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(Adult Reborn x Slightly AU!Tsuna)

A/N: What would happen if Tsuna, instead of being Dame-Tsuna, was Rebel-Tsuna? This would happen. Enjoy. Btw, thanks to ezcap1st for the song.

TANGLED UP IN ME (Song by Skye Sweetman)

Tsuna looked at the man in front of him. He remembered the baby he'd met a few years ago. He remembered all the battles they had together…and he didn't care.

Or at least he acted like he didn't.

"Why are you here, Dame-Tsuna, shouldn't you be in class?" The man asked to the younger one, who was reading the Shounen Jump and eating a Popsicle, without a care in the world.

"You said you were coming early, didn't you?" Tsuna glared at him. He was scared of Reborn, of course, but he had this…attitude with him since he had returned to his adult form. "Who were you with anyways? Another lover? Was she blonde this time or you wanted a brunette?" He ignored Reborn's rolling eyes. "Maybe you've changed your tastes and you were with a man?"

Reborn approached the kid and slapped him. The first time the man slapped him, Tsuna was sent flying through the skies. Now, the Vongola Decimo was used to it, he acted like it didn't hurt.

But it did.

Tsuna's heart broke each time he insulted the other for being with his lovers. Tsuna's heart broke each time his tutor smacked him. Tsuna's heart broke each and every time he acted like he didn't care about everything. Because he did; he cared too much.

He stood up, opened the window and spat blood. This time had been harder, full with…something. Tsuna thought it was hatred but his senses told him it was something else…sadness? Disappointment?

"What's wrong with you, Tsunayoshi?" His tutor stated. It was the first time Reborn had called Tsuna by his name. The Sky Guardian turned around and looked at him with a defiant stare. "You've been like this since…the curse was broken."

"Oh, have I?" Tsuna said with sarcasm.

"Yes, you have"

"Well, I feel pretty much the same." Tsuna said, looking at his tutor's pitch black eyes. "If that's it, I'm going to look for Gokudera and Yamamoto."

"They're in class idiot."

"For Chrome then! Maybe she'll make an illusion or something to pull me away from this shit!" Tsuna didn't curse often, so this surprised Reborn. "Oh, what's with that look? Cursing is too much for 'Dame-Tsuna'?" He raised his voice.

Reborn stared at the defiant adolescent for a while. Tsuna felt the weight of his words in the air. The fedora's shadow covered Reborn's face. Tsuna walked to the door and left the room.

"I thought so." He whispered.

The breeze outside was fresh. Leon had been really nervous since Reborn went looking for Tsuna, who hadn't returned home since he left. The little chameleon felt the anger burning within Reborn's shoulder, and was shivering.

'This is too idiotic. That idiot's too predictable. Why do I even have to look for him? ' He thought when he arrived at the park, the only place Tsuna would go without his friends.

He saw Tsuna really pissed off at something that didn't involve battles or mafia for the first time.

The kid kicked the coke machine, and since he was pretty much strong by now, it fell to the side. Tsuna spit it and punched the wall. His hand was bleeding, but it seemed like he didn't minded. Reborn kept watching the tantrum, and what happened next took him by surprise.

A tear ran through the kid's cheek and he started sobbing. Soon, he was drowning in tears. Tsuna took the sky ring and threw it away.

"Why did I have to be Decimo? I wouldn't have to meet him if I wasn't! Why do I have to know him? Why do I have to be the one to help him destroy the curse? Why do I have to feel this way for him? I'm a man for Christ's sake!"

The hug took Tsuna by surprise. He first was alarmed to feel it, but he recognized the espresso smell and he knew who it was. Tsuna turned around and Reborn held tighter him tighter. He cried even louder.

"Dame Tsuna, so it was that. You were jealous." Reborn smirked. "You damn fool."

"Shuddup!" Tsuna said under his sobbing. "You shouldn't have to be listening!"

"Don't worry, idiot, I'm already tangled up on you."

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