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(Emily's POV)

I was in bed with my light blue night gown that went to my mid thigh. I was having a dream about a fiery enormous bird fighting off a blue and green aura dragon. I woke up to Charles Xavier's voice that was calling Logan. I said with worry, "I better go see what the Professor will tell Logan." I got out of bed and I didn't have time to change. I opened the door to find Logan running down the hall. I followed him and I whispered, "Logan."

The Canadian turned around and he looked speechless. I snapped my fingers and asked, "Logan, are you there?" He shook his head and said out of his trance, "Yeah, Chuck needs me to talk to him." I said seriously as we ran together, "I'm coming with you." We reached to where Xavier was resting. Logan rested his hand on the dome and said, "Charles…"

We were then sent to a white room and both Logan and I were startled. Charles then popped up and said calmly, "Don't be alarmed. We're still at the Institute, but this is what you might call a meeting of the minds on the Astral Plane. It's through here; I'm able to communicate to you both from the future." Logan said with relief, "It's really good to see you, Chuck." Xavier stated, "And you my friend. I only wish I were bringing better news."

Xavier looked at me and said with a smile, "You look so much like your mother, Emily." I asked with honesty, "Professor, how do you know my mother?" Charles explained, "She was an old friend and she fell in love with your father." Logan changed the subject and asked, "Why? What's happening?" Xavier said seriously, "I need to show the both of you something." Xavier showed us Africa and explained, "This is Africa in my time. Twenty years ago something terrible happened here."

I said seriously, "Twenty years…you mean now." The three of us went below and saw Africa in ruins and it reminded me of what happened at the Institute. Charles continued to explain, "It was a catastrophe so fierce, no one on the continent survived." I asked with worry and concern, "What could've done something like this?" Xavier answered, "Not what, who. It was Storm."

Logan said defensively, "It doesn't make any sense. Storm would never attack Africa." Charles said seriously, "I know. All I can say is she did and at the cost of her own life. You must find her before its too late." Logan promised, "I will." I sensed someone with my telepathy and said seriously, "Logan, we're not alone."

We turned around and we saw Emma Frost hiding in a corner. Logan snarled and asked, "How'd you get in here?" Emma said with a smirk and amusement, "Hm. Well, you know the security code and I'm telepathic. You tell me." After what Emma said Logan snapped as he grabbed her arm dragging her and snarled, "We don't need spies in the X-Men, Frost."

I pressed the elevator button and said seriously and angrily as Logan threw her into the elevator, "You're out of here as of now." Emma said as she glared at me, "Both of you need my assistance." Logan answered as he pressed the elevator button, "No we won't." As the elevator closed, I rested my left hand on his right shoulder and said with a smile as he turned to look, "I'll get changed and make breakfast."

Logan sighed and asked as I walked away, "How do you put up with me?" I said with a smile as I stopped looking over my shoulder, "Because Logan I know you're not always like this." I maybe saw a hint of blush off of him and he said as he walked away, "Whatever." I went upstairs and changed into a light blue green t-shirt with tan jeans along with white sneakers.

I went into the kitchen to make some chocolate chip pancakes. Bobby, Kitty, and my little brother came into the kitchen and Bobby asked with a big grin on his face, "Are those pancakes?" I stated with a smile, "Chocolate chip pancakes, Bobby. Get some plates so I can serve it to Kitty, Cody, and you." Bobby grabbed the plates from the cupboard and passed the plates. Kitty said with a smile, "I can't wait to taste them."

Cody said with a smile as I served four pancakes to Bobby, Kitty, and my little brother, "If you think my big Sis's cooking is good. You should see her dance." Bobby asked before he took a bite, "She danced?" Cody laughed and said with a big grin, "Yeah, she made the men practically drool all over for her." I laughed and said as I placed the pancakes on a single plate, "Well, I stopped because I'd had to take care of Cody." Bobby asked after he took a bite, "Where you going with rest?"

I said as I left the kitchen, "The rest are for Scott, Forge, Hank, and Logan." I heard Kitty took a bite and said with a smile, "Oh, I'm in heaven." I smiled and I went to Scott's room and I knocked on the door. I said with a smile, "Scott, I got some breakfast." I didn't hear a reply and I said as I placed my hand on the doorknob, "Okay, I'm coming in. You better be dressed." I opened the door and when I saw him. He looked like when Logan and I went to the hotel he was staying at but he shaved at least.

