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Chapter 8- The End Is Near

The look on the doctor's face was unreadable as he said


"How bad is it?" asked Rossi. Everyone waited with baited breath to hear what the doctor had to say.

"We have discovered that Agent Jareau's kidneys are failing."

"What does that mean?" asked Emily

"Unfortunately she needs a kidney transplant as soon as possible or she will die. Her kidneys were severely damaged by the drugs, to the point that even dialysis won't keep her alive for long. We have placed her near the top of the transplant list, but we can't do anything to help her unless we find a donor match." the doctor continued with a sympathetic look on his face "However, it might be easier to test all of you to see if any of you are a match."

"We'll do it" said Hotch, speaking for everyone on the team.

"You must know that if any of you give you kidney to Agent Jareau, you will most likely never work in the field again."

"We'll discuss that when the time comes. Where do we take the test?" asked Hotch. The doctor led them down the hall towards the lab.

"JJ, how are you holding up?" asked Lewis

"Great, considering I'll be dead soon! How do you think I'm doing?" JJ snarled

"Ouch, sorry I asked." said Lewis defensively

"No, I'm sorry." said JJ, feeling sheepish "You have been so nice to me throughout all of this, and I'm snapping at you. I just can't believe I need a kidney transplant."

"It's understandable. You're stressed out. How about we go see if any of your teammates are a donor match?" Lewis followed JJ as she walked toward the lab her team had gone to. JJ felt a wave of gratitude wash over her as she saw her team, no, her family, sitting and waiting for the test results. "Wow, they're really willing to give up their careers to save my life." said JJ

"That's the fool-proof way to prove who your real friends are just ask them to donate and organ for you." said Lewis jokingly. Their attention was drawn away from the team as the doctor came out of the lab.

"I'm sorry, but none of you are a donor match for Agent Jareau." said the doctor.

"What do we do now?" asked Garcia.

"All we can do is wait and pray for a miracle." said Reid dejectedly. Suddenly, alarms started going off and a voice on the P.A. system said

"Code Blue, ICU. Code Blue, ICU."

At this, the doctor and the team sprinted towards the patient rooms.

"Oh, no." said JJ. Lewis looked at her sadly and said

"It was nice getting to know you."

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