Battle Lines

(Emily's POV)

I stretched out in my bed as I woke up. I looked at the clock and it said seven fifty am and I said with a smile, "Last night was great." I got up from my bed and brushed my teeth and showered with my cranberry and vanilla shampoo. I got out of the shower and wrapped a white towel around my naked body. When I looked in the mirror after drying my hair, the towel was hugging my hips and I said with a sassy smile, "This could make a man go wild."

After drying my body, I put on my light blue t-shirt with light brown baggy pants along with white tennis shoes. I put on the necklace and I put some of my hair over my shoulders. I left my room and I went downstairs to start breakfast. I sighed as I cooked the eggs and potatoes. I looked down to see another pair of hands helping me cook. I looked up to see Logan helping me cook and I asked with a playful smile, "Since you do know how to cook?"

Logan chuckled and said gruffly as he helped with cooking the ham, "I've learned how to take care of myself before I was with the X-Men." I said telepathically to the rest of the team, "Everyone come down for breakfast." Logan asked with his wolfish grin, "When did you learn how to cook?" I said with a smile as I finished cooking the eggs, "When I turned fifteen, my father always burned dinners and I got fed up with it."

I heard Cody come down the stairs and said with a smile as he eyed the food, "Alright, breakfast." I said with a smile as I handed my little brother the plates, "Set the table." I started to leave and Cody asked curiously, "Where are you going, sis?" I smiled at Cody then at Logan, "Getting Forge out of his workshop."

(Cody's POV)

I looked at my sister than back at Logan who had a small grin on his face. I asked seriously and curiously as I set the table, "What's with that grin of yours, Logan?" Logan said gruffly as he poured the food into individual plates, "Well, pup that is none of your business." I said seriously as I set the silverware, "Not when it involves my sister."

Logan sighed and he put the food filled plates down and before he walked away I warned seriously, "Logan, if you break her heart, I'll break you."


(Jaden's POV)

I woke up as I looked around to see Kitty sleeping next to me sighing as she cuddling up next to me. I groaned as I looked under the covers to see we both had clothes on. I sighed with relief and said under my breath quietly, "Thank god." I know Kitty wants me badly and I have to explain to her that if we do this…she'll be marked for life. That she will be mine for all time.

Kitty stirred and said with a sleepy smile as she lazily opened her eyes, "Good morning." I asked with an innocent smile as she rested her head on my bare shoulder, "How are you feeling?" Kitty said with a smile as she stretched her left arm in the air and rested her hand on my bare chest, "Pretty good. I almost had you though." I chuckled and I said with a smirk as I got out of bed, "That you did."

Kitty asked curiously with worry as she got out of bed, "When are we going to do it?" I sighed and I said with worry as I stuttered and getting dressed in black t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, "Listen, Kitty there is…I…" Kitty said with an honest smile as she held my hands and to comfort me, "Hey…its okay. You can tell me." Before I could tell her what would happen to us if we did it, there was a knock on the door.

I sighed and Kitty said with a hopeful smile, "You can tell me when you're ready." Kitty slightly opened the door and saw Cody in the doorway as I hear him say with a smile, "Breakfast is ready." Kitty looked at me with a quick glance and said with a smile, "Okay, I'll be down there in a few." Cody said with a grin, "You better otherwise; Bobby will eat your share and my brother's."

Kitty closed the door and I said with a smile, "You better get dressed, love." Kitty smiled and then kissed me softly as I returned her kiss with equal passion. She pulled away from the kiss and said with a smile, "I'll meet you downstairs." Before I left the room I kissed her hotly and she lightly moaned and gasped. I broke the kiss and said under my breath huskily, "You are very tempting Miss Pryde." I left before I could release the animal within me.


(Emily's POV)

I looked around at the hanger and I asked, "Forge? You here?" Forge popped out of the Blackbird and asked curiously, "You called me?" I said with a smile, "Breakfast is ready, you better be down there before Bobby and Cody eat your share." Forge ran as quickly as he can and I lightly laughed. I looked around and I sat down on my knees and my sat on my feet. I took a deep breath and I said mentally, "Draco, You and I need to talk."

