Chapter 30: Warren

Surrounded by the crowd that had gathered around her, the Fairy Queen bent her head down and stopped to think about the current situation. A few moments later, her head rose up.

"I'm not very keen on the idea of this," said the Fairy Queen. "For one thing, if Zavarok is in the Netherworld, then he is, without a doubt... dead. Even the Omega Star would be powerless to retrieve him."

"Zavarok may not truly be dead," said Grandpa. "For you see, from what I understand, demons never truly die. When their bodies are destroyed, what normally happens is that their spirits naturally drift into the Netherworld. This Netherworld solely exists to keep these rogue, body-less spirits out of our world. Since both Navarog and Zavarok were destroyed whilst in their human forms, their spirits were unable to return to their natural dragon bodies. Since they would've needed to be in their true bodies to properly be destroyed, their body-less spirits survived in this world, but on another plane of existence.

"In other words, they were in limbo," said Seth.

"Yes," said Grandpa. "And we all know that Navarog needed you, Seth, because a creature of darkness like him needed a body with dark attributes like your own that he could command."

"And Zavarok needed me..." said David. "But I'm not dark! I swear!"

"Which is exactly why I am willing to give Zavarok a chance," said the Fairy Queen. "Assuming that he isn't actually dead. However, I will be taking precautions for all of this. To start, I wish that a containment field, large enough to hold a dragon like Zavarok, would appear in the nearby clearing."

The Omega Star flashed fiercely for a second, then faded.

"What happened?" asked Lance.

"Hold on!" exclaimed Grandma. "You can't just bring a huge, demonic dragon into Fablehaven! Are you crazy?"

"I understand your concern," said the Fairy Queen. "But please relax. We have the means to banish Zavarok just as easily as we do to summon him in the first place."

"But what if he..." began Trask.

"The barrier," said the Fairy Queen. "Although it is invisible to all of us, a large barrier is situated in the clearing over there."

Everyone looked over at the clearing that the Fairy Queen had pointed to, but saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"What barrier?" asked Trask.

"While I could make it visible," said the Fairy Queen, I want for everyone to see Zavarok for whom he really is. We need to show honesty with Zavarok to gain his respect."

"You'll get plenty of respect if you just help him already," said Seth.

"If the barrier is in place, then there is no need to wait. I wish..."

Everyone could feel their tension growing with each word that spilled out of the Fairy Queen's mouth.

"that Zavarok would appear within the barrier that I have set up."

There was a brief pause, which was interrupted by an immense flash of light from within the Fairy Queen's supposed barrier. Once the light faded, it revealed that Zavarok was now standing before them. Everyone stared in awe at the imposing dragon. From what Kendra could tell, he was every bit as menacing as Navarog himself was.

"Where... where am I?" asked Zavarok, looking around.

Kendra and Seth could tell that many of the adults and fairies were starting to freak out at Zavarok's mere presence.

"Is this... Fablehaven?" asked Zavarok.

"Yes," replied Seth. "It's okay, Zavarok. You're no longer in the Netherworld."

"How do we know he isn't actually Navarog?" asked Mrs. Sorenson.

"Navarog was banished to the knapsack forever," said the Fairy Queen. "The Omega Star wouldn't be able to counteract the wish that initially sent him there. Anyway, there is one final procedure that Zavarok would have to endure in order to prove himself. If he passes, it will prove his innocence."

"What if he fails?" asked David.

"Then he will be destroyed," answered the Fairy Queen. "Not on purpose, mind you. But, survival of the test would prove that he is innocent."

"If I don't pass," I'll die for real?" asked Zavarok.

"You'd vanish from existence," retorted the Fairy Queen. "Of course, if you're not willing to take the risk, I'd be more than willing to return you to the Netherworld and forget about you."

"No!" exclaimed Zavarok. "Not that place!"

"Well, it'd have to be a place where you cannot bother anybody," said the Fairy Queen.

"Fine then," said Zavarok. "I'd rather take this test to determine my fate. Either I walk away a happy dragon, or I end my miserable life. It's better than lingering in the Netherworld for eternity."

"All right, then," said the Fairy Queen. "The best way for this to work, would be for Kendra to assume her Fairyprime form. I believe that all the fairies here would be more than enough, so the rest of you can sit this one out."

