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Chapter Five

The next morning Christine woke up to tapping on her window. Sniget was back with the reply from Amanda. While not fully awake she got up, opened the window, and took the letter. She grabbed an owl treat to give him as a thank you. Once Sniget was settled and Christine woke up a little more she opened the letter and began to read the letter.

Dear Christine,

You are correct in the fact that when you were here I was hiding from you. I am afraid that telling you the reason in a letter would be a bad idea because letters can go astray. Can we get together soon to talk about it? We can meet where ever you want I can even come to you. I had an idea that you and Harry knew each other. I think that the two of you should practice together because the more you practice the better you will get. It would be great to see you this Christmas even if Harry will not be there. You are correct it is past time I told Aunt Arabella about Dudley attacking Harry for no reason. If my telling her gets Harry out of that house permanently tell Harry I am sorry for not telling someone sooner. I hope to see you soon because of the important information I need to tell you. I will need to tell others as well but I want you to be first even though you cannot because in order to explain something to Aunt Arabella I need to tell her first.

Your friend,


When Christine read the letter she began to think about what needed to be done. She knew that the conversation needed to happen soon. If Amanda told her what she thought she was then she would tell her who she really was as well. Before this could happen Christine needed to let Dumbledore know what Amanda wanted so that if she needed to she could get Amanda to headquarters. Christine went over to her make shift desk and began to write to Amanda and Dumbledore.

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I have received a letter from Amanda stating that she will be informing Mrs. Figg of what she saw when she was younger regarding Harry and his cousin. There is also something that she needs to talk to me in person about. I either need to be able to go to her or she will need to come here. Please inform me as soon as you have decided which way would be best. Mrs. Figg should contact you soon with the information regarding Dudley and Harry.



When she completed this letter she set it aside and began to write a letter to Amanda.

Dear Amanda,

Let me know when you are ready to talk about what it is you want to tell me. I am very busy with work and will need to make sure we plan to meet when I am free. By the way is Harry still staying with his aunt? Let me know because if nothing else I will come get him and bring him to my apartment. Also let me know how he is physically. If you cannot safely get the information that's okay, I would rather not have information and you safe than have information and you in the hospital. Tell Mrs. Figg I say hi.

Hope to see you soon,


Once she sent these letters Christine began to get ready for her day. She had almost gotten to the floo when she realized that today was her day off. She immediately headed back upstairs to spend the day with the twins. . First thing on her list of things to do with them was to find out what they wanted to work on and look over what they had so far while she got them to do their school work.

When she arrived to the third floor she knocked on the boys' door. She heard a sleepy moan and shuffling steps approach the door. Knowing that the twins were not morning people so she was not surprised when one of them opened the door and was grumpy with her.

"What do you want? Oh, Christine. Sorry. What time is it?"

"It's seven and if you want my help on your products today you need to get up and get ready. If you are not downstairs for breakfast within the next thirty minutes I will find something else to do on my day off." After having said this she walked back downstairs to actually enjoy her breakfast for once. She heard one of the twins fall out of bed in his rush to get up and ready.

When she got down to the kitchen she saw Mrs. Weasley fixing breakfast. Mrs. Weasley turned and jumped a bit when she saw Christine.

"Good morning Mrs. Weasley. The twins should be down soon."

"What are you still doing here Christine and how did you get the boys up so early?"

"Today is my day off work and I had no plans or errands to run so I am spending the day here. The boys are getting up early because I told them I would spend the da with them if they were dressed and down here in thirty minutes. That got both of them moving so fast one fell out of the bed in his hurry to get up. What they don't know yet is that I am going to get them to do some of their school work."

Once she finished saying this Mrs. Weasley placed a plate full of food down in front of her. "Thanks."

"I should be thanking you because you are the only one to get those boys to do their work. That is something your sister can't even do."

"I know the boys were complaining about her method of getting them to do their work."

Christine began to eat and Mrs. Weasley went back to preparing breakfast. At 7:20 the twins walked into the kitchen and sat on either side of Christine.

"Fred! George! There is an entire table to sit at. Why must you crowd Christine?"

"It's fine Mrs. Weasley. They are just trying to make sure I don't get out of our deal even if they do not know the full extent of the deal yet."

"What do you mean 'even if they do not know the full extent of the deal yet'? I thought we made a plan upstairs." Fred said.

"You will just have to find out later my dear Fred." With this said they went back to eating breakfast while Mrs. Weasley went back to cooking.

When they finished breakfast and got back to the twin's room Christine said, "Get me the notes of what you want to work on today. While I look over them I want you each to pick out an assignment to work on. If you choose not to do your school work I will choose to not help you with you joke shop projects. That is the deal. I know what you will choose because I know how badly you want these products safe and ready to sell soon."

Once she finished saying this Fred grudgingly got up and got their school work while George went and got their product notes. Once they go back Christine took the notes from George and said, "Work on one of your essays while I look over your product notes. I will help if you need it but I will only help."

After this was said they went to work on their respective tasks. Christine finished working on the Fainting Fancies at the same time George finished his History essay. Christine handed him the notes that she had been working on and took his essay to begin to look over it and see if anything was wrong or needed corrected. She wrote corrections in red ink and when completed George finished looking over her notes for the Fainting Fantsies. They traded notes and George went to work on the corrections as Fred finished his Trasfiguration essay. Christine and Fred did the same process that Christine did with George.