I joked with a smile, "Keep this up Scott and you'll look like a ghost." He didn't reply as he just sat there on his bed. I asked worried as I put the plate down on the dresser, "Is this still about Jean?" He clenched his fist and I said sadly, "Scott, I know how you feel." He then burst out yelling angrily, "You don't know anything about on how I feel!" I said angrily, "You listen to me, Summers. There hasn't a day gone by that I regret not looking for my brother and my father."

He sat down and listened as I continued, "My father left because he wanted to find the Professor because he thought he might be trouble. My brother, Jaden, he left because he lost faith in our father. I couldn't leave because Cody was afraid that I would go, too. I love my brothers and my father, but the one thing that makes me sad the most is not remembering who my mother is. So don't you dare say I don't know how you feel."

I placed two pancakes on his dresser with a paper plate. I picked up the rest of the pancakes and before I left Scott said with sincere, "I'm sorry, Emily. You lost three of the most important people in your life but I've lost one." I sighed and Scott asked honestly, "Do regret not knowing who your mother is?" I said sadly almost about to cry, "Every fiber of my being." Scott said before I left his room looking over my shoulder, "Emily, thanks." I slightly smiled and closed the door behind me.

I went down into the hanger and I yelled, "Forge." I saw him working on the Blackbird and he popped out his head out of the jet. Forge asked with a smile as he smelled my pancakes, "Are those chocolate chip pancakes?" I laughed and said with a smile, "Yes they are Forge."

Forge asked as I pulled a paper plate and placed two pancakes on the plate, "So what's with you and Logan?" I asked with a smile, "What do you mean?" Forge said as he took a bite out of the pancake, "It seems…I don't know. You two look like a couple." I sighed and explained, "Logan saved my life and my brother's life. I'm just following him because he's the leader." Forge said with a smile, "Well, I'm saying if you two were a couple. I think that it would be great for him."

I smiled at Forge and left to see Hank and Logan. I sighed and I know that if I could be with Logan, then maybe I cannot have those nightmares all the time. Hank said as I entered the Global room, "Hm. There doesn't seem to be any climate abnormalities. In fact, there's hardly a cloud in a sky all over Africa."

Logan said seriously as I walked towards his side, "That means whatever gonna push Storm over the edge hasn't happened yet. We gotta find her, Hank." Hank stated, "That will require the use of Cerebro. Which means…" Logan said stubbornly, "I know, Hank." Hank said seriously, "And she'll want something in exchange…" Logan said annoyed, "I know Hank."

I said with a smile, "I got breakfast you two." Logan got startled and I said with a smirk and amusement, "I didn't think it was possible to sneak up on you, Logan." Hank said with a smile as he turned his chair, "Ah, another home cooked meal by the famous Emily Rose." I gave Hank two pancakes on a paper plate and said, "Here Hank. I think you'll like this."

Hank took a bite out of the pancake and said with a smile, "I can't understand why a man hasn't snatched you." I said with a playful smirk as I handed the last two pancakes to Logan, "Maybe he already has." Logan saw what I was doing and asked with a playful smirk of his own, "Who's the luck guy?" I said the smirk still on my face as I started to leave, "Too bad, you're not a telepath Logan."


Logan had told me that we had to bring back Emma Frost and he didn't want me to risk myself on Cerebro. Emma said unimpressed, "Your attempts to manipulate me are demeaning." Emma said as I knew she read his mind, "If I perform to your satisfaction. You favor me by extending my stay here." She said huffily, "If I assist you, that ends now." Logan snarled, "I'm manipulating you? You showed up my door and traded your telepathy for a spot on the team. Who's using who?"

Emma said huffily and argued before she crossed her arms, "I've found the Professor for you. I've earned my place with the X-Men." Logan explained seriously, "And just like the others, you have to continue to earning it every day." Emma said seriously, "But you trust them." I said seriously, "Because they've earn earned that, too." Emma said coldly before she started to leave, "Trust is a two way street, Logan. Find yourself another telepath that's stronger than Emily."

