A/N: This story was a special request of a friend. As usual if you recognize something it probably is not mine. I also have a poll open because of another friend so please vote. The main part of the story starts just before fifth year. The prologue is on the train home after fourth year.


"Well my education at Hogwarts is finished. Though finding a job will be hard." Christine Granger said.

"With the grades you got getting a job should be extremely easy." Ron responded.

"It is not because of my grades that will make getting a job difficult."

"That is right it is because of her age that getting a job will not be easy." Hermione said.

"Christine's age should not matter because she is the only person I know of finishing their Hogwarts education in four years." was what Harry said.

"I still have the trace on me so even though I finished my education I cannot do magic until I turn 17 unless I am at Hogwarts."

"That will make finding a job difficult. Too bad Fred and George do not have the joke shop they want to open even though mom doesn't want them to."

"I think I might talk to some of the business owners I know and see if they need some help that does not require magic. Such as serving or taking orders at a variety of locations. If that does not work I will talk to Dumbledore and see if he needs help or just get a job in the muggle world."