Draco came out of my body and asked seriously, "What do we need to talk about?" I said seriously, "When I felt your power, it was amazing and terrifying. I need to know what will happen to me." Draco said seriously and nobly as he sat down, "There will be a battle that you cannot escape and you will be the only one who can stop the great evil that is to come." I asked seriously as I looked into his purple eyes, "What evil?"

Draco said seriously, "The evil is called the Phoenix and you will be the one to kill it." I asked with worry, "Will the Phoenix be in someone? Like us?" Draco sighed and said seriously as he placed his claws on my shoulders, "I do not know. I hope it will not come to that." I sighed and Draco disappeared back into my body leaving me with worry. I knew I had to do something about this but for right now I need to focus on how to control on how much I use of Draco's power.

I left the hanger and I bummed into Emma and she asked worried, "Emily, are you okay?" I said with a smile, "I'm okay, I was just meditating." Emma raised her eyebrow and I use my telepathy to make shield around my mind. Emma asked seriously and angrily, "After all this time you still don't trust me?"

I said seriously with anger, "After what you did to me…after what you tried to do…I still don't trust you. If you ever betray the X-Men, Frost…Logan will be the least of your problems."

I left her with that warning and I looked at the glass to see Jean following me and I was a little frightened as I started to run. But Jean kept following me and I bumped into someone as I heard Logan's voice, "Emily, you okay?" I looked back and Jean was gone. I wrapped my arms around Logan's torso and held him tightly. Logan tilted my head and he was trying to figure out what spooked me.

I could hear Emma's footsteps and Logan glared at Emma and snarled, "What did you do?" Before Emma could speak, I said quietly, "Emma did nothing Logan. Just a bad memory." Logan glared at Emma and he put his right hand on my waist as we walked away. We went to his bedroom and he asked quietly, "What did you see?" I said worried and softly, "I saw a woman…she was crying…blaming me for everything."

Logan held me tightly and said gruffly and huskily as he tilted my chain, "It'll be okay. I'll help ya anyway I can." I then kiss Logan softly and he returned the kiss with equal passion. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hands roamed my upper and lower back. I sighed and lightly moaned as he pulled me closer to his muscular chest.

I was losing myself to this man as I lightly touched his muscular chest with my soft hands. He growled as he pinned me on his bed with both of his rough hands and I felt helpless against him. I lightly breathed slowly as he leaned in looking at me with those…did I see lust in his eyes? I lightly gasped as Logan nipped and bit my neck as he growled.

I lightly sighed and moaned in between as I felt Logan's rough hand on my upper left thigh traveling upwards and I lightly gasped as my eyelids closed. Logan stopped what he was doing and I asked worried as he looked at me with the lust gone from his eyes, "What's wrong?" Logan said gruffly as he moved away from me, "It's nothing." I said softly with worry as I placed my hand on his rough hand, "Logan…"

Logan looked at me and said gruffly, "I was about to take you and make you mine. I just…" I place my hands on both of his cheeks and said softly with a smile that made him lose his guard, "It's okay. I can wait till you're ready." Logan sighed and asked gruffly with a wolfish smile as he rested his forehead on mine, "How do you put up with me?" I lightly laughed with a smile and said softly, "Because I work with the best."

Logan chuckled and said gruffly as he lifted me up from his bed, "Come on, everyone is waiting." I smiled knowing that everything was going to be alright…as long as I stood by Logan's side.


Later at night after dinner, Logan asked gruffly with a smirk before he went into the Danger Room, "You sure you don't want a round with me?" I said with a smile as I headed upstairs on the elevator, "Maybe next time." As I got off the elevator I heard Bobby asking as he stirred the bowl, "So Kitty you wanna get a bite to eat?" Kat said with a raised eyebrow, "I'm dating Jaden, Bobby."