I looked at Logan and he knew he couldn't risk using me on Cerebro, not what happened when I tried to find Xavier. Logan growled and said stubbornly, "Fine." Emma put on the helmet and closed her eyes as she placed her hands on the machine. I sighed and Logan placed his on my right shoulder. There was a time when I wanted to be a strong telepath like Emma but I didn't want to have the attitude she had.

She then opened her eyes as she took off the helmet and said honestly, "I've located her."


I went to my room and looked out my window as my mind let wandered off. I sighed and looked through my scrapbook. All of the pictures of my family with father, Jaden, and Cody brought so many good memories. I looked through it and I looked at the emptied section that was marked my new life with my love. I sighed sadly as my fingers lightly touched the section.

I knew being an X-Man was a responsibility but I kept thinking about wanting a happy life with the someone I love, but who could ever love me? I'm a mutant and being an X-Man meant having a love life was limited. I then threw my scrapbook across the room hitting the door and I put my head between my legs as I started to cry.

I heard a knock on my door and Logan asked, "Emily, you there?" I wiped the tears off my face quickly and said as I fixed my shirt, "Come in." Logan came into my room and he stepped on my scrapbook. He looked down and picked it up and asked gruffly, "Something on your mind?" I lied with a small smile, "It's nothing." Logan said seriously as he sat down beside me, "You're lying. I can tell." I laughed and said with a smile, "I forgot heighten senses." Logan asked as he raised an eyebrow, "Well?"

I sighed and said sadly, "There are times I just want a normal life. Have someone to love, raise a family, no more fighting with Kelly or the MRD. Or saving the future." Logan placed his hand on my shoulder and said gruffly, "I know, but we have to get through it." I felt tears coming out of my eyes and I said as I tried to wipe them away, "Sorry, I don't know how that happened."

Logan didn't say anything and he pulled my arm as I was pulled to his chest. I asked as I lightly blush, "Logan, what're you…?" Logan interrupted and said seriously, "Look I'm not good at this sort of thing, but, if you need to burst tears or talk to me. Let me know." I nodded my headed in his chest and he pulled away from and said as he got up and started to leave, "Come on, and get suit up." I said with a smile as he stopped in his tracks, "Logan, thanks." He looked over his shoulder and for the first time in my life I think that was the first honest smile I've seen out of him.


I got suit up and the all most the rest of the team including my little brother were heading for the hanger. When Forge saw us coming and said as he whined, "No. No. No. No. No. No. I just got her back together." Forge then asked worried, "Okay this is a test run, right? Sort of take her around the block and burn the carbon out' kind of thing, right?"

Kitty said simply, "Nope. Africa." Forge whined and stuttered, "Africa? But you...but you guys...but" Forge caved in with a moan and said as he shrugged his shoulders, "Be gentle." I felt so sorry for Forge as Logan and I walked towards the Blackbird. Unfortunately for Forge Logan wasn't. Logan scoffed as he smirked, "Yeah, right." He then took out his adamantium claws and said casually as he continued to smirk, "The first scratch is always the most painful." He reached and slowly scratched the jet by making a horrible screeching as if it could shatter glass.

To see the horrible look on Forge's face was awful and Logan said as he continued to smirk, "So now you can relax." I said with a hopeful smile, "Don't worry Forge. I'll make sure he doesn't do anything reckless." Logan gave me a look and I said as we were about to walk up on the ramp, "It's your fault." Before we could get aboard on the jet, we saw Scott coming in his uniform.

I joked with a smile, "Well, shades finally decide to join us." Scott said with a smirk, "Can't let you have all the fun." The rest of us board the jet and leaving Forge behind. I looked out the window and I couldn't help what happened back at the Institute with Logan and me. I closed my eyes and I couldn't help but wonder about that dream I was having. The bird and that dragon…was it telling me something or warning me?

Kitty asked concerned to break out of my trance, "Emily, you okay?" I said with a smile, "Yes, just thinking." Cody looked at Logan and then at me. Cody asked worried, "Did you and Logan get into a fight?" I laughed and said with a smile, "No, brother, he helped me today." When we reached Africa, Hank said seriously, "It's begun and expanding at an alarming rate." Logan said as he the jet shook, "Hang on."

