VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-700g

Phosphos spewed a blue coloured liquid from each of his heads at Drago, which engulfed him, causing him to let out a cry of pain.

"Drago!" Dan shouted out in concern for his partner's safety.

"My body's going numb!" Drago managed to gasp through the blue liquid.

"You've been stung by Phosphos' paralysis venom; Drago can't activate any abilities now." Lena explained with a sneer.

Drago dropped to the ground with a groan as the poison took its toll on him.

"Oh man!" Dan spat in frustration.

Marucho however merely smiled, "Sit tight Dan I've got it." He assured his friend as he pulled out ability.

"Ability Activate: Heal Blue."

Helix Dragonoid-2100g (+600)/Akwimos-1000g (+300) VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-700g

Akwimos formed a huge bubble around his entire body before throw it at Drago; the bubble engulfed his entire body, causing the poison Phosphos had hit him with to slowly vanish from his body, restoring him to full strength and empowering him and Akwimos even more.

Julie was beside herself with glee, "Awesome, he nullifies her ability!" She squealed in delight.

"Not only that Drago and Akwimos' power levels both went up." Shun added, equally impressed.

Sid however merely sniffed, "Yeah, whatever, big deal." He said unimpressed as he prepared to counterattack.

"Gate Card Open: Enemy Down."

Helix Dragonoid-1900g (-300)/Akwimos-700g (-300) VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-700g

The effect of this Gate Card caused a tremor to ripple across the entire battle field with enough force to cause it to shake violently, throwing both Drago and Akwimos off balance.

"He brought our power levels back down!" Dan growled in annoyance, but once again Marucho had a ready countermeasure, "Don't sweat it Dan I've got a good plan." Marucho grinned as he brought out his next ability.

"Ability Activate: Hydro Eraser."

Helix Dragonoid-2100g (+300)/Akwimos-1000g (+300) VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-700g

A pair of curved blue claws extended from the gauntlet of Akwimos' right hand, he jumped high into the air and slammed the claws into the Gate Card, completely shattering it and restoring their power levels.

"Thanks a lot Marucho." Dan said as he breathed a sigh of relief.

But Lena wasn't giving up yet, "Here we go Phosphos!" She cried as she pulled out her next ability.

"Ability Activate: Gorgon Viper."

Helix Dragonoid-1600g (-500)/Akwimos-500g (-500) VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-700g

"Ever heard the saying; seven heads are better than one?" Phosphos asked with another wicked cackle as the two large plates on his back and the two attached two his hips slowly extended out to reveal four more snake-like heads.

Both Dan and Marucho gasped in amazement and disgust at the hydra-like Bakugan that had appeared before them.

"And I thought the last guy was creepy." Dan shuddered.

Three of Phosphos heads shot streams of the blue venom from their mouths, one of them caught Drago, but two of them hit Akwimos.

"No, not the venom again!" Dragon cried out as pain surged through his body.

Drago managed to hold on, but Akwimos wasn't so lucky, he let out a cry of pain, before reverting back to Ball Form and landing at Marucho's feet.

"No! Akwimos!" Marucho cried as his Life Gauge dropped two bars to 60% as shown on the screen.

"Don't worry Drago we won't leave you out." Lena said pointing at him.

Phosphos' remaining heads then shot four beams of bluish-white light at Drago's legs, which became encased in ice as the other three heads continued to work their venom on him, causing him to roar in agony.

Dan cried out to his partner, but there was nothing he could do to help him.

"It's too late Drago. Soon the venom will travel throughout your body until all that's left for you is the end." Lena said with a cruel smirk.

Drago desperately tried to hold on, but he found himself unable to keep Rubanoid and Phosphos in his line of vision, "This is bad, everything's going hazy." Drago cried out weakly.

Julie bit her lip, "Dan had better think of something fast, over wise it's light's out for Drago!" She cried.

Ren who had remained calm and passive throughout the entire battle narrowed his eyes, "The girl is right, how is he going to get out of this one?" He thought to himself.

Dan meanwhile was frantically trying to work out in his head how to get Drago out of this mess, "C'mon think! For every problem there is a solution, for every problem there is a solution, for every…" And then it suddenly hit him. "Of course, how could I have missed that?" He cried out in delight.

