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"So it is a deal then Fredrick?" said the young woman sitting on the elegant sofa who only appeared to be in her late twenties.

Fredrick looked to his wife Freda, who shook her head to indicate she agreed while wearing a small dreamy smile.

"Yes, it is Miss Firth. Seeing that your husbands death was a surprise amongst all." he said while looking to the woman.

"Very well then. I am guessing we shall tell the children now? Oh Alexandria darling come here." Miss Firth motioned for her young daughter of twelve to enter the room along with three other children following.

"Sit down dear children. We have wonderful news!" said Miss Firth while quietly clapping her hands together to show her excitement.

"What is it mother dearest?" the small brunette girl asked while sitting down next to her mother with curious eyes.

The other three children looked to their parents with questioning glances.

"Well my Alexandria the Sackville-Baggs and I have come to a conclusion. You are to marry their eldest son Gregory. Isn't that amazing?" she said with a small smile.

The little girl's blue eyes went wide with fear as she looked to the eldest son Gregory, who stood next to his father with a shocked expression that turned into a glare when he met Alexandria's eyes. He was the most scariest being she had ever come to known. Gregory was menacing in the least. His dark brown eyes looked as if they could see straight into your soul and set it afire, if he so wished it. Alexandria's eyes started to well up with tears threatening to spill over.

"But mother I don't wish to marry him!" she turned back to her mother and pleaded.

"Alexandria Mercy Firth! Hold your tongue! This is what I see fit for you and it will happen whither you like it or not! Besides it's the only way to make sure you have a well future." she finished in almost a whisper.

Alexandria hung her head in defeat and shame. Everything had gone down hill so fast after her father had died a year ago to a horrid disease. She could still recall the smell of death that wafted around the house during her father's last month of life.

"Very well mother." she said as she looked to her mother and sniffled softly.


Alexandria and her mother made their way to the large front door while waving goodbye to the Sackville-Baggs. Gregory was more than upset at his parents than anything. He then turned to his father with a glare.

"How could you do this to me? I am perfectly fine by myself I don't need a woman, let alone a little girl!" he finished as he made his way to the elegant staircase to his room. Once there he slammed the door shut with all his might and layed on the soft bed glaring at the ceiling.

"I think Gregory may be right father, he and Alexandria were both quite upset and they are to young to marring aren't they?." Rudolf, the middle child asked.

"Well is seems romantic to me brother." said the smallest of the family, Anna.

"You children wouldn't understand Miss Firth and her predicament at the moment, perhaps when you're older." said Freda in her dreamy faraway voice while she looked at her two smallest children with a small smile.

"Now up to bed my children we shall see you in the morning." Fredrick said in a stern voice.

The children and their parents made their way to their bedrooms for a well deserved rest, but what they didn't know that there was a horror waiting for them during the last night of their lives.


Alexandria ran to her room and shut then locked the door as soon as she got home. She didn't want to hear her mother's excitment for her and Gregory's marriage.

Oh how she despised him! The way he always looked at her as if she had done something wrong. It pissed her off right down to the bone! But there was the chance he might have a softer side that he would never show. She furrowed her brow as she thought this.

"Perhaps he would show that side to me?" she questioned her thoughts.

"No! Never! Gregory only has one side to him! None other!" she whispered harshly to herself.

But only if he did what shall I do? She thought as she drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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