I took off my seat belt and Hank asked as I walked in front of the jet, "Emily, what are you doing?" I said with a smirk, "I can control elements remember?" When I saw Ororo Monroe aka Storm, she used her powers to create a tornado. I said seriously as I lifted my hands in front of me, "I got this." Try as I might the winds were too strong and I had to say it for the woman she is one of the reasons why they call her Storm.

The jet then was tossed around in the powerful winds and the jet crashed into a dam. I looked at Logan and Hank and both of them were knocked out. I looked at the cracked window and water was pouring into the Blackbird. I said seriously, "Kitty phase Hank and Logan to the surface. Scott I need a quick emergency exit now." Scott blasted at the back of the jet as Cody, Emma, Scott, and Bobby swam to the surface as I did.

Kitty phased through the jet along with Logan and Hank. As we reached the surfaced Hank and Logan regained conscious and we all swam towards the land. Logan growled and said as he got out of the water, "I thought you said you got this." I said seriously as he helped me get out, "In case you didn't notice I was trying to calm the winds down and I save you from drowning." Cody asked hurried, "Can you two stop bickering, while Africa and Storm are in danger?"

I nodded with agreement and Logan said seriously, "Iceman." Bobby said with a smirk, "On it." Bobby then made an ice bridge to walk on and I saw Ororo giving her all as if she was losing something. As we reached the end of the ice bridge, the hail storm started coming down as Logan yelled, "Heads up!"

I used my fire powers to shield my brother and I. Logan used his adamantium claws to cut down the hail shards and Scott was using his optic blasts before any of the shards could get to him. Kitty phased through the shards as Bobby made ice shield for himself and Hank.

One of the rooftops came at Kitty but she phased through it and instead hit Bobby as he fell into the water. Kitty exclaimed as she ran towards the unconscious Iceman, "Bobby!" She was then hit by one of the shards and Cody exclaimed as Hank rushed towards them, "Kitty!" Hank jumped in and rescued the two unconscious teenagers. He then took shelter under a tree and looked at them. He called out, "Keep going, they're all right!"

I used my fire powers to protect my brother and me as we followed Logan, Scott, and Emma. Logan said as he sliced the hail shards and Scott shooting his optic blasts, "Stay behind us." Emma just touched the side of her head and turned to diamond, passing us all as the hail shards shattered as they touched her. I questioned with a raised eyebrow, "Diamond?"

Cody said as he tapped her with his claws as he transformed in his werewolf form, "It would have been nice to know you could do this."Emma explained, "It's not my favorite form. It prevents me from using my telepathy."

We race to the top of the hill as fast as we could and managed to find the woman causing all of the damage to her homeland. "There she is." Emma said as she pointed at Storm, "Shoot her down." Scott demanded, "Are you insane?" Emma then retorted, 'It's her or Africa. You choose." I put Scott's hand down and I looked at my brother as I said seriously, "Werewolf, catapult."

Cody said with a smirk, "You got it, Goddess." I jumped onto Cody's enormous furry hand and Logan demanded, "What are you doing?" I said seriously as I was about to catapulted, "Saving Africa and Storm." Cody catapulted me to Storm and I took Storm down with me to the mud. She reached out and yelled frightened, "No!" I placed my hands on her face and I used my telepathy to see what she was seeing.

I looked around to see Storm in a fright and before I could reach her something got me from behind. I was pulled out of her mind with pain and Cody asked worried as the other followed him, "Sis, you okay?" I said seriously as I rubbed the back of my neck, "Something's invaded her mind." Emma placed her glove hands on her face and closed her eyes as she used her telepathy. She then gasped in pain as if she was slapped.

Logan demanded, "Frost! What's happening?" She panted as she tried to recover, "Goddess is right, someone's invaded Storm's mind. Shadow King. He's made her believe that Africa is burning."Emma tried one more time but she only flew back into Scott's arms and he caught before she could hit the ground. Cody growled as Logan took Storm in his arms, "Can't you stop him?" Emma replied as she got up, "No, he's much too powerful. But now she knows the truth."