He quickly pressed the necessary buttons on his Baku-Meter.

"Ready JetKor." The voice on his Baku-Meter said as JetKor materialised there.

Dan quickly seized it and threw it a Drago crying, "Battle Gear Boost!"

Dragon wings retracted into his back as the metallic wings and cannons of JetKor appeared in their place.

Helix Dragonoid-1700g (+100) VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-700g

"What?" Sid said, taken aback by this unanticipated turn of events.

"He was able to launch his Battle Gear?" Rubanoid growled in surprise, as Phosphos snarled in anger that Dan had outsmarted them.

Dan smirked and decided to enlighten them, "You guys forgot one thing; you may have frozen Drago's lower half…"

"But my battle Gear mounts on top!" Drago finished with a snarl of renewed vigour that there was still hope for him to win.

Dan then made his final move.

"Battle Gear Ability Activate: JetKor Delta."

Helix Dragonoid-2200g (+500) VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-700g

Drago fired twin beams of red energy from JetKor's twin cannons, one each for Rubanoid and Phosphos. Lena began to panic, seeing that her strategy had been defeated, she tried a desperate move.

"Ability Activate: Head Plasner."

Helix Dragonoid-2200g VS Rubanoid-1000g/Phosphos-1100g (+400)

The patterns on the crests of Phosphos' three main heads glowed dark blue before they shot out a dark blue liquid in the shape of the crest pattern at the twin beams of energy in a vain attempt to stop it.

"It's too late." Dan said with a mischievous grin as JetKor's red energy beams cut through Phosphos' attack and smote him on the chest. The hydra-like Bakugan let out a shriek of agony before returning to ball Form, defeated.

"So much for that strategy." Lena said with a disgusted frown.

With a roar Drago turned the beams up Rubanoid, "This is gonna hurt." He said resignedly as he braced himself for the impact. The beams hit him and returned him to Ball Form as well.

On the screen Sid and Lena's Life Gauges both dropped a single bar to 80%.

"That's right! That's how we roll!" Dan cried in delight, as he seized Drago as he returned to his hand.

Sid's eyes were wide open at the display of power he had just witnesses.

"That is some heavy firepower!" he said in amazement.

"Indeed." Lena admitted through her clenched teeth.

"That's it! Dan Kuso for the win!" Julie cried out, fist pumping the air in delight at her former crush's win.

"Just one more round to go, then it's over for these two creeps." Dan thought to himself, these two Neathians had made a big mistake when they decided to cross him and Drago.

"Gate Card Set!" Dan cried as he threw down his Gate Card to start the next round.

"Bakugan Brawl!" They all shouted as they threw down their Bakugan.

"Bakugan Stand!" They commanded as their partners were summoned.

Helix Dragonoid-800g/Akwimos-700g VS Rubanoid-700g/Phosphos-700g

Lena quickly jumped in to take out the opposition.

"Ability Activate: Tri-Viper."

Helix Dragonoid-800g/Akwimos-400g (-300) VS Rubanoid-700g/Phosphos-700g

Phosphos once again spat out his blue poison at Akwimos completely covering him in it.

"Oh man she pulled out the venom attack again!" Marucho cried out in shock, he hadn't expected Lena to do this again.

"After seeing how well it worked against Akwimos last time it would have been foolish not to." Lena explained with a smirk as she straightened her glasses.

All Marucho could do was watch helplessly as his partner was taken down and returned to his feet in Ball Form, beaten.

"Oh no…I can't believe she outmanoeuvred me!" Marucho said sadly as he bent down to retrieve his fallen partner.

On the screen Marucho's Life Gauge dropped three bars to 0%.

Julie didn't understand how she could have gotten the better of Marucho like that, "But I don't understand, he knew about the venom." She turned to Shun in confusion, as if there was something she had missed earlier in the battle.

"Most Brawlers would vary their method of attack in battle. She however stayed with one and faked him out." Shun explained gravely.

Not that Marucho was out of the picture that just left Dan on his own to deal with Lena and Sid who had already began his attack.

"Ability Activate: Jewel Deeper."

Helix Dragonoid-800g VS Rubanoid-1100g (+400)/Phosphos-700g

Rubanoid once again fired his reddish white beam of energy at Drago.

