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Chapter 4

It's a waste of time!

Lightpaw's POV

I woke in the apprentices' den for the first time. I felt excitement buzz through me. I was an apprentice now!

I got up and glanced around. The apprentices' den was empty, and the sun was shining through the entrance. I must have overslept! Why had no one waken me? I dashed outside.

Outside clan life was running just the way it should. However, there was no sign of Sunpaw or Stormpaw, nor was there any sign of Eaglewind. Where were they? I had no idea what I would have done if Ravenstar hadn't spotted me and padded over.

"In case you're wondering, Sunpaw and Stormpaw have gone out hunting with Lionstorm and Burnfur. Eaglewind also went on the dawn patrol and will be returning soon," he explained to me.

I blinked. "Oh. What should I do until he gets back?" I asked.

"How about you help Tawnypaw clear out the elders' bedding?" Ravenstar suggested lightly.

"Forget I asked," I meowed.

"Now, Lightpaw, everyone has to help care for the elders," he meowed sternly, "I expect you to do your bit like every other apprentice."

"I can do that by hunting for them," I pointed out, "And anyway, it's not cleaning out bedding that I don't want to do, it's helping Tawnypaw. I don't want to be with two fox-lengths of her."

Ravenstar chuckled slightly. "I see you don't like her. Well, luckily for you, you would have to be near her. The dawn patrol has just returned," he indicated Goldenstripe and Eaglewind padding through the camp entrance.

I dashed up to him. "Can we go out hunting?" I asked.

Eaglewind laughed. "I've only just got back," he meowed, "But okay."

Goldenstripe looked amused. "Have you seen Burnfur?" she asked me.

"He went out hunting with Sunpaw," I said quickly before turning to Eaglewind. "Now?"

"Fine," Eaglewind huffed, although I could see that he was finding it funny in his eyes, "Let's go."

We nodded goodbye to Goldenstripe before plunging into the marsh. Eaglewind moved fast, and I struggled to keep up with him. He led the way to the river, and by the time we had arrived we were both caked in mud. I gasped for breath in exhaustion.

"Did you have to run so fast?" I asked between breaths.

"I was testing to see how fast you were," Eaglewind replied, "And you did quite well."

I rolled my eyes at him, a little irritated. I decided to change the subject. "Are we going to catch fish?" I asked.

Eaglewind nodded. "First I'll catch one. Watch what I do. Then you can try yourself," he meowed.

I nodded.

Eaglewind padded to the edge of the river. So that I would be able to see what he was doing, I padded to the edge as well.

"Make sure your shadow isn't falling on the water. It will scare the fish away," Eaglewind told me. I carefully positioned myself as asked.

I then expected Eaglewind to do something cool, but he just stood at the edge, staring into the water. He did that for ages. It was quite boring. However, I welcomed the time so I could rest and get my breath back.

After what seemed like an eternity, Eaglewind's paw flashed out into the water. A silver fish was thrown up and flopped onto land.

"Kill it!" Eaglewind ordered.

I pounced on it and bit it's neck, similar to what I once did with a dead fish when I was a kit. The fish stopped moving. It was dead.

"Well done," Eaglewind praised.

"How did you do that?" I asked my mentor.

"You have to stay silent and watch the fish in the water. Once it's the right moment you try and take it out of the water onto land using your paw," Eaglewind explained.

"But how do I know when it's the right moment?" I asked.

"Instinct," Eaglewind meowed, "I don't know any other way to explain it. You just know."

I blinked at him, and then position myself at the edge of the river. I watched water flow past me. I couldn't see anything that could be described as I fish.

But then there was something! A sliver of silver appeared near the surface. I almost tried to get it, but I stopped myself. It was out of range. I needed to wait for the right moment. Another dash of silver, closer this time, but still out of range. I watched the river like a hawk. Any moment, sooner or later, a fish would appear and-


I flashed my out at a nearby fish. But somehow my mind knew I wasn't fast enough. I missed the fish.

"Mouse dung!" I cursed.

"It's not an easy thing to do," Eaglewind meowed, "I would have been very surprised if you got a fish the first time. However, you were very close. And you didn't fall into the river, which is an achievement. You have no idea how many cats have slipped and fallen in the river when trying to catch fish."

I smirked.

"Do you know where you went wrong?" Eaglewind asked.

"I wasn't fast enough, was I?" I said.

"Yes, that's right. Apart from that, though, there was nothing wrong with what you did. You're very patient, which is essential for this. Try again, and this time be more ready for the fish," Eaglewind meowed.

I positioned myself again at the edge again. I kept my eyes searching through the water. I had my muscles bunched, ready to lash out at a fish. Hopefully, this time it would go better than before.

I saw several fish flicker through the water, but I made no move. They were too far away. I waited for a while, just watching. It was beginning to do my head in. How would I have to wait before a fish appeared that was close enough?

But then there it was – a flash of silver right in front of me. I lash my paw out at it. For a moment I thought I had missed it again, but I felt my claws connect with it. I brought the fish up to the surface and flung into the air. The fish flopped onto land and Eaglewind quickly killed it.

