For Louise, because I love her and she will always be amazing.

U2 owns the lyrics, J.K. owns the characters.

a city lit by fireflies
they're advertising in the skies
for people like us

"Really?" the boy with golden hair asks with a disbelieving laugh. "You've never been to London?"

The girl beside him sighs and rolls her eyes, dotting an 'i' in her essay viciously. "You know my family, Ted, do you honestly think I got to take happy field trips to muggle cities over the weekend?"

He gives her a shrewd look, pretending not to notice the way her fingers subconsciously dance over a bruise that's origin is quite clear. He puts a hand over hers and smiles understandingly at her, and she blushes. He laughs and throws his arm around her shoulder. "Okay, so Andy-" {she glares at him halfheartedly for the nickname, before smiling slightly} "-we're going to the city. Now."

"Now?" she asks incredulously, gesturing with an ink-spattered quill towards her half-finished essay. "You're joking, right? I have this essay for McGonagall, and I have a spell to practice for Flitwick, and I have to write another essay for Slughorn, and…" Realizing the hopelessness of her task, she trails off and glares at him again. "You. This is all your fault."

"My fault?" he asks, hiding a smile.

"Yes, your fault," she answers stubbornly, ignoring his amusement. "You had to come along with your smile and your flippy hair and your temptation and distract me from my mountain of homework!" She throws her arms up in the air helplessly.

"I distract you, Andy?" he asks with a quirk of his lips.

She rolls her eyes and stuffs her things in her bag. "That's beside the point, Ted. The point is, we're running away to London, and Bella, Narcissa, and all the Professors in this place can send me a postcard." She stands up, throwing her bag over her head.

He looks up at her, flabbergasted. "Wait- we're going?"

She nods impatiently, gesturing for him to follow her. "I'll go and get my things from the Slytherin dorm, and you'll get yours, and we'll just… leave. Elope, if you'd like to call it that." Noticing his blank, surprised expression, she rolls her eyes again. "Come on, isn't this what you were begging me to do earlier?"

"Well, yes," he replies, scrambling to his feet and catching up with her. "I was just surprised at your sudden change of heart. A bit Gryffindor-ish of you…"

She goes quiet, and for a second, he worries that he'd said something wrong. Finally, she sighs and hugs him, her head fitting neatly onto his shoulder. "I just," she whispers, "I just wish that this was easier. I wish I didn't have to make a choice."

He puts his arms around her waist. "You don't have to just yet."

They sit on the roof of a random house, smiling at the sky and the stars, passing a mug of pumpkin juice they've brought back and forth, and as the reflecting street lights accentuate the highlights in her dark hair, he realizes he could wait forever for her.

oh you look so beautiful tonight,
in the city of blinding lights