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Chapter 2

It's not fair.

Lightkit's POV

It was over a moon since Duskkit and Dovepaw had died. Leafbare had recently ended – the thaw had begun. It was the first time I had ever seen the world without any snow on it, and I found that it was so colourful. As an added bonus, all the older cats were in a much better mood, so they were a bit less strict with us. My littermates and I decided to celebrate this by playing games in the spring sunshine.

I pounced roughly on Stormkit and knocked him over. Then I stole the ball of moss from him.

"Ha, I-" I meowed in triumph, only to have Sunkit cannon into me. I fell to the ground. I tried to keep a firm grip on the moss, but Sunkit nicked it from me. Then Stormkit was wrestling with her for it.

"Can we play?"

The three of us stopped and stared Brackenkit, who was a moon younger than us. His sister, Oceankit, was shyly standing behind him.

"No," Stormkit replied.

"Don't be so mean!" I meowed, "I think we should let them play. It'll be fun with more of us."

"But we'll have to go easy on them," Stormkit moaned. He wasn't one for going easy on others.

"We aren't that much younger than you!" Brackenkit meowed hotly, "We are just as good as you!"

"Well, seeing as I want them to play too, I think you're outvoted," Sunkit meowed to Stormkit.

He sighed and shrugged. "Fine."

We launched back into our game. We all were trying to get the moss, and a lot of us were thrown around the place. At one point Stormkit and Brackenkit worked together to get it, so us three she-cats teamed up and stole it back. It was really fun.

"Can you guys stop acting like kits for once?"

Tawnykit rolled her eyes at us in irritation. Ever since the death of Duskkit Tawnykit had gotten worse. She was now more bad-tempered, more full-of-herself, and more determined to get us all into trouble. All in all, she was more horrible than she used to be.

"We are kits, in case you haven't noticed," Brackenkit quite rightly pointed out.

"At least I'm not going to be a silly and immature kit for much longer," Tawnykit meowed smugly, "I'm becoming an apprentice today."

"You've been saying that for ages!" Stormkit growled, "What makes you think we'll believe you this time?"

"Perhaps that Ravenstar is about to hold a meeting about it," Tawnykit suggested.

The five of us glanced at the Bigboulder. I saw that Tawnykit was right – Father was just climbing up it. He called out the familiar summoning.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Bigboulder for a clan meeting."

I really wanted to wipe that smug look off Tawnykit's face.

Stormkit's POV

Tawnykit was so annoying. I would have clawed her, if it wasn't for the fact that she'd run off and tell on me.

The cats of SeaClan were gathering below the Bigboulder. My sisters and I wouldn't be allowed to be at the meeting (something that Tawnykit would take pride in teasing us about later) so three of us, along with Brackenkit and Oceankit, went inside the nursery.

But would we let that stop us from knowing what was going on? Of course not. We lingered at the entrance to listen to what was going on.

"Today is a special day," Father announced, "One of our kits has reached their sixth moon, and is ready to become an apprentice."

How was Tawnykit becoming an apprentice special? I had no idea. I didn't have time to ponder on it, as Father was continuing.

"Tawnykit," he meowed, "From this day forwards, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Tawnypaw."

I could just imagine Tawnyki-, no, Tawnypaw's stupid pleased face.

"Wolfscar," Father continued, "You will mentor Tawnypaw. You are a very brave and experienced warrior. I hope you can pass your skills to Tawnypaw."

So Wolfscar would be her mentor. Wolfscar was my uncle. I hoped that Wolfscar would knock some sense into Tawnypaw, but Wolfscar wasn't really that nice a cat (unlike his brother).

"Tawnypaw! Tawnypaw!"

Who in their right mind would cheer for Tawnypaw? Most cats who knew what she was like was probably just being polite. Except for her parents, of course.

I could hear the rabble as the meeting ended. I tore my attention away from the noise outside and to my sisters and friends (it turns out that Brackenkit and Oceankit are quite cool).

"It's not fair," Brackenkit growled, "Why does she get to be an apprentice and not us? I don't want to wait until I'm six moons."

I nodded in agreement. Why did we have to wait for so long? Being an apprentice sounded so much more interesting than being a kit.

At least there was on good thing – I wouldn't be seeing Tawnykit that much anymore!

Lightkit's POV

I moved away from the nursery entrance. The others stayed there, talking about how unfair it was that they weren't allowed to be apprentices yet and other things like that. They didn't notice me go. Why did I walk away? Because I had just seen Shimmerkit appear at the back of the nursery, visible to only my eyes.

I stood beside her and smiled at her. "Hey," I whispered very quietly, so the other couldn't hear me. They would think I was strange if they saw me talking to myself.

"Hey," she replied quite loudly. I feared the others would notice, but it seemed they were also deaf to every noise Shimmerkit made as well.

A sudden thought occurred to me. "If you're a StarClan cat, then does that mean you won't get older? Will you stay a kit forever?" I asked almost silently.

I was amazed Shimmerkit heard me, but then again, she was a StarClan cat. "No. I'm a special StarClan cat. I will age just like you. I'll become an apprentice with you," she meowed, "Isn't that cool?"

I smiled and nodded. I was about to ask her another question when-

"Lightkit, what are you doing?"

I spun around in panic. Sunkit was staring at me strangely.

Sunkit's POV

I frowned at my sister. Previously she had smiling at nothing in particular. It looked like she had been talking to herself. What had she been doing?

"Nothing," she replied hastily.

I knew she was lying. It was obvious. No one can do nothing. But why was she lying to me? I felt hurt and betrayed. Lightkit always told me everything. What made her not want to tell me something?

Was she going mad? Only mad cats talk to themselves.

Please, StarClan, make sure she isn't going mad. I don't want my sister to go mad.

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