Dan however was unconcerned that Marucho had been taken out; he would still show these two who ruled Interspace. And he had just the ability to do it.

"Ability Activate: Spinning Wall."

Helix Dragonoid-1300g (+500) VS Rubanoid-450g (-650)/Phosphos-450g (-250)

A spinning vortex of fire appeared at Drago's feet and continued to work its way up the rest of his body until it had engulfed him in a blazing tornado of fire. Rubanoid's energy beam battered against it until it buckled and disappeared.

Sid however appeared unconcerned that Dan was able to equal both him and Lena, if anything he appeared to be enjoying it.

"This is fun." Sid said laughing at Dan.

Seeing Sid laughing at him when Drago was clearly winning seriously ticked Dan off.

"Keep it up you laughing guy! You won't be smiling for much longer." Dan spat at him.

"That's pretty tough talk considering the fact that you're down a Brawling partner." Lena said pointedly.

Just then a mad look entered Sid's eyes, "Lena, no more talk okay?"

Lena seemed to understand what Sid meant, because she straightened her glasses with a knowing smile, "Alright, very well them."

They both pressed a couple of buttons on their Baku-Meter's causing their Battle Gear to materialise there. Sid's was identified as Destrakon Gear and Lena's as Terrorcrest. But that didn't matter to Dan, he still had one more ace up his sleeve that was going to win this for sure.

"Ready whatever Gear you want it doesn't matter, you're going down suckers! Get ready to hurt!" Dan shouted defiantly at them as he readied JetKor once more.

"Battle Gear Boost!" They all shouted as they hurled their Battle Gears at their partners.

Helix Dragonoid-1400g (+100) VS Rubanoid-550g (+100)/Phosphos-550g (+100)

Rubanoid's wings folded into his back and were replaced by seven long swirling heads that were identical to his own; the middle head that arched directly over his back was slightly larger than the other six, with three on each side of this one. It gave Rubanoid the appearance of an eight headed dragon/hydra.

Terrorcrest turned out to be two large blue gauntlets in the shape of shields with a yellow outer edge with a silver sword shaped symbol in the middle. They fitted on to Phosphos' hands and had four long, sharp, curved claws on the ends of them. They were connected via long tubes to large, curved, double pronged claw that was attached to his back.

Sid made the first move.

"Battle Gear Ability Activate: Destrakon Gear Brinel."

Helix Dragonoid-1400g VS Rubanoid-950g (+500)/Phosphos-550g

The three heads on the left side of Rubanoid fired three red beams from their mouths at Drago, when they hit him Drago barely had time to scream before his entire body was encased in red crystal. The three heads on the right side of Rubanoid fired another three beams of red energy at Drago, these ones cut through the crystal straight into Drago's flesh. He made no sound, but Dan was sure that if he could he would have been screaming in pain. Then the final largest head send out a wave of red sonic rings from its mouth at Drago, these shattered the crystal trapping Drago's body and blew him back with such extreme force that he landed on his back with a grunt of pain.

"I'm not done yet!" Rubanoid snarled as three of the heads of his Battle Gear stretched out and wrapped themselves around Drago, holding him in place as Lena then made her move.

"Battle Gear Ability Activate: Terrorcrest Stigma."

Helix Dragonoid-1000g (-400) VS Rubanoid-950g/Phosphos-950g (+400)

The claws on Terrorcrest glowed white allowing Phosphos to fire four thin streams of light blue energy at the pinned Drago, who threw his head back and let out a roar of pain.

"This is the end." Sid said with a malicious chuckle.

"Victory is ours now." Lena agreed with a sneer.

Dan who had remained quite throughout all of this now grinned broadly, "Really, are you sure?" Dan asked them. When they shot him looks of disdain Dan clenched his fist in excitement, now was the time to pull out his ace, "Think again punks." He said as he raised his hand out if front of him, "Gate Card Open: Capacity Booster."

Helix Dragonoid-900g (-100) VS Rubanoid-800g (-150)/Phosphos-800g (-150)

The arena glowed brightly as the Gate Card activated; it filled Drago with a sudden burst of energy, so much so that he was able to break free of Rubanoid's Battle Gear.