"Fairyprime?" asked Seth. "Isn't that a little extreme?"

"If Zavarok can survive this, then he truly cannot have an evil heart. It's the same reason why Warren survived when Khaarupt was destroyed. Now then. Brillia, Bravia, Brook, Bracken, Bright, Clover, Opal and Tiara, form a circle around Kendra."

The eight fairies all nodded and surrounded Kendra, then held their hands together. Kendra then closed her eyes, and allowed the group to convert their bodies into balls of energy. Kendra then absorbed the floating balls and quickly changed into her Fairyprime form.

Although Seth had seen it happen many times before, for many of the humans in the group, including their parents and grandparents, it was their first time getting a chance to see Kendra becoming Fairyprime before their eyes. From what Seth could tell, their parents appeared to be speechless.

"How are you feeling, Kendra?" asked the Fairy Queen.

"Incredible," replied Kendra. "I've never achieved my Fairyprime form with this many elite fairies before."

"Well then, there's only one thing left to do. Summon a powerful rainbow upon Zavarok, like the one back at the pyramid."

"A rainbow?" asked Zavarok. "Are you sure? It could destroy me!"

"Filtering out the goodness that you claim lies within you might be the only way of proving your innocence," said the Fairy Queen. "This is what you wanted, though. When you're ready, Kendra."

Kendra nodded, then nervously rose her hands into the air. What if her actions would destroy Zavarok? Seth might never forgive her for this. She wasn't even sure if she could live with the guilt.

"Anytime," said the Fairy Queen.

Kendra unleashed the magic from within her soul, prompting a flash of light to appear in the sky. Suddenly, a large rainbow shot down from above, plummeting down towards Zavarok, ultimately crashing right into the dragon.

The luminescence of the rainbow nearly blinded anybody who gazed upon it. Although it only lasted a few seconds, it felt much longer than that. After a few seconds had passed, the rainbow faded away, revealing that Zavarok was still standing in place.

"Is that it?" asked Seth, gazing up at the massive dragon.

"He... survived," said the fairy queen, awestruck at Zavarok's continued presence. "But... how?"

"Did it work?" asked Kendra.

The Fairy Queen sighed. I guess there's only one way to find out for sure. She then clasped the Omega Star that was within her grasp. "I wish that the barrier surrounding Zavarok would vanish."

Everyone gasped as the Omega Star worked its magic, and dispelled the invisible barrier. Even though nothing had changed visually, they could all sense the sudden absence of the barrier.

"Fairies," said the Fairy Queen. "May I have one of you as a volunteer?"

Shiara flew up towards the Fairy Queen, bowing before her presence.

"Shiara," said the Fairy Queen. "I ask that you approach Zavarok."

Shiara's tiny jaw dropped. "Zavarok? Are sure?"

"I promise you that he presents no danger. Do this and I will grant you the honor of becoming a Fairy Angel."


"I promise that Zavarok will not hurt you. He has been purified of all dark energy. Please approach him."

Shiara cautiously approached Zavarok in a wobbly flight pattern. As she neared him, the dragon did not provoke the fairy in any way. As they watched her, everyone appeared to be beside themselves.

"How can she get so close to a dragon?" asked Dale. "Let alone a demonic one?"

"Am I supposed to do something?" asked Zavarok.

"No," replied the Fairy Queen. "There is nothing the matter with you anymore. Your demonic attributes have been eradicated. You are now a normal, healthy dragon. In fact, I might even consider you to be a fairystruck dragon, provided we do some more evaluation on you. There may still be some demonic traits left within you, but they're essentially harmless."

"You mean, I'm cured?" asked Zavarok, as tears started to gush out of his eyes. "How can I thank you for this? I mean, I know you already have that Omega Star, but if there's anything you want..."

"Oh, I know of something you can do if you'd like to repay us," said Grandpa with a smile.

"But for now," said the Fairy Queen, "I would like to look into a way of restoring Warren. I suggest that we transport him to the Fairy Kingdom and examine him more thoroughly. While I cannot guarantee any sort of success, we may have better luck if we put more thought into the matter.

