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"O-oh! Gregory why are you awake?" Alex asked nervously while playing with her fingers.

"Well love, I woke up to the smell of your arousal and the sounds of your delcatable moans." Gregory looked at her with lust in his eyes.

Alex lightly bit her lip and looked anywhere but at Gregory. He saw this put his fingers under her chin and forced her to look at him.

"Why did that happen love?" He asked teasingly.

Alexandria knew what Gregory was playing at and decided to have her own fun.

While smirking, Alex seductively said, "It happened because I was having a wet dream about you Gregory, and you were fucking me so hard that you had me screaming your name."

He gasped loudly at what she said. He was definitely not expecting her to be so forward. This was definitely not the little twelve-year-old girl he once knew.

Hearing this Alex smirked even more, then opened the lip to the basket and threw her leg over Gregory's waist and sat on top of his hips.

Slowly she leaned down and ghosted her lips over his non-existing pulse. She coud hear the boy draw in a shaky breathe.

"Well Greg, would you like to re-live my dream? Would you make it a reality for me love?" Alex asked between nibbling on Gregory's neck.

Gregory could feel his cold blood running down south fast. He lifted his head to make sure his family was still asleep. God knows what his father would say if he saw them right now.

In the blink of an eye Gregory had picked up Alex and was starting up the stairs to find somewhere that was more private in the house...

Okay..It's a little short..and god I am rusty at writing.

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Gregory: MORE TO COME?!

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