Easy To Love

Chapter Four

3 months later – February the 4th 2012


It's been a month since you last replied. What's happened?

Please, please, please be okay. I can't even think about losing you.

If you are read this then please reply. I'm worried sick and Annabel has been crying non-stop.

Even just a missed call from you would calm me down.

I love you so much. Please be safe.


This e-mail was received November 15, 2011. Click here to reply.

Tyler sighed as he closed his laptop and fell back against his bed. He had re-read this e-mail countless times. He just couldn't reply at the moment. Klaus was suspicious that someone back in Mystic Falls knew what he was doing.

Even though he knew Klaus lived up to the end of his deals, he couldn't risk Caroline or Annabel's safety no matter what.

So he'd been laying low for a while.

Plus it sort of helped that in Montana they didn't get any internet in the cheap, roadside motel.

But they'd be leaving the state for Chicago soon. Klaus had some 'business' to attend to there, which he hadn't really bothered listening to, although now he wished he did…

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