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Tsuna was surprised when Reborn didn't wake him up, since when he woke the sun was already present and when he look at his clock, it said that it was only 7:00, he still had an hour to prepare but he really found it strange that Reborn let him rest

'What's Reborn planning?'-Tsuna thought as he prepared himself for school.

After getting dressed, Tsuna saw his tutor sitting in the dining table, having his usual coffee.

"Good morning Dame-Tsuna"- Reborn greeted his student between sips

"Why didn't you wake me up for training Reborn-sensei?" -The brunette asked as he sat and began to eat his mother's cooking

"I had to do something else and besides, I have to start the training plan all over again since I have to incorporate Gokudera Hayato's training schedule and I still haven't informed him of the training, you can think of this little vacation as a reward for securing your first famiglia without help from me"-Reborn stated.

"I see, does that mean that training is going to start tomorrow?"- Tsuna asked

"Yes, You'll be the one to inform him for this change"- the sun arcobaleno ordered before he continued "and I already have the first favor you wanted"- Reborn said pulling out a white folder out of nowhere and throwing it to Tsuna's direction

"Eh?, it's already here?, that was fast"- Tsuna exclaimed though he already knew that Vongola family had the largest information network and had used it to his advantage when possible

"Of course, I already told you dame-Tsuna. Information gathering is a basic skill for mafioso, I'm sure that even you right-hand man already knows how to do it" -Reborn lectured then continued "Read that this morning before you go to school then after that burn it, its protocol to always burn the documents after you've already gleaned the information you needed"

"Of course, Reborn-sensei"- Tsuna replied as he read the profile between bites of the omelet that his mother cooked

As the day passed, Kensuke Mochida was still indecisive about whether he'll ask about what he saw or not, but the choice was taken out of his hand when the brunette approached him at lunchtime along with the transfer student Gokudera Hayato

"Mochida-senpai, May I talk with you?"- Sawada Tsunayoshi asked the Kendo captain, although he noticed Gokudera tensed when Mochida nodded

"What did you want, Sawada?" -Asked Mochida with a confidence he did not feel

"Nothing, but I was under the impression you wanted to ask me about what you witness yesterday after school"- Tsuna stated nonchalantly, though when he mentioned 'about yesterday', he noticed the Kendo captain flinched

"I swear I wasn't spying or anything!, I-I just followed you since what you said stuck with me" -Mochida confessed to the brunette, unable to lie to the honest hazel eyes that was peering to him as if judging his whole being. His whole being told him to say the truth as if lying to this boy, no... man was an unforgivable sin, something that should never be done.

"What I said?", would you please elaborate on that Mochida-senpai?" -Tsuna said curiously, after all he was in uncharted territory, this was the first major change that he caused in this timeline

"A-After the incident in the gym, I thought about your words and I found them to be the truth, I-I wanted to say I'm s-sorry"- Kensuke said with a sad tone as his voice wavered at the end and bowed his head to show his sincerity

"Mochida-senpai, Please raise your head, I am happy that you took my words seriously and you doing this is not really unnecessary, your apology to me is accepted though it is unneeded I think Kyoko-chan is the one you should be apologizing to"-Tsuna said in a kind tone, though he saw the elder student nod he knew that Mochida was still feeling guilty by his actions just by the expression on his face "and if you still want to, I'll be happy to explain about what you witnessed yesterday but only if you'll stay quiet, come at the roof at lunchtime tomorrow if you want to and I promise that you'll understand everything and after that you can decide if you want to join" -Tsuna added after thinking about it, true he didn't have Mochida as a direct subordinate at his timeline but he was still allied to the Vongola and besides with this Mochida can be prepared better than he was in the previous timeline

Seeing that Mochida was still stunned to silence, he and Gokudera went on their way

"Juudaime, I don't mean to question your decision but was that wise?, inviting an unaffiliated person to the mafia?"-Gokudera asked to his boss nervously

"Don't worry Gokudera, I actually expect you to question my decisions since your opinion is highly appreciated, after all you are my right-hand man, though regarding Mochida, its because he's not associated in any mafia dealings that I invited him, he's popular, Captain of Kendo club and holds a good bit of influence to the school and him being a civilian is a boon because it mean he's neutral and if accept him to our famiglia then he will firmly be at our side"- The future Vongola Decimo explained to the green-eyed bomber

"Thank you for answering my question, Juudaime"- Gokudera said instinctively, Tsuna noticed that Gokudera's mind was already reeling with the possibilities that Mochida opened and how much use the Kendo captain would be to his boss

"It's alright, and you can call me Tsuna you know"- Tsuna replied though he knew that getting his right-hand man to quit calling him his title was a lost cause, since even after their adventures in the future, his right-hand man was still calling him that particular title

'Some things never change'

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