Black spy hit the ground harshly, blood flying from his mouth. His lungs felt like they were on fire. "Keep running. I like this little game were playing." White spy laughed. Black struggled even more, spitting the bloody saliva out of his mouth. He glared at his enemy with a burning hate. He was in the worst situation he has ever been in. White stepped closer and kicked Black over onto his back.

"You know, this would be a lot more fun if you cried. I want to see you break down in fear, Black. I want to see you struggle." Black kicked White in the shin and pushed himself off the ground. "You can't take me alive." He whispered, bashing the near window out and leaping out it onto the fire escape. He ran down it and out onto the sidewalk. White fallowed close behind, holding a gun in his hand.

Black, with a broken leg and a dislocated arm, was moving at an agonizing rate. As if he was being chased by the devil himself. White was impressed at Black's speed, but he knew he could ketch him. With a broken leg and dislocated arm, Black would be as easy as pie to ketch.

Knocking into a fruit stand and falling over a few cars, Black raced into the alley, breathing like heck. "Darn that idiot White." He said in a horsey voice. "Why is he always in the way?" Black looked about before stomping over the wet cardboard boxes. He pushed up against some overflowing dumpsters and saw a hobo or two lying asleep in his little hovel.

When he finally got to the street, he found his way back to his home. His apartment window had been smashed through, and papers and furniture were broken and laying across the floor. He walked up the stairs and into a large bedroom where his bathroom was. He stepped inside and grabbed the medical kit on the counter.

Opening it, he grabbed a splint out. Suddenly, he heard a swish sound, then an agonizing pain in his back. He turned and saw White with a gun pointed to his mid back. "Good night!" He snickered. Black fell to the floor and felt all his limbs go numb, followed by an overwhelming tiredness.

"White you basta…"

And with that, Black went unconscious.

White smiled and grabbed his enemy's broken arm, hearing a cracking sound as he did.

"Well, well. This will hurt in the morning; well actually all of you will hurt in the morning."

Chuckling at his little joke, White lifted Black off the floor and dragged him out of the house. A van pulled up beside the two and the side door opened. "Agent White." said a voice. "You have the prisoner." White smiled and lifted Black up. "Here you are." He said handing them Black. "Very good, be back at headquarters immediately. Captain wants to speak to you."

White smiled and walked down the road, waving to the van as it drove away. This was his day. The Captain would congratulate him on his job well done, and then he would be in the highest rank. "Poor little Black, it's most likely that he will be tortured or beaten to death for information. It's too bad. I liked it when he chased me." White snickered and continued walking down the road.

As he came to headquarters, he saw the van was already parked in the front. He went up to Headquarters and knocked. The door opened and he walked inside. There, standing next to him was another man dressed in red. "The Captain is waiting in his office for you White. He wants to talk to you. Hope it is good news since you caught that Black spy." White smiled and walked to the Captains door. There at his desk, he sat.

"Ah, White. Come in…come in. I have a surprise for you." The Captain said, standing up. White walked in and closed the door. But his eyes turn and see Black, sitting in the corner huddled in a jittering ball. His clothes where ripped from him and all White could see was his frightened brown eyes and his pale skin. "What…what is this about?" White asked. The Captain smiled. "This is your surprise."

The End of Chapter 1