This is the first time doing the Wolverine and the X-Men fanfic. I mostly do Jim and Ariel fancics but I wanted to do something different. So I hope you enjoy this.

Heroes Return Part 1

(Emily's POV)

My name is Emily Luna Rose. I have auburn hair but my tips and bangs are raven hair. And no they are not dyed its natural. I have forest green eyes and today is my 21st birthday. My father always said that we are born different and he was right. Yep you guessed it, I'm a mutant. Well, a Class 7 level mutant, but a mutant nonetheless. I have two brothers that live with me.

My middle brother Jaden, he's a mutant as well; his powers allow him to heal others and copy powers just by looking. His hair color is blonde with icy blue eyes. And the little brother his name is Cody. His hair was chestnut brown with orange eyes. Strange, huh? His mutant powers allow him to transform into wolf, a werewolf to be exact. To think he developed his X-gene at the age of 12. I only develop my powers at the age of 14.

I thought after my father left to look for his old friend, Charles Xavier, things would be quite simple and boy was I wrong. Cody kept looking at the window after school hoping that the old man would come back walking through that door. Jaden left because he lost faith in our dad and we never heard from him again. So it's just me and Cody.

It's been one year since Jaden left and here I am. In my kitchen, making my own birthday cake. I know that Cody likes vanilla and I looked at the timer and said with a smile, "Almost done."

I was in a white tank top with blue jeans and white sandals. I didn't wear make-up on my silk cream skin because I thought natural beauty was important. I saw the bus coming and I heard the timer going off and said with a smile as I put my oven mitts on, "Okay, time to pull out the cake."I pulled the cake out and inhaled the sweet vanilla. This cake made me want to eat the whole thing to myself.

Cody came in his black baggy sweater and baggy cargo pants. He was even wearing white sneakers with an x on each shoe. He was a fan of the X-Men because he looked up to them and so do I. I believe that mutants and humans can co-exist and I have proof.

Our next door neighbors know that we are mutants. Their little girl named Erica thinks that Cody likes it when he's in his werewolf form. I heard that they went out on a trip, Randy and Jillian knew how family is important. Cody said with a smile as he dropped off his backpack, "I'm going to Erica's for a bit."

I laughed and asked with a smirk, "Getting cozy with Erica, are we?" Cody blushed and said defensively, "No. I heard that they brought someone over." I shook my head and said with a smile as he closed the door behind him, "Don't stay too long." I sighed and said as I picked up the cake, "I might as well see the new stray they brought in." I went next door and knocked. I said with a smile, "Randy, it's me Emily." Randy opened the door and said with a smile as I walked in, "Come in. Oh, and Happy Birthday." I lightly laughed and said with a smile, "Thank you. I didn't have the time to put on the icing but it'll have to do."

I put the cake down in the kitchen and asked with a smile, "So what did you bring in?" Jillian explained with a smile, "Erica was saved by a mutant. She was in RV and there was a train wreck." This news shocked me and I asked concerned, "Oh my gosh, is she alright?" Randy said with a smile, "She's fine. Thanks to the mutant who saved her." I wondered who saved her and I heard my brother coming down the stairs with a big grin on his face.

I asked with a smile, "Whoa, where's the fire?" Cody said with a big grin, "Sis, you are never gonna believe who's in this house." But before I could ask him, I heard the thoughts of the MRD and they thought that they hit a gold mine and I frowned at their thoughts. Randy asked concerned, "Emily, what is it?" I said angrily, "MRD." Cody growled and said as his eyes turned bright yellow, "Those MRD scum are a pain. I bet it was that man Mr. Carl." I nodded in agreement and said with a smirk, "I never was a big fan of him."

I could hear their choppers and I used my telepathy. "Cody get Randy's family out of here and the mutant that saved Erica." Cody nodded in agreement and asked mentally, "What about you, Sis?" I said seriously as flames formed in my hands and walking towards the door, "I gotta take out the trash." The MRD burst in pointed their weapons at me and yelled, "Freeze Mutie." I sighed and looked around. I said with a smile, "Aw, fifteen MRD scumbags and only one little me." I used my telekinesis and shoved them out the door one by one. I said with a smirk, "Aw, so sorry you had to leave."

I saw a huge squad of MRD troops and cursed under my breath. I said with a frown and annoyed, "It's going to be one of those days." A man with white hair made and arrest on Randy's family and I saw a muzzle on my brother in his werewolf form. The white haired MRD higher up said with scowl, "Take this family and this mutant."

