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Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Ugh… where am I?"- a 24 year old Sawada Tsunayoshi wondered and looked around as he was looking he noticed a man who was wearing an expensive looking suit and had a tall stature, he had a hair like his, brunette and spiky but his looked more radiant and shiny

"Primo….."-he muttered, finally realizing his situation.


They're all gone, all of his beloved guardians were dead…. And he was to blame but now that he knows that the traitorous bastard he once called family, the one responsible for their death was also dead was a welcome thought to his slowing mind, he was dying because of his multiple wounds but none of them hurt because for him , he was at peace with the world for he no longer has any regret now that they were avenge

Flashback End

"So I'm dead, huh? Is this heaven or hell?"-Tsuna asked Primo

"That is right , your body is now dead but rest assured that this is not hell but neither is this heaven " Primo replied mysteriously.

"So, if this is not hell and you said that this is not heaven then where am I?" - Tsuna asked

This is the place between life and death, and if you still remember this is also the place where I tested your resolve when you were training to defeat the Millefiore boss, Byakuran- He then looked at the Tsuna who was still seating in the eye "Stand up, Sawada Tsunayoshi "– as the Primo said this Tsuna's eye widened a bit in surprise, Primo didn't call him by his name most of the time, he preferred to address him in with his title, Decimo, and whenever he called him by his name it was when he asked him a life and death decision or one that will change his life forever, realizing this he stood up an face Primo then looked at him in the eye.

"Out of all those who succeed my position in Vongola , you alone was the one worthy of your title, Kyudaime did not notice his mistake until he has aged and could do nothing more than regret his actions in the past and your other predecessors , while they all led the Vongola family to greatness, they also submerged the family name in blood, at first they had all done so to ensure Vongola's security but not for long the associated Vongola's security to power, fame , money and prestige, they had all forgotten the Vongola's noble goal, the reason why Cozart and I founded it was not because we want power or money, it was because we love our town and the people in it, we wanted to protect the weak from the strong. You alone saw that, you did not care for anything but protecting your family, the pureness of your saved many, young Tsunayoshi, your courage and bravery was in the right place, yes you have taken a life but you have never done so out of spite or to prove who is stronger or who is weaker, you have done so to protect and you did it all for your family. When I tested you resolve by showing you the bloody history of Vongola, I gave you a choice to destroy or to inherit its "sins" and forever bear them in your conscience , All those before you chose to inherit Vongola and its "sins" because they thought that it was their duty to bear as the leader to know and carry the guilt what other's before them had committed and because that they thought that it was an insult to Vongola's history if they were to destroy it , but you did not chose to inherit it, you wanted to end its bloody history no matter what, you saw the horrors for what they were, you did not try to cover it with some flimsy excuse like it was for the Vongola sake that they have done so, and lastly I saw in your eyes that you had enough resolution and conviction to see things to its end and you have done well, Decimo". – Primo explained with an impassive face but Tsuna saw his eyes and knew that what Primo said was true and he could feel the sincerity in his voice

"Don't praise me like that; I've failed you and my guardians. Because of me and my "pure heart" that you were praising that Vongola was in turmoil and because of me and my carelessness , they all died, because I thought that everyone deserve a chance, I got betrayed and my guardians and I died because of it". – Tsuna said looking down, despair evident in his tone.

"But even so, did any of them tell you that your decision was wrong? "– At this Tsuna shook his head."No because it was not , if you regret their death and your decision then that means you are disrespecting them and their sacrifices for you, they believed in you till the end, and even when they were dying they never blamed you for it." – at this Tsuna remembered his storm guardian


Are you alright? Juudaime? ,I'm sorry, juudaime I made you worry, please don't cry, I'm sorry I wasn't a good enough right hand man, if only I was stronger I could have protected you better –said a dying and bleeding Gokudera

They were ambushed at that time even though no one was supposed to know where they were, only Tsuna's inner circle knew and that means that there was a leak.

even though Tsuna and Gokudera was strong enough to kill most of their attackers, he couldn't evade in time the upcoming bullet that his Hyper intuition sensed too late, Gokudera seeing this ran to Tsuna's side and shielded him with his body at the last moment.

flashback end

"If you regret your decision means that you do not trust them to make the right choice- at this Primo put his right hand to Tsuna's shoulder "forgiving and giving other's a second chance is not wrong, just be more careful to who you're diving it to, Forgiveness is not a gift that is easily given , it must first be earned with hard-work and sincerity and you also have to remember your family's advice"- Tsuna flinched again remembering Mukuro, Hibari, and reborn's warning against his decision.

"I don't understand why are you saying this now? I am no longer alive, If I could turn back time and start again I would but it's too late now"- Tsuna said as he looked down

"All hope is not yet lost, young decimo, there is still a chance, as you already know I reside in the Vongola ring and I am capable of granting a wish to a wearer of the ring who I deemed worthy, and I have deemed you worthy of your title and that means you are entitled to a wish that you desire"-Primo then lifted up Tsuna's chin and looked at him in the eye.

"Now tell me your wish, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

At Primo's words Tsuna regained his will and said "I wish to turn back time to the day before everything began and be given a chance to save those who are precious to me" – Tsuna said with resolve his dying will now bursting and shining in his forehead brighter than ever

"Because the ring is part of your being and your soul, it will also come back with you in its evolved state but since you won't have it in the beginning and will only see it at the rings battle , you will only be able to activate it when you have the whole ring, until then you will not have the access to your additional prowess"-Primo explained then put his gloved hand to Tsuna's forehead " I wish you well in you long and arduous journey, Decimo."

Primo's voice was the last thing he knew before he faded to the darkness….


"Do you really believe in him that much? – A man with red hair and a strange tattoo on his face said as he appeared behind Primo.

"Yes, out of all of them, he alone have a pure heart and the will to do anything for his precious friends and that means only he can change Vongola for the better, G"- Primo replied

" I know but are you sure he's going to be fine?, he will come to the past alone, his guardians are alive but they don't know him, some of his best and trusted allies are strangers and he has the world's strongest hitman breathing down his neck and watching his every move 24/7"- G reasoned

"As I told you before, No one can foresee what destiny holds in store."-Giotto said

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