Bobby said sheepishly as he put his hands together, "Right. What I mean is…" Before Bobby could answer I heard Rouge's voice, "Where's Logan?" I sighed and went into the kitchen and Kitty said under her breath annoyed, "I hope he's fixing the locks on this place." Rouge said worried and seriously, "It's important. I need to talk to him."

I said seriously and angrily with my arms crossed my chest, "Let me clarify what Kat means: You're not welcomed here, Rouge." Rouge said seriously with worry as she walked towards me, "Emily, the Brotherhood works for Magneto and I just found out that they're making their move tonight against the X-Men." I sighed and said seriously and angrily, "Give it a rest, Rouge."

Rouge said seriously and worried as she raised her hands, "Listen to me. Something else is going on. Quicksilver didn't know at all but Magneto is planning something big." I said seriously annoyed as I grabbed her wrist to drag her down in the subbasement, "Okay, you wanna keep crying wolf? Then come on." Rouge protested as she struggled to get free, "Emily!"

I left Bobby and Kat to leave them in their debate as I brought Rouge to the prisoner containment cell and Rouge still protesting, "Emily! Emily!" I threw her into the cell and I placed my hand on the scanner and I heard Logan asked gruffly and seriously, "What's going on here, Emi?" I moved out of the way so Logan could see Rouge.

Rouge said seriously with care and worry after the glass door shut on her, "I'm trying to help you." Logan said angrily as he glared at Rouge and I went to his side, "I remember the last time you helped us Rouge. That didn't work out so well." Rouge explained seriously, "I had to side with the Brotherhood. That day when they approached me…I took memories from Toad. He knew something was in the works but that's all he knew. I needed to get closer."

Logan said angrily and gruffly as I watched them argued, "I've should've been on it." Rouge said huffily with a comeback, "And I've should've more reasons to trust you." Logan said gruffly as he walked away, "Well, until your story checks out you're staying right here." Rouge called out seriously with worry as I followed Logan, "Logan! Emily!"


Draco came out of my body and asked seriously, "What if Rouge is telling the truth this time?" I sighed and I asked annoyed as I sat on the couch in the living room, "You're not gonna be my conscience are you?" Draco said seriously, "And you are no puppet. Does something in your heart tell you that Rouge might be right?" I sighed and Draco was right at some point. I said annoyed as Draco went into my body with a smile, "I must be out of my mind."

I suit up in my uniform and went to see Rouge, when the doors opened Rouge asked as she tried to make me out from the shadows, "Who's there?" When she saw me and said seriously and worried, "Emily…you're a telepath. Read my mind, you'll see I'm telling the truth. They're coming." I read her mind but still her mind was a jumble of puzzle pieces but I think I somewhere in my heart she was telling the truth.

I walked away and headed up. Logan asked gruffly as I saw him in the doorway, "What'd you find out?" I sighed and explained seriously, "Rouge's mind is nothing but a jumble of puzzle pieces…but I think she might be telling the truth this time, Logan." Logan asked seriously as he walked towards me, "What makes you think this she is?" I explained seriously with my arms crossed in front of my chest, "I don't know but my heart's telling me she is."

I asked seriously as Logan put on his cowl, "Change of heart about her story?" Logan explained gruffly and seriously, "Rouge ain't stupid. She had to know on how we would react but she came anyway." Hank, Ororo, and Emma got suited up and Logan said seriously as we walked into the living room, "Listen up, we're gonna…" Logan asked seriously and annoyed as we saw the rest of the team not in their uniforms, "Why aren't you guys geared up?"

Cody asked in disbelief, "You can't tell me you believe her? Not after..." Logan growled and said seriously and gruffly as he got into my little brother's face and before he unsheathed his adamantium claws, "One I told you to get ready so you should be ready and two: if those Brotherhood clowns wanna mess with us…we'll go after them." Emma came in the living room and said seriously when Logan sheathed his adamantium claws, "Wait…we won't need to…they're here."