I said angrily as I threw a fireball at the MRD, "Take your hands off my brother and Randy's family." The white haired man smirk and said with evil glee, "Ah, Emily Luna Rose. Capturing you will bring me one step closer to my promotion."

I said as I drew out the water out of the grass to make water blades, "Take your hands off of my brother or you'll end up in pieces." The MRD squad charged after me and I hear a growl behind me and I couldn't believe what I saw who jumped in front of the MRD.

It was him. Wolverine. He took out their weapons with his adamantium claws slicing them up and I saw my brother being taken by the MRD along with Randy's family. I yelled frighten for my little brother's life as the water blades disappear back into the grass, "NO!"

I ran towards the helicopter and I jumped then I found out that I was flying. I took a deep breath and tried to hang on to copter. But I felt electricity in my body as I screamed in pain. I turn to look over my shoulder and the MRD higher up got me with some sort of electro gun. I could absorb the pain but I fell and I blacked out. I could feel someone's arms catching me before I fell.

I barely opened my eyes and saw Wolverine putting me down before he had to beat the rest of the MRD. I barely got up and he and I saw the MRD copter trying to take off and I said with a smirk, "I got this." I used the electricity and aimed it at the copter which was an automatic bull's eye. The copter spun around and landed on Carl's RV.

Carl yelled at me angrily, "You freak, look what you did." I turned my back on him and tried to find my brother using telepathy. I had no luck and a hand was placed on my shoulder and I heard the gruff voice of Wolverine. He said seriously, "If you want to find your brother you better come with me."

I said huffily before I tried to leave, "Look I know you want to save Randy's family just as much as I do. Right now I need to find my brother. I lost one already and I don't plan to lose another." He took my hand and I said huffily as I tried to get him to let go of my hand, "Hey! Let go of me!"

Wolverine said gruffly with seriousness behind it, "Look we can work together to save your little brother and Randy's family or you can go home." I said with seriousness as he let go of my hand, "Okay, fine. We'll work together. Randy's family and my brother are important to me."

He took out his motorcycle out of the garage and said as he pointed the back of his motorcycle, "Hop on." I hopped on his motorcycle and wrapped my arms around his torso. He said with a smirk as he started the motor, "Better hold on tight." Then we were off and I had no clue what was ahead of us due to not wanting to fall off.



Cody was with Erica and her family and said with a smile in his werewolf form as she hugged her friend, "It's gonna be okay." Cody heard footsteps and two MRD troops along with a higher ranking MRD came by and stopped at Cody and Erica's family cell. He said coldly, "Tell me about the mutant." Cody growled out of anger and dislike for the higher MRD. Erica said with defensively, "We don't know what you're talking about." The man said coldly as he explained, "His name is Wolverine and he's very dangerous."

Erica said with bravery with a smile, "He is not." The man came into the light and he had three scars on his face and said with an icy tone that frightened Erica, "Yes he is." Cody chuckled and mentally said with a smirk, "I guess those three scars are from Wolverine himself."


(Emily's POV)

Wolverine and I drove up to what looked like a ruin. The school looked like an intense fire exploded and I said under my breath as I got off the motorcycle and walked in the ruins, "The Charles Xavier Institute…it's in ruins." Wolverine said with a grim face, "Not pretty, huh?" I said sadly as I started to frown, "I've always dreamed about this place, but, I never thought I would it would be like this." I looked at him and asked with concern, "What happened here?"

Logan sighed and started to walk towards the ruin Institute and said grimly, "Long story." I followed him and he sniffed the air. I asked curiously, "What is it?" He lifted a concrete broken wall and jumped into the hole by using his claws to from getting hurt. I sighed and said to myself, "A man of few words. Lovely." I jumped in using my new flight ability and landed right behind him. I asked as I continue to follow him, "Might I ask why are we here?" Wolverine said as he walked towards the room with the light on, "To get a good doctor."

I didn't understand what he meant until I saw Hank McCoy aka Beast. It looked like he was doing research of some kind. With his white lab coat and light green shirt as he wore the light brown pants you think he would have some shoes. I saw Wolverine walked up behind Hank and grabbed his notebook and asked, "What'cha working on, Hank?"

