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(27 Tiny songfics about Tsuna and an Arcobaleno ((That means either Reborn, Collonello or Fong, but mostly Reborn)) I hope you enjoy them ;D)

(Adult!Collonello x Tsuna. Everyone's an adult anyways.)

(Song by Owl City.)

Lal, Fong and Reborn stared at the odd pair, who was talking about the same old thing for the millionth time now. They saw Collonello get rejected for the millionth time and saw Tsuna glimpse at his turning back with the same apologizing look for the millionth time. Collonello approached his mates, trying not to feel sad about it.

"You've got dumped again, huh?" Reborn said to his acquaintance.

"Yeah…Don't worry; I'm trying again tomorrow anyways. I'm not giving up on him." The blond one responded with a smile, used by now to decline.

The trio stared at Collonello, trying to not to punch him in the face.

"I thought this was the last time…"Fong sighed. He was tired of watching his friend got his heart broken day after day. "Don't you think it's time to accept he doesn't love you, Collonello-kun?"

"Yeah, he probably is sick of this thing, ya' know?" Lal added, pissed off. She was very jealous of the sky guardian, anyone could notice it, since Tsuna was the crush of her only love…but we're not talking about her right now.

"Yeah…But I just can't give up!" Collonello told her. "He is the one, the only one."

"Jeez…" Reborn sighed. 'Why does this idiot had to fall in love with my student? But that's just the way it goes…'

"What do you see in him anyways?" Lal asked sarcastically, jealousy burning beneath her.

"Oh my…tell me you just didn't asked him thatl…Please, not again…" Reborn complained, but it was already too late; Collonello's eyes were shinning. 'Here he goes again…' The hitman sighed.

"Tell me again it was love at first sight, when I walked by and he caught my eye*" Collonello said for the eleventh time in a row.

"Seriously, Collonello, you should stop listening to those American love songs…" Reborn facepalmed as the soldier flew in his little love cloud.

"Let him be…in a month or two this will be over." Fong finally said. "Anyways, I'm leaving. I pin wanted to make dinner tonight and I just can't reject her or her food.


"Oh...talking about food, I will go home too, since I don't want that cow idiot to eat all the cake Kyoko and Haru are bringing…You can tag along, Lal." He suggested. She nodded in agreement and they left, leaving Collonello alone.

"Maybe I should also head home…" The blond sighed to himself, and started walking.

The next day, something in the routine changed. Collonello approached Tsuna after school like always, but the conversation was kind of different…

"Look Collonello, I don't know how to make this clear to you, but I don't like you, ok? You should stop wasting your time with a looser like me; seriously, I'm no good to you as to everyone else. You could get any girl or boy in the world you wanted, but you keep trying with me. Why's that? I'm not that special, you know…"Tsuna complained, trying to put an end to this, but Collonello only smiled in response.

"You are special, Sawada Tsunayoshi." He said, as he took a step forward and kissed the teen in the lips. Just a quick, small and sweet kiss on the lips, that made Tsuna blush deeply and jump back in response. The other Arcobaleno stared back, not believing their eyes. What did Collonello had done? "You should prepare yourself Tsuna, 'cause no matter what, I'm not going to leave without you…" He smiled as brightly as he could.

Tsuna slapped the other in the face. "What was that for?"

"Get used to this, Tsuna. I will make you to fall in love with me so be prepared." The blond was confident. " 'Cause you're a deer in the headlights."

(*Original lyrics by Adam Young.)

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