Logan said seriously as he looked at Ororo, "Let it go Storm! It was all a lie!" Ororo then moved away from Logan and made the rain and clouds disappear with her powers. He eyes grew black and the Shadow King's voice boomed, "No!" Cody growled seriously as Logan caught her, "It's over, Shadow King." Logan said seriously as he growled, "You used her up. Her strength is gone." Shadow King said viciously, "Then it will be you who finishes her."

When Shadow King touched Logan my eyes turned purple and yelled angrily as I ran towards them, "Not him!" When I heart beated one last time everything went black as I fell to the ground.

(Cody's POV)

I saw a purple, blue, green aura dragon coming out of my sister's body as it flew towards Logan and fazing him through and making Shadow King come out. Scott demanded, "Cody, what's happening?" I said worried, "I don't know this is a first for me." Emma and Scott moved Storm to a safer place and Logan followed them. The dragon was the same size as the Shadow King and it was tearing him up with its claws and fangs. I saw my sister shaking uncontrollably and yelled as I carried her into my arms, "Sis!"

She opened her eyes and her eyes weren't green anymore, they were purple and the pupils were diamond shaped as she screamed out of pain.

Logan demanded, "Pup, what's wrong with her?" I said worried and panicked, "I don't know, this has never happened before." She yelled in pain, "The memories! Too many memories! Help! Logan!" I saw the dragon breathed fire on the Shadow King and watched him burned into nothingness. I gave my sister to Logan as he said to calm her down, "Emily! It's okay!"

As soon as the dragon finished the Shadow King it flew towards us as my sister calmed down. The dragon walked slowly and looked at Logan before he touched my sister with its claws and went back inside her. Emma said seriously, "There's more to that girl than meets the eye." I said in awe, "I never seen my Sis had that before." My sister was slowly stirring and Logan asked concerned, "Emi you okay?"


(Emily's POV)

I slowly opened my eyes to see Logan with his cowl on and I asked as I rubbed my eyes with my thumb and index finger, "How did I get here?" Emma asked concerned, "You don't remember?" I said as I tried to get up, "No, all I could remember was going after Shadow King and everything went black." I said as my whole body shook, "But I do remember the memories, there were so many and so frightening." Cody explained, "An aura dragon came out of you and your eyes were purple."

I sighed and asked worried as I fell to the ground, "Was anyone hurt?" Logan said gruffly as he picked me up, "No, everyone's fine. You had us worried there for a sec." I smiled and said as I flew, "Let's go home." Cody explained, "But Sis, the jet is in the water." I smiled and went towards the Blackbird. I used my telekinesis as I put my hands in front of me and I could slowly hear the jet coming out of the water. I smiled and I heard a voice, "Well done, child."

I asked mentally, "Who are you?" The dragon my brother explained to me came out of my body and said nobly, "I am Draco. I am what keeps your powers under control and allows them to extend beyond your wildest dreams." I asked as I put the jet down, "How did you…?" Draco said as he looked at the X-Men coming, "I am a part of you, just as you are a part of me. Without me, your powers become unstoppable and out of control."

He then went inside of me once more and Logan asked seriously, "What is it?" I said seriously as I went up the ramp, "His name is Draco and I think he's on our side." Ororo said as she placed a hand on my shoulder, "Thank you. You saved me from the Shadow King and I'm grateful." I said with a smile, "It's part of being an X-Man."


The team was flying home and Cody was working on Blackbird as he said, "Man, Logan, now I know why Forge is always so frantic." Hank asked curiously, "How do Cody know how to work on the Blackbird?" I explained with a smile, "After what happened in Genosha, my little brother decided that if Logan was going to reckless he had to get lessons from Forge." Logan sighed and asked gruffly, "You are never gonna let it go?" I said with a smirk, "No."


When we reached the Institute, Logan and I had to show Ororo Charles Xavier in the state he was in and we explained the situation we were in. Ororo said sadly as she looked at the man in the dome, "It is difficult seeing him like this." I placed my hand on her shoulder and said with a smile, "But it kinda helps knowin that he will wake up." Ororo said seriously, "Then we must ensure that when he does it is a future worth living in."

Logan asked seriously, "So you're staying?" Storm said solemnly and placed her hand on the dome, "My place is here along side with my family."

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