I saw Quicksilver grabbed Emma's arm and slam her into the marble pillar and said with a smirk as he looked down at Emma, "Take out the telepath first: check." I growled and I did a roundhouse kick to his torso and I grabbed his skull and slammed him against the opposite pillar. I said with a smirk as I looked down at Quicksilver, "Take out annoying Brotherhood scum: check." The whole room began to shake and Cody said as he tried to steady himself, "Sis stop it." I said seriously as the miles of dirt came crashing on us, "It's no me that's doing this."

The rest of the Brotherhood came in and the light blue skinned woman asked as she looked around, "Where is Pietro?" I said seriously and angry as the rest of the team got out of the dirt, "Taking a dirt nap." The tubby guy called Blob went after Bobby, Kat, and Cody as Bobby used his ice powers to make a block of ice to incase his head. Ororo took down Avalanche with her lightening storm but the woman with the laser guns shot at her but she made powerful winds to block her attacks.

I yelled seriously as I helped Jaden out of the dirt, "Scott, look out!" But it was too late the woman with the guns fired at Scott's red sunglasses and they went flying and Toad caught up green gunk and aimed it at Scott's glasses so that he couldn't reach them. Toad then teased Scott as he jumped around and pushed him down as I ran towards him to help Cyclops, "What are ya gonna do now? Can't risk hurting…"

Scott opened his eyes and blasted Toad sky high but he couldn't stop as I yelled seriously, "Scott close your eyes! You'll hurt the team!" I saw Cody trying to wake up Emma as he said worried and lightly shook her, "Emma! Emma, wake up." I saw Logan coming out of the rubble and Quicksilver was about to slam into Cody as Logan yelled, "Werewolf move!" Cody stepped back one step and Quicksilver slammed into the marble pillar again.

I yelled seriously with worry as I saw Blob about to cannonball Logan, "Look out!" It was too late but I knew Logan would be okay and hopefully that all that weight won't crush him. I still had to deal with Scott as did the rest of the team. I flew and grabbed his shades as I dodged his optic blast.

He hit Avalanche but almost hit Ororo and Bobby. But Scott covered his eyes but I heard the light blue skinned woman coming out of the rubble. She aimed her gun at me and the rest of the X-Men surrounded her and Cody said with a smirk, "Nobody is that lucky, hun." Rouge placed her hand on her shoulder and said sadly, "Dom…don't." Dom aimed her gun at Rouge and said seriously and hurt, "We all choose sides Rouge."

Rouge touched Dom with her bared hand and took her out by absorbing her powers. To me Rouge was back with the X-Men. I walked towards Scott and said honestly as I handed him his red sunglasses, "Here." Scott said with a slight smile, "Thanks." Scott kept his eyes shut and he put oh his shades as we heard Emma said annoyed, angry, and in pain as she held her nose, "My nose. I think Quicksilver broke my nose."

Jaden said seriously as he looked at the Brotherhood, "Let's dump this trash at the corner and call the MRD on them." I said seriously with my arms crossed, "Rouge was right this was all a diversion." We heard Forge's voice yelling as we looked at him, "Guys! Something's happening. You should see this." Cody walked up to him and asked angrily and annoyed, "And where the hell were you?"

Forge made a sheepish grin and I said seriously, "You can kill him, later. Forge lead the way."


The TV announced that the MRD facilities were being attacked by mutants and Logan said seriously as he observed the situation, "It was a diversion. Magneto wanted us out of the way so he can takedown the MRD." Forge said honestly as he switched to the MRD main base, "Only the central facility hasn't been attacked yet." Cody asked curiously, "Wait…Magneto just took out the MRD…isn't that a good thing?"

I said seriously as I leaned back on the steel wall, "Yeah, but don't think for a second that Kelly is gonna lay down for this." Hank said seriously with worry, "Which Magneto will finally get what he wants: War." Ororo said with hope and seriously, "And thanks to the Professor we've seen where that war leads." Logan asked annoyed as he looked at my little brother, "Now you wanna get ready?"