Hank was startled by him and asked after the fright, "Logan. Seriously, must you always make an entrance?" I couldn't help but giggle and which in return gave Wolverine a smirk on his face. I said with a playful smirk, "So, Logan is your name." He chuckled and said with a playful smirk of his own, "You never told me your name."

Hank looked at me and asked polity, "Yes, what is your name?" I lightly laughed and said with a smile, "My name is Emily Luna Rose. Charles Xavier was my father's old friend back when they studied Egyptology together. Also starting today I am officially twenty-one." Hank said with an honest smile, "I'm guessing today is your birthday."

Logan said with a smirk, "Yeah, but you gotta learn to relax Hank. Try to getting out a little more." Hank sighed and said with a frown as he took the notebook back, "Well, with Charles and Jean, you know, uncounted for, I just can't think of anything else." I frowned and thought, 'I guess I'm not the only one, worried about the people I care about."

Logan said seriously with a frown, "Me neither. Believe me I've tried." Logan asked seriously as I listen in, "Learn anything new?" Hank said as he went over his notes, "I have confirmed that the explosion indeed centered on Charles's position. So he was the likely target." I couldn't help think who would do such an awful thing. I asked curiously, "What was the cause?"

Hank said dejectedly as continue to look at his notes, "It defies classification. No evidence of combustion, chemical reaction, radiation, or electro magnetism." I said as I folded my arms and ponder, "That pretty much rules out the MRD." Logan added, "Probably Magneto, too. So who then?" I guess one day I'll have to face him. Hank said seriously as he looked into his microscope, "I don't know, but, I'll figure it out." Hank then asked as he looked up at Logan, "What about you, Logan? You're not the type to pop in for no reason."

I answered his question for him with a serious and anger tone, "It's so those freaking MRDs. They're out of control, Hank. They snatched up a family and my little brother just for helping Logan." Hank was surprised to hear this and asked, "Really? They're arresting non-mutants now?" Logan said seriously, "I've gotta fix this and I want you with us." Hank said sadly as he tried to look busy, "No. No, I can't. Why don't you ask the others?"

Logan asked seriously, "What others? I don't know where anyone is." I said with sincere and with a smile, "Hank we need your help." Hank was surprised to hear this and said with a smile, "Well, I can't deny a request from a young woman of both beauty and strength." Hank went to go get his uniform and I said with a smirk looking at Logan, "You can thank me now." Hank asked out of curiosity, "What size do you wear?" I raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why do you ask?"


We saw an MRD van parked and I said with smirk, "I got an idea." I used my flexibility and landed softly on the top and snuck in the van. One of the MRD troop was complaining about their tech, "This piece of junk. It can't tell if a mutant it's two miles away or two feet." I said with a smirk, "Hi." The MRD troop turned around to see but I knocked him out with my telepathy. I said as I opened the car door, "Come on, get in."

So the three of us drove to the MRD HQ, Logan and I drove in disguises in the MRD uniforms to the MRD HQ while Hank was in the back of the van. Logan asked with a smirk, "How you making out, Hank?" Hank complained with disgust, "It smells back here." I said grossed out squirming in my uniform, "At least you don't have to be in a smelly MRD uniform. Don't these guys bathe?" Logan chuckled and said with a smirk, "Relax, you'll get used to it." I said as I crossed my arms, "I hate you so much." Logan said with a smirk to Hank, "Why don't you put your shackles on?"

We were arriving at the MRD base and boy it made me want to blow this place to kingdom come. Once we go to the front gate and Hank made the back rattle and snarl. Logan rolled down the window and the MRD asked cautiously, "What kind of mutant you got in there?" Logan said as he rested his arm, "One big ugly beast." He then reached for the ID card and said as he handed the id to the MRD troop, "Now can we hurry it up? You do not want this thing busting out right here."

Hank snarled some more and the MRD Troop said with worry and fright as he gave the ID card back, "Uh, g-go. Go." The gate opened for us and I said with a smile, "Nice acting there, Hank." Hank smile and said as he opened the slide door, "Took two years of it in college." I looked at him and said worried because he did not have his shackles on, "Hurry and put the shackles on. Otherwise you'll below our cover."

Hank hurryingly tried to put the shackles on and I said worried, "Logan we got a problem." Logan asked acting not surprised, "No shackles?" I sighed and said worried, "No shackles." The MRD Troops said as they pointed their weapons at Hank and opened the door, "Heads behind your head, freak." I asked Logan curiously, "Plan B?" His adamantium claws popped up and I said as I lowered his hands, "Let me try from a different approach."