"Well done," Eaglewind praised me.

I felt really pleased. My first catch! Pride swelled through me. Being an apprentice was so cool!

Sunpaw's POV

I bunched my muscles and leaped. I sank my claws into the frog and delivered a swift bite to its neck, killing it.

"Good job," Burnfur praised, "You're a natural hunter."

I beamed, extremely pleased with myself. I had caught my first prey! However, my glee was short-lived – my happiness was dampened when I saw the expression on Stormpaw's face.

I sighed. Stormpaw had been in a bad mood constantly ever since Lionstorm had been made his mentor. I could understand why he felt the way he did, but surely he could have tried to lighten up a bit? There wasn't exactly much he could do about Lionstorm being his mentor. And maybe he wasn't that bad a mentor – he was an experienced warrior, so he would be able to teach Stormpaw a lot of things. However, the thing that was annoying me most is that he seemed to be inflicting his anger on everyone around him. He had been snappy with me all morning, and had refused to have a normal conversation with me. StarClan, he was annoying me.

Lionstorm nodded to me. "Now you try, Stormpaw," he ordered.

Stormpaw's tail twitched in irritation at the cat he didn't like, but I was the only one who noticed this and I ignored it. I returned to the cover of the bushes near the pond, with my fresh kill. We all waited quietly.

Another frog hopped into view. It bounced around near the edge of the pond. I glanced at Stormpaw and I saw him watching it intently. He crept forwards through the bushes towards it. The frog was completely oblivious of him.

Well, that was until Stormpaw accidentally rustled some leaves with his tail. The frog sprang away in terror. Stormpaw rashly attempted to pounce on it, but it was too late. The frog was gone.

"What was that meant to be?" Lionstorm demanded harshly, "I've told you not to move your tail like that!"

Stormpaw didn't say anything, but his expression was filled with anger. I sighed. Stormpaw could never do anything well when he was in a mood. And right now he was in a bad one.

"Well I'm sorry for not being perfect," Stormpaw growled. I blinked in shock. I would never have said anything like that to a warrior.

Lionstorm was clearly outraged that his apprentice had answered back to him, but he didn't get a chance to speak because Burnfur did instead, "Lionstorm never asked you to be perfect," he pointed out, "But Lionstorm, you can't expect Stormpaw to catch something on his first go. Sunpaw did, but she is clearly a natural hunter."

Lionstorm looked annoyed. "I didn't expect him to catch something, but I at least thought he wouldn't make such a silly mistake," he growled.

Stormpaw bristled.

"Don't be harsh," Burnfur meowed, "Anyway, we've been out for a while and I think we should return to camp."

Lionstorm narrowed his eyes, but he gruffly agreed. He turned and led us back to camp.

Stormpaw's POV

Lionstorm was so annoying. He really got on my nerves. He was the most horrible cat I had ever met (besides Tawnypaw). I had already made up my mind. There was no way I was going to spend my apprenticeship being mentored by that piece of fox dung. I was going to talk to my father and ask if I could change mentors.

I plodded at the back of the patrol on the way back to camp. The reason for this was so that I could be as far away from Lionstorm as possible, and he was at the front. Sunpaw wasn't talking to me, strangely, although I didn't mind. I wasn't in the mood for talking.

We arrived back at camp. I saw Ravenstar at the foot of the Bigboulder talking to Mistyfall. I padded over to them.

"…so you better send a patrol there," my father meowed as a approached.

"I will," Mistyfall replied, and padded over to some other warriors. I was about to speak to my father when Sunpaw came running over.

"Hey dad! Look at the frog I caught!" she squealed to him. She placed her frog in front of him. I bristled in irritation.

"Well done Sunpaw!" Ravenstar meowed. He looked at me, "What did you catch?"

"Nothing," I huffed, "Can I switch mentors?"

My father frowned. "Why do you want to change mentors?" he asked me.

Sunpaw glanced between Ravenstar and me. "I'll just go and put this on the fresh kill pile," she said hurriedly, before picking up her frog and running off it.

I ignored her. "Because Lionstorm really annoys me. He is also really horrible," I growled.

Ravenstar looked shocked. "You've only had him as a mentor for one day. You can't really make a judgement about him," he meowed.

"But I've known him for longer. I've never liked him," I argued.

Ravenstar shook his head. "You should have him for a while longer, and then you can decide whether you still want him as your mentor," he meowed.

I bristled. "But I already have decided! I don't learn anything from him! What's the point in me waiting longer? It's a waste of time!" I growled.

"Don't forget you are talking to your leader," Ravenstar growled, and I realised I had gone too far. I let my fur lie flat.

"Sorry," I apologised.

"My word is law," Ravenstar continued sternly, "And I don't expect you to disobey me. Remember that in the future."

I nodded. "Sorry," I repeated. I turned and padded away to the fresh kill pile. However, I was still annoyed with my father. Why couldn't he understand that I just didn't want Lionstorm as my mentor?"

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