At that point, the fairies that were within Kendra all departed from her body, prompting her to return to normal.

"We'll do whatever it takes to help Warren," said Clover.

"Goodbye everyone," said the Fairy Queen, who then used the Omega Star to transport herself and the keepers back to the Fairy Kingdom, bringing Warren with them.

"Stan," said Zavarok. "I know I said that I'd do you a favor, but do you mind if I take a rest first. I am extremely tired."

"Uh, sure," said Grandpa.

"Good," said Zavarok, who closed his eyes and immediately collapsed onto the ground, nearly causing a tremor in the process. Within seconds, he was snoring heavily.

"So," said Seth. "What was this favor you wanted from Zavarok, anyway?"

Grandpa chuckled. "You'll see soon enough. But Zavarok does have the right idea. Let's all just relax for now. We've already had enough excitement lately, haven't we?"

Several hours later, Mr. Sorenson had driven Lance and David back to the airport. Kendra and Seth had gone along for the ride, even though they had spent the majority of it resting. Soon they were waiting in line at one of the gates.

"It's too bad we couldn't just use the Translocator to send Lance and David home," said Seth.

"Why couldn't you?" asked David.

"Something about needing to use up your pre-paid plane tickets to get home," said Mr. Sorenson. "Believe me, I thought that it was pretty dumb, myself. But, the less attention we draw, the better."

Lance then realized that at this point, there was only one man in front of them in the line. "I guess this is it," he said.

"I'm sorry your trip over here was full of disaster," said Seth.

"Disaster?" asked David. "It was full of adventure!"

"But what about Warren?" asked Kendra. "And Umbriel? Yes, we helped David and Zavarok, but that help came at a steep price."

"You know," said Seth, "if we could've just gotten the help we needed at the start..."

"But you probably never would've gotten it," said Kendra.

"Well, we defeated Matthew and Hespera," said Seth. "Better that than letting them wait around for some other opportunity."

"Next in line, please," said the ticket agent, prompting the line to move forward.

The Sorensons watched as Lance and David helped the ticket agent fill out their forms, and they were soon directed to a gate that required a boarding pass to get through.

"Thank you so much for everything!"

"It was great seeing you all again," said Lance. "I just hope that the next time we meet, it'll be under better terms."

Everyone then wished and hugged each other goodbye, as Lance and David proceeded through the gate with their luggage.

Kendra, Seth and their father eventually returned home, where they were fed a late dinner by Grandma. Everyone else had already eaten, so they just helped themselves to leftover pot roast and potatoes.

Before long, everyone went to bed, and they fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning, everyone in the house got up and was soon at the table eating breakfast. It was then that they heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll answer it," said Grandma, as she got up from the table and walked out of the dining room towards the front door. Although everyone at the table could hear voices, the front door was too far away from the dining room to properly interpret what was being said.

A moment later, Grandma returned to the dining room, now accompanied by Bright, Clover, and... Warren.

Everybody's mouths dropped. Kendra and Seth could feel their hearts thumping furiously from within their chests.

"Warren?" asked Kendra.

"It's me," said Warren with a grin.

Kendra bolted out of her chair, darted over to her cousin, and gave him a very firm hug

"How?" asked Seth. "I mean, how did you fairies restore him?"

"Warren," said Dale, as he got up from his seat and hugged his brother, "please, take a seat."

"Thank you," said Warren, as everybody who had been standing sat down at the table.

"I can tell you all want to know how we brought back Warren," said Bright. Clover simply smiled and nodded in agreement. "Well, it turns out that his body had been destroyed by Khaarupt's darkness. However, Khaarupt had failed to consume his soul."

"But, why?" asked Kendra. "Not trying to sound negative here, but how exactly did Warren survive after everything that had happened?"

"The same reason why Zavarok survived your rainbow," answered Bright. "When your previous rainbow wiped out Khaarupt, Matthew and Hespera, it left Warren's possessed body in a ruined state, rather than wiping him from existence entirely. That's why there was a possibility we could still help him."

"But how did you help him?" asked Grandpa. "I mean if the Omega Star wouldn't even work..."