Hank was trying to be reasonable and said with a calm smile, "See here, gentlemen. Let's take a deep breath shall we? I'm a pacifist in nature so those weapons are not uh…" Before Hank could finish his sentence I used my telekinesis to do a double knockout and Logan and I went to get Hank out of the back. Logan asked annoyed, "Let me guess the shackles where chaffing, right?"

Hank said with an honest smile, "No." I raised an eyebrow with arms crossed and Hank said with guilt, "Well, yes, but, only during my performance. I was about to put them back on. Really." Logan said with a smirk, "Let's go Chewy." I sighed with a smile. Logan said as he formatted the plan, "You find out where they keep the prisoners. I'll lock up these guards." I said as I followed Hank, "I'm going with Hank."



Jillian yelled as the MRD was taking Cody, "Stop! Where are you taking him?" Cody growled at try to struggle with the MRD one of the MRD troops lock Randy's family and Cody took one last look at Erica before the MRD took him to a room with a chair. The MRD put him on the chair and the chair locked him down. Cody asked with a growl, "So what now? You're gonna torture me?"

The man with the three scars on his face came into the light and said strictly, "Think of it as incentive. Tell me the truth about Wolverine." Cody glared at the man and said truthfully, "I tell you the truth. He's a hero and you're scum." The man pounded Cody to the chair with his hand and pressed a button on his device. The man said strictly as Cody struggled in the chair, "This is sensatory assault helmet."

The man smirked as he continued, "The cutting edge of information gathering. Last chance." Cody growled as he bare his fangs and said angrily, "You're the ones people should watch out for. Not the mutants." The man pressed the button again and Cody howled in pain and growled in frustration to get out.


(Emily's POV)

I followed Hank and looked around and said, "There are a lot of mutants here." Hank said with agreement, "Yes and I'm guessing you want to free them all." I asked curiously, "Are you a telepath, too?" Hank said with a smile, "So that is your power." I said with a smirk, "One of my powers." Hank bumped into an MRD troop and said, "Easy now. We don't need to fight okay?"

The MRD was about to use his weapon and Hank sighed and pounced on him. He hid the knocked out MRD troop and I said with hope before Hank and I left to find the prisoners once more, "Let's try not running into anymore MRDs."

I try to use my telepathy but it seemed something or someone was blocking to locate my little brother. Hank saw the control room with two men and I said with a smile, "Time for a woman's touch." I walked into the room and said with a smile, "Now, boys, we've got two choices here."

One of the men was about to call the MRD. I used my telekinesis and did another double knockout and I pushed them using my foot out of the room on a chair. I heard Logan's adamantium claws and looked to see me with a smirk. I said as with my hands on my hips, "What? It was their choice." Logan smirking at me and saw my handy work. Logan said as he walked towards us, "I didn't say a word.

Hank said with a smile as he looked into the security cameras, "Remind me not to make you use your touch." I lightly laughed and Hank said as we looked at the computer screen, "Here. I've located the dentition area." I used my telepathy once more and I heard my brother howling. I said seriously with anger, "My brother. They tortured him."



The MRD troop opened the door and Cody came into the cell in his human form hurt and weakened. Jillian asked worried with fright as she held the boy in her arms, "Cody? What did they do to you?" Ericka asked worried as she went to her friend, "Cody? Are you alright?" Cody said weakly, "I'm…I'm okay." Jillian said angrily, "You are animals. We told you: We don't know anything." The man scarred man said seriously, "Perhaps not."

He then looked at Ericka and said with an evil grin, "But she might." Ericka was frightened and she held onto Cody and Cody growled weakly at the MRD higher up.


(Emily's POV)

I used my telekinesis to knock out the two MRD troops and my brother tried to look what was going on. The man with the three scars was going to pay for what he did to Cody as he turned to look at Logan, Hank, and I. I asked angrily as my hands were filled with electricity, "How about you? Easy or Hard way?" Logan growled and the man tried to pull out his weapon but Logan's adamantium claws came out and sliced his weapon. He then kicked the scarred man into the wall and said with a smirk as he pinned him, "Hard way it is." He then knocked out the man and I asked with a smirk, "What are we gonna do with him?" Logan made a smirk at me and said, "Your call."

