The Bucket List

I am staring down at my list. My Bucket List of all those things I would like to do but never could get to it or don't have the courage. Especially number 26. Gods I wish I could. Anyway back to the list. Where should I start, the top, the middle or the bottom or pick something at random?

After sitting for half an hour I decide random is the best way to go. I pick up a quarter and flip it in the air it lands on the paper near: 13. Learn to play the bass.

Cool where to start. I always wanted to play the bass, since college really. A bunch of us from the frat house use to play. I was always on keys but the bass now that was cool. Out in front with the singer and the girl, yeah all those girls swooning.

Getting out my laptop I search for guitar lessons specializing in bass. After searching for aobut an our trying to decide between private lessons, online lessons or videos and DVDs. I decide on private lessons. Searching thru the listings of names I find a guy who played at the Jazz 6 club I was finding several sites, his name is Jeremy Jackson or JJ to his friends. I remember chatting him up about the band's music and give him a call.

After six months of lessons and jam sessions with JJ's jazz band the DC Jams, I finally learned how to play the bass guitar. One more thing to knock off the old list, I enjoy playing now in groups and solo. The guys let me do my first solo last night at Club Sizzle a smooth jazz club, located in Anacostia. We played to a sold out crowd as the opening band for another popular local band the Blue Jams. It was great my first standing ovation.

Looking out in the crowd I am surprised to see the team out in the audience cheering along with the crowd, including Gibbs and Ducky. It makes me smile and I wave at them from the stage before starting the next song. Ah yes life is good.