"What!" Sid shouted in surprise as the Gate Card also seemed to be sapping Rubanoid and Phosphos of their power.

Lena was equally shocked, "Their power returned to their Base Levels." She gasped. But her shock quickly turned to real anger for the first time, "Why won't you just go down! I don't understand it!" She shouted at Drago.

Drago snorted as he slowly got to his feet, he decided to savour the pleasure of telling Lena exactly who it was she had crossed paths with.

"Maybe it's because I've been in hundreds of battles, and have faced far tougher opponents than you. Perhaps you forgot that I'm…PYRUS HELIX DRAGONOID!" He roared at her. Causing her and Sid to flinch, even Rubanoid and Phosphos started to edge backwards uneasily.

Dan smiled in triumph, his partner couldn't have said it better, but there was also something else Sid and Lena needed to know.

"Perhaps I should explain something else to you guys; the Command Card also increases the power of Drago's Battle Gear!"

"What! Then that means that…that…" Sid spluttered incoherently.

Lena realised immediately what Dan mean and let out a strangled gasp, "He's going to activate a Level 2 Class Ability!"

"You ready Drago?" Dan asked as he pulled out the finishing move.

"Absolutely!" Drago growled, determined to savour every moment of this.

"Battle Gear Ability Activate!" Dan shouted as the ability activated.

"JetKor Flame Impact!" Drago roared in confirmation.

Helix Dragonoid-1400g (+600) VS Rubanoid-200g (-600)/Phosphos-200g (-600)

It was all Rubanoid and Phosphos could do to groan as they anticipated their impending defeat.

Drago flipped over in the air and shouted, "Target locked on!" As JetKor's circular green lenses lit up and caught Rubanoid and Phosphos in their spotlight, two orange coloured orbs of flame materialised in JetKor's dual cannons and then were fired straight at them, but Sid snarled, determined not to let it end like this.

"Ability Activate: Solaris Shield."

Helix Dragonoid-1400g VS Rubanoid-500g (+300)/Phosphos-500g (+300)

A red dome of extreme heat expanded from Rubanoid until it covered both himself and Phosphos but the two fireballs simply punched right through it and slammed into them, engulfing them both in a torrent of fire, and returning them both to Ball From.

On the screen Sid and Lena's Life Gauges dropped four bars to 0%.

"Winners of the battler: Dan and Marucho!" Then announcer called out.

"Yeah! That's right!" Dan cried in enthusiasm as he grabbed Drago and threw his fist up into the air.

"You did it Dan, way to go!" Marucho cried in delight.

Sid and Lena however didn't appear too disappointed by their loss, if anything they appeared rather pleased.

"Thank you for the exciting battle gentlemen." Lena said politely.

Sid snorted, "Yeah it was real educational." He said, his voice positively dripping with sarcasm. He then faced his partner who was sitting in his hand. "Alright c'mon Rubanoid." Rubanoid growled in frustration before glowing red and warping himself and Sid out of the arena.

"Time to go friend." Lena said smugly to Phosphos who was sitting on her shoulder. He hissed in anger before glowing blue and warping Lena out as well.

Dan and Marucho glared after them, before they heard Julie cry out behind them, "Congratulations Dan, you've done it again!"

They turned to see that she and the others had left the seats to join them.

"Oh well you know, I don't like to brag or anything." Dan said in mock humility.

Shun smiled, happy that his friends had won, but then he turned to Ren to ask a question that has been annoying him for some time, "Those two battlers aren't the only moles from Neathia are they?"

Ren shook his head, "No, I highly doubt it." He answered gravely.

Dan however was too hyped up to be concerned about this. "Oh who cares?" He asked with a careless wave of his hand, "I'll take a thousand of them on. They're no match for the Battle Brawlers!"

At this Marucho and Julie started to playfully bicker with Dan. Shun just watched them quietly with a content smile. But unseen by any of them Ren narrowed his eyes coldly.

"Well Dan Kuso, your strength, ingenuity and finesse in battle are all very impressive." He thought to himself with a small smile, "You are indeed a most powerful Brawler. However…" He frowned in disdain as he opened his eyes to fix Dan with a cold glare, "You're still not number one!" He snarled internally.

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