The man woke up and I said with serious and angry tone, "Now I want you to leave Randy's family alone. Got it?" I lift the device controller with my telekinesis and said angrily, "And so you don't forget, here's a little incentive." I pressed the button and the man screamed and yelled, "Goddess!" I left with a smirk and said, "Have fun."

I knew Hank would free the other mutants and I saw Logan getting in the helicopter with a smirk. I said as I got in as I was smirking at him, "You sure do know how to show a woman a good time." Logan said smirking at me, "Well call this your birthday gift from me." I saw Hank with Randy's family, Cody, and other mutants coming out. I heard the alarm blaring and I said as I opened the hatch, "I think that's our cue to leave."

Logan started the copter and I yelled, "Come on, everyone." All of the MRD were shooting at us and Logan asked with a smirk, "Emily?" I said with a devilish smile, "One barbequed MRD base coming up." The fire came out of my hands and I shoot the fireballs out of my hands and aimed them at the MRD. Cody asked with a weak smile, "Is there anything you can't do, Sis?" I said with a smile, "Becoming a werewolf." Cody weakly laughed and Ericka laughed as well.

I saw two jets coming our way and I said seriously, "I can't override myself. Anyone got an idea?" A woman came forward and turned herself into dust and messed up the propellers on the jets. The woman came back and I looked at the scarred man and I could hear his thoughts as we left, "I'll get you Wolverine and you as well Goddess."


Logan shook hands with Randy and said, "Give it a few weeks. The MRDs will lose interest in you." Randy said with honesty, "Thank you. For everything" Cody looks up at me and asked, "What's going to happen to us now, Sis?" I placed a hand on his shoulder and said with a smile, "I think we owe Logan a huge debt." Cody smiled and said with as he went towards Hank, "I'm gonna go with Beast." Randy looked at me and asked with honesty, "You're going with him aren't you?"

Ericka gasped and I said with honesty, "I have to. It'd be good for Cody and I think it's time I make a difference." Jillian said with a smile, "Take care." I smiled back and Logan said as he walked off, "Well, take care of yourselves." I was about to walk until I felt someone hugging my leg.

I looked down to see Ericka holding my leg and she looked up at me and said quietly as if she was about to cry, "Don't leave." I sighed and I went on my knee and said with an honest smile as I place my hands on her tiny shoulders, "Ericka, I can't stay. Out there in the world, I have to help those around me. I can't wait any longer." Ericka was about to cry and I hugged her and she returned the hug. She whispered, "I'm gonna miss you." I pulled from the hug and I said with a smile, "Look out for your mom and dad."

Logan was getting on the motorcycle and I got the motorcycle looking at the family one last time. I put my arms around Logan's torso and he waved bye for me as we went back to home. My new home.


Logan and I went down the hole again and we saw the light on. We looked around and I saw the news on the television. I turned it off and Logan and I turned around to find Hank and my brother snuck up on us. I got startled and hold Logan's hand and I looked down and turned to look the other way as I tried to hide my blush. Logan said annoyed, "Hank. Man, say something when you sneak up on a guy." Hank said with a playful smirk, "I'll try and remember that."

Cody came up behind him and said with a smirk, "And I managed to scare my Sis." I hit the back of his head and he asked as he rubbed on the wound, "What did I do?" I asked curiously trying to keep my childish anger down low, "What are you doing? Where are the other mutants?" Hank explained, "Gone their separate ways."

Cody said seriously, "But those cells you emptied they'll be full again tomorrow and the next day." Logan said seriously as he looked at the TV, "Yeah." Logan took thought and said seriously, "Hank we both know what's going on. There's a war coming and it ain't gonna be pretty." Hank nodded his head and said, "I agree. So what's next?" Logan said what I couldn't believe, "We bring back the X-Men."

I said as I placed my hands on my hips, "I'm in." Logan looked at me and Cody said with a smile, "Werewolf, ready to fight to the end." Logan asked seriously, "Are you sure?" I said with honesty, "I can't play the girl who has to wait all the time. I have to do this for my brother and my father. Plus, you need me. I'm a Class 7 mutant." Cody said with a smirk, "I always wanted to save the world."

Logan smirked and asked, "Think you can keep up?" I used my martial arts as I made a low kick on Logan and asked with a playful smirk as he fell, "Does that answer your question?" Logan chuckled and said as he got up, "Well, including you and the kid. I say we got ourselves two new X-Men."

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