(Jaden's POV)

The rest of the team and I got suited up and headed for the mission and we took the Blackbird to head out for the MRD main base of it's anti-mutant activities and saw a giant fireball coming towards us. I yelled serious with worry, "Incoming!" Hank turned the jet around and we headed to where that fireball was heading. Soon as the fireball landed so did we. The X-Men came out to see the crater and Ororo said seriously with worry, "Oh, this is bad."

I looked down to see Juggernaut out cold and said seriously, "Yeah, its Juggernaut." Cody asked worried with fright, "Wait a minute…Juggernaut? As in the unstoppable Juggernaut? The totally invaluable Juggernaut?" Hank said seriously as he pointed out that fact, "That be the one." Kitty asked curiously, "So what could've done this to him?"

We all heard a somewhat of a T-Rex mixed with a Godzilla roar and my sister pointed out dryly and sarcastically as the red glowing monster coming out the MRD building, "Judging on that roar and that fifty feet glowing red monster about to come our way I say that would be it."


(Emily's POV)

We saw the glowing red monster thrashing the city and the MRD. Logan said seriously as he pointed at Emma, "Frost, go up in the Blackbird with Forge and Werewolf and shut that thing down. Keep us in telepathic contact." Logan said seriously as he looked at Jaden, "Hank, Rouge, Kitty, and Jaden protect the crowds." He then continued seriously as he looked at the rest of the X-Men, "Ororo, Emily, Summers, and Drake you're with me." Bobby asked seriously, "What are we doing?" Logan said seriously and gruffly as he unsheathed his adamantium claws, "Guess."

Ororo used her wind powers and lifted Logan and Bobby made an ice bridge for Scott and him to slide on. I said under my breath seriously and annoyed as I flew, "Yeah, no pressure."


(Cody's POV)

I could Logan asked mentally, "Are you reading this thing Frost?" As Forge flew the Blackbird and behind them in my werewolf form. Emma said seriously as she had her hands on her head, "No. It's very odd…as if there's static in it's mind." Forge said with a slight grin amazed, "Wow, so you couldn't read Emily's mind and now this. I thought you were…"

Emma scowled at Forge and Forge asked sheepishly, "Did I say that out loud?" I asked seriously and angry, "Do you want your butt kicked by Emma?"


(Emily's POV)

I flew to see where the source was and Logan was dropped and he sank his claws into the creature but no effect and I said with unimpressed and dryly, "Okay that was lame." Logan said gruffly as I saw what he was seeing, "It's just a kid." The little girl blasted Logan and I yelled seriously with worry as I dove for him, "Wolverine!" I caught him in the nick of time before he fell to the ground but I didn't have time to save the civilians below me.

Luckily Jaden saved them and I yelled with a grin, "I owe you one." Jaden gave me thumbs up and left to save the rest of the innocent lives. I put him down and Rouge ran towards us as she yelled for us, "Logan! Emily!" Logan said gruffly and seriously as Kat ran towards us, "It's a girl. It's a little girl up there." Kat said dryly and seriously annoyed, "Yeah a little girl that's trashing the city."

This girl had tremendous power and I knew what she was going through as she continued to wreck the city. We heard Emma speaking telepathically, "I've broken though the static. Her name is Tilde. Juggernaut has placed a device on her causing her to lash out. She can't stop, you have to remove the device." Kat said seriously as she ran, "I can get through." Logan yelled seriously with worry, "Pryde, no. Jaden stop her!"

Kat phased through my brother and Jaden chased after her to stop her but Tilde's power ricochet Kat and threw her against my brother causing them to K.O. Logan placed his hands on my shoulders and said seriously, "Emily I want you and Rouge to get out of here." I said seriously and stubbornly, "I won't leave you here, Logan." Logan said seriously, "I want you to lead the X-Men if we don't make it, Emily."

I couldn't believe what Logan said seriously as he looked at the both of us, "Find Nightcrawler, Angel, any of the X-Men you can. We'll try to hold it." Logan then briefly kissed me before he left and I said under my breath seriously, "Sorry, Logan. But time to disobey again." I looked at Juggernaut and Kat and then looked at Tilde. I asked seriously and curiously, "Rouge, are you up for something dangerous and stupid?"