"The Omega Star was designed not to restore the deceased. It couldn't bring him back. But, since his living soul was still intact, we figured out that we would be able to bring him back by having my mother extract his soul from his body. Next, she used her magic to conjure up a new body for Warren."

"She can do that?" asked Seth.

"Of course. That's how she creates fairies. She just created a new fairy, and at the same time, fused Warren's soul into it. As such, it grew back into the Warren at this very table overnight."

"That's crazy. He looks no different than normal. Warren, what was it like, going from Khaarupt to being reincarnated?"

"I don't know. Last thing I remember was Khaarupt landing on my head. Next thing I knew, I woke up in front of the Fairy Queen. Man, I feel so weary and hungry."

"Take your time," said Grandma. "It's a miracle you're still alive."

"Thank you Kendra," said Warren. "Really, thank everyone."

"Warren, why don't you take a nice, long rest today?" said Dale.

"I'll make you your favorite dinner tonight, Warren," said Grandma.

"I'll rest up a little later," said Warren. "Right now I just want some food and some air."

After breakfast was finished, Kendra, Seth, Warren, Bright and Clover all went for a walk through the garden surrounding the house.

"It sure is nice to be back with all this fresh air," said Warren. "After what I've been through, it makes you think about what we normally take for granted."

"How are you, Warren?" said Raxtus, as he and Geminus, who was clutching Vanessa in her arms, flew down and landed before the group.

"You feeling any better?," asked Geminus.

"I still feel unusual. I mean, I feel fine, but just different."

"Well, your soul was fused together with a fairy's," said Kendra.

"Yeah, but I'm not a fairy," said Warren. "Doubt I'd even be fairystruck. The Fairy Queen wanted to have me examined and tested further, but let me go back early. She wants me back a bit later just to make sure..."

At that point, large, green, translucent wings busted out from the back of Warren's shirt, nearly scaring everyone half-to-death.

"Warren?" asked Kendra, gaping in awe at the sight.

"What's happening to me?" asked Warren.

"I guess," said Clover, speaking for the first time all morning, "you're part fairy. Oh, Warren, I can't..."

"Crazy!" exclaimed Seth.

"Warren, I..." continued Clover.

"We'd better get Warren back quickly!" said Bright.

"WARREN!" blurted Clover. "Will you... marry me?"

Although everyone was already in shock, Clover's sudden proposal had turned it up to eleven.

"Yes!" said Warren, throwing his arms around Clover and giving her a hug, followed by a long, intense kiss. "But first, can we figure out what's going on with me?"

"Of course," said Bright. "Guys, we're sorry to be off like this, but this is important."

"Of course it is," said Clover. "I'm... engaged!"

Bright then conjured up the Omega Star. "I wish for Clover, Warren and myself to return to the Fairy Kingdom."

As the three fairies disappeared, everyone wished them goodbye.

"What a day," said Geminus. "What a day."

"And it's still early," added Raxtus.

"So, Warren's a fairy now," said Seth. "That's another one. We've got Raxtus, the fairy dragon. Kendra, who's fairykind, Geminus, another fairy dragon. And Warren, who's fairy-something."

"And Seth, who's a shadow charmer," said Kendra, patting her brother on the back.

"I kinda wish they hadn't been in such a rush," said Raxtus. "We have some big news ourselves."

"What's that?"

"We're moving," replied Geminus. "To Fablehaven."

"Really?" asked Kendra.

"Yup. We like it better here, and Wyrmroost isn't exactly the best place to raise our little daughter. Sometimes we forget the fairy aspect of being fairy dragons, and it just isn't the best thing."

"That's wonderful," said Kendra, giving Raxtus a firm hug. "But, what about Nero? If he wasn't interested in a fairy dragon..."

"Can't we just have the fairies grant a wish to solve this problem?" asked Seth.

"Oh, don't worry about Nero," said Geminus. "We spoke to Zavarok already. Seems like he's willing to volunteer for the position."

"Zavarok?" asked Kendra. "I know he's good and everything, but to have a dragon like him at Nero's beck and call..."

"All that Stan promised Nero would be a grander dragon in the future to get back Vanessa right then and there. Stan never claimed that the dragon would have to be loyal to him."

Kendra and Seth turned to face each other, nodded their heads, and smiled contently.

The End

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