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Ginny's hands slipped into the sink's warm, soapy water. She carefully pulled one of the wet breakfast dishes out of the sink, putting it on the towel, which rested conveniently at the sink's side, the corner hanging lazily into the water. In that sheer moment of the morning everything was peaceful, and quiet. However, moments like these never last as long as we wish they would.

" James!" Lily shrieked from upstairs. A laugh and the pounding of feet running downstairs followed this. James ran through the hall, holding a small doll above his head like a prize. He was closely trailed by a six-year-old Lily who was running at top speed jumping in an attempt to snatch the doll from him.

" Give it back! It's mine!" Lily whined, grabbing James' elbow and standing on her tiptoes trying to reach her toy.

" Finders keepers, losers weapers!" James sang in reply, extending his elbow so the doll was a full arms length above his head. Lily's lip began to quiver.

" Please, James." She whimpered, " Give me Dora back." Ginny froze. She looked over at the doll in James' hand a little more closely. It was a small rag doll with bright pink yarn hair that had been hastily cut by a pair of safety scissors. She half smiled to herself at the thought of the late witch, but it was a bittersweet smile.

" Give her back!" Lily repeated, balling her small hands into fists at her sides and stamping her foot.

" No." Lily then burst into tears. Ginny sighed and dried her hands, walking swiftly to the hallway. As soon as she saw her, Lily ran to her mother.

" Mummy," she cried, " James' won't give me Dora back."

" She left it in my room!" James said, acting as if all of this had been her doing.

" Did not!"

" Did to!"

" Did not!"

" Did to!"

" James," Ginny said, addressing her son firmly. He looked up at her with his best innocent smile. " How old are you."

" Nine," James said holding up his fingers to show her.

" So, you should know better than to take your sister's things."

" But—"

" No, buts mister." She said sternly, " Now give your sister her toy back." James gave a huff and grudgingly handed over the doll.

" Here." He grunted.

" And what do we say?"

" Sorry." He said. Lily smiled, holding the doll to her heart.

" Thank you." She chirped happy that her brother had seen proper justice. James stuck his tongue out at her and dashed up the stairs. Lily was about to follow when Ginny stopped her.
" What's your doll's name again." She asked.

" Dora." Lily said happily, " Daddy gave me the idea. He said he knew someone named Dora, and that she was a hero. He said my doll looked like her. Then, I asked him why I never met her, and Daddy said because she went to stay with Grandpa and Grandmum Potter.

" Then Teddy helped me cut her hair. He said it was something about historical activity." Ginny smiled.

" I think he meant historical accuracy."

" No I think I'm right." Lily said wrinkling her nose. Ginny laughed.

" Whatever you say." She said with a smile. Lily happily bounded off upstairs, her doll dangling from her hand. Ginny shook her head with a smile and returned to the dishes.