Easy To Love

Chapter One

It's been the hardest day of her life and she hasn't stopped smiling.

Tyler is safely in her arms, breathing and healthy.

After their run in with Klaus and Rebekah, she never thought they would make it out alive.

But she knows deep down in her gut that Klaus isn't finished with either of them. So she clings onto him like he could vanish any second.

He takes her slowly that night, both of them making it last for as long as possible.

And as soon as that, he's gone. Klaus has taken him away. No one knows where.

He promised he'd be back soon.

A week later, Damon tells her Tyler made a deal with Klaus. That if Caroline is kept out of harms way, he'll serve him. Now that Klaus has left Stefan behind, he needs a 'side-kick'. He's promised to stay with him for 10 years. It's not that bad, she tells herself. He'll be back before you know it.

It's been exactly a month since Tyler's left.

The only thing keeping Caroline away from a bottle of Jack Daniels is the tiny pink plus sign.

She widens her eyes and receives lots of hugs. Everyone promises to be there for her. Even Matt. But those aren't the promises she needs.

When she finally has the baby, it's unexpected and two weeks early than the due date. She is rushed into a strange-looking hospital, surrounded by strangers, telling her to keep calm and breathe through the agonizing pain. Bonnie, Elena and the rest eventually come and she's grateful for having them there. But there's only one person she really needs there to hold her hand.

Fourteen hours later and she's got a brand spanking new baby daughter whose got her father's dark hair and her mother's nose. She cradles her baby close to her chest and cries for the first time since Tyler left, but this time for joy, because the baby is so perfect.

She names her daughter Annabel, because it means 'easy to love' and loving Tyler is the easiest thing that Caroline's ever done.

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