Rouge made a smirk and said, "I'm up for anything." I said seriously, "I need you to absorb Juggernaut's power and Kat's power to do this." Rouge nodded her head and after she absorbed the powers and she asked seriously as she put on her glove, "Okay now what?" I said seriously as I started to run, "Follow me."

Bobby and Scott were doing their best to keep it delayed and Rouge and I ran passed them and Bobby asked seriously with worry, "Rouge, Emily, what are you…?" Rouge put her hands up and I held onto her arm and Rouge said strenuously as the glowing red monster foot was trying to crush us, "You might wanna move." The rest of the X-Men moved and Rouge and I phased through the energy as we swam to where Tilde was at.

Rouge got the device off her neck and crushed it like it was a bug. Tilde said with worry, "I can't stop. Please…Please help me." I said seriously as I looked at Rouge, "I got this, go." Rouge was about to protest and I said with a smile, "Trust me." Rouge nodded her head and left and I said with a smile, "It's gonna be alright."

I held her in my arms and I started to sing angelically as I rocked her in my arms.

~There's a song that's inside of my soul~

~It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again~

~I'm awake in the infinite cold~

~But you sing to me over and over and over again~

Draco came out of my body and surrounded the monster that Tilde was making slowly.

~So, I lay my head back down~

~ And I lift my hands and pray~

~To be only yours, I pray, to be only yours~

~I know now you're my only hope~

Cody said softly as he looked up, "I know that song…"

~Sing to me the song of the stars~

~Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again~

Tilde looked at me and started to yawn softly.

~When it feels like my dreams are so far~

~Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again~

Draco rested his enormous head on the monster's shoulder and closed his eyes as the monster slowly disappeared.

~So, I lay my head back down~

~ And I lift my hands and pray~

~To be only yours, I pray, to be only yours~

~I know now you're my only hope~

I didn't notice that Logan was in awe by my singing until I saw him below me.

~I give you my destiny~

~I'm giving you all of me~

Cody said in awe as he saw the monster disappearing, "I remember now…"

~I want your symphony, singing in all that I am~

~At the top of my lungs, I'm giving it back~

I looked down at Tilde who was almost asleep as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

~So, I lay my head back down~

~ And I lift my hands and pray~

~To be only yours, I pray, to be only yours~

Tilde's eyelids were growing heavy and slowly fall asleep as I sang.

~I pray, to be only yours~

~I know now you're my only hope~

I then carried her in my arms and the monster vanished in a bright white light nearly blinding everyone.

~hmmmmm, hmmmmm, oooooh~

When I flew down she woke up startled and Tilde asked curiously as she looked at me, "Who…who are you?" I looked over my shoulder and the rest of the X-Men joined us and I said with an honest smile as she started to fall asleep again, "We're the X-Men."


Morning broke at the Mansion and I looked at Cody who was playing tag with Tilde and the rest of the X-Men with a smile. I saw Logan coming towards me unhappy and I asked, "What's wrong?" Logan sighed and said gruffly and seriously, "Magneto got what he wanted. Kelly is preparing for war. Face it Emi…I'm no leader." I smiled and I asked as Logan saw what I was seeing, "Tell me what you see Logan."

Logan sighed and said gruffly with grim, "I see a war coming for us." I said with a smile and with hope, "I see much more. You've resembled the X-Men, you've rebuilt the school, and we just might've changed the future a bit." I saw Tilde tagging Cody with a smile and I said as I wrapped my left arm around his waist, "Even if it's one small life…it counts as success."

Logan chuckled and asked with a wolfish grin, "By the way, when did you learn how to sing?" I said with a smile as I leaned on his muscular chest, "Took five years of it…I figure the only way to pay the bills was through my talents." Logan chuckled and said with a playful smirk, "You defiantly have talent." I smiled at him and I lightly kissed him as he returned with the same passion. I knew from that day forward that this was only the beginning.

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