The sun was blinding as Orihime walked down the beach.

"What a beautiful day!" she cried, looking at the sky. The waves were crashing and people had smiles on their faces. She walked a bit further until she came to a tombstone built on a little hill right next to the beach.

"Hello, Ulquiorra." she smiled, looking at the inscription



Loving husband and Father

Then she remembered how she was saved when a car came and crashed into theirs

"Mummy! Can we go play in the ocean?" a voice asked.

"Not now, Kuroyuki. Pay so respects to Daddy." she said, watching her son toddle to the tombstone.

"Hi, Daddy." He smiled, touching the name with one hand.

'If you can only see your son now.' Orihime thought. Looking at the sky, she saw a glimpse of him in a cloud and smiled.